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Uniden CONTAQ 1 ALP 9080 Specifications
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Buehler DC Gear Motor with Encoder
and Linear Ball & Screw Assembly
Unique assembly consists of a 9 1/4” x 6” metal platform with a Buehler 6 to 12VDC gear motor (type with encoder attached to a metal
bracket. The shaft of the gear motor has a 120mm
long ball screw assembly that is attached to it. The
top of the ball screw is a bracket that moves forward or reverse linearly depending on
the polarity of the voltage applied to the DC motor. The motor has an encoder attached
which has an input requirement of 5V and an output signal that is TTL compatible with
50 pulses per rev. Screw lead 4.3mm (travel per rev.). Heavy duty precision made assembly which has been removed from new equipment.
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$39.95 ea.
Radiation Detector Pens and Charger
Here’s a nifty item from the “Cold War”. It’s a package deal
of two of our Landsverk CDV–742 pen dosimeters and one
transistorized charging unit. The pen dosimeters detect
the radiation that the pen is exposed to and has a scale
marked 0-200 Roentgens. If you press the pen down firmly
on the charger terminal you can set the hairline indicator
to “0” using the “scale up/down” potentiometer on the charging unit. To check how
much Gamma radiation the pen has been exposed to (after a period of time) simply
press the pen lightly on the terminal and the charger lights up the pen so that you can
read where the line indicates exposure (hopefully still “0”). These look new but we
can’t say for sure. May have slight scratches on case. We will test each one to make
sure it’s good before shipping. Requires one “D” battery. Complete with manual for
the charger unit. Charger comes with two CDV–742 pens. Charger made by Jordan
Electronics (a division of Victoreen Instrument Company).
$59.95 ea.
Bright Green 120VAC Electroluminescent Panel
This 11.5” Long x 0.6” High Electroluminescent Panel features three separate segments that
can be lighted together or separately. Each segment is a different length: 8.25”, 1.93” and 0.85”. Has four wire leads about 10”
Long terminating in a four slot female header. Operates from 120VAC.
$3.95 ea.
Super Bright Flashing Giant 10mm LEDs
Crystal clear lens giant 10mm LEDs flash brightly from a built in IC. All operate from
3VDC or can be used with a 9V battery if you connect an 82 ohm resistor in series with
one of the leads. We have three colors available.
$1.49 ea.
$1.99 ea.
$1.49 ea.
Barber Coleman Gearhead Motor Generator
Heavy duty motor can operate from 3V up to 14VDC. At 14VDC motor requires about 600mA. Has sleeve bearing, 10:1 gearhead and
features a speed of 350RPM at 14VDC. To reverse direction of
shaft, just reverse voltage polarity to red and black leads.
The motor is also a brushless AC generator capable of an output of 6VAC. Size about 3 1/4”L x 2”Dia. Shaft is 1”L x 1/4”Dia.
“D” type. Has two tapped holes on top faceplate to mount motor.
$11.49 ea.
Gigantic 9.84” Long Xenon Strobe Tube
Create brilliant white blasts of
light with this powerful strobe tube. This is the largest xenon strobe tube that we have
ever offered! It is 250mm (9.84”) Long x 10mm (0.39”) diameter, and is made of Heimann
borosilicate glass. It is rated an incredible 1000 joules (1500Watts instantaneous) and has
a life of 1 million flashes. The anode to cathode voltage rating is 500 volts DC and it can
be triggered by our 4kV trigger coil. The strobe lights made with this tube are absolutely
amazing. These prime factory fresh tubes were just manufactured and are ready to go.
View the PDF online for a schematic of a variable rate strobe with about 150 joules output.
Most of the parts are available for purchase on our website.
Lightweight 5.5VDC 2Amp Switching Power Supply/AC Charger
Compact lightweight switching adapter features a regulated output
of 5.5V @ up to 2.0Amps. Plugs into standard 120VAC wall outlet
and features built in green LED power indicator, long flexible
cable and 4mm female barrel plug (center is +). Brand new
black in color made for Ricochet™.
Super Flexible 20ft. Long Fiber Optic Light Pipe
This 20ft. long metal flexible light pipe consists of a large
quantity of internal optical fibers enclosed within a flexible metal tubing. The ends have been polished. You will
be amazed at the light transfer ability of these precision
made pipes. One end of this pipe has a 0.30”
threaded male fitting with nuts threaded on it as shown. The other end has a
female retaining nut as shown. Pipe diameter is about 0.24”. Brand new!
$19.95 ea.
$3.98 ea. • 10/$35.00 • 100/$125.00
8mm Green LED
Nice quality 8mm jumbo diffused case green LED. This
LED operates on 2.8VDC and features a nice even green
output and full length leads. Brand new!
Buehler DC Motor with Gear Train and Optical Detector
Nice quality compact transformer by Signal part #
14A-2.5R-24 features operation from 120VAC or 240VAC and a secondary of 24VCT @ 0.10Amp or 12V @ 0.20Amp. Compact size only
1.62”L x 1.43”W x 1.12”High. Brand new with 8 square pins for PC
board mounting.
Powerful Buehler DC motor type operates
from 6VDC up to 24VDC. Motor has large brass worm
gear attached to shaft which drives a two piece plastic
gear assembly. At 6VDC the large black gear rotates at
24RPM. The larger black gear has a slot in it that is detected by an optical detector. Sorry, we have no info on hookup but it should be simple
since it is only three leads for the optical detector. To reverse direction just reverse polarity
of voltage to the two motor leads. Size of motor 2.4”L x 1.24”Dia. Size of overall assembly
about 5.5” x 2.9” x 1.95”Thick. Removed from equipment -good condition.
Go to page 10 to see our latest Promotions and Coupons. We have over
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store makes ordering from us easier or you can call us toll free.
$39.95 ea.
One-4-All™ International 12V/24V 120/240VAC Transformer
$1.95 ea.
$18.95 ea.
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the huge selection of semis
that we have available!
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Crookes Radiometer
Very interesting scientific device that
shows the effects of electromagnetic
radiation. This radiometer is named after the chemist Sir William Crookes that
invented it in 1873. These are also known as
light mills or solar engines. Inside the radiometer are a set of vanes mounted inside a
vacuum that rotate when they are exposed
to sun light. The stronger the light, the faster the rotation.
The vanes are dark and bright. The bright side keeps its
side cool while the dark side absorbs heat and repels
the air. Thus heat energy is converted into mechanical
energy and the vanes rotate. These are brand new and
individually boxed. Makes a great conversation piece.
$12.95 ea.
Nice quality black aluminum heatsink
is 1 1/8” x 1 1/8” x 5/8” Tall. Features 63 cooling fins (7x9) and a flat
base for mounting. This is a great
heatsink for applications where you
need a small footprint. Brand new.
This is a very nice T1 3/4 (5mm) clear case
high output red LED mounted in black
plastic holder. These are used as indicators on PC boards, displays, indicators, etc. High
quality right angle LED is perfect for applications
where you want a very bright indicator. Brand new.
9VDC 500mA AC Adapter
Compact gearhead motor by Buehler part #
features speeds of 225RPM at
12VDC and 450RPM at 24VDC. Requires about
0.08Amp (No Load) and features high torque. Small
size, only about 2.53”L x 1.38”Dia. Has two flexible
color coded leads for power hookup. Shaft is 0.89L
(22mm) x 5mm diameter “D” type. Has three tapped
holes on top faceplate for mounting. To reverse direction, just reverse voltage polarity to leads. Removed
from equipment -good condition.
$19.95 ea.
Nice power adapter plugs into 120VAC
and features a long flexible cord with
5.5mm female barrel plug with
2.1mm center (+). Output is 9VDC @
500mA. Brand new.
$1.79 ea.
Nice Quality 6 Position DIP Switch
6 Position DIP switch DP-06 features
a red body with 6 white switches that
can be individually set to either “ON” or
“OFF”. Brand new!
MAIL ORDERS TO: The Electronic Goldmine
$1.00 ea.
High output Red T1 3/4 (5mm) Right Angle LED
Bueler Compact 12VDC to 24VDC
Gearhead Motor
Black Aluminum Heat Sink
10VAC 2500mA Power Transformer
Power transformer with primary
of 120VAC and secondary of
10VAC @ 2.5A. Size about
2 1/4”W x 2 1/8”D x1 7/8” T.
Yellow leads are secondary
and black and white leads are
primary. These are new removed
from unused equipment. Model CPPA03 manufactured by Poly-Products.
$4.95 ea.
Pneutronics Digital Pneumatic Valve
These were removed from large
computer memory jukeboxes.
They consist of a round panel
mount solenoid valve which is
used to convert a digital electrical signal into a digital pneumatic output. These small low power
valves may be panel or screw
mounted and will power small cylinders directly. These operate from 13.5VDC, have a coil
resistance of 274 ohms and have a 2 pin female connector at the end of two 4” wires. Size of entire unit is about
1.76”L x .66”sq. Has 2 brass pneumatic connectors on the
valve, however we can only measure the outside dia. - one
is .15”, the other is .075”. Used removed from equipment.
We had these before and they sold out fast so order early
to avoid disapointment. Manufactured by Pneutronics.
$5.00 ea.
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Scottsdale, AZ 85261
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NEC/Tokin EX2-2U1 12VDC Dual Coil Relay
This is a prime NEC/Tokin Dual 12VDC
Coil 1c x 2 (separate) relay. Contacts
are rated 16VDC 30Amp max. Coil resistance is 160Ω. Must operate voltage
is 6.5VDC. Contact material is silver
oxide complex alloy. Applications include
motor and solenoid control. High quality and reliable
small footprint design. Features pins for PC board
mounting. Size of relay: 13.6mm x 12.1mm x 13.7mm
(excluding pins). See complete data sheet online.
$1.79 ea.
Compact and lightweight 2 form C
(DPDT) surface mount small signal relay manufactured by NEC
features a 4,5VDC coil (non-latch
type). Contacts are rated 220VDC, 250VAC 2Amp.
Coil resistance is 145Ω. Features PC pins are bent to
facilitate SMD mounting. Size: 15mm Long x 7.5mm
Wide x 9mm Tall (excluding pins) or 10.35mm (with
pins). Brand new on tape and reel. NEC part # EE24.5NUX. See complete data sheet online.
$1.79 ea.
Miniature SMD Relay
This super-compact 2 Form C (DPDT)
surface mount relay manufactured by NEC features
a 4.5VDC coil (non-latch type). Contacts are rated
220VDC/250VAC @ 1Amp. Coil resistance is 145Ω.
