TankChange SpecSheet

TankChange SpecSheet
No More Interuptions
to the Beer
or the Business.
Automatic Cylinder Switchover
TankChange is a cost-effective, automatic gas cylinder
switching unit that works with any beverage gas cylinder up
to 3000 psi. TankChange provides a seamless switch between
the cylinders, ensuring a continuous supply of beverage gas
– especially important during peak periods. Easily installed
TankChange works with existing beverage gas regulator and
requires no maintenance.
• Simple fast installation!
• Available for either CO2 or nitrogen gas cylinders.
• Keep bar staff available to serve customers.
• Hands free automatic cylinder switching.
• Most affordable auto-switchover on the market.
TankChange- Automatic Cylinder Switchover
Installation & Use:
Securely mount the TankChange unit to the wall.
Mount a primary (tank-mount style) gas regulator to the outlet port on the left hand side.
Connect black gas hose leads to gas cylinders.
Reading the gauges: Tank 1 gauge is the left hand one on the gas regulator; Tank 2 is the right hand one mounted to the TankChange housing.
Tank 1 is the primary gas cylinder. The unit always draws gas from this cylinder fi rst. When the Tank 1 cylinder reaches 200 PSI, TankChange
automatically switches over to Tank 2.
When Tank 2 empties completely, TankChange switches back to Tank 1 to empty it. With only 200 PSI, Tank 1 will empty quickly.
The left hand side mounted primary regulator is responsible for regulating output pressure. Either a low pressure (60 PSI) or a high pressure (120 PSI
regulator can be used.
Empty gas cylinders can be safely removed at any time. If there is gas in the other connected cylinder, system will continue to operate.
Changing the gas cylinders, use suggestion: When Tank 1 is empty, turn both cylinders off . If Tank 2 is still mostly full, it is left unchanged, and Tank 1
is replaced with a fresh cylinder. If however, Tank 2 has been used signifi cantly, it is moved to the Tank 1 position and Tank 2 is replaced with a
fresh cylinder.
NOTE: If you remove Tank 1 without turning off Tank 2 gas will escape from the Tank 1 hose.
• Maximum output pressure is 200 PSI (NOTE: 942B & 942BN regulator maximum output pressure is 120 PSI)
• Internal regulator maintains 200 PSI output pressure
• Tank 1 (on the left side) is the primary gas cylinder. When remaining gas pressure reaches 200 PSI, TankChange switches to Tank 2.
NOTE:Primary regulator mounted on the left side will continue to read 200 PSI on high pressure gauge when drawing from Tank 2.
• If there is a gas cylinder connected to the Tank 1 lead with over 200 PSI, TankChange will always draw from Tank 1 fi rst.
• When Tank 2 empties, TankChange switches back to Tank 1 and uses remaining gas pressure until exhausted.
NOTE: If Tank 2 gauge is at zero PSI, and the primary regulator gauge is at 200 PSI or less, there is 1% or less useable gas, both cylinders should
be replaced with full cylinders as soon as possible.
Maximum Output Pressure
CO2 Model
Nitrogen Model
Hose Lead Length
Automatic Gas Cylinder Switchover
200 PSI (NOTE: 942B & 942BN regulator maximum output pressure is 120 PSI)
MMTC-2, with CO2 Female Connections
MMTC-2N, with N2 Male Connections
Approximately 30"
High Pressure Hoses
20,000 PSI minimum burst pressure. 2" minimum bend radius. Nylon core,
aramid fiber reinforcement, polyurethane jacket.
Cabinet Size
7-1/4"W x 4-5/8"H
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