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Pure Digital EVOKE-3 EVOKE-3 Instruction manual
Pure Warranty Statement for Australia
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What do you need to do now?
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If you have any questions about your warranty you can call us toll free 1800 988 268
What’s covered by this warranty?
•Pure agrees to refund, repair or replace, at your election, without charge to you,
any part found to be defective during the warranty period.
•If equipment has been used according to its accompanying instruction manual and
is used in a domestic situation, a two year warranty period applies.
How do you make your claim?
Call 1800 988 268 for instructions on how to return your Pure product for warranty
service or go to http://support.pure.com/au/ and complete the contact us form.
What’s NOT covered by this warranty?
Under this express warranty Pure will not be liable for loss or damage of any kind
whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or otherwise.
•Replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear
•Products with serial number defacement, modification or removal
•Water damage or corrosion caused by dampness
•Any damage or deterioration due to shipment
•Any product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse or accident
Australian consumers — The benefits to the consumer given by this express
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are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for
any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the
goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure
does not amount to a major failure.
Pure is distributed and supported in Australia by PIONEER ELECTRONICS
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Thank you for choosing Evoke Mio. This manual
will get you up and running in no time, and
explains how to make the most of your Evoke
Mio. We’re constantly improving and adding new
features to our products. To take advantage of
any enhancements made since your product was
shipped, please visit www.pure.com where you can
check for any updated versions of software and
download the latest version of this user guide in
PDF format.
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Safety Instructions
1. Keep the radio away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters or other appliances that produce heat.
2. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight.
3. Do not use the radio near water.
4. Avoid objects or liquids getting into the radio.
5. Do not remove screws from or open the radio casing.
6. Fit the mains adapter to an easily accessible socket, located near the radio and ONLY use the mains power
adapter supplied.
7. Always switch the radio off and disconnect it from mains power before inserting or removing a ChargePAK.
8. Should not be immersed in water, used in shower or bathroom if plugged into the mains.
9. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. The
apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall not
be placed on apparatus.
Damage to hearing can occur with consistent exposure to high volume when using headphones. Always
check the volume level before inserting headphones into your ears.
Use of headphones while operating a vehicle is not recommended and is illegal in some areas. Stop
listening to your radio if you find it distracting while operating any type of vehicle or performing any other
activity that requires your full attention.
Copyright 2013 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied
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Technologies logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Imagination Technologies Limited. All other product
names are trademarks of their respective companies.
Version 1 July 2013.
Warranty Information
Imagination Technologies Ltd. warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship in the course of normal use for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This guarantee
covers breakdowns due to manufacturing or design faults; it does not apply in cases such as accidental damage,
however caused, wear and tear, negligence, adjustment, modification or repair not authorised by us. Please visit
www.pure.com/register to register your product with us. Should you have a problem with your unit please contact
your supplier or contact Pure Support at the address shown on the rear of this manual.
Imagination Technologies Limited makes no representation or warranties with respect to the content of this
document and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
Further, Imagination Technologies Limited reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in it
from time to time without obligation of Imagination Technologies Limited to notify any person or organisation of
such revisions or changes.
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Quick set up
Controls at a glance
Rear connectors
6 Using your Evoke Mio
Adjusting and muting the volume
Changing stations
Changing the information shown on screen
Pausing and controlling scrolling text
8 Setting the alarm & timers
Setting the alarm
Cancelling an alarm
Setting the kitchen timer
Setting the sleep timer
11 Presets and Intellitext
11 Storing and selecting presets
13 Setup options
Options available in digital radio
Options available in FM radio
General options
Energy saving
Software Updates
16 Using a ChargePAK
16 Installing a ChargePAK
16 General notes for use
17 Help and Specifications
17 Secondary and inactive stations
17 Hints and tips
18 Technical Specifications
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Quick set up
• Unclip the aerial and fully extend it (steps A and B).
• Insert the jack of the supplied mains adapter into the socket on the rear of the
radio (C).
• Plug the mains adapter into the mains supply (D).
Stereo Out
Stereo Out
Aux In
Select your language when prompted. Turn the tune dial to select (English/
Francais/Deutsch/Italiano) and push to confirm.
Aux In
ect Language. Choisissez
This will be followed by the Energy Saving mode screen.
By default, Energy saving is enabled but it can be switched off from within
the menu (see page 15).
