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BestDuplicator BD18xxL Controller Operating instructions
D V D / C D Du p l ica to r
Us e r ’ s Gu id e
Kingdom One Touch
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Quick Start Guide….…………………..3
Chapter 2
Product Introduction…………………..4
Chapter 3
Safety Information & Set Up………....6
Chapter 4
System Overview...…………………….7
Chapter 5
Menu Overview…………………………8
Chapter 6
Operation Guide………………...…....11
Copy + Compare……………………………………… 13
Set Burn Speed………………………………………….13
Select Source…………………………………………....13
Audio Track Edit…….…………………………………..16
Set up……………………………………………………..19
Chapter 7
TS Guide, Error Codes and FAQ….22
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 1. Quick Start Guide
Duplicating (Copying) from Disc to Disc is the most frequently used function of the
system. This procedure provides step-by-step instructions for making duplicates from a
Master Disc.
Step 1: Plug in power cord to back of the
Step 2: Turn on power button and wait for
LCD to read “1. Copy”.
Step 3: Eject reader tray (top drive) and insert source
disc. Close reader tray.
Step 4: Eject Recorder tray(s) and insert the blank
disc(s). Close Recorder tray(s). Duplication will start
automatically in 5 seconds.
(Photos of 5-target duplicator are used in the manual)
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 2. Product Introduction
Thank you...
...for choosing the Kingdom One Touch Standalone duplication system. Kingdom
One Touch duplicators continue to be second to none in terms of speed and accuracy
and we hope it will be a valuable addition to your organization, business or home for
years to come.
he Kingdom One Touch is a stand-alone duplicator that requires no computer
connection to operate. Low cost and high performance, the Kingdom One Touch
will fulfill your duplication requirements.
Specifically designed for House of Worship, School, home and office applications, the
Kingdom One Touch duplicator is based upon a controller with a large LCD display
and simple 4 button navigation, which make steps easy to follow during the duplication
process. Should you encounter any difficulty, please refer to the "Troubleshooting"
section or contact Technical Support for assistance.
We strongly suggest you locate your Kingdom One Touch in a dust free environment.
Dirty discs may cause duplication rejects or even total failure. Do not place unnecessary
items on the unit.
For Best Performance
For best results always use high quality media. Kingdom One touch™ duplicators have
been thoroughly tested with most major optical media makers for maximum
compatibility. Kingdom Platinum media is our first recommendation for excellent results.
Please visit us at
This optical duplication device is to be used exclusively for the purpose of copying
personal audio and data. This optical duplication device is sold and intended strictly for
the purposes of legal copying. It is a violation of International Copyright Laws to use for
any other purpose and subject to criminal charges. Kingdom is not responsible for any
illegal use or any damages resulting from the sale, use, or performance of this device.
Supported Formats: DVD-R/RW/RAM/DL, DVD+R/RW/DL, CD-R/RW
Supported Burning Speed: DVD up to 24X, CD up to 48X
Approximate CD/DVD Duplicating Time: 2 hour DVD - 7 min, 70 min CD - 3 min
Kingdom One Touch
Warranty Information
Kingdom, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in
material and workmanship. Kingdom, Inc. will for one year, at its option, repair or
replace at no charge for parts and labor from the date you purchase the product from
Kingdom, Inc.
Kingdom, Inc. reserves the right to determine the validity of all warranty claims.
Warranty is void if the product serial number has been altered or removed. Warranty is
void if the product has been misused or damaged or if evidence is present that the
product was altered, modified or serviced by unauthorized service people.
Technical Support
For detailed technical support or questions regarding the DVD Duplicator, contact
Kingdom Technical Support at 1-800-296-2312.
Note: This duplicator has a serial number located on the rear panel. Please record the
Model Number and Serial Number and retain them for your records. It will be necessary
to provide this information to Technical Support personnel in order for them to provide
you with the best technical support possible.
Model Number: _____________________________________
Serial Number: _____________________________________
Note: Before contacting Technical Support please have your Model Number and the
Serial Number of your duplicator available for reference. These numbers are located on
the rear panel of your duplicator.
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 3. Safety Information and Set up
Please be aware of the following installation and operation precautions.
1. Read these instructions - All the safety and operating
instructions should be read before use of this system.
2. Keep these instructions - The safety and operating
instructions should be retained for future reference.
3. Heed all warnings - All warnings on the system and in
the operating instructions should be adhered to.
