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Ag Leader Technology INTEGRA Specifications
Ag Leader helped pioneer the precision farming industry with the Yield Monitor 2000,
the first widely adopted and successful piece of precision farming equipment. In the time
since the arrival of the yield monitor, the industry has seen rapid advances. And, as we
move into the middle of the 2010s, Ag Leader is still renowned for its line of cutting-edge
products that help growers achieve at a higher level year-round.
But don’t just take my word for it. Reach out to folks in the ag community whose opinions
you value and ask about Ag Leader. I’m confident you’ll hear some very positive things
about our company.
In asking around, you might hear how Ag Leader is an independent company. We aren’t
tied to a major farm equipment or seed corporation. This independent spirit allows us to
build inclusive products that work with any color of equipment.
2015 Ag Leader | 2
2014 Ag Leader | 2
And you’re sure to hear stories relating Ag Leader’s commitment to providing industrybest support for all of our products. Our Technical Support Team is comprised of
precision farming experts who are dedicated to giving you responsive, knowledgeable and
friendly technical support.
Being an Ag Leader means you’re dedicated to increasing yields and maximizing profits
through increased efficiency in every aspect of your operation. It means you’re integrating
precision farming solutions the whole year round – from planting to harvest.
Are you an Ag Leader? If so, read on to see what’s next in precision agriculture.
Al Myers
President, Ag Leader Technology
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GPS 6000 &
6500 | Page 12
OnTrac3™ &
Page 15
8 section
Hydraulic Down Force
Page 18
AgFiniti® Map View | Page 38
2014 Ag Leader
New DirectCommand™ Features | Page 20
The in-cab display is the foundation of your precision operation. And, because
every farm and every farmer is unique, Ag Leader’s line of precision farming
displays gives you the flexibility to choose the right hardware to suit your needs.
Why Ag Leader Displays?
2015 Ag Leader
Compatible with any color equipment
Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreens
Year-round capabilities
Increased efficiency and input control
Collect and share valuable field data
8 of 10
ag users
report higher
*2012 Technology in Ag Study
Displays/GPS & Steering
Ag Leader® Integra
Better management decisions start with better field data.
• Ag Leader displays work seamlessly with SMS™ Software.
• Simplify setup by exporting grower, farm, field and boundary data as well as guidance lines and prescriptions
between SMS Software and the Ag Leader display.
2015 Ag Leader
• Use data collected from your display to create reports for insurance and trusted advisors, landlords and your own
profitable decision making.
• With AgFiniti® cloud-based platform, you can share and store data wirelessly from your display.
Ag Leader ® Integra
Cutting-edge precision farming technology.
This full-color, 12.1-inch, high-definition touchscreen display is designed for
easy viewing and interaction with all of your field activities, from planting through
harvest. Manage your precision farming operation efficiently from your cab with
the easy-to-use interface and responsive touchscreen.
And, no matter the color of your equipment, you'll get an unrivaled level of
control over your precision operation with the Ag Leader Integra display.
When you want the best user experience on the market, there's no match to
what the Ag Leader Integra display can bring to your farm. From integrated
guidance to control of your planter and application operations, the Ag Leader
Integra display is your powerful, year-round precision farming tool.
• Control and record all basic and advanced planting activities, including variable rate,
down force, seed monitoring and automatic section shutoffs.
• Log application data and manage spreading, spraying, direct injection, and crop
sensing activities, including multiple product control.
• Integrated guidance and automated steering functionality with OnTrac3™ assisted
steering and SteerCommand™ automated steering.
• Track varieties and view yield results and moisture readings for real-time yield
performance monitoring.
• Capacity for up to four external camera feeds.
• AutoSwath™ for automatic section control.
• ISOBUS capabilities including Task Controller and Virtual Terminal.
• Smart Report™ application report creation and AgFiniti® wireless file transfer.
• View field boundaries, obstacles and markers in real time.
2015 Ag Leader
Displays/GPS & Steering
Flexible performance in a compact package.