Features PC pins that are pre-bent to be soldered directly to the foil traces on your PC board. We are amazed
out the compact size and small footprint of this relay.
Size: 10.6mm x 5.7mm x 8.8mm (including pins). Brand
new on tape and reel. See complete data sheet online.
$1.49 ea.
Global MC2C-S-AC120 120VAC DPDT Relay
2 Form C (DPDT) relay from Global features
a 120VAC coil and its contacts are rated
10Amp 250VAC/30VDC. Features PlugIn (solder eyelet) terminals. Size of relay is
1” x 13/16” x 1 3/8” (excluding terminals).
Global Part number MC2C-S-AC120.
Brand new. See complete data sheet online.
$1.59 ea.
Global MS4C-P-AC120V 120VAC 4PDT Relay
4C (4PDT) relay from Global features a
120VAC coil and its contacts are rated
5Amp 120VAC/28VDC. Features PC pin
terminals. Size of relay is 1 1/16” x 1 3/8”
x 13/16” (excluding terminals). Global part
number MS4C-P-AC120V. Brand new.
See complete data sheet online.
$1.99 ea.
Mabuchi RS-380-SH-4045 7.2VDC Motor
Prime RS-380SH-4045 DC carbonbrush motor from Mabuchi operates
from 3-9VDC with a 7.2VDC Nominal Constant Voltage. Perfect for
many hobby applications and projects
where a highly efficient yet powerful motor is needed.
Features a 3.3 Dia. x 13.8mm Long shaft. Overall length
of motor form tip of shaft to base is 57mm. Diameter of
motor is 22.7mm. Motor features two JIS M2.6x0.45
tapped holes with a usable machine screw length of 4.0
max from motor mounting surface so that you can easily
mount your motor. No Load speed at 7.2V is 16200 RPM
0.50Amp. At maximum efficiency, RPM=14060 and current draw is 3.29Amp. See complete data sheet online.
Hurry, this is a excellent motor at an unbelievable price!
$2.89 ea.
Heavy Duty 24VDC Motor
Electrocraft/Reliance E440
Heavy duty precision made
motor type E440 by Electrocraft/
Reliance features four brushes and an
encoder. The size of the motor with encoder is
4.2”L x 2.42”Dia. Has 1.6” long Stepdown shaft that is
0.25”Dia. At 24VDC no load current is 0.330Amp and
RPM is 1365. Used good condition for motor, however
we don’t have a way to test the encoder. Tremendous
value on this compact but very powerful motor. Hurry,
limited supply available!
$29.95 •
Delta AFB0912L 12VDC Brushless 90mm Fan
These are brand new Delta AFB0912L
12VDC brushless ball bearing type fans.
Rated voltage= 12VDC, Operating Voltage Range= 7.0 to 13.8VDC, Rated
Current= 0.07Amp, Rated Input Power=
0.84W, Speed= 2100RPM, Maximum
Air Flow=1.050 m3/min (37.08 CFM),
and Noise=25.0 dB-A. This is a great fan
if you need to move a lot of air. Features three leads (red
and black for power and a blue sensor lead) that terminate in a three pin female header. Fan Size: 92mm x
92mm x 25.4mm. See complete data sheet online.
$1.95 ea.
$10.00 ea.
2KBP02M 200V 2Amp Bridge Rectifier
2KBP02M 200V 2Amp bridge rectifier features a surge overload rating of 60Amp
peak. Plastic case with 4 leads. Size of
Case: 15mm x 5mm x 11mm. Manufactured by GI.
$1.00 ea.
2KBP06M 600V 2Amp Bridge Rectifier
Glass Passivated single-phase bridge
rectifier 2KBP06M features a surge overload rating of 60Amp peak. V(RRM)=
600V, V(RMS)= 420V, V(R)= 600V, I(AV)= 2.0Amp.
Plastic case with four leads. Size of case: 15mm x 5mm
x 11mm. Manufactured by General Semiconductor.
$1.29 ea.
FQP47P06 60V P-Channel QFET
These P-Channel enhancement mode power field effect
transistors are produced using
Fairchild’s proprietary, planar stripe, DMOS technology. This advanced technology has been especially
tailored to minimize on-state resistance, provide
superior switching performance, and withstand high
energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation
mode. These devices are well suited for low voltage
applications such as automotive, DC/DC converters,
and high efficiency switching for power management
in portable and battery operated products. DrainSource Breakdown Voltage=-60V, Gate-Siyrce
Breakdown Voltage= +/- 25V, Continuous Drain Current=-47A. TO-200 case. Manufactured by Fairchild.
See complete data sheet online.
$1.29 ea.
IRFFD110 100V Single N-Channel HEXFET
32.0000MHz Crystal Oscillator
$2.95 ea.
1.5W 8ohm 3 5/8” x 2 1/4” Full Range Speaker
all prices in this flyer
expire 10/31/07
5W 8ohm 2 1/4” x 5” Full Range Speaker
JANCO 30Amp / 50MV Meter Shunt
Meter shunt produces 50MV @
10Amps. Brand new manufactured
by JANCO. Part Number: 8329-4.
Size of black base: 2” x 1 1/4” x
9/16”. Screw down connectors
extend 1 1/8” above the base.
Marked “50MV 30AMP”. Brand
new and individually boxed.
The IRFD120 is a third generation Hexfet from
International Rectifier features fast switching,
ruggedized device design, and low on-resistance.
The 4-pin DIP package is a low cost machine insertable case style which can be stacked in multiple combinations on standard 0.1 inch pin centers. The dual
drain serves as a thermal link to the mounting surface
for power dissipation levels up to 1 watt. Full spec sheet
available online. 4 pin DIP manufactured by IR.
G16392 $1.49 ea. • 10/$13.50 • 100/$125.00
Compact sealed case PC board mount
relay type G52CS-DC12 by Global features 12VDC coil and DPDT contacts
rated 5Amp @ 220VAC. Size of relay
only 1 1/8” x 1/2” x 1”Tall. Has 8 PC
board pins. Coil resistance is about 275Ω.
The MCR100-8 SCR is a PNPN
device designed for high volume,
line-powered consumer applications such as relay and
lamp drivers, small motor controls, gate drivers for larger thyristors, and sensing and detection circuits. Sensitive gate allows triggering by Microcontrollers and other
Logic Circuits. Rated 600V at 0.8Amp. These are in a
T0-92 case and were manufactured by Motorola.
Small highly efficient 40mm fan manufactured by
Shicoh operates on 12VDC 0.09Amp. Features
two leads for power and an attached thermistor
that increases the fans speed as it heats up. Ball
bearing type. Max air flow = 0.12m3/min. Noise
at 1M=27dB. Shicoh Part number 0410N-12V. Overall
size: 40mm x 40mm x 10mm. This is a nice high quality
little fan perfect for small cooling applications.
Shicoh ICFAN(r) 0410N-12V 40mm 12VDC Fan
Nice quality speaker features paper
cone and solid construction. Impedance is 8 ohms and this speaker
can handle 5WRMS. Overall size is
2 1/4” x 5” x 1 3/4” Deep. Features a 1 1/2” Dia. x 7/8”
deep magnet. Has metal frame with 4 mounting holes
and solder eyelets on back of speaker for wire connection. Overall weight is 0.35 lbs. Brand new from Zylux.
Global G52CS–DC12 12VDC DPDT Relay
MCR100-8 Sensitive Gate 600V 0.8Amp SCR
$1.79 ea.
Compact speaker made by Samsung
features solid construction and is surprisingly heavy for its size. Has metal frame
with 4 mounting holes and solder terminals on back of speaker for wire connection. Rated 1.5W
RMS with an impedance of 8 ohms. Overall size is 3 5/8”
x 2 1/4” x 1 3/4” deep. Features a 1 7/8” dia. x 7/8 deep
magnet. Overall weight is 0.45 lbs. Brand new.
$1.29 ea.
$0.59 ea.
Prime 32.0000MHz crystal oscillator in
black SMD package. Features 4 tabs for
soldering directly to PC board. Overall size: 13.5mm x
9.5mm x 5mm. Brand new on tape and reel.
$1.00 ea.
Massive Delta 10Amp EMI Line Filter
This is a massive EMI two stage Line filter from Delta
designed to provide high
insertion loss for both lineto-line and line-to-ground emissions throughout the frequency range. Delta Part number 10DPCG5. Rated 115/250V 10Amp; Operating
frequency 50/60Hz. HIPOT tested. Size: 5 1/4” x 2” x 2
1/4” (excluding connectors and mounting ears. Has two
mounting holes that are 5 5/8” apart (center to center).
Has 3 solder lugs for line input and 2 solder lugs for
load. Brand new. See complete data sheet online.
$10.00 ea.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
Page September 2007 Sales Flyer
Kingbright Green SMD LED
Precision Stainless Steel Roller Bearings
Ultra miniature SMT LED by Kingbright is only 3.2mm x 1.6mm x 1mm
thick. Features low power consumption and a wide viewing angle. Green
output made with InGaAIP on GaAs substrate. Part
number KP-3216CGCK. Complete data sheet available
online. Prime SMD LED on tape and reel.
5/$1.00 • Full Reel of 2000 / $50.00
We have three different
miniature stainless steel
roller bearings. These
are very smooth action
-precision made. The length shown is related to the OD
portion of the bearing and the ID portion is slightly longer.
Type 1 0.55”L x 0.20” ID x 0.44” OD.
$1.49 ea.
Caddock High Voltage Film Resistors
Type 2
Precision film resistor by Caddock type MG680N Resistor is about 0.75”L x 0.13”Dia with full length leads. Maximum voltage 2000V -Wattage is 0.8W. These are worth
significantly more than our ridiculous low price! See complete data sheet online.
G16413 Rated 5meg 1% tolerance $2.49 ea.
G16411 Rated 10meg 1% tolerance $2.49 ea.
Type 3 0.43”L x 0.41” OD w/ 4-40 female thread on
one end and 6-32 male thread on other.
Quick Charge 500mAh AA Battery Pack
These were made for cellular phones
and consist of a 2 3/4” x 2 1/4” x 5/8”
compact case. Inside you’ll find 4 high
quality fast charge AA nicads connected in series by metal tabs to give
4.8V @ 500mAh. These are very high quality and can be
removed by simply cracking the case apart and pulling
out the batteries. They’ll have some double stick adhesive on them, but after that is removed, you’ll have very
nice fast charge nicads with vinyl sleeves and solder tabs.