4. Follow all instructions - All operating and use
instructions should be followed.
5. Do not use this system near water - for example, near
a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet
basement or near a swimming pool, etc.
6. Clean only with a damp cloth. This system should be
cleaned only as recommended by the manufacturer.
7. Install in accordance with the manufacturers
instructions. Do not block any of the ventilation
openings. For example, the system should not be situated on
a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface or placed in a built-in
installation, such as a bookcase or cabinet that may impede
the flow of air through the ventilation openings.
8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, stoves, or other products that produce heat.
9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding-type
plug. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third
grounding prong. The third prong is provided for your safety.
When the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an
electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
10. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched
particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point
where they exit from the system.
11. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the
12. Use only with a cart, stand,
bracket, or table specified by the
manufacturer, or sold with the system.
When a cart is used, use caution
when moving the cart/system
combination to avoid injury from tipover.
13. Unplug this system during lightning storms or when
unused for long periods of time.
14. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Servicing is required when the system has been damaged in
any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid
has been spilled on, been exposed to moisture or extreme
heat, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
Unpacking and Inspection
When unpacking your unit, inspect the carton and packaging material for damage. Damages that may
have occurred during shipping could cause alignment and operation errors. Any damages found upon
receipt of your unit should be immediately reported to Kingdom.
Important: Keep your packaging! In the event you need to ship the unit back to the factory for repair, the
product must be shipped in the manner in which it was received. Other containers are not satisfactory and
will void your warranty! If the container is lost or destroyed, another may be purchased Kingdom.
Choosing a Location
Placing your unit in an unsuitable location can cause a number of problems. Many problems can be
avoided by following these guidelines.
The unit must be placed on a flat, level surface. A tilt to the unit’s base can cause errors in
calibration during use. The surface must also be relatively stable and resistant to bumps and
The surface the unit is placed on must be able to hold 50+ pounds and be resistant to bowing
under such weight.
Place the unit in a location with adequate air circulation. Closets or cabinets are not suitable as
heat build-up can cause the unit to malfunction. Likewise, do not place the unit on or near any
heat sources such as heating vents or server racks.
The unit must not be placed in an area with direct sunlight, excessive dust, mechanical vibration
or shock.
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 4. System Overview
Reader (Source) Tray
LCD panel & Control Buttons
Writer (Target) Trays
Power Button (On and Off)
Control Buttons
There are 4 control buttons: ,
UP; Backward; Use this button to navigate backward in the menu.
Down; Forward; Use this button to navigate forward in the menu.
ENT : Enter, Execute or Select the function
ESC : Escape, Go back to previous function
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 5. Menu Overview
Function Table
1. Copy
To copy disc to disc
2. Test
To simulate copy process
3. Compare
To bit by bit compare between source disc and
copied disc
4. Copy & Compare
To copy first and compare the copied discs later.
5. Set Burn Speed
To set burning speed for duplication.
6. Select Source
To select source from any optical drive
2. Drive Info.
To check the format of disc, burning speed
supported and total capacity or data size.
To check the version, model No. and brand name
3. System Info.
To check the model No. and firmware version
1. Quick Erase
To quick erase data from rewriteable disc.
2. Full Erase
To full erase data from rewriteable disc.
1. Disc Info.
1. Information
2. Erase Disc
3. PreScan Source
To check source disc’s readability.
1. Copy Track
7. Utility
4. Track Edit
2. Close Disc
3. Disc Info.
To check the audio CD’s status of usage.
5. Eject All Disc
1. Show Count
6. Copy Counter
To select and combine audio tracks from various
CDs into a single customized audio CD.
To close the disc after track copying to make the CD
playable on CD player.
To eject all trays.
To check how many discs copy successfully and
2. Enable Counter
To enable or disable counter setting.
3. Clear Counter
To delete the record.
7. Update BIOS
To update the system’s firmware.
Kingdom One Touch
Allow the system to do the Copy, Test, Compare
and Copy + Compare functions automatically
1. Auto Start Time
1. Basic
2. Display Mode
2. Show Speed
3. Show Timer
3. Button Beep
1. Eject All Discs
2. Do Not Eject
4. Eject On Start
3. Eject Target
4. Eject Source
5. Eject All Trays
To eject all trays with disc
inside once the system is
booted up.
No eject any tray or disc once
the system is booted up.
Only eject target trays with
disc inside once the system is
booted up.
