The new washing machine
for contract cleaners
PW 5064 Little Giant
Miele’s new PW 5064 mop head washer
Miele’s tried-and-tested laundry machines for contract cleaners are
now being joined by smaller, yet highly efficient models from the
Little Giant range.
On the outside a Little Giant; on the
inside a true mop head professional.
Although small and compact, this junior
member of the mop head cleaning team
can compete with bigger representatives
of its trade. In fact, this small specialist
is even equipped with Miele’s patented
honeycomb drum, ensuring that mop
heads last longer.
Absolutely new, absolutely fantastic:
The first Little Giant mop head machine to
go gentle on washloads but still wash and
disinfect thoroughly. This machine knows
what is expected of a mop head washer
and does its job to perfection. Fitted
with professional technology and special
programmes for all manner of textiles, a
perfect wash is guaranteed.
What else can it do?
• Optimum mop head protection thanks to
patented honeycomb drum
• Short programme cycles for fast and
efficient cleaning
• Special programmes for reprocessing
mop heads and cleaning cloths
• Improved cleaning thanks to intelligent
pre-drainage cycle
• Spin speed variable to achieve precise
residual moisture levels
• Safe disinfection of mop heads and
cleaning cloths through monitored
programme cycles
• Uncomplicated reprocessing and
impregnation of cleaning cloths in a
single cycle
• Optimum use of water and electricity
Wide range of uses
Whether school, kindergarten, office or production plant: Mop
heads and cleaning cloths need to be reprocessed, often
several times a day. And in particular in hygienically sensitive
areas such as hospitals and care centres, additional disinfection is
also necessary. Challenges only a professional can meet!
Small but highly efficient
Whether installed in the building to be cleaned or on the cleaner’s
own premises, the PW 5064 mop head washer, with its short
programme cycles, guarantees the efficient reprocessing of
materials in an uncomplicated, economical and safe manner.
With a maximum load size of 6.5 kg, this professional mop head
washer is not only suitable for smaller buildings but also for
multiple installations at larger contract cleaning sites. The use of
one machine per storey is often the secret to cost savings and
reduces the workload on staff.
Features and specifications of Miele’s Little Giant mop
head washer
What applies to Little Giants applies equally
so to Miele’s mop head washers:
Intelligent technology
Reinforced shock absorbers, excellent
quiet running properties thanks to a robust
drum bearing and electronic load
imbalance controls in the spin cycle ensure
a durable, long-lasting machine built to
cope with the rough and tumble of
commercial applications.
Short programmes
Hot water fill and short programme
durations ensure fast mop head turnaround
times and high throughput.
Large drum volume
With a load capacity of 6.5 kg, Miele’s mop
head washer makes light work of huge
mountains of mop heads, cleaning cloths
and other textiles.
Heavy-duty motor
The powerful asynchronous motor with a
frequency converter enables variable
speed control in the wash cycle and
guarantees quiet running properties during
spinning. Depending on requirements,
cleaning cloths can be dewatered to
a residual moisture content of only
22%, ready once again for immediate
One-stop shopping
Little Giant tumble dryers bring the
laundry-care cycle to a perfect conclusion.
Matching their washing machine
counterparts in terms of size and capacity,
the two form the perfect dream team. This
allows textiles, where needed, to be dried
economically in the shortest of times. And
with a stacking kit, both mop head washer
and dryer can be installed on a footprint no
larger than ½ m².
Practical accessories
For ergonomic operation, Miele also
supplies open and box plinths to raise
machines from the floor. Further accessories
such as fluff filters and laundry trolleys and
tubs are also available to contract cleaners.
High efficiency combined with Miele’s
proverbial quality
• Mop heads last longer thanks to patented
honeycomb drum
• Detergent savings thanks to intelligent
cloth impregnation
• Hot water fill for reduced electricity
• Long machine life cycle
With a width of only 60 cm, Miele’s mop head washer may appear
small but is as powerful and efficient as many a larger machine.