The pack that we opened was 100% perfect but since it
might be possible that a battery could be bad, we are going to sell these “AS IS” at a very low price. If you use “AA”
nicads you will not want to pass up on this deal.
Medium Blue Ferrite Core (Torroid)
This a a nice ferrite core that features
an outer diameter of about 1.07” and a
thickness of 0.5”. Inner diameter is approximately 0.57”. This are blue in color
and weigh 23 grams each.
$1.00 ea.
Large Toroid Inductor
Large toroid is wound with heavy duty
(probably 18ga.) magnet wire terminating
in two PC board pins. Size about 1.38”H x
1.25”W x 0.67”Thick.
$1.49 ea.
SMART 3 Piece Key Chain Set
Consists of a bottle cap opener, a #2 slotted screwdriver
and a 6mm phillips screwdriver all on
a handy key ring. Very useful, well made and compact.
This all metal key chain set is brand new in retail package - perfect for party favors or gifts.
$1.00 ea.
Rare Polystyrene Capacitor Assortment
Prime hard to find polystyrene capacitor assortment. These capacitors have full length leads and are
marked units. These types of capacitors are noted for their low distortion,
low dissipation factor and their great
temperature stability. Assortment of at least 10 different
values to 22000pF. Assortment contains 20 pieces
Dual 1/4” Jack by Switchcraft
Nice PC mount dual 1/4” (unbalanced) jack
manufactured by switchcraft. Features two
separate unthreaded jacks. Perfect for use
in building your own custom guitar effects or other audio
applications. Overall size of jack is 1 1/8” x 1 1/4” x 5/8”
(excluding mounting pins on base). Unthreaded jacks
protrude 1/4” beyond the edge of the case.
$0.50 ea.
all prices in this flyer
expire 10/31/07
0.54”L x 0.41” OD w/ 4-40 female thread ID.
$1.49 ea.
$1.49 ea.
Dual Wheel Roller
Roller assembly consists of
two 0.86” diameter
black foam rubber wheels glued to a nylon insert and
locked onto a 0.12”Dia. x 5.6”L stainless steel axle as
shown. One wheel is 0.4” in from end and the other is 1.3”
in from the other end.
$2.49 ea.
2 Digit Alphanumeric Display
Type IEE LR3785R Red display features two 17/32” high alphanumeric
characters. Common cathode type display with 13 total pins. Approximate size
of display is about 13/16”T x 1”W x 5/16”Deep. Brand
new in factory tubes of 20. Sold by the full tube only.
$15.00 for Tube of 20
Large Colored Glass Lenses
These were probably made for
use in traffic lights, however we
are not sure. Each lens is dome
shaped and about 8 3/8”Dia.
These are used but you can clean them up to just like
new condition with household cleaning products. Great
for color organs, displays, etc.
G16481Teal $5.00 ea.
$6.00 ea.
Small Powerful Magnet
Powerful magnet is surprisingly strong for its
size. We put it to the test and found it strong
enough to hold 18 sheets of paper (0.15lbs) to the side of
a metal filing cabinet without sliding. Size: 3/4”L x 1/2”W x
0.1”Thick. The magnet is slightly curved and features an
even chrome coating. High quality!
$1.00 ea.
Stylish Black Rocker Switch by CW
High quality SPDT rocker switch by CW
has contacts rated 6A 125VAC or 5A
125VDC. Features two mounting ears
with holes to use your screws and nuts
to mount. Overall size of switch body (excluding contacts, mounting ears and rocker) is 7/8”
x 5/16” x 7/16”. Rocker extends up 3/4” beyond the
top of the switch body. Mounting holes are spaced
1 5/16” apart (center to center).
“Snap In” Red Illuminated Rocker Switch
Small rocker switch has SPST contacts
rated 10Amps @ 125VAC. Features attractive red illuminated rocker operating from
125VAC. Simple to use, just snap into a
0.85” x 0.50” hole in your panel.
$1.29 ea.
“Snap In” SPST 10Amp 25VAC Rocker Switch
Easy to use attractive black snap in rocker
switch, mounts by simply pressing into a
0.80” hole in panel. Contacts are SPST
rated 10Amps @ 125VAC.
$1.25 ea.
Mini SPDT Slide Switch
Miniature SPDT slide switch is only 9mm x
5mm x 5mm (excluding pins and plastic slide
handle). Perfect for PC board mounting. Features 3 pins and 2 supports all with 0.10” spacing.
Deluxe Lighted Lever Switch
with Red and Green LEDs
Lever Switch features a dark brown body
switch with a gray hinged lever that you press
down on to operate. Contacts are SPDT. Features two nice bright indicator LEDs: a green T1 LED
and a red T1 LED built into the top. The indicator LEDs
illuminate as long as 3VDC is supplied and stay on
even if the switch is operated. Has 8 PC pins (4 for the
switch and 4 for the LEDs). Overall size about 0.69”L x
0.48”W x 0.57”H. Precision made in Germany.
$1.00 ea.
50K Linear Taper Potentiometer w/ Switch
Prime panel mount 50K linear taper pot
features a 5/16” long (from the top edge
of the bushing to the end of the
shaft) x 1/4” diameter shaft. Switch
features two solder eyelets for hookup.
$1.25 ea.
Swiss Made Maxon DC Gearhead Motor
Model 41.022.024-00.00-401 maxon DC gearhead motor is Swiss made and very high quality. Motor body size (excluding shaft) is approximately: 2 1/8” x 7/8”Dia. Motor shaft is 0.35”L x
0.12”Dia. “D” type. Has two color coded flexible leads. At 9VDC RPM = 24. Features 3 taped holes in top
of motor to facilitate mounting. A very high quality motor being offered at a fraction of its original price!
$21.95 ea.
Automation Equipment
We have a range of high quality photoelectric sensors and factory automation products manufactured by STI and Elesta.
These products are ideal for industrial settings either as replacements or for new projects. This is an unbelievable opportunity as we are selling these items at a fraction of their original price. Hurry as quantities are limited on these items. see
our full selection of automation equipment online at: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/products.asp?dept=1202
OLS472A330 16” NPN LO/DO Side-Sense Photoelectric Sensor
OLS382B310 12’ NPN LO/DO Retro-Reflective Sensor
OLS372Z310 PNP LO/DO End-Sense Retro-Reflective Sensor
OLS382Y310 12’ PNP LO/DO Retro-Reflective Sensor
OLS382B311 10’ NPN LO/DO Retro-Reflective Sensor
OLS482B340 16” NPN LO/DO Diffuse-Reflective Sensor
303-20RR Omniprox Right Rear Sensor
OLS170A310 22’ End-Sense Through-Beam Sensor
OLS180B310 Through-Beam Transmitter
9’ NPN LO/DO Side-Sense Retro-Reflective Sensor
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
Visit us online to view the full details on all of these semiconductors
that we are selling at BLOWOUT PRICES! We have MANY more online!
( * DenotesQuantity
Special Quantity
Available for this Item)Price
Stock# DESCRIPTION (*Special
A10071 1.5KE300A Transient Voltage Supressor 1500W 300V
A10068 1N3611GP 200V 1A Vishay Superectifier® (Pkg of 20)
A10074 1N4751A 30V 1.0W Zener Diode (Pkg of 10)
A10085 1N5401 100V 3A General Purpose Diode (Pkg of 5)
A10106 1N6287A Transient Voltage Suppressor
A10043 24C04-6 DIP8 Serial 4K EEPROM
A10437 24LC256IP 256K I2C™ CMOS Serial EEPROM*
A10362 2SD1944 Silicon NPN Transistor*
A10363 2SK2961 Silicon N-Channel MOS Transistor*
A10066 4N37 Opto Isolator*
A10220 4N39-36 Photo SCR Optocoupler*
A10211 556CP Integrated Circuit Dual Timer*
A10148 74197PC 4-Bit Binary Up Counter*
A10205 74AC393P Dual Binary Counter*
A10280 74F241PC Octal Buffer/Line Driver w/ 3-State Outputs*
A10279 74F244PC Octal Buffers/Line Drivers w/ 3-State Outputs*
A10180 74HC14N Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger*
A10178 74HC190N Presettable Synchronous BCD Decade Up/Down Counter*
A10225 74HC4052AP Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer*
A10306 74LS368A 6-Bit Buffer and Line Driver*
A10315 74LS74AN Dual Positive-Edge Flip-Flop with Preset/Clear*
A10056 93LC46B I/P 1K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROM
A10276 CA3160AE Operational Amplifer*
A10239 CD40106BCN Hex Schmitt Trigger*
A10287 CD4018BE CMOS Presettable Divide-By-N Counter*
A10445 CD4020BCN 14-Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter
A10181 CD4075BE CMOS OR Gate*
A10327 CD74HCT85E 4-Bit Magnitude Comparitor*
A10175 DM7407N Hex Buffer w/High Voltage Open-Collector Outputs*
A10174 DM7451N 2-2-Input AND-OR-INVERT-Function Logic Gate*
A10366 DM74ALS00AM SMD IC Low Power Schottky 2-Input NAND Gate*
A10238 DM74LS574N Octal D Flip-Flop with TRI-State Outputs*
A10237 DM74S140N Dual 4-Input NAND 50 ohm Line Driver*
A10171 DM74S182N Look-Ahead Carry Generator*
A10044 DM8123N 4 Line Digital Multiplexer
A10050 DS1488N Quad Line Driver
A10051 DS1489AN Quad Line Receiver
A10285 DS75451N Dual Peripheral Driver*
A10153 GD4040B Binary Up Counter*
A10301 HCF4046BE Micropower Phase-Locked Loop*
A10155 HD74LS193P Synchronous Up/Down Decade Counter*
A10242 IL202 Phototransistor Optocoupler*
A10096 IRF530 Power MOSFET with Formed Leads
A10332 IRF630 200V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET*
A10390 IRF640 HEXFET® Power MOSFET with Formed Leads*
A10099 IRF720 Power MOSFET
A10331 IRF9234 TO-220 Package by International Rectifier
A10324 IRFD120 100V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET*
A10334 IRFZ34N 55V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET
A10421 J107 N-Channel Switch
A10422 J210 N-Channel JFET
A10371 L7818CV Positive Voltage Regulator*
A10432 L78S24CV 2A Positive Voltage Regulator*
A10426 L7922CV Negative Voltage Regulator*
A10038 LF351AN JFET Input Op Amp (NOS)