Only eject source disc once
the system is booted up.
To eject all trays once the
system is booted up.
5. Reader Speed
To adjust the reading speed of source drive.
6. Compare Speed
To adjust the speed of drives while comparing.
7. Language
8. Setup
To reset all the function back to manufacturer’s
default setting.
To set a warm-up time from 5
1. Power On Time
seconds to 255 seconds
To select which function you
2. Startup Menu
would like to show up in the
3. Skip Reader
To set skip the read error and
keep copying.
To make the system eject
4. Change Bad
source disc and ask for
another one while the source
disc is unreadable for system.
5. CD Overburn
Set to copy overburn CD.
To show HDD image name or
capacity on Copy, Test, Copy
6. Show HDD
+ Compare and Compare
Image Name
function (with Optional HDD
To set enable or disable load
7. Keep Buffer
source to the buffer.
8. Clear Setup
9. Advanced Setup
8. Boot Password
To enable or disable the user
administrative password.
9. Setup
To set up the login password
Kingdom One Touch
**Only for Units with Hard Drive Installed
1. Select Image
To select image file from HDD as your source for copy.
2. Disc => Image
To load your source disc to the built-in HDD.
3. Set Reader Speed
4. Show Image Info
To check the disc format and data size of the image file.
5. Rename Image
To change the name of image file.
6. Delete Image
To delete image file from the built-in HDD.
7. Show HDD Info
To check the information of the built-in HDD. Displays how
many discs are stored and the free space available.
8. Format HDD
To format the built-in HDD
9. HDD Manager
1. Off
To disable Load & Copy Function
1. Synchronism
To load the source to HDD and make
copy at the same time.
2. Load First
To load the source to HDD first and copy
from HDD to disc.
9. Load & Copy
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 6. Operation Guide
1. Copy
It is important to make sure that your source disc is placed in the right drive. The default
source is your top drive. You can check or select your source reader by function
6. Select Source. (Please refer to page 13)
1. Select 1. Copy and place source disc and blank discs into the proper trays. Then the
system will detect the source disc and show the information.
2. Press ENT to start copy
3. Once the copy task is finished, the copied discs will be ejected and the result of copy
task will show on the LCD:
Due to default setting of auto start time, the duplicator will start to copy automatically
within a few seconds. You can set “OFF” to close the auto start function or set a longer
waiting time. The default setting is 5 seconds. (For more info about this setting please
refer to 8-1. Auto Start Time, page 19)
If the HDD is selected to be the source, you have to load the source image to the built-in
HDD and then execute the Copy process. Please refer to 9-2 Disc to Image (Page 22)
for instructions on how to load from Disc to HDD.
Kingdom One Touch
2. Test
This function will simulate the copy process to ensure error free duplication. During the
simulation, nothing will be burned on to the blank discs.
1. Using
to select 2. Test and press ENT
2. Press ENT to start test
3. Once the test task is finished, the discs will be ejected and the result and the pass
and fail discs of test task will show on the LCD:
1. This function is unable to support DVD+R blank disc.
2. If you use CD/DVD rewritable discs as your blank media in the simulation, all the
content inside the discs will be erased permanently during test simulation.
3. Compare
This function will do bit-by-bit comparison between source disc and copied discs to
ensure the copied discs are identical to source disc.
1. Place source disc and blank discs into Reader and Writer separately.
2. Using
to select 2. Compare and press ENT to start compare.
3. The system will detect the source and the target disc automatically.
4. After detecting, the system will start to compare.
5. When the comparison has finished, the system will show the compare result.
Kingdom One Touch
4. Copy + Compare
This function will to do copy task first and execute comparison automatically when copy
process has been finished.
In Copy, Test, Compare and Copy+Compare functions
If there is no source and target discs inside the duplicator, there will be nothing show on LCD.
The information display of these 4 functions will be different based on the display mode you
(Please refer to 8-2.Display mode, page 18)
5. Set Burn Speed
You can adjust the burning speed of CD/Audio CD/DVD/DVD DL/Blu-ray by this setting.
The default setting of CD is 40X, Audio CD 24X, DVD 8X, DVD DL 2X and Blu-ray 2X.
to select 5. Set Burn Speed and press.
1. Using
to adjust the burning speed of CD and press ENT to confirm it, or
2. Pressing
press OK to select Audio CD,DVD, DVD DL or Blu-ray to adjust the burning speed.
