ZENEC Z-N720 – Navigation · Entertainment · Communication
ZENEC’s multimedia navigation systems use the most advanced
technologies and offer you the very best quality with an enormous
range of features in an easy to use format. ZENEC is the market
leader in German speaking countries for in-car multimedia and
navigation devices. With each new product generation, they are
consistently extending their position as the market leader.
The first of a new kind - Innovation at its best
The Z-N720 is the first naviceiver of a new generation in the ZENEC
range. Equipped with the latest technology in terms of multimedia,
navigation and Bluetooth hands free functionality. Although the
Z-N720 may look like your standard 2-DIN device, this innovative
high tech naviceiver is fitted with a removable front panel and thereby
overcomes the limitations of the old DIN standard which was
established in 1984.
The detachable front panel design provides for two different
mounting and integration options. You can have it installed with a
separate 2-DIN mounting kit or achieve a higher standard of technical
and aesthetic integration with a mounting kit from the “OmniMask”*
range, which will give the Z-N720 a closer resemblance to the OE
factory navigation systems.
Multimedia on the move
Enjoy a whole range of digital entertainment through either the
integrated CD/DVD player or the USB port, both of which allow for
the playback of all the current media and A/V formats.
Using a separately available cable, you can connect your iPod or
iPhone easily to the ZENEC naviceiver and control it via the
The in built AM/FM radio tuner has a full range of RDS functions
and many additional user friendly features such as 30 station presets
or the Best Station Memory.
The Z-N720 also comes equipped with a built-in 4 x 40 W amplifier
that ensures the sound quality of your music is not lost. You can also
connect another external power amp to the 4.1 preamp output.
Communicate on the go
The Z-N720 uses an integrated hands-free system from Parrot, the
leader in Bluetooth technology, which communicates perfectly with
your phone and leaves you free to make and receive calls while
driving. For users who prefer listening to music stored on their
mobile phone, A2DP with AVRCP 1.4 is supported.
Navigate with ease
For navigation, the Z-N720 comes with the latest Australian & New
Zealand mapping content pre-loaded on a microSD card. This map
data includes more than 750,000 Premium Points of Interest, an
integrated trip computer, Auto Zoom, Lane Assistant and Smart
This map data can be updated using the microSD card at any time
on your windows based computer. This means that the Z-N720 can
have the most up-to-date navigation installed.
*The separately available “OmniMask“ kits for a selected range of vehicles always include the car specific front
panel, the CAN/Stalk interface and other accessories required for the installation and connection of the Z-N720.
6.2"/15.7 cm
+AVRCP 1.4
Wireless Communication via Bluetooth
The Z-N720 is equipped with a high-tech Bluetooth module from
Parrot, the specialist for mobile communications, which gives you the
convenience of operating a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone. This
guarantees you a wide range of functions and maximum compatibility
with many different mobile phone models.
With ZENEC devices you can make phone calls in excellent quality either using the integrated microphone or the multi-directional, freely
positionable external microphone supplied with your Z-N720. Thanks
to the innovative audio DSP, unwanted ambient sounds are filtered
out more efficiently to offer improved sound clarity.
The Parrot Bluetooth module enables very easy operation while
driving. The caller’s number, phone book entries and other information
are clearly shown on the screen. Also, if compatible, the address book
of your mobile phone is automatically synchronized with the
You can easily search for phonebook entries – simply type in the
initial letters of the contact you want to dial. This search function
makes finding a specific contact quick and easy. Even special
characters are no problem thanks to the multilingual keypad.
The firmware of the Bluetooth component can be conveniently
updated using a USB stick if, for example, you would like to use a
brand new mobile phone model. Thus, the range of compatible
mobile phones can be expanded, keeping Bluetooth on the device
Bluetooth Features:
• Connection of up to 3 mobile phones • Synchronization of up to
1,000 contacts with max. 5 telephone numbers per contact • Al­
phabetical search function for contacts • Multilingual input keypad,
including special characters and special letters • Quick-Dial menu for
up to 6 favourite contacts • Memory for dialled, received and missed
calls • Redialling • Switch between hands-free and mobile phone
• BT-music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.4 • Internal and external
microphone • Upgradable Bluetooth firmware.
Making calls
Easy connections
Music over your mobile phone
Clear management
Use the clear Bluetooth menu to easily
control all telephone functions - a touch
is all it takes.
You can connect up to 3 mobile phones
to the Z-N720, each having 1,000
contacts. The address book of your
mobile synchronizes with the ZENEC
naviceiver automatically.
