HRDi Remote display

HRDi Remote display
Remote Display For
HRDi Controller
HRDi Ccontroller
(Base Unit)
Remote Display Unit
Now Rutland Windcharger users can view display information from the HRDi
Controller at a more convenient location such as at an instrument panel using the
new Remote Display Unit available to order separately.
Recess panel mount for flush integration into instrument panel
3m lead (RJ11 type) to link base unit and remote unit
Remote unit “auto-connects” when linked to base unit
Identical display and operation to base unit
Reprogrammable features-eg back light
Remote stalling of Windcharger
Simply activate the remote display unit by linking it with the HRDi base unit via the
RJ11 type lead
Insert the unit into a pre-prepared slot in your chosen location
Secure with four corner screws
Remote Stall Feature
Press top and bottom button simultaneously and question appears-”would you like to
stall turbine ?”
Use scroll button (top) to scroll between “yes” and “no” Select “yes” with back light
(bottom) button
On screen reads “Remote Stall Activated” with ”Stalled” at the foot of the screen
To release the turbine press the backlight button (bottom) -normal status resumes
CA-11/52 Dimensions : 125mm x 60mm cut out
130mm x 80mm fascia
Weight : 0.184kg.
Marlec Eng Co Ltd
Rutland House, Trevithick Rd, Corby, NN17 5XY
Tel: +44 (0)1536 201588 [email protected]
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