littelfuse accessories pilot light D609 info sheet

littelfuse accessories pilot light D609 info sheet
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Information on New Products from Cole Hersee Company
LED Pilot Lights
• Solid-state light-emitting diode never needs replacement
• Clean, attractive design matches any panel
• Bright chrome-plated body, bezel, washer and hexnut
• Bezel protects LED from damage, and reflects more light
Mounting hole: 0.546 " diameter (13.9mm).
Quick connect 0.250" (6.4mm) terminals are polarized for
ease of wiring.
Body length: 1.248 " (31.7mm), maximum bezel diameter
0.630 " (16.0mm).
Fits into panels 0.020" through 0.300 " thick (0.5 to 7.6mm).
PL-612-R red lens, 12V
PL-612-G green lens, 12V
PL-612-B blue lens, 12V
PL-612-A amber lens, 12V
Also available in 24V version by special order
(PL-624 series).
Warning Devices
40212 Universal Buzzer 12V DC
4099 Universal Buzzer 12V DC
4112-RC Pilot Light Buzzer 12V DC
Utilizes advanced integrated circuit surface
mount technology. Negative ground. Use
with two input sources to warn of two
different hazardous conditions. Sounds at
two different rates: one sensor triggers a
fast-rate alarm, the second actuates a slower
rate alarm tone. Minimum sound level: 90dB.
Lightweight molded plastic housing.
Solid-state circuitry.
Hundreds of uses. For ‘door ajar’ warning, bus
driver alert, low air pressure, temperature, etc.
Works with any temperature, pressure, door
or momentary switch. Electrical contacts are
designed for instant response and uninterrupted
Rugged combination warning light and
buzzer give audible and visible alert.
Universal application: use with any
electrical switch. Red lens, long-life LED.
11/ 16" (17.46mm) diameter mounting stem,
17/ 32" (13.88mm) long. Body size: 1 7/ 8" L ×
1" W × 1 11/32" H ( 47.6 × 25.4 × 34.1mm).
Impact-resistant ABS resin case. Moisturerepellent insulator. Two screw terminals with
lockwashers. Size: 1 7/ 32" L × 2 ½" W × 2 17/ 32" H
(30.9 × 63.2 × 64.3mm).
Wiring instructions provided. 12V DC.
Also available as 24V. Item No. 4124-RD.
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