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Belkin WI-FI PHONE FOR SKYPE User manual
Technical Support Information
F1P000GNukSK Skype Phone
1: What is the F1P000GNukSK?
The F1P000GNukSK is a Wi-Fi phone (IEEE 802.11b/g) designed to allow users to make Skype calls without
having to use a computer anywhere that a wireless Internet connection is available, such as at home or work.
2: What is it for?
With Belkin's Wi-Fi Phone for Skype you can enjoy the benefits of free calling within the Skype network, and cost
effective calling to mobile phones or fixed-lines using Skype's SkypeOut service.
3: Where can I use the Wi-Fi Phone?
The Wi-Fi Phone will work anywhere that there is available an open or secured Wi-Fi Internet connection such as
at home, at work, or in hotspots that do not require browser-based authentication or user input to login.
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype does not contain a web-browser and therefore cannot connect to hotspots that require
web-based login or authentication.
4: What kind of applications are supported?
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype supports the following applications:
•Free calls from Wi-Fi Phone for Skype to Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
•Free calls from Wi-Fi Phone for Skype to a computer running the Skype software
•Free calls from a computer with Skype software to Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
•Cost effective calls via SkypeOut to mobile phone or fixed line. (Requires registration for Skype's SkypeOut
•Incoming calls via SkypeIn from mobile phone or fixed line (Requires registration for Skype's SkypeIn service)
•Skype Voicemail (Requires registration for Skype's Voicemail service)
5: What are the rates to call a non-Skype user on a mobile phone or fixed line?
Different destinations have different rates and it's where you're calling to that counts, not where you're calling
from. Please check the Skype website ( for the current SkypeOut rates.
6: Can I add credit to my SkypeOut account using the Belkin Skype phone?
No, you need to add credit via the Skype website: ( )
7. What about the voice quality?
The phone supports the Quality of Service (QoS) function that allows your router to prioritise voice packets over
data traffic on the wireless network, ensuring good consistent voice quality. Check with your router manufacturer
to see if QOS is supported and enabled.
8. How do I download and install the Skype software onto the phone?
The phone comes with Skype installed and is ready to use. All you need to do is connect to your wireless network,
setup a Skype account and enter your Skype username and password.
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Technical Support Information
9: My Wi-Fi Phone for Skype won't turn on. What's wrong?
Before using the phone for the first time you need to insert and charge the battery. Check if the battery is
properly inserted and start re-charging the battery (see user manual for instructions).
10: I turned on my wireless computer with the router disconnected. Why can't my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
find my own network even though I am standing beside my computer?
By default, the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype works in infrastructure mode and can only connect to a wireless access
point or wireless router. Power on your access point/router to select your network or if you are using an adhoc
network change the phone settings to ad hoc mode.
To change the mode from infrastructure to ad hoc (and vice versa):
•Select Menu > Settings > Network > Networks in range > Options > Add network manually
•Enter network name (SSID) > OK
•Scroll down and select Connection type to change between Access Point (= infrastructure) and Ad hoc
11: I'm new to Skype. What is my Skype account?
If you have not previously set up a Skype account, you need to create one before you can use the phone. When
the Skype sign-in screen is displayed after you power on the phone, you are given the option to create a new
12: I don't have a Skype account. Do I need a computer to sign up for one?
No, you can create a new account using the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. When the Skype sign-in screen is displayed
after you power on the phone, you are given the option to create a new account.
13: My username/password include capital letters/numbers. How do I enter them on the phone?
Use the [a/A *] key on the keypad to change between small letters, capital letters, numbers and HEX128 mode.
14: I forgot my Skype password. Where can I find it?
Use the password reminder on the Skype website to receive your password by email. You'll need to know your
Skype username and the email address that you used to register with Skype.
15: I forgot my Skype username and password. What now?
You can either create a new account or - for example if you don't want to lose existing Skype credit displays and
contacts - check with someone who added you to his/her contact list for your username.
You can use the password reminder on the Skype website to receive your password by email. You'll need to
know your Skype username and the email address that you used to register with Skype.
16: I just created a new Skype account but there are no contacts on the list.
If you are new to Skype and have just created a new account, your contact list will be empty. To add a new
contact name, you can either search for the name or enter the name directly.
•Select [Menu] > [Add contact] to add contacts directly. You'll need the Skype username or SkypeOut phone
number of the contact you want to add.
•Select [Menu] > [Search] to search for a contact by Skype username, full name or email address.
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Technical Support Information
17: I am already using Skype on my computer with many contacts. Do I need to add all of them manually
to the phone?
No your existing contacts will be automatically downloaded from the Skype server once you enter your Skype
Username/Password onto the phone.
18: My friend wants to borrow my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. Does he/she have access to my Account?
Make sure you to select "prompt for password" before giving your phone away. Otherwise your friends will be
able to sign-in with your account details.