A10129 LM124J Quad Op Amp by Texas Instruments
A10343 LM3080M Operational Transconductance Amplifier*
A10002 LM310N Voltage Follower (NOS)
A10053 LM311P High Speed Voltage Comparator
A10360 LM317HVT 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator*
A10115 LM318N Precision High Speed Operational Amplifier
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
( * Denotes Special
Available for this Item)Price
LM324AMX SMD IC Quad Op Amp*
LM324N Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier*
LM339M SMD IC Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator*
LM339N Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator*
LM358P Dual Operation Amplifiers*
LM382N Low Noise Dual Preamp (NOS)
LM386N-1 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
LM386N-4 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
LM393DT SMD IC Low Power Dual Voltage Comparator*
LM555CN Timer
LM78L05ACM 3-Terminal Positive Regulator*
LM78L15ACZ 3-Terminal Positive Regulator*
LM7905CT 3-Terminal Negative Regulator*
LM7905CT 3-Terminal Negative Regulator w/ Formed Leads*
LMC6484IN CMOS Quad R-R Op Amp
LP339M SMD IC Ultra Low Power Quad Comparator*
M6964-3 DIP 8 by KSS
MAX232CPE Powered Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers*
MC14023BCP Triple 3-Input NAND Gate*
MC14069UBCP Hex Inverter
MC14071BCL Quad 2-Input OR Gate
MC14081BCP Quad 2-Input AND Gate
MC14160B Synchronous Presettable 4-Bit Counter
MC14503BCP Hex Non-Inverting 3-State Buffer*
MC14519BCP Quad 2-Channel Data Selector
MC14543BCP BCD-to-7 Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver*
MC33172P Low Power Dual Op Amp
MC34064P-5 Supervisory 4.59V Undervoltage Sensing Circuit
MC74F126N Quad Buffers 3-State Fast Schottky TTL*
MC74F64N Input AND-OR-Invert Gate
MC7809CD2T Positive Voltage Regulator*
MC7912CT Negative Voltage Regulator*
MCR106-6 Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifier*
MM74C04N Hex Inverter*
MM74C174N Hex D Flip-Flop*
NJM7812FA Regulator 12V 1.5A 3-Terminal Transistor*
RGP15D-023 Glass Passivated Junction Rectifier (Pkg of 5)
AT90S2313-10PI 10MHz Microcontroller 2KB Flash Memory
SCL4040BE CMOS 12-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider*
SN7401N Quad 2-Input Positive-NAND Gate*
SN74298N Quad 2-Line to 1-line Multiplexer with Storage*
SN7454N 4-Wide AND-OR-INVERT Gates*
SN7475N 4-Bit Bistable Latches*
SN74AS240N Octal Buffer/Driver with 3-State Outputs*
SN74HC166N 8-Bit Parallel-Lead Shift Registers*
SN74LS266N Quad 2-Input Exclusive NOR Gate*
SN74LS273N Octal D-Type Flip-Flops with Clear Inputs*
SN74LS30N 8-Input Positive-NAND Gates*
SN74LS83AN 4-Bit Binary Full Adder with Fast Carry*
SN75188N Quadruple Line Driver*
SN75189AN Quadruple Line Receiver*
T74LS373B1 Octal D-Type Latch Non-Inverting*
T74LS374B1 3-State Octal D-Type Transparent Latches*
TL061C Low-Power JFET-Input Operational Amplifier*
TL064CD Low-Power JFET Quad Operational Amplifier*
TL071CP Low-Noise JFET-Input Operational Amplifier*
TL074C Low-Noise JFET-Input Operational Amplifier*
TL081IP JFET Input General Purpose Op Amp
TL082CP JFET input Low Noise Op Amp
TL084IN Quad JFET-Input General Purpose Op Amp*
TLC372CP Dual Differential Comparator*
TLC556CDR SMD IC Dual Timer*
TLP3042 Triac Driver Optocoupler*
VN2222LL Small Signal MOSFET 150 mAmps, 60 Volts*
X2212P 256 x 4 Bit Nonvolatile Static RAM
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
( * Denotes Special Quantity Pricing Available for this Item)Price
Place your
your order
order online
online 24/7
24/7 at:
at: www.goldmine–elec.com
www.goldmine–elec.com or
or call
call toll
toll free:
free: 1-800-445-0697
115VAC 1Amp Adjustable Timer Module
Nifty timer module is fully adjustable with on
times from 75 seconds up to 4 hours. This
heavy duty module is 1” square x 0.08”H
and is the same type found in many industrial machines, washers, dryers, etc. To use it, you must
connect up a momentary pushbutton switch, a 1.5meg pot
and a line cord (all of these parts are NOT included). You
then just connect up whatever 115VAC load up to 1Amp
(115Watts) to it. To start the timing process, you press the
momentary pushbutton, the load is energized for whatever
time you have set with the potentiometer. At the end of the
time the module turns off the load. New, made by Syracuse
Electronics part# SBPA 8B2373. Has 6 spade lugs for connection and simple hookup diagram is printed on the part.
Module only - no other external parts.
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
Brilliant Blue Clear Lens 5mm (T1 3/4) LED
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Brilliant blue T1 3/4 (5mm) LED
lights up a brilliant blue. Crystal clear
lens prime LED with full length leads and 15° viewing angle.
Requires 3.8VDC @ 30mA. Output around 2,000MCD.
15VDC 400ma Adapter
$0.79 ea.
Made for SEGA CHANNEL, this adapter
plugs into any 120VAC outlet and puts
out 15VDC at up to 400mA. Has 5mm
miniature female barrel plug with center (+).
Near the barrel plug, the flexible cord is wound around
and enclosed ferrite bead for RF interference control.
$1.19 ea.
1 x 24 Character LCD Display Module
Our Largest Heatsink
Massive heatsink for high power/
high heat dissipation. This black
anodized solid aluminum heat sink
is about 6.21” Long x 6.2” Wide x
1.95” Thick. Has four mounting holes.
This is massive- It weighs over 2 lbs.
$7.95 ea.
Laser Prism Lens in Holder
We aren’t sure exactly what this is but it consists of two 28mm octagon shaped prisms
glued face to face. We were told it splits certain
laser beams. The housing is about 45mm (L) x
33mm (Dia.). It has several windows (holes) on
the side and is threaded on one end. Sorry no other data or
info available. Prisms mounted in metal holder.
The Model 438F-115-.05 delay-on-make
Time Capsule® by Artisan features a
.05 second delay period. Rated 1Amp at
115VAC. When the operating voltage is
applied a small amount of current will flow
through the load and timer. At the end of the delay period, the
model 438 turns ON and full load current is permitted to flow.
To recycle, remove the operating voltage for at least 50 milliseconds. See complete data sheet online. Size of module:
1.70” x 2.65” x 0.76”. These are new prime modules.
1 x 24 Character LCD Display Module WDC2401PG9792 $8.00 SALE! $4.95 ea.
16NNA. Compact display
module by Wintek features build in driver IC. Has 14 pin AT-01 Transducer by Projects Unlimited
male header with pins on .05” spacing. Size about 4 1/4” x Made by Projects Unlimited. Similar to a small
speaker, this audio transducer can handle
3/4”. Brand new - Nice quality.
up to 8V and has a resonant frequency
G15318 $1.99 SALE! $1.49 ea.
of 2048Hz. Sound pressure level is 85dBA
Mechatronics 60mm 12VDC Fan
and max. current is 40mA. Can be driven
Made by Mechatronics, this fan
by almost any audio frequency. New with peel off tape
requires 12VDC @ 0.15Amp and
covering output hole. Size: 0.63” Diameter x 0.58” Hight
has a 20 CFM air output. Has color
(excluding pins).
coded flexible leads. Size 60mm
G14333 $2.49 SALE! $1.29 ea.
(2.35” square x 1” thick). Brand new.
SMB-12L Star 12VDC Buzzer
Model A6025H12D. Manufactured
Small electronic buzzer will operate from
by Mechatronics.
any voltage between 7 to 17VDC and
G13229 $2.49 SALE! $1.99 ea.
requires about 10mA for operation. It
12VDC Shicoh 80mm Fan
produces a 76dB minimum output and
12VDC/0.22Amp Shicoh Mini Fan - We
has a medium pitched pleasant sound
just received a large quantity of these
(not a high pitched shrill sound). Size only .56” high x
very efficient brushless mini fans for cool.62” wide x .88” Long (excluding mounting ears). Has
ing all types of equipment. Brand new,
color flexible power leads. Does not require external
Super efficient, quiet fans. All are the popudrivers to produce sound (self contained).
lar brand “IC Fan” by Shicoh. High quality
G15235 $1.99 SALE! $1.19 ea.
made in Japan. Size: 80mm Sq. x 20mm Thick.
RF-520C-17410 Efficient DC Motor
12VDC Fan / Heatsink Combo
Small white 9VDC 300mA adapter with
5.5mm female barrel plug. Center
hole is 2.1mm and is (+). For standard 120VAC outlets.
$1.95 ea.
Artisan 438F-115-4 Solid State Timer Module
The Model 438F-115-4 delay-on-make
Time Capsule® by Artisan features a
4 second delay period. Rated 1Amp at
115VAC. When the operating voltage is
applied a small amount of current will flow
through the load and timer. At the end of the delay period, the
model 438 turns ON and full load current is permitted to flow.
To recycle, remove the operating voltage for at least 50 milliseconds. See complete data sheet online. Size of module:
1.70” x 2.65” x 0.76”. These are new prime modules.
$2.95 ea.
Artisan 438F-115-.05 Solid State Timer Module
$2.95 ea.
The RF-520C-17410 motor operates from 9 to 15VDC and has good
torque and efficiency. At 12VDC the speed unloaded is 5,500RPM, the current is 0.035Amp.
At maximum efficiency (12VDC), the speed is
4,700RPM, current 0.18Amp, tourque is 35g-cm
and output is 1.51Watts - Stall torque is 220g-cm and current at stall 1.6Amp. Size is 1.29”Dia. x 1.09”L. Has 2mm
diameter “D” shaft which is 0.3”L. Motor has two noise suppression mono capacitors already installed and flexible 4”L
leads terminating in a two pin male connector. New.
$0.89 ea.
