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Installation Instructions for
Retrofit Steering Column
for 1967-69 Chrysler B-Body
FOR PART NUMBER’S: 1300840010, 1300840020, 1300840051
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The ididit 1967-69 Chrysler B-Body Tilt Steering Column
comes complete with these components:
(A) Column (Chrome column pictured)
(B) Floor Mount & Hardware
(C) Wiring Adaptor
(D) Instructions & Dress Up Kit
We will work through this installation using all these parts. For
instruction purposes we will assume the vehicle is all original and
has a factory manual steering gear box and an OEM harness.
OEM COLUMN REMOVAL.................................................... 1-2
INSTALLATION OF COLUMN............................................... 2-4
ELECTRICAL INSTRUCTIONS................................................5
INSTALLATION OF KNOBS & LEVERS............................... 5-6
Disconnect positive battery cable.
Drive out the roll pin in the coupler between
the steering column and the gear box. (Figure
1) These roll pins tend to be pretty stubborn,
to help loosen, try soaking them with a
penetrating oil. Be sure to use a punch that
is just a little under 5/16 of an inch. Using too
small of a punch will make this task very difficult.
Once the pin is removed, center the steering
wheel so the tires are pointing straight.
Next, take a Phillips head screw driver and
from inside the vehicle remove the two
screws that hold the lower cover under the
column. Once that is removed you will find
the white or neutral colored plug that holds
the signal wires together. (Figure 2)
Carefully disconnect this plug. Use caution
as it may be brittle.
First, loosen the two bolts that keep the
floor mount held together (Figure 3,
Step 1). Then remove the four bolts that
hold the floor mount to the floor (Figure
3, Step 1). You will have to gently pry
the seal loose as these tend to stick to
the firewall. We won’t be reusing the
gasket so you don’t need to worry about
damaging it.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
The next item that will need to be removed is the underdash mount. There
are three bolts that hold the mount to the dash. NOTE a ground wire is
attached to the bolt located on the left hand side. Disconnect this ground
wire at the dash side.
For the following, it may be beneficial to have a helper give you a
hand under the hood while you are inside the vehicle. The joint that
is attached to the OEM column may need some persuasion in order to
detach it from the box. Make sure your helper has a hammer handy.
To remove the underdash mount, start by
removing the nut closest to the firewall.
Then remove the two nuts that are the closest
to you. (figure 4)
CAUTION when the nuts are released/
loosened, the column will want to fall. We
like to rest a knee underneath the column in
order to prevent it from falling and it also
makes it easier to loosen and remove the nuts.
Figure 4
Once the nuts are loose, the column is ready to be removed. Have your
helper watch the under hood action. Allow the column to settle down
a little and give it a quick tug. Be careful not to brake the underdash
mount or allow the column to hit anything underneath the dash. A little
persuasion in the joint might help if it is sticking. Once the column is
loose, gently guide it through the firewall and into the drivers compartment.
Take the column out of the vehicle and place it on a nearby work bench.
You will be reusing the underdash
mount as well as the wire guard so
you will need to remove these items
from the OEM column. (figure 5) (Be
sure to save the bolts if they are in
good condition). At this stage it is a
good idea to replace the old collapsible
nylon blocks on the underdash mount
with new ones. Call your local
Chrysler dealer. The Chrysler part
number for these is 4600185 and they
sell for around $4.50 each.
Figure 5
Take the wire guard and trim it
accordingly (see figure 6) so that
the final measurements match the
measurements in Figure 7. Once
trimmed, the wire guard will bolt onto
the new column and be trapped by
Figure 6
3 3/4”
Figure 7
the dash mount. Make sure there are no
sharp edges in the final piece.
After bolting the wire guard onto the
ididit column you can now attach the
underdash mount to the column. (figure
8) Torque the four bolts to 22 ft. lbs.
Disassemble the new floor mount that
was included with your ididit column.
