Interactive medical training products

Interactive medical training products
Interactive Technology
Hitachi, in addition to its range of installation projectors with
DICOM Simulation mode, have a range of interactive products
suitable for medical training environments. This includes
multi-user interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors for
use with dry-erase whiteboards and interactive panels.
Hitachi FX-TRIO
Hitachi FX-TRIO multi-touch interactive whiteboards,
available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats, allow three users to operate
the board simultaneously.
You can connect the TRIO board to a projector to control all
PC operations by using your finger, stylus pen or electronic
pen, depending on your preference. Multi-touch features
allow you to operate the board by using hand gestures to
zoom or scroll pages and images.
The board itself has low reflection for sensitive eyes and the
board surface is just about unbreakable. The steel coating
on the surface allows you to attach magnets or to write with
markers using it as an ordinary whiteboard without risk of
damage to the interactive features.
Another feature of the board is that it can be linked in realtime, so that meeting participants in different locations can
participate in a virtual meeting.
Hitachi FX-TRIO comes with Hitachi StarBoard software.
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Hitachi PX-DUO
For those of you who prefer plasma
screens but still want interactivity,
Hitachi showcased their PX-DUO
interactive plasma screen which
was connected to a server with
medical data and imagery.
Hitachi interactive projectors
Where you have meeting and training rooms with existing dry-wipe whiteboards and do not wish
to replace with interactive models, then using an interactive projector maybe a solution for you.
Interactive projectors work like normal projectors with the additional feature of an interactive
pen and StarBoard software. This enables you to transform any dry-erase whiteboard, wall, a
table top or a flat surface into an interactive teaching aid. Using the StarBoard software you can
annotate and interact with your training material rather than just project static images. However,
unlike the multi-user interactive TRIO boards, only one person at a time can annotate using the
interactive projector.
Hitachi StarBoard interactive panels
Projectors and interactive whiteboards, or interactive projectors
are ideal for presenting at the front of rooms. Where a trainer
wants to move around the room or invite trainees to participate
by taking control of the interactive whiteboard without leaving
their seat, then they can do so with a wireless interactive panel.
Hitachi are happy to demonstrate their
range of whiteboards, panels and
projectors at your medical establishment
in most parts of the UK.
As it is pen driven and has an icon orientated user interface
you can move from digital video applications to annotating
over them.
In the lecture theatre, a 17” or 19” interactive panel can be
used as a confidence monitor. Positioned on a lectern or
podium, the lecturer can annotate over the presentation, which
the attendees can view on a large screen behind the lecturer.
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