for Whip Untis 151988

for Whip Untis 151988
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for the Unit Mounted Ultrasonic Scaler System
1. Mount the scaler system inside the console by
attaching it to the inside and bottom covers using
the velcro strips provided (See Figure 1).
2. Make the tubing connections as shown, matching the
tags (A,B,C) and colors (See Figure 2).
3. Attach the connector to the corresponding connector
from the unit.
4. Plug the power cord into the outlet provided inside
the console.
Figure 1
Figure 2
-1Style A
1. Push the ultrasonic insert into the handpiece with
a gentle push-twist motion. Do not force into place
(See Figure 3).
2. Lift the handpiece from its holder and depress the
foot controller. This will cause the handpiece to
3. Adjust the intensity using the intensity control knob
on the unit head (See Figure 4).
Figure 3
4. The water volume may be adjusted by the water
volume control knob. This control is located on the
front of International units or under the lift-off cover
on Asepsis 21 units.
Figure 4
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