This 8.4-inch touchscreen display represents the ideal platform for any grower
looking for a single display to handle the most common planting, application and
harvest operations. Built on the industry-leading technology of the Ag Leader®
Integra display, Versa can also manage field data collection and implement
control duties, making it a great addition to your operation as a secondary display.
• Control and record all basic planting activities, including variable rate, automatic
section shutoffs.
• Log data and manage variable rate application of fertilizer and seed.
• Integrated guidance and automated steering functionality.
• Capacity for up to four external camera feeds.
• View and log yield results and moisture readings on-the-go.
• ISOBUS capabilities including Task Controller and Virtual Terminal.
• View field boundaries, obstacles and markers in real time.
Guidance and steering. Plain and simple.
The 7-inch touchscreen Compass is an entry-level display for guidance, automated steering and Virtual
Terminal functionality. With its user-friendly interface, Compass is designed for easy setup and operation,
allowing you to simply create a new event and get to work.
• Simple setup and operation with event-based management.
• Ideal for basic guidance and steering, and can be combined with OnTrac3™ assisted steering or
SteerCommand™ automated steering for advanced guidance functions.
• Space-saving design and built-in lightbar minimize cab clutter.
• Fullscreen coverage mapping.
• Virtual Terminal capability.
2015 Ag Leader
• Support for the most common and advanced guidance patterns, including SmartPath™.
Ag Leader® Integra
36 sections
36 sections
Display Size
Traditional Grower/Farm/Field Management
Event-Based Management
Coverage Mapping
Data Logging
Multiple Product Control
Camera Support
Wi-Fi Adapter
Wireless Data Transfer
Remote Display Viewing
Lightbar Guidance
Mechanical Assisted Steering
Hydraulic Automated Steering
Correction Sources
Hybrid/Variety Logging
Variable Rate Planting
Planter Section Control
Split-Planter Logging
Planter Population Monitoring
Advanced Seed Monitoring
Hydraulic Down Force Control
2015 Ag Leader
Ag Leader® Integra
10 sections
24 sections
10 sections
24 sections
up to 8
Liquid Product Application Control
ISOBUS Liquid Control Module
Variable Rate Application
Chemical Injection
Boom Height Control
External Switchbox
OEM Switch Input Support
Automatic Smart Report Generation
Wireless Smart Report Transfer
AutoSwath based on Previously Applied Maps
Container Sequencing
Advanced Summary Screen
Product Mix Templates
Dry Product Application Control
Closed Loop Spinner Speed Control
Air Seeder Support
OptRx® Crop Sensors
Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular)
Smart Report
Displays/GPS & Steering
up to 3
Grain Harvest
Harvest Variety Tracking
Load Variety Maps
Survey Collection
Intellislope® Plow Control
Topography Mapping
2015 Ag Leader
Virtual Terminal Support
Multiple Product Task Controller Support
Liquid Application
Granular Spreader
Air Seeder
Row Crop Planter
Guidance and
Stretch working hours, improve steering accuracy and view the field ahead, even
in darkness, with integrated display guidance. All Ag Leader displays feature an
advanced, integrated guidance system capable of multiple patterns. Combine
Ag Leader displays with OnTrac3™ assisted steering and SteerCommand™
automated steering for high-end guidance and steering systems.
SmartPath™ Pattern
Drive one pass through the field to establish a
custom guidance pattern based on your initial pass.
Center Pivot
A-B Pattern
SmartPath Pattern
Adaptive Curve
Identical Curve
A+ Pattern
2015 Ag Leader
| 10
Pattern Management
Save, load, reset, pause, resume, nudge and shift patterns from the
in-cab display.
Displays/GPS & Steering
Perspective View
Perspective view gives you a view of your field to the horizon – even if it’s too
dark to see the field.
Import/Export Patterns
Easily load saved patterns to the display or to your precision farming software
so you can easily match your path for later field operations.
Integrated Lightbar
Onscreen lightbar also includes cross-track error and pass number.
