AC6349 Installation Guide

AC6349 Installation Guide
AC6349 Capsule Slip Ring Assembly
Proper Use and Mounting Instructions
Shaft mounted units:
1. Position the slip ring in the desired location and tighten both set screws (6-32 x .25 supplied) to the shaft.
Maximum torque 25 lb-in. (do not over torque)
2.Route the wiring and make the necessary connections. Do not allow the stator side wiring to restrict free rotation
of the slip ring. do not constrain wiring such that wire flexing (cold working) occurs. Doing so will ultimately cause
failure (breakage of the wiring).
3. Position a 5/16” (max. dia.) screw or dowel (not supplied) in the anti-rotation tab to the 1.92” dimension as
CAUTION: Because of possible geometric mismatching between the customer’s application and the slip ring, “hard mounting”
of both ends of the slip ring (i.e., securing the rotor and stator such that there is no floating during operation) is not recommended
and may cause premature failure.
* Dimensions are in inches (millimeters)
Specifications and information are subject to change without prior notice.
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