First, install the smaller bracket onto the base
of the column with the raised lip facing the
wheel side. Next, loosely slide the “O” ring
behind the bracket. This will hold the bracket
out of the way while installing the column.
ididit recommends taping the bottom of
the column in order to prevent the paint or
chrome finish from scratching. (figure 9)
Figure 8
Figure 9
Next, take the Gasket and install it in the
firewall. Then using the four bolts and
washers that were provided, loosely install
the floor mount making sure that the lip is
facing out. (figure 10)
Locate the three nuts that hold the column
to the dash. If you haven’t done this yet,
check the lower shaft of the column and
pull the shaft outward about 2 inches and
then quickly slide it back in. This will
Figure 10
make the column at it’s shortest point and give you the greatest clearance
possible while sliding it through the firewall.
Now with one hand placed in the middle of
the column and the other at the top, slide
the column between the pedals and through
the floor mount. Set the column against
the dash mounting studs and center the
studs in the slots of the underdash mount.
Install the nuts snug with your fingers.
(figure 11)
Figure 11
Next, slide the locking plate down the column until it squeezes the “O”ring
against the floor mount plate. Loosely install the two washer and bolts.
Once these mounts are loosely installed, move to the engine side and
check the alignment of the column and gearbox. Slide the shaft out of the
column and aim it at the box. It should align with the two tips pointing at
each other. If they don’t, gently move the column until they do. Once the
shafts are aligned, loosely install the U-joint onto both shafts. This will
keep everything in place while you finish tightening the floor & underdash
The underdash hardware should be tightened to 18 ft. lbs. The 4 floor
mount bolts can be tightened to 22 ft.
lbs. The 2 bolts that lock the column to
the firewall mount can be tightened to
11 ft. lbs.
Follow the Manufactures
recommendations for installing the
U-Joints. ididit recommends using
Loctite on the fasteners. You will also
need a 5/32 Allen wrench and a 7/16
Remember, you can slide the column
shaft in or out as needed. This will
make power or manual installation a
breeze. No special length is necessary
for either application.
A wiring adaptor was included with your new ididit steering column.
This wiring adaptor is a direct plug in for all 3 years and simply plugs in
between the OEM vehicle harness and the ididit column harness. How’s
that for easy!
Aftermarket Wire Harness Tech Note:
There are a few aftermarket harnesses out there for this application. Some
are a direct factory replacement. Others are based on the GM wire color
code. Our wire code is GM based. If you get one of these kits we have
matching connectors and this may also plug directly in. NOTE our turn
signal plug is the 3 7/8 male plug.
If you have an aftermarket wiring harness, please resist the urge to cut the
plug’s off.
We have both male plugs and both female plugs in stock if you need one
that was not supplied with the kit. These plugs come with terminals and
instructions. If this is the case for your installation please call us at
(517) 424-0577.
General Electrical Tips
Hey it’s a big world… and just in case you are using a unusual
combination of parts, here’s the nuts and bolts of the electrical system.
Turn Signal Switch
Lt. Blue
DK Blue
Horn relay trigger, GROUND TO SOUND
Left front turn signal and indicator
Right front turn signal and indicator
4 way feed wire, Hot from Flasher Can hot all the time.
Turn signal feed. Hot with ignition on only.
Left rear turn and brake
Right rear turn and brake
Brake feed from brake switch
Tilt Lever
After removing all items from the package, screw the
knobs onto the levers. The tilt lever is installed on the
left side of the column in the threaded hole located
closest to the dash. We recommend using Locktite.
Emergency Flasher
The Emergency flasher is threaded into the hole
located on the right side of the column. You
will noticed the plastic portion that the flasher
screws into is flush with the outer surface when
the flashers are in the off position. It is easy to
accidently turn the flashers ON while installing
which could lead to problems later. Check to
make sure the flashers are in the OFF position
before continuing.
Turn Signal Lever
A screw is provided with the Dress-up kit. This
screw with secure the turn signal lever to the
column. PLEASE NOTE there are two holes
on the turn signal switch. One D shaped and the
other is round. The screw is to be inserted in the
round hole! Use a #2 Phillips screw driver to
tighten this screw tightly. It holds the lever and
the switch half’s together.
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