L160 Lightbar
The L160 CAN bus Lightbar features an easy-to-read display and configurable
LED spacing. A companion guidance system to either the Ag Leader® Integra or
Versa™ displays, the compact design makes it the ideal guidance tool for dash
or windshield mounting. Choose between “chase” or “pull” LED modes.
Adjustable brightness is ideal for daylight or night use. Displays cross-track error,
pass number and degree heading.
2015 Ag Leader
By mounting the L160
Lightbar on the windshield
or dash, operators can
monitor guidance by looking
straight ahead while keeping
their display easy to reach.
Offset a Headland from existing boundaries to provide a visual reference and
perform AutoSwath™ control.
| 11
GPS 6000, GPS 6500
Ag Leader offers a full range of GPS options for steering, field prep, variable rate, guidance, mapping and more. The GPS 6000 and GPS
6500 systems, as well as the GPS 6500 base station, provide accuracy, repeatability, range and simplicity.
GPS 6500 and 6000
• Differential corrections include RTK, TerraStar-D and WAAS/EGNOS.
• GLONASS standard.
• Outputs simulated radar speed.
• Up to 20 Hz (6500) or 10 Hz (6000) output.
• GLIDE offers improved accuracy without subscription-based differential correction.
• Increased signal uptime provided by standard StableLoc™ technology.
• LED diagnostics for at-a-glance system monitoring.
2015 Ag Leader
• Integrated magnets and included mounting plate with locating pins provide repeatable mounting.
• Sealed, compact, rugged design.
| 12
GPS 6500 RTK Base Station
Get sub-inch accuracy for tiling and other precision
farming operations. The GPS 6500 is a dualfrequency RTK base station for use with the fieldproven GPS 6500 smart antenna with Relay. Intended
for highly accurate tile installation and pass-to-pass
repeatability, the system can access multiple GNSS
signals, including GLONASS. Wi-Fi capability allows
for easy web browser setup from any smartphone
or tablet.
Field Preparation
Mapping (Point, Line, Area)
Variable Rate Controllers
Log Hybrid/Variety
< 1"
TerraStar - D
GPS 6500
Data from your field is an invaluable resource to help
you make better management decisions.
• Generate A-B guidance lines.
• Archive guidance lines from the field for future use.
• Import/export guidance lines to and from multiple
brands of guidance systems.
2015 Ag Leader
Intellislope (Tile Plow)
Integrated/Hydraulic Steering
Assisted Steering
GPS Differential Correction
GPS 6000
Displays/GPS & Steering
GPS Differential Correction
GPS 6500 with Relay
The Relay is the communication link delivering RTK
correction. The Relay mounts with the GPS 6500 unit
for an integrated, easy-to-install and move system.
900/400 MHz radio and CDMA/GSM cellular options
are available.
• Load multiple patterns and cycle among them easily
with a single button press using pattern groups.
| 13
OnTrac3™, SteerCommand™
Pair your Ag Leader display with our first-class steering systems to reduce operator fatigue and extend
working hours with OnTrac3™ assisted steering and SteerCommand™ automated steering systems.
• Auto-calibration provides simple vehicle tuning and calibration.
• Support for advanced guidance patterns, including SmartPath™ (see page 10 for guidance patterns supported).
• Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation accommodates for rolling ground and driving through waterways, ditches and
over terraces.
• Internal compass helps maintain steady heading.
• LED diagnostic lights offer at-a-glance system monitoring.
• Easily engage/disengage from in-cab display or optional foot switch.
2015 Ag Leader
| 14
OnTrac3 improves pass-to-pass accuracy the
economical way with simplified steering for any
modern tractor, combine, application rig or
other vehicle – without hooking into hydraulics.
Quick and Easy
Easily transfer OnTrac3 between vehicles
with the simple “Lock-n’-Roll" installation process.
More Power, Less Noise
Increased torque for faster steering is gained
through the clutchless, brushless Mechanical Drive
Unit, which also offers quiet operation.
No Friction
The gear driven motor eliminates slippage associated with friction-design
steering systems.