Small 12VDC Johnson Motor
Small 0.94” Dia. x 1.21”L Johnson motor
operates from 6VDC up to 24VDC
and features a 0.08” Dia. x 0.40”L
shaft. has 2 color coded flexible 1.5”L
leads with “push on” quick connect terminals. Brand new!
Manufactured by Johnson.
$0.79 ea.
Johnson Powerful 6VDC Small Motor
This motor has a greater than normal torque
for its small size. Operates from 3VDC
up to 12VDC and produces a nice amount
of torque at 6VDC (rpm=1700). No load current at 6VDC is
about 0.250 Amp. Loaded it is about 1 Amp. Size 1.7”L x 1.18”
Dia. Has 0.5”L x 0.09” Dia. shaft. With solder eyelets for power
hookup. Great for robotic applications!
$1.49 ea.
24VDC/5500 rpm TRW Globe Motor
Powerful motor type 403A185 by TRW Globe is
rated 24VDC 165mA, 5500rpm-NO LOAD. Stall
torque 15oz. -in at 3Amps. Armature resistance
8.3Ω. Body size is 1 1/2”Dia. x 2 5/8”L. Shaft is
5/16”L x .156”Dia. “D” type. Has 4 tapped holes
on face of motor for mounting.
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
$3.95 ea.
$1.25 ea.
9VDC 300mA Power Adapter
Combo fan/heatsink features a built in
50mm 12VDC @ 0.11Amp fan (which
can be removed from heatsink). Fan is
G16218 $2.49 SALE! $1.99 ea.
mounted inside a special holder, which
12VDC 100mA Transformer
fits over a 55mm square heatsink. The
heatsink was designed to cool microprocessors. Made for No, it’s not a typo this is a 12
VAC transformer with 2 diodes
Dell. Part# 9075R. New - blowout price!
G13970 $0.99 SALE! $0.79 ea.
and a capacitor already connected to it. The output is 12
Giant Intel Heat Sink & Fan
VDC at 100 ma. The input is
Consists of a 12VDC 0.21amp 95mm
standard 120VAC.
x 72mm fan assembly mounted to a
G8996 $1.49 SALE! $0.99 ea.
35mm (High) x 95mm x 72mm heavy
brushed aluminum heat sink. Has a black
C&K Type A126 Keylock Rotary Switch
thermal transfer square on the bottom
Type A126 rotary keylock switch
which is 40mm square and has plastic clamps that were features 3 pole, 3 position romade to lock onto mother board. Made for Intel by Sanyo tary switch operated by a key.
Denki. Has 3 lead cable with female connector (for 3 pin Key can be removed in posimale header). In antistatic box.
tions 1 and 3 but not in position 2.
G12937 $12.95 SALE! $7.95 ea.
Comes with panel mounting nut and bezel. Contacts
rated 2.5amps @ 120VAC switching or 5 amps continPeltier CPU Cooling Module
uous carry. Silver plated contacts and terminals (may
High quality Peltier cooling module made by
have slight tarnish on terminals). High quality, preciMelcor Corporation. It features a 1 3/16” sq.
sion made. Each comes with hardware and 2 keys.
peltier module mounted to a 2 1/4” sq black
Worth $13 each! Manufactured by C & K.
anodized heat sink. It has 4 metal clamps
G8081 $2.49 SALE! $1.29 ea.
that would allow it to be mounted to a circuit
board and pressed to the module against the CPU. Can oper- T200 Cell Phone
ate from 6VDC @ 1.5 amps to provide a nice cold surface. Sony Ericson T200 Cell Phone. These apCold surface has copper metal surface. Module has color pear to be complete but they are either
coded leads and connector for power hookup. Brand New! missing something, they are for a different
G2201 $11.95 SALE! $8.95 ea.
country or something is defective. We put a
“SIM” card in and it said insert “correct SIM
Giant Heat Sink
card”. Some of them won’t turn on so we are
Type HS10199 by Wakefield is 3” x
selling them “AS IS”. The case appears com3 1/8” x 1 5/16”H. Features massive
plete and the phone uses the G15617 Battery
quantity of cooling fins. Black anodized
we sell (not included). Color is blue and silver.
aluminum. Great for high power audio,
Size about 4.15”Tall x 1.9”W x .86”Thick.
computer or power supply applications.
$1.99 ea.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
$0.99 ea.
Compact 12VDC SPDT Relay TRU-12VDC-FBCL Made by TTI this 12VDC relay features SPDT
12A @ 120VAC contacts. Fully enclosed with PC
board pins. Size only .65” W x .80” L x .80” H.
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
Giant CDS Cell Assortment
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Mechanical / Electronic Interrupter
This is our largest and best variety of
light dependent resistors (CDS cells)
that we have ever offered. You will find
metal case, plastic case, ceramic, giG15187 $1.49 SALE! $0.99 ea.
ant types and miniature types. Each
assortment contains at least 7 differSiemans 3VDC Dual Coil Latching Relay
ent CDS cells. CDS cells change their resistance from a
Siemens V23079 B1208 3VDC Dual Coil
few ohms in light to K ohms or meg ohms in darkness. All
Latching Relay. Small 0.57”L x 0.27”W x
have full length leads but a few may be defective so we
0.37”H relay features 3VDC dual coil latching
with 62ohm resistance. Contacts are gold plated 2 form C give you 20 pieces. Great for experimenting or designing all
types of robot projects, light sensitive alarms, light sensitive
(DPDT) rated 2Amps. 10 through hole type PC leads.
switches, etc. Package of 20.
G14258 $1.49 SALE! $0.99 ea.
Omron G6HU-2 5VDC DPDT Relay
Here’s a large variety of quality potentiometers.
Most are panel mount but some are PC
mount. Standard and miniature
types. Single and multiple gang
types. Some are screwdriver
adjust. All are brand new! Sorry no hardware included. Each
assortment is different. Assortment of 10.
Omron G6HU-2 5VDC DPDT Relay. 5V single coil latching low signal relay. Size .55” L
x .35” W x .20” H. Rating is 1amp at 30VDC
or1/2amp at 125VAC. Brand new-Prime!
$0.99 ea.
P&B T9AS1D12-12 12VDC 30Amp Relay
Potter & Brumfield T9AS1D12-12 12VDC Relay
with 30Amp Contacts. Powerful relay is fully enclosed and designed for PC board mounting. Features SPST N.O. 30Amp @ 240VAC contacts. Coil
resistance about 140Ω. Size about 1.25” x 1.05” x .77”tall
RF Transmitter Remote
$0.79 ea.
Prosat P222 remote control features RF
(not infrared) transmission. Has four buttons labelled “Satellite Name”, Satellite Number”, “East”, and
“West”. Operates on 9V battery (not included). Size about 5
3/4”L x 2 1/2”W x 7/8” Thick. Brand new but we have no data,
so we are selling these “AS IS” for experimenting with RF.
$0.99 ea.
4.8V 2/3 “AAA” Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery
Nice quality compact 2/3 “AAA” rechargeable Ni-MH battery is rated 4.8V @ 300mAh.
These were made to power a “crank” type
3 LED white flashlight/radio. They were removed from brand new units and have 2 1/2” flexible
color coded leads. Size of battery 1.6”L x 1.15”W x .4”Thick.
Cordless Phone Battery
$1.29 ea.
Deluxe Potentiometer Assortment
Super Standoff Assortment
Handy assortment of various size and
types of metal and plastic standoffs. Tiny
to large sizes. You get 30 pieces total.
Border Patrol Closed Loop Transmitter
Closed loop transmitter unit for an
electronic dog fence system.
This was designed to produce
low frequency waves wherever
you buried your “wire” perimeter.
When your dog approached your invisible fence a special receiver collar (not available
from us) would give the dog a mild shock. We have the
complete transmitter unit only which would probably
make the basis for a fascinating wire guided robot. Sorry, no specs or other info except that the case is 6” x 4”
x 1 1/2”, it has two binding posts on back of unit to connect almost any length of wire you wish to use, a 5.5mm
power jack for 9VAC input (no adapter is included-We
tried it with a 9VDC center+ adapter and it worked), a
range selector switch and LEDs to indicate power and
a “closed” loop. These appear to be new, however we
have no other info on them.
Great for replacement use in cordless
phones, power tools, electric toothbrushes, etc! This 3 cell nicad button pack is
rated 3.6V@280mAh. Size is 1” Tall x 1”
Dia. has blue vinyl sleeve, flexible color
G14489 $6.95 SALE! $3.99 ea.
coded wires and small female connector. Prime– brand
Precision Optical Lens
new. Sold for up to $9.00 each elsewhere.
Very nice 2” AR coated double convex magnifyG1508 $1.49 SALE! $0.79 ea.
ing lens is highly polished first grade and comes
TDA7396 45Watt/2 Ω Bridge Car Radio Amplifier
in a plastic box. These were made for TeleSuper high powerTDA7396 amplifier IC only redyne Brown. Lens is about 1/2” thick.
quires 5 capacitors and 2 resistors, yet can deliver 45Watts into a 2Ω speaker load (65Watts
max). Operates from 8Volts up to 18V. Total
quiescent current is 100mA. See internet for full
specs and simple PC board layout. Brand new
made by ST microelectronics.
This is a 2.3” L x 1.1” W x 1” H assembly with metal base
that has a Omron opto
interrupter mounted. It also has a 3.8”
L plastic probe that has a spring return. When the probe
comes in contact with a hard surface, a flag is moved from
between the slot of the opto interrupter so that a signal is
produced that can control a LED, relay IC etc. Probe extends about 1.7” and can be pushed all the way in (except
for the last .4”). Brand new - no specs. Great robot item.
$0.99 ea.
Ball Bearing Robot Drive Wheels
Set of two 1.62” outer diameter drive
wheels, with two 6-32 0.86” bolts and
nuts (the wheels don’t
need additional axles),
rubber bands for driving the wheels from the
motors. You can mount these
wheels directly to your robot or “L” bracket
and use them with any motors. We include a simple set
of instructions that show how to make this high torque
mechanical drive (you’ll need to provide some sort of
back wheel on your finished robot). NOTE: This is not
a complete robot and no schematics, motors, L brackets, etc. are included. Only the 2 large drive pulleys that
serve as front wheels, the bolts and nuts for them, the
rubber bands and instructions on how to make a rubber
band belt motor drive mechanism.
