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Animated Lighting Haunted House in a Box Operating instructions
Assembly and
Operating Instructions
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Haunted House in a Box • Assembly and Operating Instructions
Haunted House in a Box is a plug-and-play controller from Animated Lighting designed for home and
business owners to quickly build an advanced haunted scene complete with motion detection, light effects, and sound effects. The controller can ship with optional accessory packages that include a variety
of lights and triggers to build a haunted scene or customers can use their own light fixtures and other
Halloween decorations with the controller.
Upon opening Haunted House in a Box, you should find the
items in the following list. Items marked with an asterisk (*)
are shipped only to customers who purchase the Haunted
House in a Box accessories package. Items marked with two
asterisks (**) are available in the trigger accessory package.
• Animated Lighting’s 16-channel light controller and
custom audio controller in a protective enclosure with
power cord receptacles.
• One motion sensor **
• One hand-held trigger **
• Two spotlights for lightning effects *
• One strobe light *
• One black light *
• Assorted mini-lights for completing the haunted scene *
• A pair of amplified speakers for broadcasting the included spooky soundtrack *
To complete the installation of Haunted House in a Box, you might need to supply extension cords to
enable the lights to be placed further away from the control box. Other possible items you might need
to supply include an audio extension cable for the speakers and duct tape for securing wires that cross
walking paths.
Because every house is different, a definitive guide for placing lights
and the controller is not possible. Your best bet is to experiment with
different placements of the lighting fixtures to get the effect you want.
By way of getting you started, here is a suggested configuration for a
house with a short walkway to a front door using our accessories:
• Place the motion sensor approximately six feet away from the
front door on one side of the front walk.
• Place the hand-held trigger either inside the door or at another location where a person can operate
it without being seen.
• Place one speaker on each side of the front walk. (Some of the sound effects are in stereo and will
sound better if the speakers are spaced apart from each other.)
• String the mini-lights in bushes or other areas of each side of the front walk. Optionally, you can
line each side of the front walk with the mini-lights.
• Flood lights can be placed pointing at the front of the house or down on the front walk. You’ll probably want to put one flood light on one side of the walk and on the other.
• Put both the black and strobe lights near the front door.
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Haunted House in a Box • Assembly and Operating Instructions
Locate the channel numbers
0 through 15 next to the
power receptacles inside the
Run the cords from your
lights into the box through
the holes on the bottom.
Connecting Lights: To connect your lights to the controller, locate the channel numbers 0 through 15
next to the power receptacles on the inside of the controller box. Next, run the cords from your lights into
the holes on the bottom of the box and plug each strand into the corresponding receptacle as indicated:
Channel Number
Suggested Item to Plug In
0 or 8
Strobe light
1 or 9
Flood light #1
2 or 10
Flood light #2
3 or 11
Black light
4 or 12
Orange mini-lights #1
5 or 13
Orange mini-lights #2
6 or 14
Available for your lights or decorations
7 or 16
Available for your lights or decorations
NOTE: You can connect other devices to the available outputs (6, 7, 14 and 15). Just be
sure the total load at any point in time does not exceed 15 amps for channels 0-7 and 15
amps for channels 8-15.
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Haunted House in a Box • Assembly and Operating Instructions
You will plug the motion sensor and
the hand-held trigger switch into this
Connecting inputs: Connect the motion sensor and hand-held trigger switch (supplied with an accessories pack purchased or supplied by you) to the controller by inserting the green, four-pin connector
into the match green connector on the top edge of the side board. Each trigger will alternate between
two different sequences, thus providing an element of surprise and increasing the number of triggered
routines available.
Input Receptacle
Trigger received
Sound That It Plays
Motion sensor
First trigger
Male Scream
Second trigger
First trigger
“Hello children...”
Second trigger
Hand-held trigger switch
Connecting the Speakers: Plug the speakers into a receptacle that looks like a standard headphone jack
on the top edge of the side board. (Note: The speakers are not rated for outside use. You will want to
completely protect them from wet weather.)
You will plug the speakers into
this receptacle. It looks like a
standard headphone jack.
Press this button to switch between the two different modes.
Continuous mode vs. Trigger-only mode: You can switch the Haunted House in a Box between two
modes - continuous play and trigger-only. In continous mode the controller will play various lights and
sounds. In trigger-only mode the controller will turn all lights off and stay silent until a trigger is received. Once the trigger has finished playing the controller will revert back to being quiet until the next
trigger has been received.
You can switch between the two different modes by depressing the Mode button on the top edge of the
side board in the controller. The “A” LED will indicate the currently selected mode.
“A” LED Indicator
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Haunted House in a Box • Assembly and Operating Instructions
All connected? Plug it in! After you have made all the connections, plug both male controller plugs
coming from the bottom of the enclosure into power outlets.
Here is how the Haunted House in a Box lights and sounds program cycles when in continuous mode:
Items activated
Active Channels
Black light, mini lights, open 6
Ramps, fades, sparkles
All lights flash to thunder
Blinks, ramps, fades
Flood lights
Ramps, fades
Nearby Werewolf
Strobe, open 6, mini lights
Ramps and fades
Spooky Night
Black light, mini lights
Blinks, ramps, fades
Various lights
Ramps, fades
Evil Laugh
Flood light #1, mini lights
Flickers, ramps, fades
Strobe light, black light, open 7
Shimmers, ramps, fades
Male Scream
Strobe light, flood light #2, open 6
Ramps, fades
Bell toll
Mini lights, open 7
Pop-fades, ramps, fades
Distant Werewolf
Strobe light, black light, mini lights
Ramps, fades
Female Scream
Flood light #2, mini lights
Ramps, fades
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Haunted House in a Box • Assembly and Operating Instructions
• Power: 120VAC input, 30A total load limit
• Input: Two +5VDC digital inputs. (For use with optional motion sensors and trigger switch.)
• Outputs: Sixteen 120VAC power outputs, each rated at 10A and one female 1/8” stereo linelevel audio output
• Enclosure: weather-resistant after cables have been appropriately connected and holes sealed
A functional Haunted House in a Box has the following features:
1. Two red heartbeat LEDs that flash on the side circuit board.
2. A green LED that lights up when the unit is running the internal program.
3. A fan to keep the unit cool when controlling a large number of lights.
If these features in your Haunted House in a Box are not working properly, check to ensure both power
cords are connected to an outlet that has power.
If the unit still isn’t playing any sounds or controlling lights, perform the following steps:
1. Remove power (unplug both cords) from the Haunted House in a Box controller.
2. Remove (unplug) all motion sensors, switches, and other inputs from the controller.
3. Plug the controller back into an outlet and re-check all of the indicators.
4. If the LED indicator lights turn on but you don’t hear any audio then your unit is in trigger-only
mode (i.e. the “A” LED indicator is off) and will not play any audio or turn on any of the outputs.
Press the mode button while the controller is powered on to switch to continuous mode.
5. If you still don’t hear any audio make sure the speakers are powered on, the volume knob on the
speakers is turned up, and the speakers are connected to the controller.
There will be a yellow/amber LED that lights on the side board when one of the main fuses is blown.
These fuses are located under the plastic panels that have the channel/output numbers printed on them.
Be sure to remove power from the controller before removing the panels and the fuses.
If you’re still having problems after performing these steps, please contact Animated Lighting support
at 816-941-0400 or for assistance.
• Phone: 816-941-0400 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, M-F excluding holidays)
• Email:
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