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Sealite AL-01 Service manual
Solar Area Light
Installation & Service Manual
Version 2.1
Solar Area Light
140watt multicrystalline
solar module
UV-stabilised LEXAN®
polycarbonate lens containing
8 ultra-high intensity LEDs for
optimal area illumination
(>120 degrees)
Adjustable light arm
Positive o-ring
Galvanised post
light head
Anti-tamper fittings
Battery section
Solar Area Light
Table of Contents
Introduction...........................................................................................Page 4
Operating Principle..............................................................................Page 4
Technology............................................................................................Page 4
AV-SAL-01 Model..................................................................................Page 5
Installation & Assembly.......................................................................Page 8
Activation............................................................................................Page 13
Regulator Connection & Operation..................................................Page 14
Maintenance & Servicing...................................................................Page 15
Troubleshooting.................................................................................Page 16
Avlite Light Warranty..........................................................................Page 18
Version No.
Manual launch
Product Code change
Spec table update
August 2010
October 2012
January 2013
M. Henry
J. Dore
J. Dore
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Solar Area Light
Congratulations! By choosing to purchase an Avlite light, you have become the
owner of one of the most advanced solar LED airfield lights in the world.
Avlite Systems draws on more than 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of navigation
aids, and particular care has been taken to ensure your light gives years of trouble free service.
As a commitment to producing the highest quality products for our customers, Avlite has been
independently certified as complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 quality management
By taking a few moments to browse through this booklet, you will become familiar with the versatility of
your light, and be able to maximise its operating function.
Please remember to complete the Avlite warranty registration card accompanying your light.
Operating Principle
The solar module of the light converts sunlight to an electrical current that is used to charge the
battery. The battery provides power to operate the light at night.
The flasher unit has very low current requirements. A microprocessor drives an array of ultra bright
LED’s through a DC/DC converter, which enables the LED’s to operate within the manufacturer’s
specifications. The battery is protected from over-charging within the circuit to ensure maximum
battery life.
On darkness, the microprocessor will initiate a program check and after approximately 1 minute will
turn on.
Avlite Systems is a world-class solar lighting systems manufacturer with a proven
reputation for rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions designed specifically
for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote,
toughest environments.
Avlite employs leading in-house electronic engineers in the design and development of software and
related circuitry. All individual electronic components are sourced directly by Avlite procurement staff
ensuring that only the highest quality components are used in our products.
LED Technology
All aviation lights use the latest advancements in LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology as a light
source. The major advantage of LED’s over traditional light sources is well established in that they
typically have an operational life in excess of 100,000 hours, resulting in substantial savings to
maintenance and servicing costs.
Precision Construction
Commitment to investing in the design and construction of injection-moulded parts including optic
lenses, light bases and a range of other components ensures that all Avlite products are of a
consistent and superior quality.
Optical Performance
Avlite manufactures a range of aviation LED lenses moulded from multi-cavity dies. Complex shapes
such as the AV70 and 16-segment multi-focus lenses are a testament to the company’s superior inhouse lens manufacturing capabilities and outstanding optical performance.
Award-winning, Patented Technology
Several United States and Australian patent registrations are held on Avlite’s range of innovative
designs, with other regional patents pending in Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.
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Solar Area Light
AV-SAL-01 Model
Avlite’s state-of-the-art Solar Area Light provides users with the perfect solution for lighting
remote locations such as shelters, car parks and maintenance areas where connection to
power grids is unfeasible.
The assembly uses the latest technologies in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as a light source,
and provides excellent illumination over a wide projected area.
As well as the Solar Powered Unit, Avlite’s LED Area Light is also available as a mains
powered version, providing installation flexibility.