Large Foam Covered Robotic Wheel
Large 5” diameter x 1” thick wheel features a
solid plastic wheel at the center bonded to a
1” thick outer foam wheel. Center bore is .35”
diameter and is 1.25” long. Great for robots
that must travel on carpet or uneven ceramic tile surfaces.
$1.79 ea.
Gear Head Assembly
Compact 29RPM plastic gear head assembly
contains a good quantity of small gears inside
a 1 3/4” Dia. x 3/4” open type plastic
housing (excluding ears). On the top
side is a .125” Dia. x 9/16” L shaft and on the
bottom is a hole with gear that a motor with a
gear (we don’t have the motor) was to be attached. Made by Hankscraft. The gear head is new and
it looks like it would be great for robotics, however we are
selling them cheap because we do not have the motor or
additional information. Manufactured by Hankscraft.
Mini Cassette Assembly
$0.99 ea.
Large TV Projection Lens
Precision made mini cassette assembly is
the perfect Robot builder’s source for various small gears, springs, pulleys, drive
belts and even a small efficient super quiet 1.5V to 7VDC motor (Dia=1”). Overall
approximate size of the assembly is 2 1/4”
x 2 1/2” x 7/8”. Brand new-no data and no electronics.
$1.99 ea.
These are brand new projection lenses that
were made surplus to us from one of the top
large screen TV manufacturers. The overG4586 $2.98 SALE! $1.49 ea.
G15415 $2.29 SALE! $1.49 ea.
all size of the top optical part of the lens is
Laser Head
about 3 1/2” Dia., however the plastic base
TDA8560Q 40Watt/2Ω Stereo Amplifier IC
holder assembly is over 5” in Dia. and about 2 1/2” high. Complete IR laser heads from optical CD
TDA8560Q 2 x 40Watt/2Ω Stereo BTL Car
drives. These look complete and apVery good optical quality. Prime!
Radio Power Amplifier IC. The TDA8560Q
G1596 $7.95 SALE! $4.95 ea.
pear in good condition, however since
contains two identical power amplifiers for
we do not have any info, data or hookup
stereo applications. Operates from 6V up to
Large Condenser Lens
info we can’t test them and must sell them
18VDC. Features gain of 40dB and a quiescent
This lens concentrates light into a pro“as is”. May vary slightly from picture.
current of only about 115mA. Brand new- 13 pin plastic/metal jected beam for use in projectors, spotG9361 $1.00 SALE! $0.79 ea.
package. Made by Philips. See complete specs on internet. lights, enlargers, IR systems, etc. The
G15420 $2.49 SALE! $1.59 ea.
Solenoid plus Mechanical Assembly
large 38mm lens is made of durable Pyrex
Unusual assembly consists of a 24VDC soEMI Shielded Display Window
glass. Top quality and worth a lot more than
lenoid attached to a mechanical arm in order
Very unique item from a government
our low price.
to push out a plunger instead of pulling it in.
contract, this is a EMI shielded see
G8384 $5.95 SALE! $2.95 ea.
Output plunger travels .16” out and is .19”Dia.
through window. It was meant to allow a person to view disSolenoid is made by Guardian type 22-C-24VDC. Has
plays without EMI energy affecting them. These are brand Opaque Red Plastic Project Box
right angle metal bracket for mounting. Approximate
new, made by Tecknit and comes in a sealed manufacturer Nice quality hinged type project box makes
overall size is 3.2” x 2.1” x .88”. These have been in
bag. Size is slightly smaller than 1” x 2”. Has seen through a professional looking addition to many
storage for a few years so they are a little dusty/dirty,
metallic grid with silver plated frame around inside surface electronic projects. Size about 4 7/16”L x
2 1/8”W x 1 7/16”D. New.
however they are perfect electrically and mechanically.
of glass to allow electrical connection to ground.
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
$0.99 ea.
SALE! $0.75 ea.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
$1.49 ea.
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
120VAC (7.5kV Output) Negative Ion Generator
Super Blacklight
Compact negative Ion Generator cleans
air impurities and provides a fountain
of fresh air. These negative ions are
the same type that are produced in
a thunderstorm. This unit is similar in
size and operation to our 12VDC negative ion generator that we sell except
that these are set to 7.5kv and can operate directly from standard 120VAC.
Very simple to use simply-just connect any AC line cord to
the black and white power leads and a tremendous quantity
of negative ion will be emitted by the 4 needle emitter assembly shown. Fully encapsulated module is about 2” x 1
5/8” x 7/8”. Brand new! Please use extreme caution when
working with this and do not purchase this if you are not
knowledgeable of high voltage safety precautions.
Special Dual Solar Panel
$7.95 ea.
Amorphous glass panel is
12” L x 2 3/16” W x 12” Thick
and features 2 separate 9V 70ma panels on one piece of
glass. Can be connected in series or parallel or use a glass
cutter to make 2 panels. Comes with directions for soldering
your wires to it.
$5.99 ea.
4 Position Rotary Lockswitch
This rotary lockswitch features a single pole
with 4 position. It comes with two metal
keys. Key can be removed in any
position except position 2. Switch
mounts in a 0.6” hole plus 2 small
holes (one on either side) to allow for
mounting bolts (not included) which hold the switch to the
panel. Brand new. Size about 1.56” x 1.84”L.
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Quorum A-160 Passive Infrared Detector
Super power blacklight glows a
deep purple and brilliantly lights
blacklight posters, invisible ultraviolet inks, some currencies,
certain minerals, etc. Unit is complete with
a sophisticated circuit board and was designed for use by a
cosmetic company for use in detecting skin problems. High
quality completely assembled unit is about 7” L x 3” W x 2
1/4” D. It uses a 12VDC 500ma adapter (included) and its
circuitry allows the unit to be turned on for one minute then
it resets after another minute. The circuitry could possibly
be modified for continuous on, however, we don’t have any
info. on how to do this or if it is even possible. We will tell
you that the output of this is very bright and covers all of the
longwave spectrum. Brand new in manufacturer’s box. Very
unique and worth many, many times our price.
This sensitive PIR detector contains a sophisticated 9 IC circuit and a sensitive PIR sensor. The unit operates from 1 9V battery (not
included) and is about 5” x 3” x 2”. The unit
has a built in transmitter which was to transmit
the intruder detection alert at 433MHz (Our kit
C6849 picks up this signal). We do provide
you with simple directions on how to connect up a relay to
this PIR unit to allow you to set off sirens, lights etc. when
the unit detects an intruder. This sensitive PIR unit has a detection range of 40 feet with a cone of coverage of about 90°
wide. These brand new units cost a fortune originally but we
are blowing them out while the supply lasts. Manufactured
by Quorum. Can be used in conjunction with the Quorum
A-160 Security Monitor and A-160 RF Receiver.
Uniden ALP9080 Pager
Sealed case gear motor was made for automotive applications. Operates on 12VDC
and features .52”Dia. x .5”L shaft with 8
spines (or ridges). The shaft rotates at approximately 5RPM and has very high torque.
Overall size including mounting ears about 4.2”
x 3.2” x 1.1”Thick (without shaft). Part # PP-GF30
made by TRW. Has built in 2 pin male connector,
however we do not have the matching female connector.
$4.95 ea.
Brand New Sophisticated Flex Format Uniden Pager with 7 Alerts and
Vibrate Function - Small 20 message
memory and 1,700 character capacity
pager type ALP9080 by Uniden operates
on 1 AAA battery (not included) and features backlight, 7
alerts plus vibrate and sound. These alpha numeric pagers
were for the Spanish market so the menus and words are
in Spanish. Size about 3” x 1 7/8” x .78”. The frequency is in
the 900MHZ Band.
$0.99 ea.
Sony Ericsson T100 Cell Phone Blowout!
This 1” high black plastic holder houses a .8”
diameter piezo element. It has 2 PC board
terminals and an open back. This can be
driven by various IC or transistor circuits and
we include a simple transistor drive schematic
with this. Brand new.
These appear to be new, however they could be
customer returns and defective. We don’t know
but we do know that this is the complete phone
(w/o battery). It has a slot for a SIM card (not
included). We do know that this is a dual band
GSM900/GSM1800 phone that has a screen
that lights up blue when turned on (when a battery is installed). You can look up full specs on
the internet. Compact size only 3.92”L x 1.7”W
x .65”Thick. We are selling these “AS IS” only and although
they look complete, (except for the battery & SIM card) we
are not selling them as a functional cell phone.
High Quality Speaker with Grille
3.6V 50maH Nicad Battery
Murata Upright Piezo
$0.99 ea.
$0.79 ea.
$1.99 ea.
Small 2” speaker has a nice quality attractive matte finish black grille mounted to the
top. Rated 8ohms 500mW this speaker
has a good sound for its size. Great way
to add a professional touch to your next small
audio project.
Made for cordless phones, this battery is great
for use with miniature robots. Contains three
1/3 AAA size batteries. Size only 1.2”L x
0.41”W x 0.61”H. Has white shrink wrap
and color coded wires with tiny 2 pin female connector. New - Prime.
$2.99 ea.
Super Power 12VDC Gear Motor
$5.95 ea.
MB256 600V 25Amp Bridge Rectifier
Type MB256 heavy duty bridge rectifier is rated 600V 25Amp. These are
in 1.11” square x .45” metal case with
mounting hole in center. Has four spade
lugs for hookup.
$1.19 ea.
MTM4N50 T03 Metal Case Mosfet
High voltage N-Channel enhancement mode mosfet type MTM4N50 by
Motorola. Rated 500V @ 4Amp. Metal
TO3 case. Worth over $20.00 each!
2N6576 Power Transistor
$2.49 ea.
2N6576 T03 Power Transistor - Factory prime
fully marked T03 case transistor.
$1.49 ea.
PT2272A-M2 Remote Control
Decoder (2 Data Bits)
The PT2272A-M2 is a remote control
decoder with momentary output / 2 data bits in a standard 18
pin DIP package. Features: CMOS Technology, Low Power
Consumption, Very High Noise Immunity, Wide Range of
G13909 $1.00 SALE! $0.89 ea.
G16253 $1.49 SALE! $0.99 ea.
Operating Voltage: Vcc = 4 ~ 15 Volts and Single Resistor
AIRPAX 67F105 Thermostat
Oscillator. Applications: Car Security System, Garage Door
Small thermostat in a two lead
Controller, Remote Control Fan, Home Security/Automation
TO220 case. The 67F105 thermoso it doesn’t have the environ- mental health hazards System, Remote Control Toys and Remote Control for Indusstat from Airpax will close (make contact)
trial use. Complete data sheet available online.
on a rising temperature from 100 to 110°C and will reset that mercury tilt switches have. These and similar types are G16160 $1.99 SALE! $1.29 ea.
