7 Day Programmable Thermostats
Bulletin No. 210501
February 2008
Supersedes 210411
1 Heat / 1 Cool Universal Single Stage
3 Heat / 2 Cool Universal Multi−Stage
L57 3 2U
L = Lennox
5 = 5000 Series
7 = 7−Day Programming
System Type
U = Universal Compatibility
Cooling Stages
1 = Single Stage
2 = Two Stages
Heating Stages
1 = Single Stage
3 = Three Stages
− Large, clear display with backlight shows the current
and set temperature and time
− Menu−driven programming guides user through the
scheduling process showing only necessary
information on each screen.
− Touchscreen interaction
− Ergonomic design
− Intelligent recovery starts system early to achieve
setpoint at start of program period
− Real−time clock keeps time during power failures and
automatically updates to daylight savings
− "Saving Changes" notification lets user know when the
schedule changes have been saved
− Change/check reminders let user know when to service
or replace filters, humidifier pads, ultraviolet lamps and
thermostat batteries
− Multiple Hold options allow user to override the program
schedule as desired
− Select multiple days to set same programming for all.
− Armchair programming allows user to remove the
thermostat from the wall for programming
− Programmable fan offers increased air quality when
combined with a whole house air cleaner
− Outdoor temperature display (with optional outdoor
sensor) shows current outdoor temperature
Five−year limited warranty in residential applications.
Refer to Lennox Equipment Limited Warranty certificate
included with unit for specific details.
Factory preset program settings conform to EPA ENERGY
STAR® recommended setpoints.
Fully programmable thermostats provides universal
system compatibility, precise comfort control and easy
Provides temperature control for gas, oil, electric and heat
pumps for 1 heat / 1 cool single stage or 3 heat / 2 cool
multi−stage systems (3 heat / 2 cool model includes dual
fuel operation).
7 day programming. Any number of days of the week may
have the same schedule.
2 or 4 schedule periods per day.
Battery back−up maintains all programming in the event of
a power outage.
Home Screen
− Indoor temperature (Inside)
− Setpoint temperature (Set To)
− Outside temperature (Outside)
(with optional remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor)
− Current time, hold time remaining or number of vacation
days remaining
− Day of week
− SYSTEM mode
(HEAT / OFF / COOL / AUTO) 1 heat / 1 cool
(EM. HEAT / HEAT / OFF / COOL / AUTO) 3 heat / 2 cool
− FAN mode (ON / AUTO / CIRC)
− Enter scheduling mode (SCHED)
− Hold mode (HOLD)
− Time set (CLOCK)
− Screen cleaning (SCREEN)
− Raise / lower temperature setting (Up / Down Arrows)
− Additional system information (MORE)
Programming Screen
− Each day of week (MON . . . SUN)
− Schedule periods (WAKE / LEAVE / RETURN / SLEEP)
Schedule Periods (WAKE / LEAVE / RETURN / SLEEP)
User can select any combination of days to have the same
time and temperature schedules (examples − Monday
through Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
Schedule times are spaced in 15 minute intervals.
Schedule periods can be cancelled (skipped) during
programming to maintain the currently operating period
(example; cancel the LEAVE period and keep the WAKE
period operating until the SLEEP period occurs)
Comfortsenset 5000 Touchscreen Thermostat / Page 2
Fan setting can also be programmed for ON, AUTO or
CIRC operation for each period.
Temperature Overrides
User can select three different Hold" schedules.
1. Hold Temperature Until (Holds the temperature until
the next scheduled period time or until the user
cancels (press CANCEL or SCHED to cancel and
resume normal schedule)
2. Permanent Hold (Holds the temperature until
cancelled by user).
3. Vacation Hold (Holds the temperature for a user
designated number of days).
Fan Schedule
User can select three different Fan" schedules.
1. Auto (default) (fan only operates when equipment is
2. On (Fan runs continuously for improved air
3. Circ (Fans runs randomly for 35% of scheduled period
for improved air circulation − approximately 12 minutes
every 1/2 hour).
Fan Override
Fan setting can be changed to any of the 3 fan schedules
above during any time period. Fan operation will return to
normal programmed operation when the next scheduled
time period begins
Maintenance Reminders
Reminders notify user when to replace filters, humidifier
pads or ultraviolet lamps.
Thermostat flashes Change . . . Filter, Change . . .
Humidifier Pad, Change . . . UV Lamp until user resets
reminder (RESET key).
