CA Series Dryers Compressed Air Micro & Floor Mount Dryers

CA Series Dryers Compressed Air Micro & Floor Mount Dryers
CA Series Dryers
Compressed Air Micro & Floor Mount Dryers
Low Maintenance
With no moving parts the CA series
is ideal for low throughput / small
press and extruder applications
with a simple, easy to use trouble
free design
The CA dryers are compact, easy to use dryers that
uses your plant air and internal Dri-Pak membrane
to assure – 49F dewpoint air at the hopper
Can operate from high (350F) to low
(80F) drying temperatures without
the need for water cooled aftercoolers.
The Dri-Pak membrane assures low
dewpoint air to dry the toughest
materials such as PLA’s, Isoplast,
The CAMD micro dryers use
custom built drying hoppers from 2
oz to 2 liters capacities. Hoppers
include process heaters for precise
temperature control.
The CAFM dryers use our standard
5, 10, 15 & 30 pound stainless steel
hoppers. The CAFM utilizes an
internal booster heater and
Hoppers are designed around your
application, with custom mounting
flanges available for micro molding
machines or extruders, for easy,
trouble free installation.
Larger hopper sizes are available in
the 5, 15, 30 & 60 pound capacities
with our beside the press and
hopper mount compressed air
series dryers
CAFM Controls
UDC – Ultra dryer control includes:
•High temp alarm & shutdown
•Optional items include:
-40 F Dewpoint monitor
CAMD-1 w/ ADC Control, 2 & ¾ liter hopper
Dri-Air Process Rate Dryer Dimensions
Model (lbs/hr) (kg/hr)
1 11/18/21
5 11/18/21
Air Required
.25 - 2 CFM
.25 - 2 CFM
110 or 220 volt 1 phase electrics 100 psi of clean compressed air required
Control Option
ADC Control Option
ADC Control features: alpha numeric
display, –49 F dewpoint monitor, 7
day timer, alarm history, high temp
alarm, thermocouple alarms and
temperature set back to prevent over
drying of resins. Communication
options via Ethernet or USB
Phone: 860-627-5110 email:[email protected]
16 Thompson Road, East Windsor, CT 06088
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