"Focal Sub Air" specification sheet

"Focal Sub Air" specification sheet
Sub air
Product specification sheet
The intense and deep sound of the Sub Air complements all Focal 5.1 systems. The wireless technology makes integration into interiors easy,
removing all constraints due to cable length. The flat and compact design allows you to fit it into all kinds of spaces. Easy to use and install, the Sub
Air turns on at your command and turns itself off when no more sound is being produced.
Active bass-reflex subwoofer
8" (21cm) woofer cellulose pulp cone
Integrated 150W BASH amp.
Sub Air, high-gloss finish
Key features
• Focal design and sound
• Ideal for Home Theater systems
• Flexibility of installation / wireless connection
• High-gloss finish
• Can be wall-mounted, takes up little floor space
• Focal’s flattest subwoofer
• Easy and quick to install: synchronization button, phase and volume adjustment
∙ Wireless Transmitter included: LFE and Left/Right Input
Flat bass-reflex subwoofer, integrated 150W
BASH amp
Speaker driver (diameter)
8" (21cm)
Bass cutoff frequency (-6dB)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)
Crossover cutoff frequency
variable 50 Hz - 200 Hz
Input panel
Left Right / LFE
Continuous power output
110 W
Peak power
150 W
Phase adjustment
0 - 180° switch
Power functions
ON Auto (1 W) OFF (0,5 W)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
16.1"x14.2"x6.3" (410mmx360mmx160mm)
17 lbs (7,65 Kg)
Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMLab® - www.focal.com - SCEB-130521/2
Wireless connection
Range in Meter
15 meters (in a room)
Sound Sampling
16 bits
Sampling Frequency
Coding delay (latency)
Radio transmission powers or sensitivity
Radio transmission frequency band
2,4Ghz ISM band
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