TAM-242 Satellite Terminal
Satellite Terminal
The TAM-242 satellite terminal from Honeywell Global Tracking allows users to track and monitor fixed and mobile assets such as
trailers, containers, tanks and railcars, anywhere in the world. This
slimline solution requires no external power source, as the standard
internal battery will provide at least one month of maintenance-free
operation (depending on reporting intervals).
The flexible TAM-242 generates highly accurate GPS position reports, sends secure position logs and offers configurable reporting
intervals and remote polling.
Like many of Honeywell Global Tracking’s terminals, the TAM-242
uses the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and the IsatM2M standard. This connectivity method offers an affordable and reliable direct-to-desktop information service with fast and easy-to-use message handling.
In addition to using fixed mounting points, the TAM-242 incorporates strong magnetic feet, making it possible for users to quickly
install and de-install the device, without damaging any asset
The TAM-242 satellite terminal uses a rechargeable battery and can
be connected to a number of optional sensors, collecting a wide
range of data for applications like cargo container intrusion detection (e.g., temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock) and vehicle
fleet usage patterns (e.g. speed, braking, fuel consumption, and tire
When the TAM-242 is delivered with external sensors and cables,
the solution is referred to as the TAM-252.
• Global Coverage: Offers secure satellite connectivity
• Easy Installation: Can be installed permanently using
screws, or temporarily using built-in magnetic feet
• Always Connected: Tracks and monitors mobile assets
• I/O Port: A connected external sensor can report
additional data, e.g., speed, tire pressure or fuel
consumption; ideal for fleet management applications
• Affordable and Reliable: Field-proven and cost-effective
tracking solution for a wide range of applications
• Flexible Mapping: Facilitates viewing of assets using
Google and Bing maps in a standard browser, or
integrates data feeds into custom enterprise resource
planning (ERP) solutions
• Optional Alert Button: Convenient in-vehicle button
allows drivers to immediately warn others of dangers
• Optional Sensors (TAM-252): Enables advanced
intrusion detection solutions for cargo containers;
sensors include temperature, humidity, shock, vibration,
and light
TAM-242 Technical Specifications
247 mm x 178 mm x 48 mm (9.7˝ x 7.0˝ x 1.9˝)
1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
Screws, magnetic feet
Operating Temperature
-35°C to +55°C (-31°F to +131°F)
Charging temp: 0°C to +45°C (32°F to +113°F)
≤95% @ +40°C (+104°F) non-condensing
IP Rating
Serial Interface
Asynchronous serial RS232
Baud Rate
9600 bps
Parity/Data Bits/Stop Bits
N, 8, 1
Battery Life
Available Reporting Rates
(With Corresponding Script)
Typical battery life in weeks at 20° C. (Battery lifetime will be reduced when operating in low temperatures.)
15 min (script 220)
1 hr (script 162)
6 hrs (script 165)
Satellite Connectivity
EIRP: 0-9dBW
Modulation 2 level FSK: 20 Hz tone spacing
Tx burst duration: 2s or 8s
G/T: ≥-25dB/K at EL = 30°
Modulation: 32-ary FSK, 20Hz tone spacing
Elevation Angle
0° - 90°
Frequency Range
Transmit: 1626.5-1660.5 MHz
Receive: 1525.0-1559.0 MHz
GPS: 1575.42 ± 1.0 MHz
Channels: 50
Typical time to first fix:
Cold Start: <29 seconds
Hot Start <1s (GPS was off for less than 2 hours)
Typical position accuracy (SA Off): 2.5m (8ft) (CEP, 2D)
Dynamic capability:
Velocity 515 m/s maximum
Acceleration ≤4g
Maximum update rate 1s
External Sensors
TAM-252 Solution
TAM-252 external sensor solution includes:
Remote terminal with support for wired sensor options*: temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, light, and door open.
A satellite airtime package to suit your needs
Secure web-based data access
SATTAG Version 3 interface to DISA GEX/IRRIS/iSDDC
Power supply (standard single-unit or a “10-unit” charger)
* Supplied by 3rd party. Please contact HGT for more information.
For more information:
Honeywell Global Tracking
Miller Court, Severn Drive
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
TAM-242 DS Rev A 12/11
© 2011 Honeywell International Inc.
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