Music stored in your mobile phone
can be played back over the Z-N720
thanks to A2DP and AVRCP 1.4. The
playback is easily controlled via the
With the Z-N720 you never lose track: at a
glance you can see all the connected
mobile phones and manage these
conveniently via the touchscreen of the
Fast contact search
Quick-Dial menu
Comfortable contact management
No missed calls
The alphabetic search function makes
finding a contact easier. Simply type in
the initial letters. You can search using
up to 15 letters.
Phone numbers that you use frequently
can simply be saved as favorites – so
you have fast access to your most
important contacts at all times.
You can search for a contact in the
phonebook or in the favourites list. But
you can also display the list of dialled,
received and missed calls.
The ZENEC Bluetooth system allows for
multiple calls so that you can
conveniently switch back and forth
between two active telephone calls.
Your Perfect Navigator
The Z-N720 combines up-to-date entertainment features with an innovative
SD card based GPS navigation system. The ZENEC unit has the latest maps of
Australia and New Zealand (with Premium POI), which appear highly
realistic, thanks to the 3D high-definition rendering of terrain and 3D objects.
Features like the Real Junction View function, the Lane Assistant or the
Auto Zoom at crossings and junctions assist orientation in more complex
traffic situations. Part of the extensive feature set is the visual and
audible warnings to indicate speed limits on major roads, school zones,
safety cameras and high accident zones.
ZENEC’s navigation software makes the destination and route selection even
easier and more intuitive. The “Quick Menu” provides access to all navigation
functions. Fastest, easiest and shortest route calculation modes provide the
user with a choice to suit personal driving habits.
For best overview, a turnkey arrow screen insertion can be displayed during
active route guidance for both audio playback and Bluetooth operation modes.
The Z-N720 naviceiver allows navigation splitscreen mode on the TFT LCD
screen for all audio sources and Bluetooth. With the “Parking Around”
function appropriate parking spots near you will start to show up, once you
approach your final destination.
Navigate through Australia & New Zealand the clever way
Detailed maps of Australia & New Zealand make sure you know
where you are at all times.
You can update the Z-N720 content package, expand the navigation content
with additional maps or download the newest 3D city maps anytime, using
the www.zenec.naviextras.com portal.
Latest Map Guarantee
Have confidence in the navigation knowing that your Z-N720 comes pre-installed with
the latest maps available and complimentary updates for one year. Future map
updates can be purchased through the Naviextras Toolbox.
High-resolution 3D maps
Topographic maps
Real Junction View
Nav Day/Night Mode
The high-resolution WVGA display of the
Z-N720 ensures that all maps appear
crystal clear. 3D orientation points and very
realistic 3D city maps make navigation in
big cities even more comfortable for you.
Realistic 3D landscape views lead you
through complex terrains. Choose
between different designs for day and
night. Thanks to a light sensor, the Z-N720
can automatically switch between day
and night HMIs.
Features like the new photo-realistic
Real Junction View of exit points on
freeways, the Lane Assist and the Auto
Zoom function at junctions and exit points
facilitate orientation, particularly in
complex traffic situations.
In navigation mode, the Z-N720 also
features an automatic day/night mode
switching, controlled via GPS signal.
This provides maximum contrast for
daylight conditions and prevents glare
at night.
Optional Hema 4WD Nav Upgrade
Now you can add full topographical mapping with Hema 4WD Nav. With the optional
Hema 4WD Nav Upgrade, you can have a powerful 2 in 1 Navigator by simply choosing the
navigation you want to use via the Launcher Screen.
• Plan trips with customized waypoints & routes
•Detailed 4WD and touring maps for
Australia’s many iconic and lesser-known
off-road journeys and destinations
Seamless Australia-wide topographical
mapping (Australia Topo 1:250,000)
• Hema Maps is the most trusted source of maps
for Australian four-wheel drivers and tourers
•Hema Maps’ entire digital collection
of 4WD and touring maps are preloaded
•Maps at varying scales gives users the
details they need for their journey
•Seamless Australia-wide touring mapping
(Australia 1:1 Million)
• Hema Maps have personally field-checked
over 300,000km of outback roads and
tracks to ensure their maps are accurate
• Record a track log of your journey
• Hema State maps
Navigation Features
• microSD card based 3D High-Definition splitscreen
navigation with map data for Australia and New
• Premium POI bundle
• TTS Pro voice guidance
• 2D or 3D map view with Auto Zoom and realistic
display of 3D terrains and 3D landmarks
Reach Points Of Interest (POI) fast
Intelligent destination input
The Z-N720 has a Premium POI database
with more than 750,000 entries. Using
the well designed search menu makes it
easy to select special destinations.