6. Select Source
You can set any drive in the duplicator to be your source reader.
1. Using
to select 6. Select Source
2. Press ENT to check the current source reader, or select the proper tray to be the
source reader by pressing
/ , once the source reader is selected, press ENT
to confirm the setting and back to the menu list.
The default setting of source reader is the first drive.
Kingdom One Touch
7. Utility
7-1. Information
You can check the information of disc, drive and system. By pressing
or drive’s information will show on the LCD.
1. Using
to select 7.Utility, press
select 1.Information and press ENT
, each disc
to enter the sub menu. Then,
2. Using
to select 1.Disc Info. or 2.Drive Info or 3.System Info., and press
ENT to see the related information.
3. The information will show on the LCD as below:
Disc Info: You can check the format of disc, burning speed supported and total capacity.
If the disc has data inside, you also can check the size of data.
Burning Speed
Disc Format
Capacity/Data Size
Drive Info. The version, model No. and brand name can be checked here.
System Info: The model number and firmware version can be checked here.
Kingdom One Touch
7-2. Erase Disc
This function will erase the rewritable discs in WRITER tray, there are two erase modes
 Quick Erase: It will erase the INDEX of the rewritable disc.
 Full Erase: It will erase ALL DATA in the disc, which takes longer time than Quick
1. Place a disc into a writer.
to select 7. Utility and press ENT to enter the sub menu. Then, select 2.
2. Using
Erase and press ENT
3. Using
to select 1. Quick Erase. or 2. Full Erase.
4. Pressing ENT to execute the erasing task. When the system is detecting the discs,
you will see the colon flashing.
5. When the erase job is in process, you should see the O and o are blinking by turns.
6. Once the erase task has finished, the O stop blinking, the disc will be ejected
1. If you place a whole new DVD+RW to do whatever quick erase or full erase, the system will execute
format automatically and you will see F and f are blinking by turns on LCD.
2. Erase function only support rewritable discs.
Kingdom One Touch
7-3. PreScan Source
This function will scan and detect any bad sectors existing in the source disc, which
helps you to ensure the readability of source disc.
1. Place a source disc into reader.
to select 7. Utility and press ENT to enter the sub menu. Then, select 3.
2. Using
Prescan Source and press ENT to start scan task.
3. When prescan task is in process, you can see the process on the display:
4. When the prescan task has finished, the result of prescan will be shown on the LCD.
7-4. Track Edit
This function enables you to combine audio tracks from various CDs into a single
customized audio CD.
1. Copy Track: You can select and combine audio tracks from different CDs in this
2. Close Disc: You have to perform this function after track copying to make the CD
playable on CD player.
3. Disc Info: You can check the audio CD’s status of usage.
Step by Step Guide:
 Select function #1. Copy Track under function 7-4.
 Insert an Audio CD with your favorite tacks in the Reader drive and Insert
Blank CD-R disc into the writer drive.
 As soon as both audio CD and blank CD-R are recognized, you will see the
# of tracks (1,2,3,4,5………) on the duplicator LCD screen.
Kingdom One Touch
 Navigate ,  to the track number that you would like to select, and then
press ENT to confirm your selection. The track will be played through the
rear end audio jacks (Optional) after each selection is made. Continue with
your selection of tracks from the disc. You will see a letter of “ a, b, c, d,….”
on top of each selected track.
a b
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 Once you finished selecting the tracks you want to copy, you can press to
move cursor to the end with the “OK” display. And press ENT to confirm and
submit your selection.
c d
7 8 9 10 OK_
 Once you have entered your selections, you will see “Copying Audio
Tracks…..” on your LCD screen.
Track 01
 When copying was finished, the LCD will show CD-R’s usage and free space.
Track Used 59:15
Free 20:42
You can repeat above step 1-6 to select Audio track from other source discs,
and copy to the same blank disc.
★ Note: Once you have finished copy Audio Tracks, you NEED to execute function #2. Close
Disc on this CD. This function will finalize the CD or otherwise it will not be able to
play on any audio CD player.
7-5. Eject All Disc
You can eject all discs including source and target discs at the same time by this
Kingdom One Touch
7-6. Copy Counter
This function will record the result of duplication.
 Show Count: You can check how many discs copy successful and failed.
 Enable Counter: You can set the counter enable or disable to record the copy result.
 Clear Counter: You can delete the record by this function.
to select 7. Utility and press ENT to enter the sub menu. Then, select 6.