(break contact) on a falling temperature no less than 4°C
Folding 10X Magnifier Loupe
lower than the actual close temperature. Rated 1Amp resis- Maximum switching voltage is 24V and switching current is Small size metal outer case 10x lens
maximum .01mA. We connected it to a 30mA LED and a
tive @ 120VAC or 1Amp @ 48VDC.
3VDC source and had no problems switching the LED on/ magnifier loupe. Handy for viewing SMD
G16209 $1.25 SALE! $0.89 ea.
off by moving the switch. Contact resistance is 2 ohm max parts. Size about 1.4” x 1” x .6”Thick. InDelta® 78 Precision Lens for Projection TV
at 45° operating angle. Spec sheet shows a ± 15° angle of expensive yet very useful to keep in your
These sell for about $190 on the internet and
operation. Size only 11mm long x 4mm diameter. Has one pocket. Metal covers vary in color (sorry, no choice).
are made for use in large screen projection
pin and one lead for hookup. Brand new and very unique! G15892 $1.99 SALE! $1.49 ea.
11 Piece Saw and Driver Set
TVs. The lenses we have are brand new and
G16165 $1.00 SALE! $0.89 ea.
This handy and innohave a wingnut on the side of the body to proOur
vative tool features two
vide a means of final adjustment. Size about
Comair Rotron Major 12VDC 2.26Amp
different interchangeable 6”
4.5”Dia. excluding mounting ears and about 3”
ball bearing fan type JQ12B7X really
saw blades and a driver set
Tall. Complete with protective covers on top and bottom.
cools! This 6.75” x 5.92” x 2”Thick fan
stored in the handle. One saw
G16170 $6.95 SALE! $4.95 ea.
puts out about 235CFM (that’s a lot of
blade is designed for cutting metal and the other is for cutting
Enertron Heatsink with Fan
air flow)! It will operate in the 6 to 14VDC
wood. Includes square driver #1 and #2 bits, Philips #1, #2
Made by Enertron model NX 586-02-10
range. Power is 25.2Watts, Speed
and #3 bits, flat head 3.5mm and 6mm bits all conveniently
is a 2” sq. x 0.82” heatsink/fan combo.
3400RPM and noise 55.1dB. This late model powerful fan stored in a bit holder that screws into the base of the tool. Also
The fan can be removed simply by four
features ROHS compliance and has 3 leads - red/black for included is a 1/4” socket adapter. The tool handle has a 45
screws an it is 2” (50mm) square x
power and blue for collector tachometer (2 pulses per revo- degree adjustable neck angle for precision cutting or access
0.42” (11mm) thick. Fan operates on
lution). These are brand new in box and are currently sold to tight spaces. This is a very handy tool to have in your tool
12VDC @80mA.
elsewhere for over $85!
box. Brand new in retail blister package.
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
$1.19 ea.
$19.95 ea.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
Mini 8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver
This handy 8 in 1 precision screwdriver set
features 4 double ended hardened screwdriver bits that are
stored inside the spinning handle. The 8 various sized bits are of good quality and insure
that you have the right size phillips or straight blade tip for
the screw that you are using. Each bit has a built in keeper
to prevent it from slipping out as you are using it. Size about
4.75”L (without bit). In retail packaging.
$1.99 ea.
6 in 1 Screwdriver/Level/Flashlight
Handy 6 in 1 tool firs in
your pocket. You get
two double sided quality tip bits (two different sized straight blades and two different sided phillips bits). It also has a hand white LED flashlight
on screwdriver end to light up the screw you wish to remove
or install. Finally it has a built in “bubble” level on the handle.
Compact size, only 5.5”L x 1”W. Brand new in retail package.
Black and silver color. Ready to use (batteries installed).
Step Counter and Flashlight
$5.49 ea.
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
Giant Hard Plastic Roller Wheel
Giant 2.45”Dia x .79” wide wheel features a
center bore of 9.5mm x .96” wide. Great for
larger robots as these can support a great
amount of weight. Solid and precision made.
Rubber Tire Assembly
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Ultra Sleek RF Alarm Remote
$0.99 ea.
Large 2”Dia. rubber tire is mounted on a plastic
wheel with an 8mm inner bore. The thickness of
the wheel near the center is .94” width, however
the outer wheel thickness is about .55”. New.
$0.89 ea.
Giant Pulley
Giant black plastic pulley is 4.6”Dia and is
.23”Thick except at the bore which is 1”Dia. x
.5”Thick. Has groove for belt or rubber band.
$2.95 ea.
Very Unusual Large Magnetic Roller
Magnetic roller is
about 1” Dia. X 10 7/8”
L. Each end of the roller has a .40” (10mm) Dia. shaft which
has a smaller 6mm “D” shaft inside this shaft. The magnetic
surface is attached to this because if you place a paper clip,
screw, etc. on the outer shaft and rotate the inner shaft the object will move around the outer shaft surface. The inner shaft
spins freely so it must have internal bearings. Overall length of
assembly is 13 1/2”. These are used but in good condition.
Handy “clip on” flashlight features three
bright white LEDs and a built in digital
step counter. Great to see how many
steps you travel in a day’s time and
great for night walks. Comes with built in batteries. Step coun- G15346 $7.95 SALE! $3.95 ea.
ter counts to 99,999 and can be reset at any time. In sealed
4 Color Pen Printhead by Alps
retail blister package. Size only about 2.95”L x 1.7” x 0.87”.
Small 6” x 2 1/2” x 1” printG16246 $3.99 SALE! $2.99 ea.
head assembly by Alps,
Red Green and White LED Flashlight
was made to use 4 differThis is one of the more
ent miniature pens (not
unique flashlights that we
included). This does contain 2
miniature servo
have seen. This flashlight
motors, a unique solenoid and various nylon gears, levers,
has three types of supulleys, cables, springs etc. There is no driver circuitry inper bright LEDs: Red (qty=8), Green
cluded and since we have no information, we must sell them
(qty=8), and White (qty=12). Each type
“AS IS” only. This is a great source for miniature precision
of LED can be turned on by its own pushbutton switch. It is parts for a robot. Very well made. Manufactured by Alps.
possible to have all the colors illuminated at once or you G2092 $7.95 SALE! $3.95 ea.
can just use one color at a time. Flashlight features a 5 1/2”
Long all metal body and handy carrying strap. Operates Brand New CD Rom Drive Assembly
on 3 “AAA” Batteries (not included). Great for signaling or This is the main drive mechanism made for a CD ROM
unique lighting applications. Brand new.
drive. It features 2 quiet but
G16317 $19.95 SALE! $15.95 ea.
powerful, efficient DC motors
Rubber Grip 14 White LED Flashlight
which operate from about 5VDC,
This is our best compact 14 LED
various gears, mechanical parts
brilliant white flashlight. Comes
and an infrared “Laser Diode”. The motors in these are percomplete with three “AAA” batfect for use in robots. Overall size about 3 3/4” x 3 3/8”. New
teries. All metal body with rubber/
but no information available.
non-slip grip. This has a pushbutton on/off
G4119 $3.49 SALE! $2.49 ea.
switch on the end and a carrying strap. The
beam on this is very bright! New in sealed retail package.
Giant Solenoid 12VDC up to 36VDC
G16244 $8.95 SALE! $6.95 ea.
Our largest solenoid is about 1.5” x 1.6” x
2.16” and features a giant 2.6”L x .47”Dia.
Handy Illuminated Credit Card Magnifier
plunger with slot and hole. Operation
This handy credit care magnifier features
is from 12VDC (about .5” pull), 24VDC
a 3x power and bright white LED light.
(about 1” pull) and 36VDC (about 1.25”
Slip it into a pocket or purse and use it for
pull). Coil resistance is about 55Ω. Brand
reading tiny print on menus in dark restaunew - very heavy duty. Marked KGS
rants, fine print on parts, etc. Size only 3.4”L
x 2.25”H x 0.29”Thick. Has built in battery and handy on/off 12AA01 INS-B 121P1708.
G16064 $2.49 SALE! $1.29 ea.
switch. Matte black in color. Brand new in retail packaging.
$3.99 ea.
12VDC NEC ET2-B3MIS (1 Form C x 2) Relay
Ledex™ Miniature 12VDC Tubular Solenoid
Ledex™ 12VDC tubular solenoid pushSmall 12VDC relay features 1 Form C x 2 (H
es a 1” long plunger pin. Size of sobridge) contacts rated 25Amps @ 16VDC.
lenoid about 1” long x 0.5”Dia. Has 3/8”
Designed for various automotive applications
threaded bushing for panel mounting. Our
such as motor window control, heater control,
tests indicate the pin can push out about
solenoid control, etc. Coil resistance 156ohms. Sealed relay 0.4”. Has 1” long insulated leads with mounting nut.
with 8 PC terminal pins. Size is 0.85”L x 0.50”W x 0.40”H. G16333 $2.95 SALE! $1.79 ea.
$1.49 ea.
NEC ETIR-N5 12VDC SPDT 25Amp Relay
Miniature relay by NEC is designed for power
window motor control, car heater control and
other automotive applications. Contacts SPDT
25Amps @ 16VDC. Coil voltage 12VDC, coil resistance
225ohms. Sealed relay with 5 PC board terminal pins. Size
is 0.5”W x 0.55”L x 0.4”Tall.
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
$1.19 ea.
NEC VB2-4.5SNU DPDT Micro Sized Relay
Single Coil Latching 4.5VDC
Tiny 0.42”L x 0.23”W x 0.297”H relay features a
coil resistance of 202.5Ω and DPDT contacts rated 1Amp.
This relay has 8 tiny leads bent over for SMD mounting,
however, these leads can be simply bent up to allow for
regular thru hole PC board mounting.
SALE! $0.99 ea.
This keychain type miniature alarm remote is one of the latest types made. It is
brand new and operates from 1 standard
12V lighter battery (type 23,23M VR22 or EL22) not included. This sophisticated 3 button remote contains a complete
RF coded transmitter with red LED “on” indicator and it was
made for a car alarm. It features an elegant design, ultra thin
2 1/8”L X 1 3/8”W smooth matte finish black case.
$1.99 ea.
