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New Products Pilots and Owners Will Want
New Products Pilots
and Owners Will Want
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Whether flying a light-sport
aircraft or a Falcon X, most pilots
share one thing in common: the
love of all things new. Which is
the reason single-engine air-
planes rarely are flown beyond
the range of a $100 (now $150)
hamburger but still are loaded
with the latest avionics. The
owner just had to have it — all
of it.
Some of this year’s latest and
greatest products were intro-
duced during the largest gathering of avionics professionals,
the annual AEA International
Convention & Trade Show, which
takes place each spring. Nearly
60 new products, gadgets and
gizmos were presented by 29
leading companies during the
AEA Convention.
Here are some of the top
new products in four categories:
cockpit, cabin, maintenance and
cool stuff.
If you’re fortunate enough
to be flying with the Avidyne
EX500 multi-function display,
Avidyne released its 3.0 software
upgrade, which allows users to
get more XM weather products.
The upgrade permits the EX500
to display XM WX storm tracks,
hail alerts, TAFs, winds aloft
and freezing levels. Software
upgrades now are provided on a
USB memory stick, which further
simplifies Jeppesen NavData
and Avidyne CMax Jeppesen
JeppView approach chart
For more information, contact
Avidyne at 781-402-7400 or visit
Chelton Flight Systems
Chelton Flight Systems introduced its new HeliSAS helicopter
stability augmentation/autopilot
system. The unit offers helicopter
operators a greater degree of
flexibility to match their specific
needs. It can be installed as a
stability augmentation system
(SAS), providing pitch and roll
control, or as SAS plus full auto-
Avidyne’s FlightMax EX500
pilot functionality, which includes
altitude hold, glideslope acquire
and hold, VNAV, LNAV and more.
For more information, contact
Chelton Flight Systems at 208389-9959 or visit www.cheltonfs.
Rockwell Collins released the
Version 5.0 upgrade for its popular Pro Line 21 avionics. The
upgrade includes wall-to-wall ADI
Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line 21 upgrade
Chelton Flight Systems’ HeliSAS stability augmentation system
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displays — the same format as
the new OEM solutions. Version
5.0 also upgrades an IFIS with
XM weather to include Nexrad
animation, aircraft symbols on
weather maps, aircraft symbols
on worldwide charts and smart
data entry.
For more information, contact
Collins at 319-295-1000 or visit
DAC International
DAC International unveiled
its new GEN-X electronic flight
bag (EFB) remote processor and
GEN-X touch-screen display unit.
The GEN-X is operated via an
intuitive touch-screen. According
to the company, “If you can operate an ATM, you can operate
GEN-X Genesis.” The system is
fully integrated to the aircraft’s
FMS, so when an airport is
selected, those charts are automatically uploaded to the EFB.
For more information, contact
DAC International at 512-3315323 or visit
For more information, contact
Garmin at 913-397-8200 or visit
Icarus Instruments
Flight Display Systems’ Flipper display
posite video, making it ideal for
special video and camera information.
For more information, contact
Flight Display Systems at 678867-6717 or visit
If you have a GDL 69A XM
satellite receiver, you’ll want the
new GRC 10 remote controller.
When the GDL 69A is connected
to a G1000, GMX 200, GNS
530W or GMS 430W, the GRC
10 gives you or your passengers
pushbutton control of the MX
entertainment and weather display features, including volume,
channel selection by channel,
channel selection by category,
and more.
The new SAM-II from Icarus
Instruments couples to an aircraft’s current autopilot to provide
full roll steering to precisely fly
GPS approaches and en-route
legs. It also has an aural altitude
alerter, which provides pleasant
voice alerts about approaching
altitude presets or any deviations
from preset cruise altitudes. In
the event of a system’s alert,
SAM-II combines an audio notification with a change in the color
on the compact display unit.
