Jack Weigh Kit
Technology to the Limits... and Beyond
ISO 9001:2000
Intercomp’s wireless and
cabled Jack Weigh Kits
are the aviation industry’s most user
friendly, accurate and widely used top of
jack weighing systems.
ISO 9001:2000 Registered
Intercomp’s field proven weighing
technology utilizes the world’s highest
quality load cells for the utmost in
accuracy and ease-of-use.
With the most precise load cells
available on the market today,
Intercomp makes your weighing
program as efficient as it is accurate.
Intercomp has over 25 years of
experience in building high
capacity/high accuracy weighing
equipment and can meet your
most stringent weighing requirements
with ease.
• Intercomp features the
industry’s highest quality
load cells which only require
3 calibration points. Other
inferior load cells require
10 or more.
• Intercomp’s high quality load
cells feature User Configurable
Calibration points for optimal
linearity calculations.
• Higher quality load cells
reduce the calibration
workload by only requiring
3 points rather than multiple
fixed points.
Load Cell Output
Calibration Point
• Lower quality load cells
require numerous calibration
points to correct poor
linearity performance.
• More calibration points require
more time and money be
spent in the calibration lab.
JW ™ Digital Output Load Cell
At the heart of the Jack Weigh Kit is Intercomp’s technologically advanced digital
output load cell. The JW DOLC’s have revolutionized the weighing of aircraft. With
DOLC’s, the analog to digital conversion is performed at the cell itself. This means
each cell is its own independently operating scale.
Any JW DOLC can be plugged into any channel or wireless node - there are no
precalibrated or color coded channels. And, if a cell, cable or wireless node is
damaged, simply replace the unit with an off-the-shelf spare. All Intercomp CPU's,
cables, wireless nodes and load cells are completely interchangeable, there's no
need to return the entire kit to the manufacture for repair or recalibration. This
feature sharply reduces repair and shipping costs, yet ensures you will seldom be
without your Jack Weigh Kit.
Our advanced digital output signal is so
powerful that it eliminates EMI/RFI, but yet
maximizes linearity to provide full range
accuracy of ±0.1%. This field proven
technology increases repeatability and virtually
eliminates side loading.
• Low profile design ensures each load cell will
fit nearly any jack to jack point envelope.
• Interchangeable adapters accommodate a
wide range of loading fixtures as described
in SAE-AS33559
• Flexibility to weigh a wide variety of
aircraft with a standard load cell used in
conjunction with readily available custom
interchangeable adapters.
Jack Weigh Kit™
Intercomp’s Jack Weigh Kit comes complete with the AC100 CPU, JW load
cells, interconnect cables, jack and a/c adapters, battery charger, manuals and
MIL-SPEC 810D carrying case to fully protect and transport the system.
A leveling kit complete with all accessories is available as an option. Intercomp
also manufactures a complete line of calibration systems traceable to the National
Institute of Standards and Technology.
Each Intercomp Jack Weigh Kit is
designed and tested to meet the
stringent United States Air Force
specifications for accuracy, reliability,
serviceability and performance. The
design criteria, combined with proven
field performance, ensures that the
Jack Weigh Kit is the industry leader
for aircraft weighing systems. With its
combination of cells and capacities,
the Jack Weigh Kit can weigh any
aircraft in the world.
Jack Weigh Kit Solutions
Wireless Jack Weigh Kit
AC100™ Central Processing Unit
Intercomp’s wireless Jack Weigh Kit eliminates the use of cables. No
longer will the user need to run cables between each load cell and the
CPU. All Intercomp wireless Jack Weigh kits include:
• Complete Interchangeability: If a wireless node is ever broken or
damaged, simply replace it with a spare radio. The load cell does not
need to be returned for service
Intercomp’s cabled Jack Weigh Kits come standard with the proven
AC100 Central Processing Unit. The AC100 gives you the most sought
after functions and features, yet remains user friendly at all times.
All Intercomp cabled Jack Weigh Kits include:
• Easy to read jumbo sized 4 line x 20 character alphanumeric
LCD screen.
• Multiple Display Options: The Wireless Jack Weigh Kit can be used
with either a PDA, AC100 CPU or PC. If any of these devices are
damaged and rendered inoperable, another display device can be
used as a spare without programming or calibration.
• Push button menus for computations, memory storage, and full
c.g. printout.
• Cable Backup (optional): Intercomp offers a wireless load cell kit
that allows for the use of cables as a backup system.
• Calibration performed through use of the keypad.