1. Using
Copy Counter and press ENT
2. Using
to select 1. Show Count.
3. Pressing ENT to check the calculation of successful and failed duplication for CD and
7-7. Update BIOS
You can upgrade the system’s firmware in this function.
1. Place manufacturer certified update file CD into any drive
to select 7. Utility and sub menu 7. Update BIOS and then press ENT
2. Pressing
to start the process.
3. The system will detect the update file and execute update task automatically.
4. Once the update job has done, the system will require you to reboot the system.
Kingdom One Touch
8. Setup
8-1. Auto Start Time
This setting will allow the system to do the Copy, Test, Compare and Copy + Compare
functions automatically in a few seconds once the source and blank discs are placed in
the tray and detected by the system. The default setting is 5 seconds. You can set a
longer/shorter time from 1 to 99 seconds or set OFF to disable this function and execute
copy task by manual.
1. Pressing
to select 8. Setup and sub menu 1. Auto Start Time.
2. Pressing
to set the time.
8-2. Display Mode
You can select the preferred display mode in Copy, Test, Compare,
Basic: It will only show the copy process (%) on LCD.
Show Timer: It will show the time for copy.
Show Speed: It will show the speed of burning during copy process.
8-3. Button Beep
This setting will allow you to set up to hear a beep when a button is pressed or not.
Kingdom One Touch
8-4. Eject On Start
You can make the trays or discs eject once the system is booted up.
 Eject All Discs: To eject all trays with disc inside once the system is booted
 Do Not Eject: No eject any tray or disc once the system is booted up.
 Eject Target Only: Only eject target trays with disc inside once the system is booted
 Eject Source Only: Only eject source disc once the system is booted up.
 Eject All Trays: To eject all trays once the system is booted up.
8-5. Reader Speed
This setting allows you to adjust the reading speed of source drive. The default setting
of reader speed of CD is 40X; DVD is 24X.
8-6. Compare Speed
The reading speed of drive and disc are the reasons can affect the quality of
comparison. This setting allows you to adjust the reading speed of drives to match up
the reading speed of discs. The default setting of CD’s compare speed is 40X, DVD is
8-7. Language
You can set a proper language for interface during operation. English, Spanish,
Portuguese and Japanese are available.
8-8. Clear Setup
This setting will reset all the function back to manufacturer’s default setting.
8-9. Advanced Setup
• Power On Time: You can set a warm-up time from 5 seconds to 99 seconds for
warming up the duplicator when it is turned on. The default setting is 10 seconds.
Start-up Menu: You can select which function you would like to show up in the
Skip Read Error: You can set this function enable to skip disc errors in
order to avoid bad quality of copy. If you are confident of your source disc has only
a small and insignificant error due to physical damages and can be overlooked, you
can set NO to disable this function.
Skip Read Error cannot fix the error in the source disc, all it does is skipping the errors and keeps
copying the rest of readable data.
Change Bad Master: This setting will make the system eject source disc and ask
for another one while the source disc is unreadable for system.
CD Overburn: The majority of discs have a small margin of extra groove at the
outer edge. This setting allows you to copy data over the normal size limit.
Show HDD Image Name: You can select to show HDD image name or capacity on
Kingdom One Touch
Copy, Test, Copy + Compare and Compare function
Show HDD Image Name:
Show capacity:
**Note: When you change the source from drive to HDD, the LCD will show the HDD
information. To change your source reader please refer to 6. Select Source , page 13.
Keep Buffer: You can set Yes to load source disc to buffer in first round of
Copy, Test, Compare or Copy+Compare, and do it again without the source
disc. Or you can set No to keep buffer not be used.
The source will be only temporary saved in buffer; there will be nothing saved when you
exit the task Copy, Test, Compare and Copy+Compare or reboot the system.
Boot Password: This setting allows you to enable or disable the user administrative
password. Users have to login when the system is booted on.
Setup Password: You can set up password by pressing
number you like and press ENT to set next number.
to select the
Kingdom One Touch
Chapter 7. Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ’s
Troubleshooting Guide
There are no end-user serviceable components that can be replaced in the CD/DVD
Duplicator. Please contact Kingdom for warranty repairs and service.
No LCD display.
- Please check if the power cord is connected properly and the utility power is
supplied. Please check if the fan of power supply is rotating. If not, it might be
Error message shown on LCD.
- Reboot the duplicator.