Energy saving
With energy saving on, power consumption in standby is less than 1W.
Wait for your radio to complete an Autotune and find all available digital
stations. When the Autotune is complete, a station will start playing.
Pure Evoke Mio
Now tuning...
BBC Radio 2
Talking to the people wh
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Controls at a glance
Tune dial
Browse and select
radio stations (see
page 6) or pause
and rewind scrolling
text (see page 7).
Volume dial
Adjust and mute
volume (see
page 6).
Press to select
Digital radio, FM
radio or Auxiliary
input (see page 6).
Switch the radio into
standby or off if a
ChargePAK is fitted
(see page 16).
Presets 1 − 6+
Store up to 30
digital or FM radio
preset stations (see
page 11).
Alarm (see page 8).
Kitchen timer (see page 10).
Sleep timer (see page 10).
Use Intellitext (see
page 12).
Setup options (see
page 13).
Change the information
shown on screen (see
page 7).
Light sensor
Auto-adjusts the
display brightness
(see page 14).
Rear connectors
Stereo Out
Aux In
3.5 mm
Connect to
an external
stereo input
for iPod, MP3
player, etc.
type USB
connector for
upgrades only.
Connect to
supplied mains
adapter only.
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7/25/2013 5:24:08 PM
Using your Evoke Mio
Adjusting and muting the volume
Turn the volume dial to increase or decrease the volume. Press it to mute.
BBC Radio 2
Change source
Use the Source button to choose between digital radio, FM radio or Auxiliary device
(a separate device such as an MP3 player connected to the Aux In socket).
FM radio
Auxiliary Input
Changing stations
When listening to digital radio
Turn the Tune dial left or right to browse through the list of available digital stations.
The current station remains at the top of the screen. Push the Tune dial to change
the station.
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 6Music
BBC Radio 6Music
Now playing: Race For T
When listening to FM radio
Seek Tuning
Turn and release the Tune dial right or left to seek to the next or previous FM radio
station that has a strong signal.
87.50MHz FM
96.60MHz FM
Manual Tuning
1. Change the FM radio tuning mode to ‘Manual’ (see page 13).
2. Turn the Tune dial right or left to step up or down 0.05 MHz.
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7/25/2013 5:24:09 PM
Changing the information shown on screen
You can change the information that is displayed on screen. Press the Info button
and repeat to cycle through the information display options available for the current
audio source.
Scrolling textInformation broadcast by most digital stations and some FM
radio (RDS) stations.
Full screen time Displays the time (and an alarm indicator if the alarm is set).
Signal quality
Displays digital signal quality: 85 to 100 good; 70 to 84 OK; 0 to 69 poor.
Signal strength
Displays a meter illustrating the strength of the digital or FM radio signal.
ChargePAK status Displays a charging or percentage power remaining indicator
for a ChargePAK E1 rechargeable battery pack (available separately).
Charging indicator
(when receiving mains power)
BBC Radio 6Music
% Charge remaining
(when powered by a ChargePAK)
BBC Radio 6Music
Pausing and controlling scrolling text
1. When ‘Scrolling text’ information is displayed in either digital or FM radio, push
the Tune dial to pause the scrolling text.
BBC Radio 6Music
Now playing: Race For T
BBC Radio 6Music
Playing: Race For Th
2. Turn the Tune dial right and left to scroll forwards and backwards through the
text. To exit, push the Tune dial again.
BBC Radio 6Music
Prize by Flaming Lips
> Exit
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7/25/2013 5:24:09 PM
Setting the alarm & timers
Set alarm
Setting the alarm
1. Press the Timer button, turn the Tune dial and
push to select ‘Alarm settings’.
08:00 set hours
Evoke Mio has an alarm which switches the radio on
(if in standby mode) and tunes to a digital or FM radio
station or sounds an alarm tone.
2. Push the Tune dial to select ‘Set alarm’, scroll to
‘On’ and push the Tune dial to select. The alarm is
now active.
3. Push the Tune dial to select ‘Set time’. To set the
time you want the alarm to sound turn the Tune
dial to adjust the hours and then push to confirm.
Repeat to adjust the minutes.
4. Push the Tune dial to select ‘Set days’.
5. Turn the Tune dial to choose when you want the
alarm to repeat. The available options are ‘Daily’,
‘Weekday’, ‘Weekend’, ‘Saturday’, ‘Sunday’, or
‘Once only’.
