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Audiovalve SUNILDA Instruction manual
Instruction Manual
model – 2013
ultra highend RIAA MC and MM phono amp
We congratulate you with the purchase of this superb AUDIOVALVE - HiFi component.
This handcrafted product has been manufactured with only your most demanding
requirements in mind. It was made to allow you many years of musical joy.
AUDIOVALVE guarantees that this amplifier has been produced under the strictest of guidelines and
with respect for procedures acquired through decades of tube amplifier design. Your SUNILDA Preamplifier has been thoroughly tried and tested in all detail.
I personally guarantee the quality of this product
Helmut Becker, Design & Production
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Table of contents
- Introduction and general information
- Manufacturers information
- Safety precautions
- Intended use / Application / Factory assembly & getting started
- Operating instructions & technical features
- Set - up and installation
- Warranty
Dear client, we congratulate you on your purchase of this superb AUDIOVALVE HiFi component.
To safeguard maximum functionality and to avoid operating problems, it is important
that you carefully study this owners manual and that you follow all instructions therein
General information
Important instructions, regarding safety, securety and operational reliability while using the
SUNILDA Pre-Amplifier are highlighted throughout this manual.
Factory address:
Umbachsweg 70
D-34 123 KASSEL
0049 - (0) 561 7013360
0049 - (0) 561 6029293
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Safety precautions
Important: Study the owners manual before assembly and operation of the amplifier
Anyone, unable to comprehend the instructions stated in the owners manual should not operate the
Children and minors are not to use the device and should be kept at a safe distance from the
device while it is running.
The user is responsible for operating the device in an appropriate fashion and it takes full
responsibility towards third parties. Before the amplifier can be used the first time, suitability of taken
precautions regarding electrical safety must be approved through professional assessment.
Check that the mains voltage printed on the rear panel of the amplifier corresponds with the line
voltage in the territory where you intend to use the amplifier.
Always check powercords and plugs for damage before use.
Disconnect the powercord before work is being done on the amplifier.
In the unlikely case of a failure of the device repairs may be performed by
AUDIOVALVE authorized technicians only. Use
ORIGINAL spare parts only!
Please take note of the fact that we waive product liability for damages caused bij our devices,
parts and components as a result of:
a) Unprofessional and / or faulty and / or correct repairs that have been performed in other
than the by AUDIOVALVE approved repair facilities,
b) Usage of other than ORIGINAL and approved spare parts.
The SUNILDA Pre-Amplifier is subject to and complies with German security class 1
for devices with metal housing. The device is grounded, and may not – by manipulation or otherwise be ungrounded for any reason! To prevent hum as a result of interconnecting your devices with the
SUNILDA Pre-Amplifier, the internal electrical circuitry has been designed to have no grounded
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Product Description
Sunilda is a three stage phono-preamplifier, based on 6922 (ECC88) and 12AX7 (ECC83) frame
grid tubes, suitable for MM- and MC-cartridges. Independently for the two phono inputs, impedance
and capacitive load can be set separately and 'on-the -fly' while listening. Thus the user can easily
configure the unit to match the features of the cartridge by selecting the optimal input resistance and
capacitance for each input separately! Sunilda comes in an laser cuted 3 mm thick steel, chassis in
black or silver finish and has a case similar to the Eklipse line amplifier.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Switches are found for: MM/MC mode for each input; input 1 or 2; selectors are used to select
different R and C loads. Two selector knobs for each input capacitive and resistor load
Frontpanel from SUNILDA
In MM mode the gain will be 20 dB lower than MC and at a fixed input- impedance of
In MC mode the preamp will have higher gain and switchable input resistors and condensers. The
RIAA de-emphasis is passive and split between the first and second stage. Dividing the RIAA
network over two amplification stages lowers the insertion losses of the passive network
dramatically. Furthermore, the design holds a total absence of feedback, thus increasing the overall
Rearside panel from SUNILDA
The power supplies are solid state regulated. This is the best way to obtain a low
noise and supply line with a very low impedance that will increase the performance in the
lower frequency range. The power transformer is housed in a separate aluminum case. The
pic show you the real side panel with connector for the power supply ( blue left one ) and the
turntable earth grounding terminals ( black posts ), 2 RCA cinch output jackets and 2*2 input
RCA jackets.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
separate power case supply case with the MAIN switch, MAIN plug with integrated fuse holder and
the CENTRONICS multi wire connector for the amp.
