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Instruction Manual
Thank you for purchasing Separate HD DVR from our
company. ln order to help you operate it correctly,
please read this instruction carefully before using
hoduct Picture and Function
flash blue and indicate it is recording. The recorded files are saved in the Micro SD
card. To stop, please press Rec button (9) or end when car stops, the work indicator
won't flash.
Camera Mode
Turn on the DVR and press Mode button('I0) to enter into Camera Mode.To take
photo by pressing Snap Button(g).At Camera mode,press Menu button(1 1 ) to enter
into Menu to set the image resolution 1Ml2Ml3M by Up/Down button and Press Rec
button (9) to exit afterfinish setting.
Preview and Delete
Turn on the DVR and stop recording by pressing Rec button (g),then press Mode
button ('l 0) twice to enter into Preview Mode. Press Up (8) or Down (7) to select the
previewed files. lf it is video file, it can play or suspend by pressing Rec button (9),and
stop playing by Mode Buiton(1o).At the preview mode, if you want to delete the files,
press the Menu button ('11) to enter into the Delete Mode and confirm to delete the
current file(only can delete single file, if need delete all, please use format function).
r:: :l :t.
,akng IndEtor (blue) Charging lndicator (red)
L(Ia(FF PrerSwitch(Turn on/off for 3 seonds/
:i qr/ofi LCD lor| secons)
ako SD Card Slot
,-Ib.n biiuo(Sriich display picture for 1 second,
.*dEVElE tor3 seconds at REC and camera mode)
l" LD hrtboffum on/ofi record
soun d at Rec
ode )
10.Mode button
'12.3.5" 1ED Screen
'l3.Built- in Camera
15.Mount Fixed Hole
Function Setting
'lS.Separate Camera
'l9.Separate Camera Fixed
20.TV-lN Plug
-taafttal . Mount . USBcable . AVcable .
. t SB Crr Charger (lnclude the adaptor which can 1 2Vl24V transfers to 6V)
(A) Ue Buitt-in Li-ion battery
OVR €n be activated after it has been
placed on the vehicle by pressing the ON/
OFF pouer switch (5) for 2 seconds and turn off by pressing it again.
CtErgaog: Connect with USB cable or car charger, the indicator will display red
aid @Yert to no light when it is full
l.ote: As the battery capacity is little and the power supply time is short, it mainly
€re the ll@rding file and time after the car stops, please don't use built-in
LHin battqy for power su p ply in co m m o n .
@l{iritfi USB car charger
DVR riu lE@rd automatically when the car started, turn off and save the last file
aier ttE €r stops .
|.ole--Aeas use f/re attached
USB car charger to power
the DVR.
Ecparate camera installation and use
i-C@rect Tv.lN for separale camera to separate camera insert slot of main device
zlhe sepaEte €mera can be installed anywhere inside the car
Ptrt the
function use
at the end of the car, one end 2.0 DC jack of Reverse
@nnectwith Reverse triggerSlot, the other end red cable connect
of the end of the ca(it is inst alled by specialized
sparate camera
Dcitiye pole ot reversing light
the driver reverse,the screen display switch to the separate camera
and see the condition of the end of the car for reversing.
enter into the defaulted recording mode when turned on, the work indicator
Turn on the DVR and press Rec Button to stop recording, then Press the Menu
button (1 1 ) to enter into the setting interface. To confirm the operation, press the Rec
button (9) and select by Up/Down for the following setting .Press Menu button ('l'l ) to
exit after finished all the settings.
A.Basic set
1 .Format: YES/NO.When select YES, it will Format Memory SD Card.
2.Date Set: Y/M/D H/M/S
Press Rec button (9) to enter into the date and time setting, then press Up button(8)
or Down button (7) to adjust ihe date and time, Y/M/D H/M/S switch by mode button,
to enter into the next setling and confirm the setting by pressing
Rec button(9).