6. Push the Tune dial to select ‘Set mode’ and
choose the type of alarm you want to sound: digital
radio, FM radio or tone. If you select ‘Tone’, there
are no further options.
7. For digital radio and FM radio alarms only, push the
Tune dial to select ‘Select station’ and choose the
radio station you want to use for the alarm.
For digital radio alarms
Select ‘Last tuned’, or a digital station from the
station list. If you select ‘Last tuned’ the alarm will
tune to the last digital station you listen to before the
alarm sounds.
For FM radio alarms
Choose between ‘Last tuned’ or a preset station.
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Alarm volume
The alarm is set to
sound at 8:30 am
8. If you have selected a digital or FM radio alarm you
can push the Tune dial to select ‘Alarm volume’
and turn to adjust the volume level for the alarm
from 1 (very quiet) to 32 (very loud).
That’s it! You can see if the alarm is currently
switched on in the ‘Full screen time’ display (see
page 7). Alarms can be set and adjusted from
standby by pressing the Timer button.
Note: An outlined bell shows that the alarm will not
sound within the next 24 hours.
Note: The alarm function does not work when
Evoke Mio is being powered by the ChargePAK E1.
Cancelling an alarm
When a tone alarm is sounding, push the Tune dial or
press Standby to cancel the alarm. To cancel a digital
radio or FM radio alarm and return the radio to standby,
press the Standby button.
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7/25/2013 5:24:09 PM
Setting the kitchen timer
Evoke Mio has a countdown timer which will sound an
alarm after a set time period.
01 hours 00 mins
01 hours 25 mins
To set the kitchen timer
1. Press the Timer button, turn the Tune dial and
push to select ‘Kitchen timer’.
2. Turn the Tune dial to change the hours and push
to confirm. Turn again to change the minutes and
push to confirm and start the countdown timer.
alarm will sound after the time period you have
set whether the radio is on or in standby. Cancel
the beeping alarm tone by pressing any button on
the radio.
To stop and reset the kitchen timer
Timers cleared
To stop and reset the countdown timer to zero before it
sounds a beeping tone, press and hold down the Timer
button for three seconds until you see the message
‘Timers cleared’.
Setting the sleep timer
Evoke Mio has a sleep timer that switches your radio
into standby (or off if powered by a ChargePAK) after a
set time period.
To set the sleep timer
Sleep off
45 minutes
Timers cleared
EvokeMio_DG_manual-Euro.indb 10
1. Press the Timer button, turn the Tune dial and
push to select ‘Sleep timer’
2. Turn the Tune dial to increase the duration of the
sleep timer from 15 to 90 minutes in fifteen minute
intervals. Press the Tune dial to start the sleep
The time remaining until shut-down is displayed on
the right of the full-screen time view.
To cancel the sleep timer
Press and hold the Timer button until you see the
message ‘Timers cleared’.
7/25/2013 5:24:09 PM
Presets and Intellitext
Storing and selecting presets
Store up to 30 of your favourite digital or FM radio
stations in a combined list.
BBC Radio 6Music
Now playing: No Cars G
To quick-store a station to a preset
button (1–5)
BBC Radio 6Music
Preset 01 saved
Tune to the digital or FM radio station you want to store.
Press and hold one of the numbered Preset buttons
(1–5) for two seconds until you see the ‘Preset saved’
message on the bottom line.
Preset 06
Empty preset
To store a station to the preset list
Preset 10
Empty Preset
Preset 10 saved
1. Tune to the digital radio or FM radio station you
want to store.
2. Press and release the 6+ button to view the
numerical list of stored presets, then turn the Tune
dial to choose any Preset number between 1 and
30. You can overwrite existing presets.
3. Press and hold the 6+ button (or the Tune dial)
for two seconds until you see the ‘Preset saved’
message. The current digital/FM radio station is
now stored to that number.
DR theJazz
To recall a preset when listening to
digital radio or FM radio
Now: Remember by Ha
1. To tune to Presets 1 to 5, press the corresponding
numbered button on the unit (1 to 5).
2. To access the full list of presets (from 1 to 30),
press and release the 6+ button, turn the Tune
dial right or left to scroll through the list of presets,
then push and release the Tune dial to tune to
the selected preset. Presets are labelled with ‘DR’
(digital radio), ‘FM radio’ or ‘Empty Preset’.
