The ActivPanel is an interactive display monitor

The ActivPanel is an interactive display monitor
i n t er ac t i v e too l
The ActivPanel is an interactive display monitor that connects to a computer and a projector and performs
all mouse and display functions. Using the ActivPanel, a presenter can open, view and control any software
application using a pen-like stylus.
Why the ActivPanel?
A collaborative tool in the classroom — The ActivPanel duplicates the functions of an
interactive whiteboard, but in a much smaller format. In the classroom, it can be placed flat
on a tabletop where students can work individually or together on its interactive surface.
Ideal for large audience presentations — When making presentations to large groups,
the projection screen is often hard to reach or it is not interactive. Because the ActivPanel is
an interactive display that connects to a projector, it can overcome these common obstacles
without the presenter having to turn their back on the audience.
Easy set-up — Light in weight, the flat, thin ActivPanel can be set up where you need it the
most – on a lectern, tabletop or on its own adjustable stand.
Better lessons — The ActivPanel has been designed to work seamlessly with ActivInspire
software to give the user total control of the presentation while maintaining eye contact
with the class throughout the session.
21” display with high definition
(HD) resolution
Same functionality as an
ActivBoard, but can be
projected onto any size screen
21” display
On-screen display
battery-free pen included
Adjustable stand
Includes ActivInspire
Professional Edition
2 USB ports
Key Features
Full HD Display — Provides greater clarity and precision
Two USB ports — Connects directly to peripherals or session content
Adjustable Stand — Designed with flexible tilt angle and maximum stability
ActivInspire Professional Edition included — Promethean’s next generation teaching and learning software
Backlit Display Screen — Bright display even in low-light situations
DVI input/outputs — High quality ports for optimal image reproduction
e ActivClassroom by Promethean creates successful, 360-degree educational
environments by connecting technology to human ingenuity, and teachers to their
peers, to students, and to a whole new world of learning.
For more information, including product specifications and warranty, visit
ActivPanel FS 09/10 V1.4 UK
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