3 Five Steps to Installing the Software Installation

3 Five Steps to Installing the Software Installation
Five Steps to Installing the Software
If you have not done so, start WindowsR. If you are a new user to Windows, consult
your Windows documentation for details on setting up your computer system to run
Windows effectively. Windows95R and WindowsNTR users can consult their
computer manuals for the various options of startup.
Place your first diskette in either Drive A or Drive B. At the time we are creating this
Step 2:
manual, we find that most customers are using a version of Windows that is 3.11 or
Load the Setup
Program from your lower. In such case, the screen shown below is typical of how things would look after
you have clicked on File in the upper left hand corner of your opened Program
Manager window, and after you have selected the item Run from the pull-down
menu that appears. Of course, for Windows95, you will have a different screen.
Windows95 has its own Run dialog available when you click on its Start icon. If you
have Windows95 and you don’t know how to install a new program, you may have to
refer to your Windows95 manual before proceeding further.
Start Windows
Either type in the path and filename, or click on Browse to find
the directory and filename. By double clicking on the filename
when using Browse, the filename will automatically be inserted
into the command line space along with the proper path.
Step 3:
Complete the
The first dialog window of the setup program asks for your identification. Type in your
name and the name of your company (if applicable). You cannot continue setup
unless you at least place your name in the top box. Click on Continue when finished.
Step 4:
Select the
After confirming your entries, the next dialog window that appears gives you three
options for Installation. Place Xs in all the boxes, but you can check only those
options that you want. Unless you are running extremely low on hard disk space, we
advise that you install all three options.
The Installation
After clicking on Install, the actual installation process begins and you should see
the screen shown below. The progress monitor is located on the left side of the
screen and has three gauge indicators that show progress of the files being copied to
the hard drive. You will be prompted as to when you should insert Disk 2and Disk 3. If
for some reason you do not have enough disk space, a small Stop Sign icon will
appear in the lower left hand corner of the progress monitor. If you don’t have enough
space, you will have to make space by getting rid of some files on your hard drive or
installing a drive with greater memory capacity.
Upon a successful installation, you will be prompted with the choice of returning
to Windows, entering DirectSOFT, or viewing a README file. Choose Return to
Step 5:
Return to the
Windows Main
In the illustration below, the Setup Program has already created a DirectSOFT
group for Windows 3.11 or lower. If you have Windows95, it will have added the
group DIRECTSOFT to your programs directory in the start section. For Windows95
click Start/Programs/DIRECTSOFT and click on the DirectSOFT icon. For
Windows 3.11 or lower, open the DirectSOFT group of the Program Manager and
click on the DirectSOFT icon.
DirectSOFT icon
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