Pulse Larson Magnetic Antenna Brochure

Pulse Larson Magnetic Antenna Brochure
LTE Multi Band External Vehicle
or Enclosure Mounted Antenna
Pulse Part Number SLPT698/2170NMOHF
Pulse is proud to introduce the SLPT (Shadow Low Profile
Transit) product line for Public Safety, WLAN, LTE and 3G/4G
applications. These rugged, aesthetically pleasing antennas
provide a smaller, slimmer option to our current LPT product
line without sacrificing mechanical or electrical performance.
The product line includes both NMO and tamper-proof direct
mount products, which will support multiple cable and
connector options.
SLPT antennas were designed to perform over the highpercentage bandwidth applications prevalent in the
market today. As a new product line, these antennas were
created specifically to serve emerging applications such
as 700 MHz Public Safety, LTE, Smart Grid and WLAN.
These value-oriented antennas provide a cost-effective,
high-performance solution for LTE and 802.11n MIMO
applications as well. When combined with our NMOHFGPS
antenna, these antennas provide an efficient GPS
combination solution.
•NMO mount models
•Multiple and dual frequency products available
•Shorter, slimmer profile without sacrificing mechanical
•IP-67 rating when installed to compliant surface
•RoHS Compliant Product
•Public Safety & LTE
•802.11n Applications
•M2M and Smart Metering
NOTE: This antenna requires an NMO high frequency
mount. It is recommended the antenna be installed on a
Pulse/Larsen NMOHF mount.
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San Diego, California
858 674 8100
Vancouver, Washington
360 944 7551
49 7032 7806 0
86 512 6807 9998
L134.G (06/15)
LTE Multi Band External Vehicle
or Enclosure Mounted Antenna
Pulse Part Number SLPT698/2170NMOHF
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
698 - 960 /
1710 - 2400 /
2500 - 2700
Frequency [MHz]
Operating Temperature [°C]
-40 to +85
Storage Temperature [°C]
-40 to +85
Relative Humidity [%]
Nominal Impedance [Ω]
4.5 / 5.6 / 4
Gain [dBi avg]
3.0:1 / 2.0:1 / 2.2:1
Mechanical Specifications
Horizontal Plane
Power Rating [W]
Radome Material
Ingress Protection
Weight [oz/g]
Dimensions [in/mm]
NOTE: Performance measurements are taken on an 18”
(450 mm) diameter ground plane. A similar ground
plane size is recommended for optimal performance.
PC + ABS Plastic
2.5 / 70.87
3 H x 1.5 Ø base /
76.2 x 38.1 Ø base
Radiation Pattern
Elevation Plane
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L134.G (06/15)
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