Time-saving cloth impregnation
Miele’s mop head washer is a true talent
when it comes to reimpregnating cleaning
cloths: After cleaning, cloths are
impregnated with detergent or disinfectant
before reuse.
Further information on Page 9.
New pre-drain dewatering process
A minor change with a huge impact:
The pre-drainage cycle was designed to
improve cleaning performance. Before the
wash cycle starts in earnest, mop heads
are spun to remove excess moisture. This
also releases and discharges a considerable
amount of soil before the actual cleaning
process has even begun. This minor change
to the cleaning cycle means that less water
and less contamination is introduced to
the main wash cycle. This has a significant
effect on wash performance.
Barrier-free drainage
In order to prevent drains from clogging,
the PW 5064 is equipped with a newly
developed drain valve. An optimised
actuator and an increased cross-sectional
diameter prevents clogging and deposits
even in the face of coarse soiling.
New, innovative liquid dispensing
In order to simplify connection to external
liquid dispensing systems, all Little Giant
mop head washers are equipped with a
special dispenser module*. This allows
up to 6 dispenser pumps to be controlled
centrally by a Miele Little Giant. The
machine can also process “container
empty” signals from up to 6 supply
canisters. This ensures that no wash is
performed without the requisite amount of
detergent or disinfectant being dispensed.
Supply hoses for liquids are conveniently
connected at the rear panel. Chemicals are
pumped into the dispenser by a special
dispenser module*. This is done via
separate tubing so that products cannot
come into contact with each other and
have an adverse reaction.
* Patent pending, DE 10 2006 012 283 B3
den besten
care of –mop
schonendsten - Händen:
Mopps, Tücher & Co.
Patented honeycomb drum goes
easy on mop heads.
Even back in the days when Miele was
developing its very first washing
machines, perfect cleaning performance
and gentle care of fabrics was at the top
of the company’s agenda. If the gentlest of
care can be given to bedding, towels and
clothing, why should mop heads settle for
anything less? Miele’s mop head washer
with the patented* honeycomb drum
guarantees that mop heads and cleaning
cloths now get a fair deal. After all, they
have every right to last longer, too!
* European patent EP 0 935 687
Maximum mop head care thanks to
unique honeycomb pattern
The sculptured pattern on the Miele drum
guarantees the gentle treatment of mop
heads and cleaning cloths.
Scoop-and-ladle ribs and the hexagonal
pattern ensure that items glide on a thin
film of water and that fabrics are wetted
• Optimum mop head care
• Efficient programme cycle
• Extended life of cleaning cloths
Optimum gentle treatment of mop
heads in honeycomb drum
The smaller, smooth holes in the walls of
the drum ensure that textiles are subject
to minimum wear and tear. Whereas
certain textiles have a tendency to ladder
in a conventional drum, “hole penetration”
is significantly reduced in the honeycomb
drum, even at high spin speeds. To
ensure that even coarse soiling is
thoroughly removed, the design of the
honeycomb drum has been further
optimised. Additional perforations in the
rear drum panel ensure that particulate
soil is reliably removed, without placing an
excessive load on textiles in the drum.
• Maintenance-free, motor-driven dump
• Minimum levels of hole penetration
• High efficiency levels
• Extended life of cleaning cloths
kein Wunschofmehr
cloths and mop heads
Perfekte Aufbereitung von Tüchern und Mopps
Cotton or microfibre?
Miele’s mop head washer can
accommodate the needs of cotton and
microfibre materials at the touch of a
button. Modified process technology
results in a perfect wash – no matter what
items are made from. And extends the life
cycle of mop heads by several cycles in
the process!
Special mop head programmes
Alongside standard cleaning programmes
with a pre-wash and temperatures ranging
from 40°C to 90°C, thermal or
chemo-thermal disinfection with a variety
of temperature and temperature holding
times is also available. Disinfection
parameters are continuously monitored
and irregularities shown in the user’s own
language in the large display. This
guaratees process security in old people’s
homes and hospitals. At the same time,
spin speeds are selectable, allowing
residual moisture levels to be adjusted for
the cleaning job.