Intended Path
RTK Lost
RTK Back
Return to RTK
Displays/GPS & Steering
OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering
If RTK signal is lost, StableLoc™ transitions correction sources
until RTK signal is regained.
StableLoc maintains accurate steering – even when your correction
signal is temporarily lost – by seamlessly transitioning to the next available
signal source. When the signal is restored, the system will then transition
back to the higher accuracy source, eliminating position jumps.
Automated Steering
The new SteerCommand automated steering controller offers leading precision
steering performance when paired with GPS 6500.
High Accuracy
Access CORS and other RTK networks for repeatable sub-inch accuracy with
GPS 6500 combined with Relay 900 MHz, 400 MHz, CDMA or GSM.
Get maximum compatibility with custom installation kits offered for over 600
different vehicles.
2015 Ag Leader
Leading GNSS Solutions
GPS 6500 with SteerCommand supports GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar-D
and RTK.
| 15
SeedCommand ™
Each planting season you get just one chance to get it just right. Making sure
your planter is performing optimally and each seed is being placed in the right
environment for growth is critical and can pay big dividends. With SeedCommand,
you can take charge with all the information and control at your fingertips.
• Eliminate overplanting for lower seed costs and improved yields with AutoSwath™.
• Lengthen planting windows by planting at night with full automation.
• Reduce skips and doubles – especially with variable seed shapes and sizes.
• Gain insight by mapping and logging seed varieties, planting rates, planting dates and
other items recorded during planting or seeding.
• Maximize yield through variable rate planting.
• Experience uniform germination, emergence and plant stand with Hydraulic
Down Force.
• Automate row and section shutoff functions with SureStop® electric clutches for
chain-drive meters and SureVac™ electric row shutoff.
The Result:
2015 Ag Leader
Proper seed
depth can
impact yield
by as much as
*Independent Seed
Company Studies.
| 16
Planter Performance
Complete planter monitoring functions eliminate the need
for a secondary planter monitor.
Maps and Recordkeeping
Record and map the location of hybrids/varieties in
real time.
Seeding Rate
Control variable rate seeding based on prescription maps.
Track singulation for skips/doubles and spacing on a
row-by-row basis.
Seed Placement
2015 Ag Leader
View seed placement position in the trench as well as
singulation quality for each row simultaneously.
| 17
Hydraulic Down
Force System
Up to 8 sections of control and multiple configurations available.
Controlling a planter’s down force is a proven way to
improve consistent emergence and promote healthy
root development across the field. Ag Leader's
Hydraulic Down Force System drastically improves
on air bag systems, providing instant response
and adjustment according to changing soil and
field conditions.
Row-by-Row Sensing
Row by row sensing monitors the down pressure needs
of each row to allow for consistent planting depths across
various topography and soil conditions.
Stress-minimizing Accumulator
Accumulator acts as a cushion to minimize row unit
stress and bounce cause by in-field obstacles like rocks.
Works with VT Capable Display
ISOBUS module lets you choose 1–4 sensors per
channel and provides functionality with any Virtual
Terminal capable display.
Down Force Monitoring
2015 Ag Leader
Monitoring down force allows the operator to see the
variation in down force requirements as soil and planting
conditions change.
| 18
Air Bag System
Hydraulic Down Force System
Up to 20-Second Response
Instantaneous response
Planters running an airbag system could take up to 20 seconds to
inflate enough to create the proper down force, resulting in inconsistent
planting depth.
Planters with Hydraulic Down Force respond to soil
variations in one second, resulting in more uniform planting
depth, consistent emergence and increased root development.
The response
difference? A
quarter acre using
a 24-row planter.
How HDF Pays
2015 Ag Leader
*Independent Seed Company Studies.
| 19
DirectCommand ™
DirectCommand™ has simply revolutionized application. The unique
AutoSwath™ feature decreases overapplication – reducing input costs and
improving environmental stewardship while increasing your productivity.
• Automatically turns sections on/off based on field boundaries, already-applied areas
and user-defined headlands – reducing overlap, spray drift and gaps.