Touchscreen Cleaning
Pressing SCREEN locks the thermostat for 30 seconds to
allow cleaning of the screen.
Pressing DONE resumes thermostat operation.
Three AAA alkaline batteries (furnished) provide backup
in case of power failure.
LO batt indicator flashes on screen for approximately 30
days before batteries must be replaced.
LED is located in the upper right−hand corner of the
thermostat − only visible when lit.
When equipment monitor is connected to thermostat L
terminal, LED lights if monitor send a check or failure
signal to thermostat.
− Year/first two digits (factory setting is 20)
− Year/last two digits (factory setting is 05)
− Month (factory setting is 8)
− Day (factory setting is 19)
− 7−day programming (factory setting)
− Non−programmable
System Type
− Single Stage Heat/Cool − Gas, oil or electric heating
with central air conditioning (factory setting)
− Single Stage Heat Pump − no back−up or aux. heat
− Heat Only w/o fan (conventional)
− Heat Only w/ fan (conventional)
− Hot Water Heat Only (conventional) gas or oil hot
water heat. Power open/power close hot water zone
valves or normally open valves
− Cooling Only (conventional) central air conditioning
(3 Heat / 2 Cool Models only)
− 2 Heat / 1 Cool Heat Pump − heat pump w/ back−up or
aux. heat
− 2 Heat / 2 Cool Multi−Stage (conventional)
− 2 Heat / 1 Cool Multi−Stage (conventional)
− 1 Heat / 2 Cool Multi−Stage (conventional)
− 2 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump − no aux. heat
− 3 Heat / 2 Cool heat Pump − w/ aux. heat
Fan Control Heating (3 Heat / 2 Cool Models only)
− Gas or Oil Heat (factory setting)
− Electric Heat
Auxiliary Heat Source (3 Heat / 2 Cool Models only)
− Electric Heat (factory setting)
− Fossil Fuel (heat pump applications)
External Fossil Fuel Kit
− No External Kit Controlling Heat Pump Aux. Heat −
Thermostat controls dual fuel operation (optional
Outdoor Temperature Sensor required)
− External Fossil Fuel Kit Controls Heat Pump Aux. Heat
Four tests are available for the Installer to check the HVAC
system after thermostat set−up has been completed.
1. Installer Test Cool
2. Installer Test Fan
3. Installer Test Heat
4. Installer Test Emergency Heat
Please refer to the Installation Instructions for detailed
For use with residential equipment only.
Temperature Setting Range
Heating − 40 to 90°F (4.5 to 32°C)
Cooling − 50 to 99°F (10 to 37°C)
Power Supply
24VAC (20 to 30VAC maximum), 50/60Hz
or 3 AAA batteries only (furnished)
Clock Accuracy
± 1 minute per month
Dimensions (H x W x D)
5−1/2 x 7−7/8 x 1−5/16 in. (140 x 200 x 33 mm)
Ordering Information
L5711U (X4146) − 1 Heat/1 Cool − Universal Compatibility
Terminals: R, C, W, Y, G, O/B, L, S1, S2
L5732U (X4147) − 3 Heat/2 Cool − Universal Compatibility
Terminals: R, C, W, W2, Y, Y2, G, O/B, L, E, AUX, S1, S2
Outdoor Temperature Sensor − X4148
When installed outdoors, sensor allows thermostat to
display outdoor temperature.
NOTE − Sensor is required for dual fuel operation if
thermostat controls dual fuel system operation.
Additional Installer settings are available for the following:
− Cycle Per Hour for Cooling and Heating Stages
− Backlight Operation
− Compressor Lock−out
− Changeover
− Deadband
− Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature Display
− Daylight Savings
− Outdoor Temperature Sensor
− Lock−out for Heat Pump Compressor and Aux. Heat
− Intelligent Recovery
− Number of Periods
− Min. Compressor Off" Time
− Heat / Cool Temperature Range
− Clock Format
− Heat / Cool Extended Fan On" Time
− Maintenance Reminders
− Keypad Lock−out
− Heat / Cool Temperature Control
− Temperature Display Offset
− Reset Thermostat
Please refer to the Installation Instructions for detailed
Comfortsenset 5000 Touchscreen Thermostat / Page 3
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Contact us at 1−800−4−LENNOX
NOTE − Due to Lennox’ ongoing committment to quality, Specifications, Ratings and Dimensions subject to change without notice and without incurring liability.
Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage or personal injury.
©2008 Lennox Industries Inc.
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer and servicing agency.
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