RCA DT6SA Combo Audio Cable
RCA DT6SA Stereo Audio/S-Video
Digital Combo Audio Cable. Features
6 ft long flexible braided shield cable with
24K gold plated textured comfort grip connectors. Each end has 2 gold plated male
RCA audio connectors and a gold plated S-video connector. Brand new in retail blister pack. Limited lifetime warranty
from manufacturer. Regular retail price: $16.95 per set.
$6.95 ea.
Leviton Four Level Fan Control & Dimmer Switch
Decora Quiet Fan Speed Control features
reduced hum at low speeds, positive on/off
switching and allows for full range of speed
control for fan. In addition, it features a full
range incandescent light dimmer. Fan
control is rated 1.5 amps, 120VAC.
Dimmer is rated 300 watts. Attractive and
functional control for your home. Leviton
part #6620 available in white.
$1.99 ea.
Rotary Lamp Dimmer
Decora Rotary Quiet Fan Speed Control and
Lamp Dimmer - High quality stylish lamp dimmer and fan speed control offers convenient
control of ceiling fans and their incandescent
light fixtures for maximum comfort and efficiency. This model 6617-WSP by Leviton
features two control knobs. The upper control
knob turns the fan motor on (at high speed) and adjusts its
speed. The lower knob turns the light on and allows for dimming and brightening. Rated 2.5Amp 120VAC/60HZ - fan,
300W 120VAC/60HZ - incandescent light. For use with split
capacitor or shaded pole fan motors only. Mounts in standard wall switch box - has 3 wires (common, motor and
light). White in color. Manufactured by Leviton.
$1.99 ea.
NiMH Rechargeable Battery
for 9V Applications
Long life rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery made for 9V applications
is rated 7.2V @ 150mAh. These are new, made by GP®
type 15F7H, and can be recharged over and over again.
We find they work great in all the 9V battery powered items
we use here at the Goldmine!
G16250 $1.79 SALE! $1.49 ea. • Box of 25/$35.00
Super Compact Photoflash
Capacitor 120µf 330VDC
Made by Rubycon this photoflash capacitor is only 2.1”L x
0.44”Dia. Features one red and one black 3/4” long color
coded insulated leads. New but were cut off from photo strobe
boards before final assembly. Blowout price!
$0.99 ea.
Extremely Bright Micro Xenon Tube
This is the most brilliant intense Xenon
strobe tube for its size that we have ever
seen. It’s a 0.8” long tube mounted in a 0.4” x 1” plastic lens
with chrome reflector. It features 3 color coded flexible leads
and is brand new. Perfect for making wing strobes on small
RC flying planes. These are amazing! Requires about 180V
anode to cathode and any 4KV trigger coil.
Tiny Inverter Transformer
$1.99 ea.
Designed for tiny strobe lights this small inverter
transformer converts 3VDC into 200VAC when
used with a simple 2 transistor circuit. Size only
.4” square x .35” H. Has 4 pins. Complete with
schematic of a simple strobe using this transformer.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
$2.49 ea.
Page September 2007 Sales Flyer
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
ORDERS of $50.00
or more* receive:
Q7P3R or more* receive:
T4B8C 5%
expires on: 10/31/07
ORDERS of $250.00
*You MUST enter the promotional code online before you check out and discount is
valid only at time of purchase. Only one discount per order (Discounts may not be
combined). Free gift coupons may be used in addition to ONE qualifying discount.
Discount applies only to the merchandise (shipping is not discounted). Discount Promotion
is not valid on previous orders. These discount promotions are only valid until 10/31/07.
Use code by entering it into “Promotional Code” box online above shopping basket.
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above your shopping
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Promotional Discount can only be entered in the promotional code box above your shopping basket.
expires on: 10/31/07
or more
When you order $30.00 worth of merchandise*
or more, use this coupon to receive this
FREE Adjustable Wire Stripper! Compact
5” wire stripper automatically adjust to wire
gauges from 0.2mm up to 3mm (most common
gauges). Easy to operate!
You must attach this coupon to your order form, or give operator stock
number (in bold below) at time of order! Online Orders simply need to
add the online coupon to their shopping basket prior to checking out.
*Shipping charges do not count towards free gift. No cash value. Only one WIRE STRIPPER per order.
Not valid on previous orders. Coupon must be redeemed at time of purchase. Coupon expires 10/31/07.
September 2007 Sales Flyer
Handy assortment of super quality
PC board terminals. You get over 100
terminals in a resealable 2” x 3” bag.
You’ll find all types including “stake”
type, “solder in”, screw in, etc. Just 5
of some of these terminals would cost
you more than the price of the whole bag!
$3.49 ea.
Reflective IR Emitter/Sensor
Handy item for making object counters, object avoiding robots, object sensors, etc.
Consists of a infrared LED and an NPN
phototransistor all mounted in an opaque
black plastic case with two tiny holes in the front
end. The IR LED emits IR energy which will reflect back to the phototransistor when an object is near.
Type HOA708-1. Prime marked units. Sorry no data
sheet available.
$0.89 ea.
Labtec Headphones w/ Mic
High quality ClearVoice Labtec
LVA-8525 stereo headphone
with noise cancelling mono boom
microphone is designed for voice
command, speech recognition,
internet communications, etc.
Lightweight quality headset features 32ohm impedance
and frequency response of 20-20,000Hz. Microphone
requires 1.5VDC power source and has a response of
100-16,000Hz with an impedance of 2000ohms. Has built
in volume control and on/off switch for the microphone.
With two 3.5mm male stereo plugs for connection (one for
headphone and one for microphone). Brand new.
$5.95 ea.
48VDC Comair Rotron 127mm Fan
Ball bearing, tachometer output type fan
in factory box. Part# GL48S7H/031692
by Comair Rotron. 48VDC @ 0.31Amp.
Size: 127mm x 38mm. 3250+ RPM.
150+ CFM with 4 leads. Ball bearing
type with thermal sensor. Brand new.
All prices in this flyer expire 10/31/07
$3.95 ea.
All sale prices valid thru 10/31/07
$4.95 ea.
Tiny FM Wireless Microphone Kit
transmits every sound in a room to
any standard FM radio. Super
sensitive kit uses a special high
output electret microphone and
a two transistor circuit to provide a stable RF transmission.
Features adjustable capacitor to “fine tune” the frequency so
that you can transmit on a non-used part of the FM band. Use
it as a baby monitor, one way intercom, etc. Circuit operates
from one 9V battery (not included). Size only 1 13/16’’ x 1’’
- the same size as a 9V battery. Complete with all parts, PC
board and instructions. Skill Level 2. This kit requires soldering
of components to the PC board while building.
Disposable 3D Camera
$5.95 ea.
Nifty 3D disposable camera with built
in flash features 3 built in aspherical
lenses and built in batteries. These are
in sealed blister packages and were meant to sell for up to $15
each. The problem is they have an expiration date of 1999
and the mailing envelope inside for developing the film is for
a company no longer in business. We tried one and the flash
worked on the 12 photos we took, however we have not sent
it in for developing yet so we aren’t sure if the film is good.
We are selling these at a blowout price so we can’t guarantee these. We did find a place on the internet that looks like it
can develop these, however we haven’t tried them yet: www.
snap3d.com. The photos are called 3D lenticular prints–check
out their website for info on the fascinating subject of 3D prints
(without 3D eyeglasses). Sold “AS IS” –No Returns!
FM Wireless Microphone Kit
or more
*Shipping charges do not count towards free gift. No cash value. Only one BIT SET per order.
Not valid on previous orders. Coupon must be redeemed at time of purchase. Coupon expires 10/31/07.
This unusual kit consists of 10 bright
green LED bars which shimmer or flash
for a hypnotic looking display. Kit features
1 IC circuit with a “Bar effect” control to
adjust the back and forth flashing for the
optimum unique shimmering display. Although the kit won’t
hypnotize you it really has a unique attention getting display of
bright green bars. Operates from one 9V battery (not included). Size of PC board 2” x 1 1/2”. Complete with all parts, PC
board and instructions. Skill Level 2. This kit requires soldering
of components to the PC board while building.
Free with purchase of
You must attach this coupon to your order form, or give operator stock
number (in bold below) at time of order! Online Orders simply need to
add the online coupon to their shopping basket prior to checking out.
Hypnotic Bars Kit
Bag Full of PC Board Terminals
FREE Universal Bit Set Coupon!
When you order $100.00 worth of merchandise* or more, use this coupon to receive this
of FREE Universal Bit Set! Contains almost
every type of security bit made. Consists of 32
various size and type bits such as torx, star, fork,
etc. It also has an extension tool.
FREE Adjustable Wire Stripper Coupon!
Free with purchase of
$0.99 ea.
Learn To Solder Kit
Special kit designed for the student who
has not had any experience with soldering. This kit has 30 components to solder in giving the student ample soldering
experience. The first 20 components to
be soldered are used to gain soldering
experience, but the last 10 components,
when soldered in, make up a bright red
and yellow alternating LED flasher! The LED flasher portion
is built after the student has soldered in the 20 practice components, which include: capacitors, a transistor, resistors, and
an IC socket. The student, when he completes his kit, should
have developed good soldering techniques and has a functioning LED flasher to show for his/her efforts. This kit requires
one 9V battery (not included). Size of board: 4.75” x 3”. Complete with all parts (including practice parts for soldering) and
complete soldering instructions. Skill Level 1. This kit requires
soldering of components to the PC board while building.
40W Pencil Soldering Iron
$7.00 ea.
Comfortable grip pencil type 40W soldering
iron is perfect for electronic work. Build kits,
repair equipment etc., with this handy solder iron. Features
2 prong plug for 120VAC. Brand new.
Soldering Helping Hands
$3.49 ea.
This is the most useful of the “helping hands” series for anyone building or repairing electronic kits.
It comes with fully adjustable clips for holding
your circuit board, a quality magnifying glass, a
small soldering iron holder and a sponge in the base.
Just provide a soldering iron, wet the sponge and
you are ready to go. If you solder, you’ll definitely
want this! In retail box. Makes a great gift for any hobbyist.
Handy Solder Wick
$3.98 ea.
Great for desoldering components from
a PC board. Simply lay end of solder
wick braid on top of PC solder pad and heat
with solder iron. The solder “wicks up” into
the braid so that you can easily remove the component.
Brand new 5 ft long-in a handy dispenser.
Place your order online 24/7 at: www.goldmine–elec.com or call toll free: 1-800-445-0697
$0.99 ea.
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