3.Volume: From 0 to 7
5.Watermark: On/Off. When choose Off, Video will nol have date and time display
6.Backlight: 1 5 seconds/30 seconds /60 seconds/ON. When select (1 5/30/60)
seconds, the LCD will turn off aulomatically after 1 5/30/60 seconds of i nactivity. lf
select ON, the LCD willturn on all the time7.
S.Default Set: YES/NO. When choose YES, it will restore to factory-default setting
9. Version: Show the software version number
B.Rec Set
'1. MP: Built-in cameG HO('1280*T2OPixels) /VGA(640-480Pixels)Separate camera
2.RT: 1 minutes /2 minutes/s minutes /OFF.When choose Off,the recording is not
3.Frame rate: 1 5FPS/30FPS
4. Record: ON/OFF. When choose On, the icon above the LCD iss , when choose
Off, the icon above the LCD is3" .
5.Auto Detect: Choose ON( it will display H on the screen ) /OFF. When choose ON, it
will detect once per 5 seconds, stop recording if there is no obiect movement after 5
seconds and continue recording if there is obiect movement. The two cameras will
record at the same lime when in front of built - in camera has object movement, but
two cameras won't record whenjustonly in front ofthe separate camera has object
6.PlP: ON/OFF.When select ON,the screen will display two cameras at the same
time,one is larger,the other is smaller.
T.Record Mode:Double record/Fronl record/Back record
Double record:Two cameras can record at the same time
Front record:only Built-in camera record
Back record:only Separate camera record
when choose Off,DVRwon't record when turn on and record by press Rec button.
C.Language: English/ Chinese Simplified /Chinese Traditional/ Korean/ Japanese /
USB Mode
A.Download the file
Connect the DVR with computer through USB cable and choose"USB-DlSK". There
will appear removable disk in MY COMPUTER The recorded files are stored at
the DCIM index,the recorded files for built-in camera are stored at the DCIMA
folder,and the recorded files for Separate camera are stored at the DCIMB folder.
B.PC Camera,choose it to use PC Cam
C.Rec-mode, choose it to take recording
Connect AV cable to TV,the yellow cable connect Video and the red cable connect
Aud io.
'l .
Please insert TF card and format TF card before recording.
will record in cycle. When the storage medium is full, it will record from the
beginning and erase over the previously recorded materials automatically.(ln order
please choose /2/5 m inutes as the storage ti me. ) lf choose off, when the storage
medium is full, it shows CARD FU LL and stop recording.
3. When the battery capacity is low, DVR screen shows "Low battery" and turn off
2. The DVR
4. PIease use the attached USB car charger to power the DVR. lt contains the adaptor
which can convert I 2V l24V lo DC 6V.lf lhe voltage over 6V, it will burn the DVR.
5. When press Rec button (9) could nol stop recording,please check whether set the
Detection is ON.lfyes,please choose OFF6. Down button switch display picture and only shows picture change, but the recording
mode won't change.
T.Connect separaae camera with the main device before tum on the DVR in order
to avoid the separate camera is broken caused by instant current!
Technical Specifications
.Video Resolution: Built-in camera HD(1 280*720Pixels) /VGA(640'480Pixels)
Separate camera 720.480Pixels
lmage Resolution: 1 M(1 280X960) /2M (1 600X1 200) / 3M (2048X1 536)
3.Uninterrupted Cycle recording, No leakage seconds appears
4.Video Format:H.264 (MOV) lmage format: JPEG
5.Power Supply: Rechargeable li-ion battery and 12Vl24V cat charyet
6.Support TF card: 2GB-32GB(At least use Class 6 or above)
T.Microphone: can record sound
S.lnterface: AV-OUT & USB2.0
9. Display:3.5" LED Screen
'l 0. Two camera can record ai the same time and any 5 Meters apart farthest place
inside the car
'11.360 degree rotation mount
'l2.Ajust EV Value
No further notice will be given for any modification of the technical specifications
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