Intended use / Application
AUDIOVALVE Hi-Fi Amplifiers are intended for use under the following circumstances only:
To play and transfer music of any make and fashion when this occurs in private dwellings
or studios.
All devices must be operated under moderate climatological circumstances, comparable to
those underwhich human beings usually live. When the surrounding temperature is too high,
the device will heat up beyond its optimal parameters. This can damage the amplifier.
Proper ventilation will be needed, and the amplifier should not be covered in. Allow
approximately 3 cm of air sidewise and approximately 4 cm above the amplifier to cool
the amplifier.
Unusually high humidity of the air increases the risk of shortcircuits in the device
of the increased conductivity. This reduces the internal insulation values dramatically
and will eventually result in a malfunction of the amplifier. This increased conductivity
also might endanger the user of the device. In general terms the amplifier should not be
used for other than its intended purpose.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Factory assembly & getting started
Once the amplifier has arrived at its desired destination, make sure the amplifier has ample time to
adjust to the climate at its new location. It is likely that the changes in temperature and humidity
between the last location and the new one, has caused condensation to build up somewhere in the
This can damage the device. Please allow the amplifier at least two hours to acclimatise.
The amplifier comes fully assembled, ready to go. The powercord should not be used as yet, please
connect all other input and output connectors first (cinchcables, speakercables, etc).
The device MUST be switched off while connecting it to other components, it might be damaged if this
is done with the amplifier under power. The person operating the amplifier might be hurt as well in this
case, since powerspikes, operating currents and voltage charges may occur!
Check whether the ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position. If so, you can now plug in the
Use high quality cables only! Usage of DIY cables, low spec cables or cables intended
for other use voids all warranty and cancels any product liability. Make sure all plugs are connected
tightly to the amplifier. When in doubt, replace the cable.
Always use the device in a ’complete configuration’ , damages may occur when devices are not
connected to the amplifier when it is being run.
Never lift the device by its glass cover, not even when there are gripps attached to the cover. The
gripps and the cover are there for ornamental purposes only. They make the amplifier look nice.
The amplifier should be positioned at a level surface, in time the construction of the glass housing may
fail as a result of tensile forces.
Please disconnect and move the amplifier when you replace tubes. Replace them at a place where
you can work easily. You might damage the ’motherboard’ if you replace the tube in an awkward
position. After that please check all connectors. If all connectors are undamaged, make sure the
switch is in the OFF position, reconnect the powercord and swith the amplifier on. You can make sure
the amplifier is properly connected by checking the tubes. Only the inside of the tube should glow. If
the steel coverjacket glows as well, the device is faulty and must be serviced immediately.
As a rule of thumb the device should work now. Don’t push the volume up to its maximum just yet,
allow the device to burn in smoothly and avoid powerspikes.
The SUNILDA Pre-Amplifier needs at least a 1.6 Ampere slow blow circuit breaker in the fuse holder
for 230 VAC main voltage and 3,15 ampere slow blow by 115 VAC. Make sure your wall socket is equiped
in such a fashion.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Controls and operation on the front and rear panel
The frontside of the SUNILDA has a number of controls, whose function should be elaborated
When switched ON, the amplifier is always in MUTE during the first minute - nealy one minute.
The amp is also in MUITE - function for a wile, when you handle one of its 4 little rocker
switches on the freont panel, you see the yellow LED shinning. This prevents power spikes
that may be caused by the voltage spikes what will be produced, when you handle the little
rocker switches to reach the outputs. When the safe MUTE period is over the amplifier is ready
for use and spend the signal to the OURPUT terminals.
Never change a fuse when the amplifier is connected to the mains or when you are unsure about
the proper functioning of the device. Never replace a blown fuse with a other values than printed
on the unit!
Whenever you perform any service or modification to the SUNILDA Pre-Amplifier, make sure the
device has been disconnected from the mains and leave the work to a professional only!
The design of the circuit board allows you a view upon the most important element that might be
subject to service or modification.
