Installation Instructions for VH Series Vertical / Horizontal Consoles

Installation Instructions for VH Series Vertical / Horizontal Consoles
Rev. 610
1/4 x 1.25” carriage bolt
from bottom up, secured
w/ .25” lock nut on top.
Installation Instructions for
VH Series Vertical / Horizontal Consoles
SWA-HD (Optional)
available in 6, 8 or 10” lengths)
3/8 x 1.5” hex bolt from
top down, secured w/
3/8” lock nut beneath.
2.5” x .25” Steel spacer
2.5” nylon washer
2.5” nylon washer &
2.5” steel washer on
underside of console top
Control-Com VH-Series Consoles are made of powder coated aluminum for long life, light weight, and
structural rigidity. They are designed to fit between the bucket seats of Chevy Impala, Tahoe, Dodge
Charger, Ford Crown Victoria, Explorer, Expedition and many other vehicles. Control-Com Consoles
accommodate most vehicle equipment and allow the mounting of Mobile Data Terminals. Control-Com
VH Series Consoles allow easy access to equipment as a result of their sloping face.
Control-Com Consoles allow equipment to be mounted in almost any order. However, due to the slope
of the face, larger items, such as stand-alone radios, are best mounted towards the top of the console.
Smaller items, like sirens, work best toward the bottom. The installer and/or user is encouraged to try
different equipment layouts before installing the console in the vehicle.
CAUTION: Extreme care must be taken to ensure that equipment is not
mounted in the air bag deployment zone as defined by the vehicle
1. Unpack the console from its box, carefully checking for brackets in the packing material.
2. Determine which power plug knock-outs are needed and punch them out using a socket (or similar
tool) slightly smaller than the knock-out. Be sure to back up the console wall before tapping the
socket with a hammer. If the hole is to be used for wires and cables be sure to use a snap bushing
or grommet to protect from abrasion.
3. Determine the location of equipment to be mounted in the console and the width of mounting brackets
4. Bolt the brackets to the side of the equipment using lock washers, if needed, to prevent rotation of
equipment (fig. 1). Then screw the bracket to the inside of the console using the 8-32 x 3/8”
screws provided (fig. 2).
Be sure to leave room for wires and antenna cables at the bottom of the console.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
IMPORTANT: Due to the many variations in equipment, Control-Com
brackets may require custom fitting.
Remember to leave enough slack in cables and wires to allow service removal from
the top side.
5. MOUNTING OPTIONS: Determine the best location for mounting the console in your vehicle based
on equipment accessibility and visibility.
CAUTION: Be sure not to drill or screw into anything (wires, lines, etc.) under
the carpet, floor or transmission hump when mounting the console. Be sure
that any wiring exiting the console is protected from sharp edges by flex
guard wire loom or a similar material. Later models of Ford Crown Victoria,
Chevy Impala, and many others have plastic rear heating vents on the
transmission hump. When securing the console in these vehicles, seat bolt
mounting brackets should be used.
BASE PLATE MOUNTING: Lund Base Plates (sizes 16”, 22” & 28.5”), with seat bolt or universal
mounting, can be attached to most vehicle transmission humps providing an extremely solid
mounting platform. Console can then be bolted directly to the base plate leaving room for
extra equipment.
6. COMPUTER / KEYBOARD MOUNTING: Refer to instructions supplied with docking stations,
keyboard trays and mounts for proper installation.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lund Industries, Inc. has no control of the configuration or dimensions of
equipment installed, nor the configuration of vehicles or their air bag deployment zones. Likewise, we
have no control over the installation of the Control-Com Consoles and Mounting Systems. The sole
responsibility for keeping equipment out of air bag deployment zones is the users. Users are urged to
check all installations against the vehicle manufacturer’s definition of their airbag deployment zone.
Lund Industries, Inc. assumes no liability for non-compliant installations.
If any problems or questions are encountered in the installation of equipment or Control-Com
components, please contact Lund at (800) 504-1460 for assistance.
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