• Controls application rates automatically based on prescription maps or manually
entered target rate.
• Enables variable rate application of single or multiple products.
• Records application activities, including applied areas, product volume and more.
• Reads up to three optional pressure sensors, eliminating need to monitor pressure
gauges outside the cab.
The Result:
2015 Ag Leader
7% average input savings from AutoSwath results
in 2 year ROI*.
*University Study
| 20
Way to Manage Product Mixes
Create collections of products that are
typically used for specific purposes throughout the year and store them in the display
(e.g., pre-emergence corn, post-emergence beans).
Built-in calculator identifies how much of
each ingredient is needed to achieve the
user’s desired tank volume.
To setup and track a particular mix,
simply check or uncheck boxes to
activate products.
ISOBUS Liquid Control Module
Compatible with ISOBUS standards for Virtual Terminal and Task Control. This
functionality allows using the system with other brands of Virtual Terminal and
Task Control compatible displays.
• Easy to use structured methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed
sensors that are critical to accurate system performance.
• Continuously monitors the relationship between product flow rates and system
pressure. This permits early detection and warning in event of a sensor failing or
drifting off previously calibrated baselines.
• Settings to automate boom prime and maintain a standby pressure to ensure
accurate product flow rates without lag in performance after initial machine fill
and every time boom is cycled on/off/on turning around at field headlands.
• Supports up to 24 boom sections for less overlap of product application.
2015 Ag Leader
| 21
DirectCommand ™
Spinner Spreader Control
• Simultaneous application of up to five granular products.
• Closed loop spinner speed control.
• Support for prescription map variable rate application.
• Easily create and edit product blends for accurate data logging of field applications.
Container Sequencing
Container Sequencing for the Ag Leader® Integra display allows application of the
same product (discrete products or blends) sequentially from multiple containers.
• Control up to three granular products via Ag Leader's Granular Strip-Till module.
• When product container is low or empty,
system automatically advances product
application to the next designated
container in the sequence.
• Simultaneously control anhydrous and nitrogen stabilizer with the addition of Liquid
and Chemical Injection control modules.
• Supported on spinner spreader
• Apply fertilizer only where it's needed with prescription map variable rate application.
• User is alerted when system advances
product application to the next container.
Strip-Till Fertilizer Control
• Data logging of both granular and liquid applications.
• Intuitive setup allows container
sequencing to be added to existing
2015 Ag Leader
• Sequence can easily be edited to fit
application needs without having to create a
new configuration.
| 22
Simplify application reporting (both liquid and granular) with an easy way to generate detailed Smart
Reports™ for government recordkeeping.
Smart Report™
• Reports provide location, product information,
applied totals, field areas, as-applied maps and field
• Enter basic information about weather, soil conditions,
products used, etc.
• Automatically generate PDF reports that can be saved,
emailed or printed.
• Auto-generation of reports each time you finish a field.
• Requires no additional software.
Track by Operator, Machine or Date
Easily export all Smart Reports to AgFiniti .
• Filter application data by field, event, configuration,
operator or date.
• See breakout by total acres that each operator has
• Batch Smart Reports by day, week, month or entire
season for easy recordkeeping.
| 23
2015 Ag Leader
• View application for a specific date range.
OptRx ®
Nitrogen needs can fluctuate substantially within a field. Using light reflectance, OptRx looks directly to the
plant for critical information. By accurately measuring the health of the crop, you can apply nitrogen right
where it’s needed.
Implementing sensor technology into your nitrogen management program provides a proven method of
achieving gains in profitability across all side-dressed and top-dressed acres – season after season – allowing
you to easily and effectively capture lost yield by responding to field variability in real time.
• Capitalize on the variability that exists due to changing weather and soil conditions.
• Invest more nitrogen in regions that will respond favorably and apply less in regions that are nitrogen-rich.
• Achieve higher yields by responding to plant stress undetected by the human eye.
• Generate and implement a variable rate nitrogen prescription that adapts to ever year’s unique conditions, without
paying a per-acre fee.