Fig 1. AV-SAL-01 Complete Assembly
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Solar Area Light
Fig 2. AL-01 Light Head
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Solar Area Light
Light Characteristics
Light Source
LED Life Expectancy (hours)
8 ultra-high intensity white (warm daylight) LEDs
Total Luminous Flux (lm)
Luminous Efficiacy (lm/W)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage (V)
Current (A)
Power (W)
Power Factor
Circuit Protection
Temperature Range
-40 to 55°C
Spectral Characteristics
• Specifications subject to change or variation without notice
* Subject to standard terms and conditions
(1) Value is computed from the weighted average of the spatial measurements
(2) Value is the maximum deviation of the spatial u’ and v’ measurements from the weighted average
CIE 1931 2 deg observer (x,y) (1)
CIE 1976 2 deg observer (u’,v’) (1)
Correlated Color Temperature(1)
Color Rendering Index(1)
Color Spatial Uniformity(2)
(0.312, 0.336)
(0.195, 0.472)
6500 K
Solar Characteristics
Solar Module Type
Output (watts)
Solar Module Efficiency (%)
Charging Regulation
Integrated charge regulator
Battery Type
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Nominal Voltage (V)
Operation without sunlight
(autonomy nights)
SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
110Ah (2 x 55Ah batteries)
5 night (typical)
Body Material (light head)
Extruded aluminium chassis with LEXAN® polycarbonate glass filled end
caps - UV-stabilised
LEXAN® Polycarbonate – UV stabilized
Power Supply
Physical Characteristics
Lens Material (light head)
Mounting (light head)
Height (light head) (mm/inches)
Width (light head) (mm/inches)
Length (light head) (mm/inches)
Mass (light head) (kg/lbs)
Body Material (post)
Mounting (post)
Height (complete assembly)
Mass (complete assembly) (kg/lbs)
Product Life Expectancy
250 / 551
Up to 12 years
Quality Assurance
EN61000-6-3:1997. EN61000-6-1:1997
AVLITE® is a registered trademark of Avlite Systems
3 year warranty
Intellectual Property
Warranty *
Options Available
Adjustable along 78mm parallel channels
85 / 33/8
108 / 41/4
300 / 117/8
1.5 / 3.3
Mild steel (hot-dipped galvanised)
4 x 22mm holes
7160 / 2817/8
• Radio controlled
• Avlite Pilot Activated Lighting Control
• Dual arm assembly
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Solar Area Light
Installation & Assembly
Wind Loading
Avlite Systems’ panel mounting post is designed to meet wind loading requirements of AS1170.2 for
Region A, B & C, Terrain Category 2 in accordance with the design requirements of AS4676.
For detailed information regarding wind load regions and wind loading in general refer to AS1170.2.
Regions are marked with the letters
A (A1 to A5), B, C and D.
Coastal Region boundaries are
smooth lines set in from a smoothed
coastline by 50, 100 and 200 km.
Islands within 50 km of the coast
are the same Region as the
adjacent coast.
Severe Cyclonic
Fig 3. Wind Speeds - Regions A, B, C & D
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Solar Area Light
Region A
Region A covers most of Central and Southern Australia, including Tasmania.
1. Assembly of the lamp post is shown in Figure 5.
2. Electrical wiring of the Solar Area Light is shown in Figure 6.
3. Recommendations for mounting of the completed lamp
post assembly are shown in Figure 4.
4. Where the customer is providing their own supporting
structure for the lamp post, it should be capable of
withstanding the following design conditions:
- Provide adequate support for a dead weight of 250kg
- Ultimate moment at base = 21 kNm
- Ultimate shear at base = 5.3 kN
- Resulting ultimate bolt load = ±46 kN
5. A purpose-built footing is otherwise recommended with
dimensions shown in Figure 3. Footing design is based on
typical soil having a bearing strength of 120kpa or greater.
If the soil is poor, variable or rock then seek additional
engineering advice.
6. a) Use a simple template with diameter 20mm holes
drilled at 320mm centres to position the holding bolts
while the concrete is poured and while it sets. (Position
the bolt pattern to suit the preferred location for the
access cover in the lamp base).
b) Remove the top nuts and the template after setting.
c) Fit the assembled lamp post over the hold down bolts
with the base sitting directly on the bottom nuts.
d) Adjust bottom nuts to level the post base.
e) Fit a washer and two nuts to each of the hold down
bolts to securely fix the lamp post base.
AS1170.2 “Structural design actions - wind actions”
AS4676 “Structural design requirements for utility services
Region B, C & D
Please contact Avlite Systems for recommendations.
Fig 4. Lamp Post Installation, Region A
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Solar Area Light
Product Components
Unpack your area light and check the contents of the package. Verify that all components and hardware
have been received.
Please contact your Avlite office if any components are missing or damaged.
Area Light
120W Solar Panel
Light Arm
Main Pole
Battery Housing
Fig 5. AV-SAL-01 Solar LED Area Light Components & Lamp Post Assembly
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Solar Area Light
Before installing the area light, please read the section on wind loading and ensure that the installation
will be suitable.
Before installing the foundations, please consider the layout of the light arm location, solar panel
direction required and the mounting foot print of the battery housing.
Ensure that the prepared foundations are suitable to withstand the wind loading and comply with local
Bolt the area light pole to the battery housing. Too stop water from entering the battery box, place a thick
bead of silicone around the mounting flange of the area light pole and the bolt holes during assembly.
Fit the pole up to the battery housing and fix together using the 3 x M16 x 75 bolts. Tighten the three
mounting bolts to 200nm.
Fit the solar array on to the top of the light pole. Feed the solar cable down through the centre of the
area light pole and into the battery housing. This will need to be done during the installation of the solar
array. Tighten the M10 locking screws, to fix the solar array into place.