You can do this by going to Select [Menu] > [Settings] > [General] > [Auto Sign in] to active "prompt for
19: When networks are displayed on my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, some have a 'lock' icon. What does that
The lock next to the network name indicates that the network is encrypted. You'll need a passphrase or
encryption key to access these networks. Contact the provider of the network or check the routers encryption
20. I don't like the ring tone. How do I change it to a different tone?
Select [Menu] > [Settings] > [Tones]. In this menu you can change the following settings
•Incoming Alert - Ringing, Ring Once, Beep Once, Off
•Ringing Tone - Sing-a-Long, Bubbly, Medley and Silent
•Ringing Volume - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
•Vibrating Alert - Always, When Silent, Never
•Notification Tones - On or Off
21: What about privacy?
Skype protects the privacy of users by requiring authorisation of names that are added to a contact list. When
you want to add a contact to your list, an Authorisation Request is sent to the user. The user can accept or deny
the request.
22: Is it possible to block a user that I previously authorised?
Yes, Skype allows you to also block contacts that you have previously authorised. When you block contacts, you
will always appear offline to them and they will not be able to call you. To block a user
•Select [Menu] > [Contacts]
•Scroll to the contact in your list that you want to block
•Select [Options] > [Advanced] > [Block]
23: What about security?
To prevent anyone on the Internet from listening to your calls Skype uses a protocol that ensures secure and
encrypted communication. For secure wireless connections the phone supports Wired-Equivalent-Privacy (WEP)
and WiFi Protected Access (WPA) levels of encryption.
24:Which Wireless LAN standard is used?
The F1PP000GNukSK supports both the IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.11b standards with 54Mbps/ 11Mbps in the
2.4GHz frequency band.
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Technical Support Information
25: What is the maximum range of the Wi-Fi phone?
Typical ranges are 300m outdoors and 60m indoors. However, ranges vary based upon numerous
environmental factors so individual performance may be significantly different.
26: How do I configure my IP address on the Skype phone?
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype supports DHCP to automatically retrieve an IP address, default Gateway and DNS
from the DHCP server (Usually your router). If there's no DHCP Server in your network you can manually
configure the IP addresses.
•Select [Menu] > [Settings] > [Networks] > [Networks in range] > [Options] > [Add network manually], Enter
network name (SSID) > OK
•Scroll down and select [TCP/IP] > [IP Setting] to change between DHCP or Static IP.
27: Does Skype support connections through authenticating proxies and firewalls?
Yes, the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype supports authenticating HTTPS/SSL and SOCKS5 proxies.
28: The battery status on my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is black. What does that mean?
Your battery is empty and the phone needs to be charged before it can be used
29: Do I lose my settings/contacts when the battery is flat?
Yes, you'll lose all your personal settings when the battery is completely flat or has been removed. Your contacts
will be retrieved once you log back into Skype.
30: How long does the battery last when fully charged?
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype comes with a rechargeable 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery offering 30 hours of stand-by
time or 3 hours of talk time.
31: How do I charge the phone?
You can charge the phone by using either the charger (From the Mains) or the USB cable (From a
computer/USB hub) that was supplied with the phone.
32: I want to recharge my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, I know how to plug the phone into a mains socket
using the charger, however how do I use the USB cable?
Just plug one end of the cable into the phone and the other end into a free USB port on your computer or a
powered USB hub and wait until the battery is fully charged.
33: Do I need to power off the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype before recharging it?
No, just connect the charger/USB cable as described in the manual and wait until the LCD display indicates the
battery is fully charged.
34: Can I use my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype while it is recharging?
Yes, you can use the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype even whilst it is charging.
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Technical Support Information
35: When I switch off my Skype phone, is My Account automatically disconnected?
Yes, it's similar to closing the Skype software on your computer: as soon as you switch off you will be
automatically disconnected.
36: A CD was included in the box What is it used for?
The CD contains the user manual in PDF format. To open the manual you’ll need the freeware Adobe PDF
37: How do I know which firmware version is currently running on my Wi-Fi Phone for Skype?
Select [Menu] > [Settings] > [Information]
Your firmware version is: software version = x.x.x.xx for example
38: How can I check if new firmware for my Wi-Fi phone is available?
Before checking for any firmware updates, please make sure your phone is connected to the mains charger or
USB cable to ensure the battery does not run out during the update.
a): Check for firmware updates automatically
Select [Menu] >[Settings] > [Advanced] > [Software updates] and activate "check for software updates
b): Check for firmware updates manually
Select [Menu] >[Settings] > [General] > [Software updates]
If a new firmware is available it will be downloaded automatically.
39: My Wi-Fi phone cannot connect to the wireless channels 12 or 13. Why?
Channel 12 and 13 and are not supported in firmware v1.0.0.10. We will be releasing updated firmware update
to resolve this.
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