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Aulika TOP - Espresso Services
The new frontier in OCS and small Horeca
Aulika TOP and TOP RI
Vending&Professional Division
March 2013
A new chapter in a long story of success
The best of the glorious “Royal” embedded
into a new family.
The best of the newest Philips and Saeco
innovation in a winning combination.
“Aulika”: the perfect mix of tradition and
3 main trends have been clearly identified
in away-from-home coffee segment:
• Coherent beverage offer, including fresh
milk specialties, easy to be managed also
in “self service” environments
• Appliances able to lower operating costs:
high performing, heavy duty, low
• Good balance capacity/dimensions
Aulika purpose is to answer to that with a
new, modern and innovative proposition,
build upon the strong heritage of Saeco
machines that in the past created the full
automatic OCS/Small Horeca segment.
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Aulika TOP RI
Aulika TOP
The range
Aulika MID
Aulika Focus*
Current presentation is
referred to TOP and
TOP RI models
*Not available everywhere
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Aulika Top: main features
Large beverage variety endorsed by “Saeco quality-in-cup”
Outstanding fresh milk management:
- One Touch Cappuccino/Latte macchiato
- New high performing / heavy duty cappuccinatore
“pinless wonder”
Always ready:
- Large capacities
- Double circuit / Double pump
- independent hot water / steam wand
- Hydric net connection available
Designed for away-from-home environments,
managed via B2B specialized operator:
- Professional homologation
- Dedicated B2B SW architecture with full
customization and credit/consumption management
- key locks for containers
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Large Variety of beverages dispensed
“One touch”
solution for milk
For coffee
beverages: two
cups at the same
time just pressing
twice the beverage
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New Cappuccinatore “Pinless Wonder”
Using a patented technolgy, the new pinless
wonder cappuccinatore ensures the best
quality in cup for milk based beverages.
The high delta temperature and the uniformity of
the milk foam are the basic ingredients for
perfect recipees. The flow of the milk during the
dispensing is regular and without splashing.
It’s a Plug and Play device
to be inserted in the nose
of the machine
Pinless wonder technology is also less
sensible to “wrong” (or missing) cleaning,
keeping its frothing performance even in the
toughest working conditions.
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In-cup Quality at the highest level
The in-cup quality of the products dispensed by
Aulika is constantly monitored at the end of the
assembly line before packaging.
Periodically, an internal panel of coffee experts
runs deeper testing.
Being the milk beverages the “battle-horse” for
Aulika, Saeco ran also tests with external
independent third parties (“CSI - Italian Tasters
The result was very good: the latte macchiato
quality has been declared at the highest level,
thanks to temperature, milk frothing and layer
structure perfectly respondent to the
requirements*. Today, 8 months after Aulika
launch, the result is reconfirmed by the
enthusiastic feedback from the markets.
* Tests done on different product (new Royal OTC), but using the same
technology adopted in Aulika.
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High daily productivity without hassle (high capacity)
Coffee bean
container: 1 kg
Water tank: 4 lt
Drip tray: 1 lt
Coffee cakes
container: 40 pcs
Additional tray to
store sugar/stirrers
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Always ready to perform at the best
Conical grinder
- Stainless steel
- Grinder degree easy to be set
(mechanical lever, 8 steps)
- able to process large quantities of
coffee beans
- less sensitive to external elements
that sometimes could be found in
coffee (stones, pieces of wood etc)
Double Circuit / Double pump
The two independent hydraulic
systems with double boiler and double
pump (high pressure espresso and
low pressure for steam) ensure
always the optimal conditions for the
best product in cup, immediately
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When the daily consumptions are very high: hydric net connection available!
2 models
Aulika TOP RI
(water tank + hydric
net connection)
Aulika TOP
(water tank only)
Important note: upgrade possible after purchase if needed! Aulika TOP standard
model (with water tank only) can be easily upgraded to RI version buying and
installing a proper kit.
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Easy to use professional interface, fitting also “self-service” environment
Dot matrix display,
showing text and
animated icons (e.g.
progressing bar while
6 large direct buttons for
main beverage selections
(+2 operational)
Big icons with clear
17 different languages,
settable via SW
Safety controls (e.g.