- Change master disc and try again.
Reader Drive doesn’t read disc and shows error message.
- Check the format of master disc.
- Use other Master disc or other duplicator to test master.
Buttons do not function.
- Task busy. Please wait.
- Restart unit.
- Faulty controller board.
Copy completed but disc is not readable / executable.
Test with another CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.
Failure rate is high.
- Lower writing speed and try again.
- Quality of blank disc is poor.
- Quality of master disc is poor.
- Rated speed of discs does not match writers. Ensure discs meet writers rated
- Update the latest BIOS version. See manufacturer for latest firmware updates.
Kingdom One Touch
Duplicator Error Codes
Error Message
“Bad Master Disc”
“Can’t DVD↑CD”
“Not Blank Disc”
No Disc
No Master Disc
"NEED Blank CD disc"
"NEED Blank DVD disc"
"FAIL Write Disc"
"Bad Drive"
"Empty Source!"
"Can't DVD(CSS)"
"Need ALL the same Disc!
Possible Reasons
Master disc is empty or protected.
Master disc has damaged or of bad
You put different format of blank
disc from the master disc. Cannot
copy between different disc format
The target disc has been written to.
Please check your master disc by (1) Disc Info
(2) or on a PC or Player.
Please check your master and blank disc
format by "Disc info". Only can copy CD to CD,
Please use blank disc or rewritable disc.
No blank disc. Or the disc is upside Please double check your target disc.
Using Blu-Ray blank disc, but the
driver does not support Blu-Ray.
No source disc
Please check if you put the right source disc
into the drive.
Use Blu-Ray as a source, but the
Please check the disc format by "Disc Info".
driver does not support Blu- Ray.
Duplicator is detecting that there
Insert blank CD discs
are no blank CD discs in the
Duplicator is detecting that there
are no blank DVD discs in the
Duplicator Failed to write to discs
Insert blank DVD discs
Insert different blank disc and attempt to copy
again. If failure happens again, contact Tech
One or more of the drives has
Contact Tech Support.
failed and may need to be replaced.
Duplicator cannot detect a
Insert Master Disc. If error still exists, make
Master/Source Disc
sure Master Disc is in “Source Drive” slot. Refer
to “Select Source” Section of User’s Manual.
Duplicator will not copy CSS
protected Discs
Duplicator has detected both CD’s
and DVD’s in drives
Duplicator will only copy non-encrypted discs
If copying CD’s, make sure all blank discs are
CD’s, or if copying DVD’s make sure all blank
discs are DVD’s.
Kingdom One Touch
What if the Duplicator will not power on?
Make sure the unit is plugged into a proper power source and the unit is turned “on.”
What if the duplicator is having trouble making a copy, what can be done?
The most common problem with discs playing but not duplicating can be attributed to overall quality.
Some factors affecting disc quality include brand of blank media used, physical damage, and write quality.
It is important that the disc is free of damage or blemishes and produced on a high quality brand of media
Make sure that the “master” disc has been finalized.
Make sure the “master” DVD is not encrypted or is not a copy protected original.
Make sure you have high quality, blank pieces of media.
Make sure your master disc and blank disc are the same format. (-R to –R or +R to +R)
Make sure you’re not trying to copy a CD to a DVD or DVD to CD.
Try using a different brand of blank media.
What if the duplicator is having trouble reading a DVD, what can be done?
Make sure you have Content on the “master” disc.
Make sure the “master” disc in good condition. (Disc is not scratched)
Make sure the disc is placed in the drive properly. (Data side down)
Make sure the “master” disc has been finalized.
Can I copy Hollywood DVD movies with a Kingdom One Touch duplicator?
No, commercial movies are copy protected and cannot be copied with this or any duplicator. You can
copy your own video creations.
Can I copy CDs in a Kingdom One Touch DVD duplicator?
Yes, you can copy CDs in this duplicator. Just use blank CD-R Media that is certified at least 40X, and
use the same process used to duplicate a DVD.
Can I copy DVDs to CD Media in Kingdom One Touch duplicators?
No, DVDs will only copy to blank DVD Media.
How do I clean my Kingdom One Touch duplicator?
The best maintenance for your duplicator is preventive maintenance. Using a system in an area with
excessive dust, smoke, or other contaminants is not recommended since it will increase error rates and
reduce hardware life expectancy. Some light cleaning can be performed; you can use a can of
compressed air for dusting out drives.
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