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7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Intellitext® provides on-demand text information such
as sports headlines, weather forecasts and news
from digital stations that support the service. The text
is updated by the broadcasters and stored in your
radio while you listen to stations. Intellitext is listed by
station and split into categories, eg, Football, Cricket,
Headlines, etc.
Man City complete the s
To view Intellitext messages
1. Press Menu, then use the Tune dial to select
‘Intellitext’ and enter the Intellitext menu. Push
the Tune dial to select ‘View’ and access a list of
stations for which you have Intellitext information
(if you see ‘No data’ you need to tune to a station
broadcasting Intellitext for a few minutes before
information is received).
2. Push the Tune dial to select a station then turn and
push the Tune dial to browse Intellitext categories
for that station, e.g., Radio Sport > SPORT >
FOOTBALL. The selected information will scroll
across the screen.
To change Intellitext options
Clear all
Delete all stored Intellitext messages immediately.
Set timeout
Choose to delete old Intellitext messages after 1 week
(default) or 1 day.
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7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Setup options
Press the Menu button to access the options menu, turn the Tune dial to scroll
through the options and push the Tune dial to select.
Options available in digital radio
Scans all digital radio frequencies for stations and automatically adds any new
stations found to the station list. This may take a few minutes. To stop an Autotune
press Menu.
Options available in FM radio
FM tuning mode
When you turn the Tune dial, the radio tunes to the next station with a good signal.
When you turn the Tune dial, the radio tunes up or down the FM radio frequency range
by 0.05 MHz.
FM stereo
Choose from Stereo or Mono (default). Mono may improve audio clarity where stereo
signals are weak.
General options
Changing your preferred language
You can select the language that your Evoke Mio uses for menus and options.
1.Press Menu, scroll to ‘Language’ and push the Tune dial.
2.Turn the Tune dial to select a language (English/French/German/Italian) and
press the Tune dial to confirm.
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7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Adjusting the display
You can adjust the brightness and time-out duration of the display for when the unit is
switched on and in standby. To change display options:
1. Press Menu, scroll to ‘Display settings’ and push the Tune dial.
2. Now choose either ‘Active’ to change settings that apply when the unit is
switched on, or ‘Standby’ to change settings that apply in standby.
Changing the display time-out duration
Select ‘Duration’ and choose from the following two modes:
Always onThe screen is always set to your preferred brightness level.
Timed off The screen is set to your preferred brightness level when a button is
pressed and then switches off after 7 seconds of inactivity.
Changing your preferred brightness level
Select ‘Brightness’ and choose from the following options:
Automatic The brightness of the screen adjusts automatically depending on the
level of light in the room (default).
Turn the Tune dial to vary the brightness level between 1 (very dim)
and 10 (very bright) and push to confirm your preferred setting.
Set clock
You can manually set the time and date if required. If you have a digital radio signal
and/or a strong FM radio (RDS) reception these will be updated automatically.
EvokeMio_DG_manual-Euro.indb 14
7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Energy saving
Evoke Mio is designed and manufactured to minimise power consumption when the
unit is switched on and to use less than 1 Watt in standby. One way this low power
consumption is enabled is by not collecting and storing Intellitext messages when the
unit is in standby. You can override this option by switching off energy saving mode,
but this will increase standby power consumption. Two options are available:
Energy saving On (the default setting)
Updates the Intellitext data when you tune to a station that broadcasts Intellitext.
Intellitext data is not collected in standby.
Energy saving Off
Collects Intellitext data in standby from the last station you tuned to with Intellitext,
which increases standby power consumption.
Note: When you have a ChargePAK E1 fitted (see following page) the radio will switch
off when you press the Standby button and not enter standby, as long as it is not
connected to mains power.
Software Updates
Software updates for your Evoke Mio may be made available in the future. If you
register your product and include a valid e-mail address you will receive notification of
software updates (register at www.pure.com/register). Alternatively, visit http://support.pure.com at any time to check for available software updates.
To update your software
Connect your radio to your PC using a suitable A-to-mini B type USB cable. Follow
the instructions provided with the software download at http://support.pure.com
Note: USB update requires a PC running Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit)
or Windows 7 (32 bit) with internet access and a suitable USB cable (not included).
64 bit Windows systems and Mac OS systems are not currently supported.