Fit the light head to the light arm if not already fitted, using the 4 x M6 x 25 hex head bolts. Feed the
head of the bolt into the mounting channel on the base of the area light head. Locate the 4 bolts through
the mounting plates on the area light arm and fix into place with the 4 x M6 washers and M6 Nylock nuts.
Feed the light cable into and through the light arm. Position the light arm up to it’s mounting location
on the area light pole and continue to feed the cable into the area light pole and down into the battery
Fit the light arm into location and fix into place with a M6 x 65mm hex head bolt, M6 washers and M6
Nylock nut.
Using suitable lifting equipment, install the area light on to its foundation and fix into place.
To complete the installation, follow the directions in the ‘Regulator Connection & Operation’ section of
this manual.
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Solar Area Light
Fig 6. Solar Area Light Electrical Wiring Diagram
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Solar Area Light
Charging the Battery
New lights should be left in the sun for 1-2 days to ensure battery is charged before placing in
service. Please note, light will re-charge even when toggle switch is turned to ‘OFF’ position.
Preferred Installation Location
For best light performance, ensure solar modules are not covered and are in clear view of the
sky with no shadows.
Light Operation
1. The AV-SAL-01 will be preset at the factory to steady-on.
2. The AV-SAL-01 uses an ambient light sensor to measure the light levels. When the light level falls
below a set threshold the microprocessor will activate the light.
3. When the light level rises over the threshold, the microprocessor will turn the light off.
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Solar Area Light
Regulator Connection & Operation
Fit the Morning Star SS10 regulator into the carrier on the back wall.
Fit the two 55 amp hour battery’s in to the shelves in the battery housing.
The regulator has a connection sequence that must be followed. Please ensure the regulator is
connected in the following sequence.
1. Connect Battery Negative cable to the battery negative terminals on the batteries
2. Connect the Battery Positive cable to the battery positive terminals on the batteries
3. Connect the Solar Negative wire from the solar panel to the regulator
4. Connect the Solar Positive wire from the solar panel to the regulator
5. Connect the Negative Wire from the light head to the load (light) Negative terminal on the regulator
6. Connect the Positive Wire from the light head to the load (light) Positive terminal on the regulator
Fig 7. Regulator Diagram
Cover the light head with a dark towel or jacket. Allow a 60 seconds of continuous darkness for the light
to activate.
When the installation is complete, fit the battery housing cover, using 6 x M8 x 25 SHCS.
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Solar Area Light
Maintenance & Servicing
Designed to be maintenance free, the AV-SAL-01 requires minimal attention, though the following
maintenance and servicing information is provided to help ensure the life of your Avlite product.
1. Cleaning Solar Panels - occasional cleaning of the solar panels may be required. Using a cloth and
warm soapy water, wipe off any foreign matter before rinsing the panels with fresh water.
2. Battery Check - inspection of batteries should be performed every three years (minimum) to ensure
that the charger, battery and ancillary electronics are functioning correctly. Using a voltage meter,
check that the battery voltage is at least 12.5 volts, and ensure all terminals are clear of foreign
Replacing the battery
1. Remove the connectors from the battery.
2. Follow the instructions in the ‘Regulator Connection & Assembly” section of this manual.
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Solar Area Light
Trouble Shooting
Light will not activate.
Light will not operate for the
entire night.
• Expose light to direct sunlight and monitor operation for several days.
Avlite products typically require 1.5 hours of direct sunlight per day to
retain full autonomy. From a discharged state, the light may require
several days of operational conditions to ‘cycle’ up to full autonomy.
• Reducing the light output intensity or duty cycle (flash code) will reduce
current draw on the battery.
• Ensure solar module is clean and not covered by shading during the day.
Ensure light is in darkness.
Wait at least 60 seconds for the program to initialise in darkness.
Ensure battery terminals are properly connected.
Ensure battery voltage is above 12.5volts.
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Solar Area Light
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Solar Area Light
Avlite Light Warranty V1.1
Activating the Warranty
Upon purchase, the Avlite Systems warranty must be activated for recognition of future claims. To do
this you have two (2) options:
1. Postal Registration
Please complete the Avlite Systems Warranty Registration Card and return to Avlite within 30 days
of your purchase.
2. Online Registration
Please complete the Online Registration Form at;
Avlite Systems will repair or replace your lantern in the event of electronic failure for a period
of up to three years from the date of purchase.
The unit must be returned to Avlite freight prepaid.