For more information, contact
Icarus Instruments at 301-8910600 or visit
Icarus Instruments’ SAM-II module
L-3 Communications
Avionics Systems
Designed to bring infrared
imaging to a variety of private
and business aircraft, the IRIS
infrared imaging system uses L3’s proprietary Barium Strontium
Titanate (BST) detector technology to turn heat signatures into
electronic images. Regardless
of darkness, smoke, fog, dust or
rain, IRIS shows what’s happening in front of the aircraft. The
IRIS system is being STC’d on a
King Air C90. According to L-3,
DAC International’s GEN-X EFB
Flight Display Systems
Flight Display Systems
unveiled its new FD90AID and
FD270AID displays. Known as
the Flipper, these new flip-up/
flip-down displays create panel
space for an LCD where there
was no room before. The Flipper
can display three video sources,
including VGA, S-video and com-
Garmin’s GRC 10 remote controller
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PS Engineering’s PMA7000H audio panel
L-3 Avionics Systems’ IRIS system
once the STC is completed, other
aircraft, including some popular
helicopters, will be added.
For more information, contact
L-3 Communications Avionics
Systems at 800-253-9525 or visit
Mid-Continent Instruments
Mid-Continent Instruments
introduced its new MD41 Series
WAAS annunciation control unit
specifically engineered to work
with the Garmin GNS 400W,
430W, 500W and 530W WAAS
receivers. The new MD41 gives
pilots instant information as to
which mode the Garmin WAAS
unit is operating. Versions are
available with or without integrated CDI and OBS switching
For more information, contact Mid-Continent Instruments
at 316-630-0101 or visit www.
outputs, IntelliVOX, cellular telephone interoperability, multiple
independent in-flight entertainment inputs, and dual transmit
split audio capability.
For more information, contact
PS Engineering at 800-427-2376
or visit
Revue Thommen
Revue Thommen brought a
variety of new digital repeater instruments to the AEA
Convention. These instruments
offer shops a source for displaying primary flight data from the
aircraft’s ARINC 429 data bus.
Because they use existing 429
bus information, the repeaters
eliminate the need for expensive
pressure static sensors. The new
repeater instruments include the
2-inch SD21 and 3-inch SD31
airspeed indicators, and the 2inch AD20 and 3-inch AD30 digital air-data display units.
For more information, contact
Revue Thommen at 41-61-9652222 or visit
Universal’s WAAS-enabled FMS
WAAS-enabled flight management systems, including the
UNS-1Lw, UNS-1Ew, UNS1Epsw and UNS-1Fw. According
to Universal, these new WAAScapable FMS units are ready for
operational approval for FAApublished WAAS/LPV approaches to minimums as low as 200
feet and 1/2-mile, along with
non-precision and LNAV/VNAV
approaches, oceanic, en-route,
departure and arrival procedures.
For more information, contact
Universal Avionics Systems
Corp. at 520-295-2300 or visit
Mid-Continent Instruments’ MD41 Series WAAS
annunciation control unit
PS Engineering
PS Engineering announced
a number of new products,
including the new PMA7000H
audio panel for helicopters. The
PMA7000H offers operators a
variety of features, including a
built-in nine-place intercom, crew
PTT intercom capability, CVR
Revue Thommen’s SD21
Universal Avionics Systems
Universal Avionics Systems
announced its new family of
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Highlighting AirCell’s offerings is its new data interface unit
(DIU), which connects cockpit
data management units, including Honeywell’s AFIS DMU, to
popular ground-based data-link
services. The DIU also is provisioned for connectivity to electronic flight bags and AirCell’s
soon-to-launch, air-to-ground
broadband service.
For more information, contact
AirCell at 303-379-0271 or visit
Avionics Innovations
Avionics Innovations unveiled
player, which can be connected
to the system’s eight-disc CD
changer or an aircraft’s Sirius
satellite receiver. The system
includes the first FAA/PMAapproved CD player for aviation.
The AICD-III also can play prerecorded MP3/WMA files and
includes an AM/FM tuner with
24-station presets, automatic frequency storage and more.
Avionics Innovations’ AICD-III AM/FM/CD player
For more information, contact
Avionics Innovations at 760-7882602 or visit
432 Kbps per channel.
For more information, contact
Chelton Satcom at 972-2211783 or visit www.cheltoninc.