When you decide to replace pin-compatible tubes, always switch the SUNILDA amplifier o OFF
before doing so. And make sure all pins actually enter the sleeve of the receptor. Pins have a
tendency to wander outside their assigned realms...
The SUNILDA Concept
The SUNILDA boasts a huge amount of innovative solutions that are hard to find in tube - amplifiers
in this price range. To balance currents in the tubes and to make sure they operate at peak efficiency
within their tolerances, semiconductors are used. The SUNILDA has been designed to be a real
double mono amplifier, which means both channels have their own power supply. A design
characteristic that is no standard option with even much more costly devices. When you switch the
volume off, the SUNILDA is SILENT. Please note both the minimal background noise and the equaly
low input noise level the SUNILDA Pre - Amplifier scored in tests.
That is no mean feat. Like all AUDIOVALVE amplifiers, the SUNILDA has been designed to be a
timeless piece, a high closs powder coated 3mm thick laser cut steel with gilded connectors. That
concludes the basic technical description of the amplifier, continue reading for the really important
IIMPORTANT: In the 4th quarterly issue 2005 of the HI-FI magazine “xxxxx“ the
SUNILDA have been tested and reviewed exhaustingly. These tests will probably
answer any questions regarding musical performance and technical specs you might have.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Technical Specifications:
MM mode gain:
MC mode gain:
MM / MC mode input impedance:
Frequency Response:
Subsonic filter roll-off:
Max output amplitude:
Max input amplitude:
RIAA accuracy:
Circuit type:
RIAA network
more mode functions:
Power supplies:
consumption: Watts:
Dimensions: cm, W x H x D :
Weight: Kg:
dB - 1Khz
dB - 1Khz
resistors: 1> 47R, 2> 100R, 3> 220R, 4-> 470R, 5> 1K, 6> 47 K
capacitors: 1> 0p, 2> 100p, 3> 220p, 4> 470p, 5> 1n, 6> 0p
20Hz to 65 KHz +/- 3 dB
20 Hz
14V pk
200 mV
+/- 0,25dB
0,24 % (1Khz - 10Vpk out)
76 dB below signal (MC mode)
3 stages single ended, buffered ouputs
passive - split between 1st and 2nd stage
1 % metal film
MKP - styroflex - fast electrolytic
2 x 6922 input,
2 x 12ax7 output
Stand - by and mute
Solid state regulated
outside in a separate case
115/230 - 245 Ac - 50/60Hz
60 VA
42 * 32 * 14 ( same as Eklipse )
20 kg
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
Set-up and installation of the Phono Amplifier SUNILDA
After having unpacked your phono equipment set the phono pre- amplifier up at its chosen
place. The power supply should be positioned at a distance from the pre-amplifier by at
least the length of the connecting cable.
Equally, other large electrical consumers should not be positioned near SUNILDA and the
record player. The power supply can be best placed on the floor, however make sure the
power switch on the front of the power supply is visible and within reach.
Only when manipulating this main switch on the power supply SUNILDA is either made
alive or, after having switched off, is completely dead – identification by means of a red
LED at the right front of the power supply.
The LED shines, if the pre-amplifier is switched OFF at the switch on the front of the
amplifier, with the power supply, however remaining alive. The red LED signals that the
power supply is still alive.
In case the amplifier will not be used for a longer period of time, as f.Ex. in holiday times,
make sure the amplifiers power supply case as well is cut OFF !!!!
After having set-up both appliances at first connect power supply and amplifier with the
included CENTRONICS cable and secure the cable against falling out at both ends.
Subsequently connect the power supply to mains voltage by means of the power cord.
Ensure that the power supply is switched OFF with no LED shining at the appliance.
Now start to install the signal lines between the pick—up and SUNILDA. Fix the earth
conductor of the record player to the earth terminal assigned to each input at the back of
the pre- amplifier next to the cinch inputs.
Cable the output of the SUNILDA phono pre-amplifier to your EKLIPSE pre-amplifier using
the appropriate cinch cables.
The pre-amplifier is still cut OFF. When putting the power supply into operation, the red LED
at the right front of the amplifier below the ON – OFF switch begins to shine.