Warranty Terms
1. Avlite Systems warrants that any Avlite aviation products fitted with telemetry equipment including
but not limited to AIS, GSM, GPS or RF (“Telemetry Products”) will be free from defective materials
and workmanship under normal and intended use, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth,
for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
2. Avlite Systems warrants that any rotationally-moulded products (“Roto-Moulded Products”) and
accessory products (“Accessory Products”) will be free from defective materials and workmanship
under normal and intended use, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, for a period of
twelve (12) months from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
3. Avlite Systems warrants that any Avlite aviation products other than the Telemetry Products, RotoMoulded Products and Accessory Products (“Avlite Products”) will be free from defective materials
and workmanship under normal and intended use, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth,
for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
4. Avlite Systems will repair or replace, at Avlite’s sole discretion, any Telemetry Products, RotoMoulded Products, Accessory Products or Avlite Products found to be defective in material and
workmanship in the relevant warranty period so long as the Warranty Conditions (set out below)
are satisfied.
5. If any Telemetry Products or Avlite Products are fitted with a rechargeable battery, Avlite Systems
warrants the battery will be free from defect for a period of one (1) year when used within original
manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.
Warranty Conditions
This Warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations;
1. The warranty is applicable to lanterns manufactured from 1/1/2009.
2. The warranty is void and inapplicable if:
a. the product has been used or handled other than in accordance with the instructions in the
owner’s manual and any other information or instructions provided to the customer by Avlite;
b. the product has been deliberately abused, or misused, damaged by accident or neglect or in
being transported; or
c. the defect is due to the product being repaired or tampered with by anyone other than Avlite or
authorised Avlite repair personnel.
3. The customer must give Avlite Systems notice of any defect with the product within 30 days of the
customer becoming aware of the defect.
4. Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need
to be replaced. Typical battery replacement period is 3-4 years. Long term exposure to high
temperatures will shorten the battery life. Batteries used or stored in a manner inconsistent with
the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions shall not be covered by this warranty.
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Solar Area Light
5. No modifications to the original specifications determined by Avlite shall be made without written
approval of Avlite Systems.
6. Avlite lights can be fitted with 3rd party power supplies and accessories but are covered by the 3rd
party warranty terms and conditions.
7. The product must be packed and returned to Avlite Systems by the customer at his or her
sole expense. Avlite Systems will pay return freight of its choice. A returned product must be
accompanied by a written description of the defect and a photocopy of the original purchase
receipt. This receipt must clearly list model and serial number, the date of purchase, the name and
address of the purchaser and authorised dealer and the price paid by the purchaser. On receipt
of the product, Avlite Systems will assess the product and advise the customer as to whether the
claimed defect is covered by this warranty.
8. Avlite Systems reserves the right to modify the design of any product without obligation to
purchasers of previously manufactured products and to change the prices or specifications of any
product without notice or obligation to any person.
9. Input voltage shall not exceed those recommended for the product.
10. Warranty does not cover damage caused by the incorrect replacement of battery in solar lantern
11. This warranty does not cover any damage or defect caused to any product as a result of water
flooding or any other acts of nature.
12. There are no representations or warranties of any kind by Avlite or any other person who is an
agent, employee, or other representative or affiliate of Avlite, express or implied, with respect to
condition of performance of any product, their merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, or
with respect to any other matter relating to any products.
Limitation of Liability
To the extent permitted by section 68A of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), the liability of Avlite
Systems under this Warranty will be, at the option of Avlite Systems, limited to either the replacement
or repair of any defective product covered by this Warranty. Avlite Systems will not be liable to Buyer
for consequential damages resulting from any defect or deficiencies in accepted items.
Limited to Original Purchaser
This Warranty is for the sole benefit of the original purchaser of the covered product and shall not
extend to any subsequent purchaser of the product.
Apart from the specific warranties provided under this warranty, all other express or implied warranties
relating to the above product is hereby excluded to the fullest extent allowable under law. The warranty
does not extend to any lost profits, loss of good will or any indirect, incidental or consequential costs or
damages or losses incurred by the purchaser as a result of any defect with the covered product.
Avlite Systems has authorised distribution in many countries of the world. In each country, the
authorised importing distributor has accepted the responsibility for warranty of products sold by
distributor. Warranty service should normally be obtained from the importing distributor from whom
you purchased your product. In the event of service required beyond the capability of the importer,
Avlite Systems will fulfil the conditions of the warranty. Such product must be returned at the owner’s
expense to the Avlite Systems factory, together with a photocopy of the bill of sale for that product, a
detailed description of the problem, and any information necessary for return shipment.
Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of the vendor.
Sealite products are subject to certain Australian and worldwide patent applications.
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Solar Area Light
Other Avlite Products Available
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PALC Systems (FCC Compliant)
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Typical Applications
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perimeter lighting
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For a complete list of product compliances
including ICAO & FAA, please contact Avlite today
Head Office
Avlite Systems
11 Industrial Drive
Somerville, Vic 3912
Tel: +61 (0)3 5977 6128
Fax: +61 (0)3 5977 6124
A subsidiary of Sealite Pty Ltd
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