Special cleaning cloth programmes
The disinfection of cleaning cloths is
simple and convenient. A thermal or
chemo-thermal disinfection programme
can be compiled from a broad selection
of programmes and saved as a “Hygiene”
programme. If disinfection is not
necessary, cleaning cloths can be
reprocessed in the “Cleaning cloths 60°C”
or “Cleaning cloths 40°C” programme.
Intelligent reimpregnation of cleaning
Time saving: The Little Giant mop head
washer allows cleaning cloths to be
washed and impregnated with detergent or
disinfectant for reuse in a single composite
programme cycle. The patented* Miele
process improves hygiene standards as
well as optimising work processes and
the amount of detergents used. Automatic
reimpregnation cuts down on labour costs
by doing away with manual processes.
Additional benefit: Skin contact with
disinfectants and detergents is avoided.
* German patent DE 100 56 889 C1
Removal of impregnated cloth
from supply container
Surface cleaning
Disposal of soiled cloths
Washing and reimpregnation of
soiled cloths
Transfer of reprocessed cloths
to supply containers
User-friendly controls
Novotronic L
A contract cleaner’s daily work requires
dependable and easy-to-operate machines
which support work processes and cut
down on labour costs. Miele’s user-friendly
Novotronic L controls feature single-knob
controls and are simple and intuitive to
use. Programme parameters such as
programme duration and spin speed as
well as the programme selected are shown
in the display. Uncomplicated programme
selection enables programmes to be
launched fast and help rule out operating
Mop heads
• Standard 60°C
• Standard plus 60°C
• Thermal disinfection
• Chemo-thermal disinfection
Cleaning pads
• Pads 40°C
Cleaning cloths
• Hygiene
• 60°C
• 40°C
Range of programmes
Alongside special programmes for mop
heads and cleaning cloths, Miele’s
professional mop head washer offers an
additional range of programmes, accessed
by selecting “Other programmes” in the
New mop heads
• For washing mop heads before first use
Maintenance programme
• Cleans internal pipework and drum
Curtains 30°C
• Professional care of curtains and drapes
Separate rinse
And for those who want more,
programmes for workwear and other
garments can be activated on request:
• Cottons 90°C
• Cottons 60°C
• Intensive
• Intensive plus
• Minimum iron 40°C
• Quick wash 40°C
Technical data
PW 5064
Load capacity (kg)
Honeycomb drum with additional perforations in rear panel
Drum volume [l]
Spin speed [max. rpm]
g force
Residual moisture [%]
Delay start up to 24 h
Water supply connections:
1x cold water, 1/2“ hose with 3/4“ threaded union
1x hot water, 1/2“ hose with 3/4“ threaded union
Dump valve (AV)
70 mm dia.
Drive/electrical connections
2 N AC 400 V 50 Hz
Asynchronous motor with frequency converter
1 N AC 230 V 50 Hz – with cable and plug
Heating [kW]:
Total connected load [kW]:
Fuse rating [A]:
1 x 13
Convertible to 2 N AC 400 V 50 Hz
Heating [kW]:
Total connected load [kW]:
Fuse rating [A]:
2 x 13
1 N AC 230 V 50 Hz – with cable
Heating [kW]:
Total connected load [kW]:
Fuse rating [A]:
1 x 30
Dispenser systems
3-compartment front dispenser
Connection options
Dispensing adapter for up to 6 liquid agents
“Container empty” sensors for 6 pumps
Dimensions, weight
External dimensions H / W / D [mm]:
Weight [kg]:
Installation as washer-dryer stack possible
External casing
Front, lid, fascia and side panels in white
* with respect to mop heads
) CW = Cold water 15°C, 2) HW = hot water 70°C
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