EMS Satcom
EMS Satcom introduced its new
CNX-300 mobile access router,
which is the first to offer a Cisco
router to the aviation industry
to better meet the IT needs
of its corporate customers.
Designed and built to operate
on Inmarsat Swift64 and future
SwiftBroadband networks, the
CNX-300 provides users with
secure voice, data and video
communications where dynamic
routing, VPN tunnels and AES
encryption are required.
For more information, contact
EMS Satcom at 800-600-9759
or visit
ature is achieved, the Elements
seat heater will maintain it for
one hour, then shut itself off
automatically as an added safety
For more information, contact
EMTEQ at 262-679-6170 or visit
Honeywell introduced its new
MCS-7100 Series multi-channel
satellite communications family of
products based on Honeywell’s
HD-710 IDU. The MCS-7100
family allows for online connections at speeds of 64 Kbps/channel to 432 Kbps/channel. The
SwiftBroadband connection
provides an “always-on” connection to e-mail, Internet, corporate
networks, video conferences and
Chelton Satcom
Chelton Satcom presented
new hardware and antennas
that will deliver SwiftBroadband
at rates up to seven times faster
than Swift64 — which will help
bring high-speed broadband and
a true “office in the sky” to reality.
New products include both single- and multi-channel options,
providing a variety of features,
such as built-in Ethernet router,
Ethernets, ISDN, serial, POTS,
cockpit voice and discrete interfaces, as well as data rates up to
Satcom’s SDU
EMS Satcom’s CNX-300 mobile access router
Honeywell’s HD-710 IDU
EMTEQ’s new Elements system allows you to simply and
efficiently heat the cushion and
back of individual passenger
seats in King Airs. The system
offers three temperature settings, including “lumbar heat
only.” Once the desired temper-
A Beechcraft interior with EMTEQ’s Elements
seat-heating product.
- 19 -
For more information, contact
Honeywell at 800-601-3099 or
Communications Group
International Communications
Group (ICG) announced its latest
multi-channel Iridium satcom system, the ICS-400, which provides
a full range of in-cabin functions,
including intercom calling, call
transferring, conferencing, follow-on dialing and voice prompts.
The unit also includes ARINC
429 connections and a dedicated short-burst data modem
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for ACARS/AFIS services, as
well as a built-in GPS receiver to
support automatic flight following
For more information, contact
ICG at 757-947-1030 or visit
Sky Connect
Sky Connect announced its
solution to the soon-to-be-discontinued MagnaStar airborne
telephone system. With this solution, current MagnaStar customers can keep their existing handsets and convert their in-flight
radiophone and Internet service
quickly and easily. According to
Sky Connect, its new solution
is light and easy to install — it’s
just a matter of swapping boxes
and adding the compact Sky
Connect Iridium antenna.
For more information, contact
Sky Connect at 703-404-4400 or
ICG’s ICS-400 satcom system
Rosen Aviation
Big news for fans of in-flight
entertainment, Rosen Aviation
premiered its new 24-inch highdefinition widescreen cabin display. With a screen resolution of
1920 x 1080, it is designed to
meet all future in-flight HD environments, including HD DVD and
Blue Ray formats. For ease of
installation and integration with
in-cabin IFE hardware, the display utilizes composite, component, RGB and DVI/HDMI interfaces, and is available in both an
AC and DC version.
For more information, contact
Rosen Aviation at 541-342-3802
or visit
Rosen Aviation’s 24-inch high-definition
widescreen cabin display
Sky Connect Iridium antenna
switch, wireless LAN, built-in WiFi
capability, and more.
For more information, contact
Thrane & Thrane at +45-29-5588-00 or visit
Lux Aviation Engineering
Lux Aviation Engineering introduced its new-generation main
ship and emergency aircraft
batteries. The Lux main ship battery is an advanced-technology
battery design combining the
latest state-of-the-art lithium-ion
cell technology and solid-state,
high-current switching technology.