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7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Using a ChargePAK
ChargePAK E1 is an optional rechargeable battery pack which plugs into the socket
in the radio’s battery compartment. Whenever your radio is connected to a mains
supply, the ChargePAK will be charging and the power remaining will be available to
view as a percentage in the Information display options (see page 7).
To purchase a Pure ChargePAK E1, contact your nearest Pure dealer or visit the shop
on our website at www.pure.com.
Installing a ChargePAK
Switch Evoke Mio off and disconnect from the mains power supply.
Turn Evoke Mio over and use a coin to unlock and remove the battery
compartment door (A).
Push the ChargePAK connector plug into the socket in the compartment. Line
up the ridges on the plug with the slots in the socket (B). Do not force the plug.
Insert ChargePAK into the battery compartment (C).
Replace and re-lock the battery door and connect your product to a power
ChargePAK will begin charging. When charging your ChargePAK for the first
time or after an extended period of inactivity we recommend that you charge it
for around 24 hours to ensure full battery power. If ChargePAK is flat there may
be a slight delay before the battery charging indicator is displayed.
General notes for use
It is perfectly normal for your ChargePAK to get warm to the touch in use, especially
during charging. Your ChargePAK should give years of trouble-free use under normal
circumstances, however, as for all rechargeable batteries the operating life will
gradually reduce with age.
To purchase additional Pure ChargePAKs, contact your nearest Pure dealer, visit the
shop on our website at www.pure.com.
Important: Evoke Mio can only be powered with a ChargePAK E1 and is not
compatible with any other batteries, either disposable or rechargeable, or any other
ChargePAK model.
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7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Help and Specifications
Secondary and inactive stations
(<</>>) Secondary digital radio services
Some stations have accompanying secondary services which provide extra
information or alternative content and may only be broadcast at certain times. If a
station has a secondary service available, the station shows ‘>>’ next to its name
in the station list and the secondary service appears next to the station in the list. A
secondary service has a ‘<<’ before its name in the station list.
(?) Inactive or unavailable digital radio stations
Inactive or unavailable stations appear on the station list preceded by ‘?’ and cannot
be tuned to. A station may be inactive or unavailable because the station is not
broadcasting at the current time (check with the station) or has stopped broadcasting
altogether. Also, you may not have a strong enough signal to receive the Multiplex on
which the station is broadcast.
Hints and tips
Display says ‘No stations available’
Use Autotune (see page 13) to search for stations. Try adjusting your aerial or radio
Receiving new digital radio stations that have started broadcasting
Use Autotune (see page 13) to scan and add any new digital services to the station
The screen is very dark
Check that the light sensor on the front panel is not obstructed.
Using the alarm when a ChargePAK E1 is fitted
When the radio is powered by a ChargePAK E1 for portable listening, i.e., a
ChargePAK rechargeable battery is fitted and the unit is not connected to mains
power, the radio switches off completely when the Standby button is pressed and
the alarm will not sound. In this case, the message ‘Disabling alarm’ will be displayed
when the Standby button is pressed.
Resetting your radio
Resetting your radio removes all presets, clears the station list and resets all options
to defaults.
1. Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds to enter the hidden menu.
Select ‘Factory reset’.
2. Push the Tune dial within 3 seconds to confirm the reset or the reset will cancel.
EvokeMio_DG_manual-Euro.indb 17
7/25/2013 5:24:10 PM
Technical Specifications
Digital and FM radio
DAB/DAB+/DMB-R/Parametric stereo decode up to 256 kbps, FM radio 87.5-108 MHz.
Full-range 3" drive unit.
6V DC power adapter socket (230V supplied). 3.5mm Aux
In for auxiliary devices. USB connection (Mini-B type) for product upgrades only.
3.5mm headphone, 3.5mm stereo out (analogue).
30 digital radio and FM radio presets in a combined list.
High contrast yellow graphical 128 x 22 pixel Organic LED
(OLED) display.
Power supply
230V AC to 6V DC external power adapter or ChargePAK
E1 (optional).
Power consumption In standby 0.86W; in operation 3.47W.
ChargePAKChargePAK E1 rechargeable battery pack (available
181mm high x 210mm wide x 125mm deep.
Captive telescopic aerial.
CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC). ETSI EN 300
401 compliant.
Disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product
should not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be handed over
to a suitable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic
equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling
of this product. The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural
resources. For more detailed information about recycling of this product,
please contact your local council office, your household waste disposal
service or the shop where you purchased the product.
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