Before you also connect the pre-amplifier, check the settings for the pick-up at the appliance .
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
If connecting only one system, please use the input 1 according to the marking at the back of
the appliance. Make sure the cinch cables as well as the adjacent earth conductor are well
At the right of the front screen you will find a row of flip switches ( little rocker switches ).
Only the switch in the middle – to be actuated at level – indicates the input to be used by
yourself. Flip this switch to the left, if you have configured to input 1 at the back. Flip it to the
right, if you have also configured to input 2 and intend to use both inputs.
There is an additional switch each at the right and at the left of the level flip switch
– to be
actuated vertically – assigning the connected pick-up by model to the respective input. The
flip switch is flipped upwards, if a MC system is connected to the respective input and is
flipped downwards when connecting a MM system.
The very left switch of all 4 flip switches can M U T E the output signal, if being flipped
upwards (yellow LED) or can change into STAND - BY mode (red LED) with the switch pointing
In this case SUNILDA is heated up without anode supply voltage. With the switch in neutral
position none of these two functions are active. This switch position is neutral and usually the
prefered position.
Relevant information:
Whenever one of these 4 flip switches is actuated, the outputs of the phone pre-amplifier are
muted – for a period of 15 secs. – to suppress the internal voltage variations at the output. This
is for safety control only. When you worried about your speakers, please adjust the pre amplifers
volume potentiometer downwards, so that no signal spikes can be reach your power amplifier and
By means of the four rotary knobs at the left side of the front screen the impedances for the
pick-up's are selected for both outputs independantly from each other.
Looked at from the middle the knobs are in a mirror-inverted position,
middle rotary knobs select the load resistance for the pick-ups: the middle left knob for
input 1 and the middle right knob for input 2. By means of the outer rotary knobs the
appropriate leading load for the individual input is selected. You may change these settings at
the amplifier, if required.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
The two middle rotary knobs select low impedances for MC systems in the first five switch
positions starting from the left. The last position at the very right of these switches has a
47kOhm load and is intended for use with MM systems.
So for MC systems chose the impedances 47 R up to 1 k in the first five switch positions and select the
impedance in the sixth switch position (MM – 47k), if a MM system has been connected to this
According to your requests all switch positions may be combined in any order thus allowing the
simulation of a large number of different loads for your pick-ups.
Always turn down the volume at the pre-amplifier to safeguard your speakers when changing the
following settings at SUNILDA:
When switching over from one input to another input.
When switching from MM to MC, because the amplification increases by 20dB.
A view of the compact and absolute wireless electronic - riaa modul from SUNILDA. There is no hum, bee
or any noise - only music. The design on a double side pc board is constructed in double mono
technology, use best and selected components and guarantee high stable and highend vinyl re productions.
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
AUDIOVALVE warrants its components for a three-year period on all electronics and a 90-day
period on the tubes from the purchase date.
In the event of a failure of your amplifier, AUDIOVALVE will repair or readjust this unit or, should
the occasion arise, will replace it provided that all conditions stipulated in this warranty are met.
In order to initiate service of any kind it is necessary to obtain distributor or dealer authorization prior
to shipping the unit for service.
Any of the following conditions shall void the warranty:
Operation not in accordance with this manual.
Abuse , accidental damage or unauthorized modifications , as determined by AUDIOVALVE
or its agents exclusively.
Removal, defacing or falsifying of the serial numbers.
Shipping without the original complete factory crates.
Please fill out and return this warranty form to the distributor within 15 days of the purchase
date, or fill out our online warranty registration form at: www.a udova
ultra highend phono tube amplifier____________________________
CE – Confirmity
Declaration Of Conformity
Manufacturer: AudioValve,
Germany, 34123 KASSEL, Umbachsweg 70,
Product Name: SUNILDA
Product Type: Audio Amplifier
Complies with Standards:
LVD: 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC, & 73/23/EWG
Safety: EN60065
EMC: EN55013, EN55020, EN55022, EN55103, EN61000-3-2,
& EN61000-3-3
The official Declaration of Conformity for this product is kept on file at:
AudioValve, 34123 Kassel,Umbachsweg 70, Tel. 05617013360
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