It also features a “triple safety
design” with built-in cell balancing, charging and cut-off — the
same technology used on the
new Boeing 787.
For more information, contact
Lux Aviation at 520-881-7100 or
Thrane & Thrane
Speed is king in the world of
business, so Thrane & Thrane
has introduced its new AeroSB+, delivering up to 432 Kbps
of SwiftBroadband service to an
aircraft’s cabin. The new AeroSB+ comes with four channels
of global communications capabilities, one flight deck data-link
channel and up to two dedicated
data channels. It also features
VoIP connectivity, high-speed
Internet, low-cost voice, Ethernet
Thrane & Thrane’s Aero-SB+
- 20 -
Lux Aviation Engineering’s main ship battery
P2 Aviation Technology
Looking for a way to improve
your maintenance practices while
reducing paperwork? P2 Aviation
Technology’s new TimeTrac 2.0
software combines advanced
software and firmware to automatically collect flight data,
including both time-in-service
and block-to-block times. The
TimeTrac 2.0 software provides
owners with ready access to inservice times and more accurate
records to improve component life
and simplify warranty tracking.
the 42,000-foot unit), making
the Nano the smallest, lightest
encoder for general aviation aircraft.
For more information, contact
Trans-Cal Industries at 818-7871221 or visit
P2 Aviation’s TimeTrac 2.0 software
For more information, contact
P2 Aviation at 952-472-2577 or
Sprague Instruments /
Team Aviation Sales
Sprague Instruments’ new
Gripper makes testing control
cable tension a “one-handed”
operation. The unit’s compact,
low-profile design makes it easy
to get into confined spaces, such
as tails and wings. According to
Sprague, the Gripper’s digital
design eliminates the need to
do averaging, so it cuts tensiontesting time by 80 percent. The
Gripper is available from Team
Aviation Sales.
For more information, contact
Team Aviation Sales at 800-9036930 or visit
Sprague’s Gripper is available through Team
Aviation Sales.
Trans-Cal Industries
Proof that good things do come
in small packages, Trans-Cal
Industries unveiled its new Nano
encoder. According to Trans-Cal,
it measures 2.56 x 1.12 x 3.48
inches and weighs 5.9 oz (for
Garmin’s Pilot My-Cast service
Trans-Cal Industries’ Nano encoder
Comant introduced a full line
of ComDat WAAS-compliant
antennas offering multi-function
capabilities, such as VHF communications, WAAS GPS and
XM weather — all in one stateof-the-art antenna. Comant offers
antennas in a variety of low-profile and blade designs. According
to Comant, similarity is key,
so each of the new antennas
matches the footprint of the
aircraft’s existing antenna
For more information, contact Comant
at 714-870-2420 or
visit www.comant.
Pilot My-Cast allows you to
page through surface meteorological reports, terminal forecasts,
METARS and moving weather
maps, as well as check winds and
temperatures — it’s cutting-edge
weather data delivered in either
text or color graphics formats.
Garmin’s Pilot My-Cast service is
compatible with most Get-It-Now
and Java-enabled mobile phones.
For more information, contact
Garmin at 913-397-8200 or visit
Martec Group
You probably don’t give much
thought to your emergency locator transmitter (ELT), but now you
must. On Feb. 1, 2009, COSPASSARSAT, will switch to the 406
MHz frequency for the primary
emergency locating frequency
monitoring — which means most
current ELTs will become virtuContinued on following page…
Comant’s ComDat
Garmin introduced its new
Pilot My-Cast service, which
delivers personalized weather
briefings to your compatible
cell phone or PDA. Garmin’s
- 21 -
Martec Group’s compact Kannad 406-AF
compliant ELT pack
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ally obsolete. To meet this need,
Martec introduced the new compact Kannad 406-AF compliant
ELT pack. Along with automatic
or manual ELT activation, the unit
also offers an optional GPS interface that transmits the position of
the aircraft, enabling COSPASSARSAT to receive both the
aircraft’s location and identification instantly.
For more information, contact
Martec at +33-2-97-02-49-49 or
visit ■
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