• Allowing this cable backup is critical in ensuring that the kit is
operable in all conditions. There are many conditions that can
affect the ability of a load cell kit to transmit over a wireless signal.
These include: interference in a hangar, deployed overseas, or rules
on transmitting a wireless signal. Not having a cable backup renders
the load cell kit worthless if there is ever a problem with the wireless
signal. By having this cable backup, you are ensured to always
complete your weigh job.
• Operates on all power sources.
• Plug-and-Play capability with no switches to flip or knobs to turn.
• Meets EMI-RFI requirements of MIL-SPEC 461.
• Fully weatherproof.
AC100 Central Processing Unit
Wireless Jack
Weigh Kit
30 ft.
/10 m.
5,000 lb.
/2,500 kg.
5,000 lb.
/2,500 kg.
10,000 lb.
/5,000 kg.
25,000 lb.
/12,500 kg.
50,000 lb.
/25,000 kg.
50 ft.
/15.5 m.
10,000 lb.
/5,000 kg.
25,000 lb.
/12,500 kg.
50,000 lb.
/25,000 kg.
100 ft.
/33 m.
100,000 lb.
/50,000 kg.
100,000 lb.
/50,000 kg.
• Wireless weighing saves time and increases the efficiency
and safety of weighing operations.
• Intercomp AC Weigh software can be used with a PDA
or a PC.
• Wireless system can drive up to 50 load cells.
• AC100 can be used as the display for a wireless system
with onboard printing.
• Existing AC100s can be upgraded to wireless versions.
• System can drive up to 32 load cells.
Jack Weigh Kit™ Features
Custom Applications
• All JW DOLCs wireless nodes and cables are interchangeable –
no precalibrated channels
• Spare JW DOLCs, wireless nodes and cables available with kit
• Accuracy of ±0.1% of applied load or ±0.02% of channel capacity
• Center of gravity computation – input of arm lengths
automatically computes c.g.
• Jack weigh kit can drive up to 50 cells for weighing multiple
points during cradle operations
• Latitude and altitude correction built into software
• Shows groups of weights for cradle weighing
• Gross, net and tare weight functions
• Self-diagnostics check
• EMI/RFI protection
• Auto zero tracking
• Digital filtering – average of several internal weights gives
steady readings for unstable conditions
• Load cells are fully sealed to prevent environmental damage
• Input/Output: RS232, RS485 or 20mA for interface
with computers
• Operates on all power source 12VDC, 24VDC,120/220VAC
• Operating temperature 14°F to 122°F/10°C to 50°C
• Storage temperature -40°F to 170°F/-40°C to 75°C
• Full print out of all functions
-individual cell and total weight
-net, tare and group weight
-aircraft ID, date, time, user, location, kit serial #
-calibration performance
-center of gravity and arm length
Intercomp manufactures custom
systems for virtually any
application to meet the most
exacting special requirements
of customers throughout the
world. Please contact Intercomp
for further details should your
project call for a custom
weighing application.
• Multiple adapters for
numerous applications
• Threaded top and bottom
• 500 lbs. to 100 tons
• 10,000 divisions
Tension Link
Load Pin
Handheld Wireless Features
• AC Weigh Software can be used with handheld PDA or PC
• Handheld PDA displays up to 50 cells for measuring multiple
weigh points during cradle operations
• Store weighings to be viewed, printed, or exported to AC Weigh
PC software
• Save multiple aircraft types with their CG properties
• Printout full-page results with an IR or Bluetooth enabled printer
• 868 Mhz, 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz Frequency options
• MAC %
AC100 CPU Features
• Large 2.6" LCD screen with back light for low light visibility
• 0.5” high characters – 4 x 20 screen
• AC100 CPU displays up to 32 cells for measuring multiple
weigh points during cradle operations
• One touch print, cg, set arm, zero buttons
• Water and oil tight control panel
• Lbs/kg selectable readout
• Adjustable viewing angle
Intercomp Company, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of
portable weighing solutions, and has been serving the industrial,
material handling and transportation industries for over 25 years.
With ISO 9001 Registered facilities in the United States and United
Kingdom and all standards traceable to NIST, we can deliver the
products to meet your most exacting specifications. See for
yourself how Intercomp provides advanced weighing technology…
by any measure.
Made In U.S.A.
ISO 9001:2000
3839 County Road 116
Medina, Minnesota 55340 U.S.A.
All Rights Reserved
Toll Free: 800-328-3336
Worldwide: 763/476-2531 • Fax: 763/476-2613
[email protected]
©2006 Intercomp Company
Printed in the U.S.A.
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