macchiato not
dispensed if
cappuccinatore not
inserted into the nose)
Rounded and inclined
interface (highest visibility
during use)
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Buttons meaning (left side detail)
1. Short espresso
2. Long espresso
3. Hot water
Entering into the
special menù (4th
- American coffee
- Extra long coffee
- Hot milk
- Steam*
(other recipees can be
added on request)
* Steam (considered
dangerous in some
environments) can be
disactivated via SW
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Buttons meaning (right side detail)
Milk beverages:
5. Cappuccino
6. Latte macchiato
7. Manual activation of
the cleaning cycle for
(explained later)
8. Stand-by (with
blinking led)*
* the main power
switch is located on
the back (close to
power cord)
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Adjustable dispensing position, to fit all available glasses
Espresso/Coffe position:
- Dispensing nose in lower
- Cappuccinatore not
Cappuccino position:
- Dispensing nose in
standard position
- Cappuccinatore
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Latte macchiato position:
- Dispensing nose in rear
- Cappuccinatore installed
Premium looking
Not only performances, but also good-looking. Modern, robust and relatively compact.
Interface/front with
stainless steel
metal frame
Sides and rear in
metal (structural)
black painted
Double layer
painting on plastic
parts(silver +
premium, long
lasting, easy to
Grid in stainless steel
Bottom socket in full
metal black painted
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Born for professional operators: dedicated B2B SW with 2-levels rights
Final user is enabled to:
- Get his/her product
- Run daily maintenance when/if needed
- Set his/her product length (if “memo
function” is activated by operator)
Final user will not:
- change machine parameters
- change beverage setting apart from
- access credit management
- run periodic maintenance
Operator is enabled to:
- Access to all menus (via buttons
combination, protected by password)
- customize all parameters for products
- customize coffee aroma (quantity of
powder into the infusion chanber)
- check consumptions and charge credits
- run periodic maintenance (e.g. descaling,
change water filter)
- if needed, lock beans/water containers
and doors
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Beverages customization and memo function
Beverages can be customized in depth and independently. Two examples of
settings (short espresso and latte macchiato).
Coffee strength
Manually adjusted
(mechanical lever, 6 steps)
* Memo function
In-cup quantity
Fully adjustable via SW by
3 steps via SW
In order to facilitate the setting
of the quantity in-cup, it is
possible to use the “self
learning” function, often called
“memo function”.
3 steps via SW
Coffee strength
In-cup quantity
In-cup quantity
Manually adjusted
(mechanical lever, 6 steps)
Fully adjustable via SW by
3 steps via SW
3 steps via SW
Fully adjustable via SW by
Name, author, date
It’s enough to:
- keep pressed the button of the
desidered beverage for 3
seconds, then the machine will
enter in memo function;
- the machine will start the
- once reached the desidered
quantity, the user will press ESC
- the machine will register the
length and will dispense the
same amount in the future (for
that drink)
Eco friendly
A class energy label,
according to FEA Swiss
Time to stand-by can be
set by according to
location needs.
in stand-by the power
consumption is less
than 0,2 W
Eco mode function,
settable via SW
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Easy Maintenance (daily): automatic rinsing and cappuccinatore cleaning
Coffee circuit is cleaned via automatic rinsing every time
the machine is switched on and off. No need of activation
by final user.
Cappuccinatore uses fresh milk, therefore a proper
maintenance is required. The process is very easy: after
each use (or after a series of milk dispensings) it’s enough
to press “Clean” button and follow the instructions that will
appear on the display (put some water into a jug; put the
silicon tube into the jug; push ok to start).
At the end of the day, a deeper cappuccinatore cleaning is
suggested: the cappuccinatore is very easy to be
dismantled and can be rinsed under the tap water or put
into the dishwasher.
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Easy Maintenance: brewing unit (weekly), descaling/change filter (when needed)
The brewing unit is at the heart of
every fully automatic coffee machine
and it should always be kept clean: a
task that doesn’t get any more
convenient than with a Saeco.
Remove, rinse and
re-insert – done!
The machine will automatically count the water liters passed
throu the water circuit and will automatically show when
decalcification and water filter replacement are needed.
This according to the water hardness set by the operator,
who is only enabled to run this periodic maintenance.
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Other relevant features
Dimensions and weight
Professional homologation
Aulika is pursuant to professional
homologation 60335-2-75.
This means that the machine is explicitly
declared as able to work properly in awayfrom-home environment.
22 kg
574 mm
RI 23 kg
452 mm
334 mm
Key to lock containers and door
Aulika is ordered as single
code but 2 different boxes
will be delivered: main body +
socket. Then the operator will
connect the 2 item together
during installation.
Important note: main body
doesn’t work without socket.
Pallet: 8 main bodies + 8
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Accessories and next developments
Under development
Aulika with
milk cooler
(peltier system)
New hooking system for the milk pipe:
plastic element positioned as in the
picture, will keep milk pipe adjacent to
the front of the machine
Aulika with
Astra fridge
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