To select a desitnation, you need to enter
only a few letters - the Z-N720 completes
your input and automatically proposes
appropriate destinations.
Intelligent route planning
Practical trip computer
So that you can optimize the route exactly
as you want, you have a choice between
various route calculation methods: short,
fast and easy.
The trip computer gives you a summary
of the most important trip data, such as
your average speed, arrival time or real
travel time to destination.
• Auto Zoom function at intersections and crossings
• Real Junction View and highway mode with
Real Signpost rendering
• Tunnel mode
• Smart Route Planning
• Calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives
• Detour Hint function
• Outlook address import
• “Where Am I?” function
• Parking Around Algorithm
• Visual and audible warning to indicate speed limits
on major roads
• Trip computer: configurable display of three
additional pieces of information, with the choice of
arrival time, journey time, speed, direction, height
above sea level, etc.
• Comlimentary map updates for one year
• Map updates via the online-portal:
“Where Am I?” function
With the Z-N720 you are well prepared
for all emergencies: Use the “Where
Am I?” function to find hospitals, police
stations, ATMs, petrol stations and much
more in your vacinity - all available at
your fingertips.
Importing your Outlook contacts
Have you saved important contacts on
your computer in MS Outlook? You can
easily import these contacts directly
into the navigation software of the
Z-N720 by using the Naviextras Toolbox.
Front panels in high gloss black and matte
Steering Wheel Remote Control integration
Multicolor button illumination
The set content includes two front panels in black
matt and high gloss. The “click-on design” 2-DIN
main front panel is affixed to the main device body
just before the installation is completed. Almost
all commonly available vehicle-specific 2-DIN
installation kits of current accessory suppliers are
suitable for use with the Z-N720.
The Z-N720 is connected via the vehicle-specific
CAN bus interface to the factory installed Steering
Wheel Remote Control. The multimedia functions
and telephone functionality of the Steering Wheel
Remote Control are supported.
For best optical integration into the vehicle interior
and optimum match to the instrument cluster
illumination the ZENEC Z-N720 offers multicolor
button illumination, e.g. a user selectable choice of six
predefined button illumination colors.
Up-to-date navigation
Nav splitscreen
All-round information
The full Australian & New Zealand navigation
package is provided on a 4 GB SD card. This runs a
customized iGO primo navigation engine and contains
over 750,000 Premium POI as well as other useful
add-ons. You can easily perform map updates by
connecting your SD card to a Windows PC and
downloading new content using Naviextras Toolbox.
The ZENEC naviceiver allows navigation splitscreen
mode on the touchscreen for all audio sources,
including the Bluetooth source mode.
Thanks to the infobar function, you will be notified of
incoming calls and/or audio features without leaving
the navigation mode. In other playback modes, there
is also a navigation infobar to keep you updated when
to take the next turn or exit.
Optimized ease of use
Gracenote Playlist Plus
Simple connection of iPod/iPhone
The clearly designed menus are self-explanatory and
easy to operate. Large control fields and logically
structured navigation ensure that the Z-N720 can
also be controlled safely while you are driving.
The Gracenote “More Like This” feature stands for
the “one-click” generation of style and genre based
playslists in USB playback mode by pre-selecting a
single song/track.
Connect your iPod/iPhone to the Z-N720 device via
the USB port. The display of Apple Album Art is
integrated in the iPod/iPhone menu. This menu
also gives you the facility to search for a title or an
artist alphabetically.
FM Tuner with DSP
Easy parking and maneuvering
OmniMask mounting kits by Baseline
The analog radio receiver front-end of ZENEC‘s
Z-N720 naviceiver features a DSP software al­go­rithm to
provide noise masking for low level FM station
broadcast signals and radio playback of improved
You can also easily connect a rear-view camera to the
Z-N720. The extensive range of accessories offers
you a large selection of different models like vehiclespecific cameras for your car.
The Baseline “OmniMask“ kits are tailored for perfect
dash-board integration of the Z-N720 in selected
European car models. The kits include a car specific
front panel and all bits and pieces required for
mounting the Z-N720 in given target vehicles, e.g.
CAN/Stalk interfaces, antenna adapters, etc.
RDS Tuner
A/V Input
DVD Player
Security Code
Navigate by touchscreen quickly
and easily throughout Australia &
New Zealand
RDS Tuner
With automatic station search,
30 station memory (18 FM/12 AM)
and best station memory
USB 2.0 Hub
Provides connectivity for three USB
2.0 devices and one cable for iPod/
iPhone connection
Rear view camera input, manually
putting the car
iPod/iPhone direct connection and
operation via touchscreen
Gracenote Playlist Plus
The “More Like This” feature enables
to generate style and genre based
playlists in USB playback mode
Integrated Parrot Bluetooth module
for hands-free operation and audio
streaming, upgradable firmware
A/V input
A/V port (RCA) for the connection
of other external A/V devices like
gaming consoles, etc.
DVD player
Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DVD,
DVD±R/RW, DVD-MP3, AVI, Xvid and
Security Code
Intelligent anti-theft protection
based on software monitoring
of the power supply
Limitless Connectivity
Due to the integrated USB port and the various A/V in and outputs, there is almost nothing that cannot be connected to the ZENEC naviceiver. The
ZENEC program has a wide selection of multimedia-based additional components that are optimally suited to the ZENEC naviceiver. All equipment
– external monitors, DVB-T and DAB+ receivers or rear view cameras – can be connected directly to the naviceiver and operated via the touchscreen.
USB 2.0 Hub
Connection of iPod/iPhone
There is a cable extension that can be plugged
into the back of the device to connect the included
USB Hub. The USB Hub allows the connection of up
to three USB devices (up to 64 GB each) and the
seperately available iPod/iPhone cables ZE-NC-IPS
and ZE-NC-IPS5.
Your iPod/iPhone can be connected using your USB
cable or the optional ZE-NC-IPS or ZE-NC-IPS5 (for
iPhone 5). The IPS leads not only allow for quick
access to all files, but also the control of audio
tracks, videos or Podcasts via the naviceiver’s
touchscreen. It will also charge your iPod/iPhone
while your car is on.
The ZENEC product range includes many accessories
that compliment the Z-N720 such as:
• Rear cameras
• Digital TV Tuner
• DAB+ Tuner
• Rear seat entertainment
Z-N720 Main Features
General Features
3D High-Definition splitscreen navigation
Parrot Bluetooth hands-free module
6.2”/15.7 cm 16:9 TFT-LCD touchscreen with HMI
microSD card based navigation system (on 4 GB
memory card)
DSP audio processing for background noise
Detachable 2-DIN main front panel, for retrofitting
with vehicle specific panel “OmniMask” panel
Premium POI bundle
Synchronization of up to 1,000 phonebook entries
with 5 numbers per entry
Voice guidance
Advanced phonebook contact search function
FM RDS tuner with DSP noise masking and 30
preset stations (18 FM/12 AM)
Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks,
Tunnel-View, 3D Auto Zoom for crossings and
roundabouts, Real Junction View
Selectable internal or external BT microphone
Multi-Zone function
Smart Route Planning, Calculation of Real-Time
Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm,
Detour Hint function, etc.
Outlook address import, Driver Alerts etc
Complimentary map updates for one year
Multimedia | Audio
1 x IR-Remote control
DVD loader – compatible media/formats: CD,
USB Hub allocating three USB 2.0 memory devices
(each up to 64 GB)*1
Compatible USB file formats: MP3, WMA, AVI, Xvid
4.1 RCA preamp line outputs (4 V)*3
Gracenote “More Like This” for USB audio source
and “one-click” generation of playlists by selection
of one track
2.0 RCA preamp line outputs (fixed level)*3
BT-music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.4
1 x RCA A/V-input (CVBS) for optional RVC use
and microphone, audio-in
DSP crossover with HPF/LPF function
* Vehicle integration disclaimer: *1 Separately available USB Hub accessory
pack Z-EACC-HUB for three USB 2.0 memory devices (each up to 64 GB).
*2 For a limited range of vehicles and exclusive use with Z-N720, a
dedicated line of “OmniMask” device mounting kits are available separately.
*3 Separately available accessory pack Z-EACC-AV required.
Multicolor key illumination
4 x 40 watts amplifier
24 bit D/A converter
Made for iPod/iPhone
2 x RCA composite video outputs (NTSC)*3
1 x RCA video input for rear view camera (CVBS)
with auto-switching function*3
Connectivity for touchscreen compatible DAB+ or
DVB-T devices*3
ZENEC Australia Pty Ltd · PO Box 138 Everton Park QLD 4053 Australia
Email sales@zenec.com.au · Phone 1300 493 632
Disclaimer · Subject to change without notice and errors.
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