• Compensate for variability of in-field nitrogen caused by fluctuating concentrations of nitrogen in manure, as well as
limitations associated with manure spreading equipment.
• See the potential of as much as a 10 bu/acre benefit by fine-tuning your nitrogen program.
2015 Ag Leader
| 24
OptRx changes the nitrogen game from an educated guess to a sophisticated strategy based on measured
plant needs, the user’s preference and their existing nitrogen program. In the map below, red and yellow
coloring indicates nitrogen deficient areas. OptRx then works with DirectCommand™ to control variable
rate application, ensuring the correct balance of nitrogen is distributed appropriately throughout the field.
Additionally, you can use OptRx to apply any chemical on any crop by creating your own prescriptions using
the rate table.
How OptRx Pays:
Earn an additional $10-15*
profit/acre using OptRx.
ROI on 3 sensor
system = 1050 acres
OptRx Profit Calculator
Based on $3.00/bu corn.
| 25
2015 Ag Leader
*University and OEM Trials
Yield Monitoring
The original is still the most trusted. That’s why Ag Leader’s system is the most widely used grain yield
monitoring technology in the world. Create and view yield and moisture maps in real-time while harvesting
and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield. With the variety of information collected, you’ll be able
to use each harvest season’s data to improve your yield results year after year.
Additionally, the moisture readings collected as crops are harvested give you the ability to plan and manage
grain storage options while still in the cab.
• View yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on performance.
• Overlay planting maps with real-time harvest maps to view instant variations by hybrid/variety in the field.
• AutoSwath™ for harvest provides accurate data when harvesting point rows and partial swaths.
• At-a-glance information provided by harvest summary screen shows number of acres harvested, total and average
bushels and more.
• Decide how to store your grain based on moisture readings in the field.
• Improve seed selections based on yield data over multiple years.
2015 Ag Leader
| 26
Grain is fed into the harvester’s elevator where sensors
read the moisture content of the grain.
As the grain is delivered to the holding tank, the mass
flow sensor monitors yield.
Information on both yield and moisture from the
sensors is recorded by the Ag Leader® Integra or
Versa™ display mounted in the cab.
The Result:
* Based on 180 bu/ac avg yield at$3.00/bu
| 27
2015 Ag Leader
Data is key to increasing profitability through management decisions
that lead to increases in yield.
Just a 5% increase in yield could mean $30+/acre profit*.
Water management is a critical component to maximizing yields and productivity. The decision to install an
adequate drainage system will provide the largest and fastest return on investment in your operation. Intellislope
makes it possible for practically any farmer to install their own tile using their own equipment, while achieving
professional results.
The one-time investment in drainage tile can benefit the farmer for years to come in a variety of ways.
• Increase all field-activity windows from pre-plant land preparation to post-harvest operations.
• Reduce soil compaction by removing gravitational water faster.
• Minimize the loss of nitrogen as a result of denitrification due to poor drainage.
• Enhance healthy root development in early wet seasons to better sustain the crop in dry seasons.
• Promote rapid soil warming for earlier planting windows and better crop development.
• Improve land value and overall productivity.
Promote Root Development
2015 Ag Leader
Well-drained soils encourage deeper root
development and healthier crops.
Saturated soils lead to shallow root growth and poor
plant development.
| 28
Water Management
The Intellislope® tile plow control system makes
installing tile easy, eliminating the need for
complicated laser surveying equipment. If you
can drive a tractor, you can install drainage tile
with Intellislope.
Can be done ahead of time with an ATV, or at the time
of installation with the tile plow utilizing RTK GPS (see
page 13 for more information). Collect surveys by
driving over the path where tile needs to be placed to
collect the surface elevation.
Enter the desired minimum/maximum target depths, as
well as the minimum grade to drain excess water from
the field. This can be done in the field or with the SMS™
Advanced Water Management Module (see page 30 for
more information).
Use the plan you created to install tile using AutoTile® to
adjust the depth of the plow automatically. You can also
use Grade or Pitch control to manually adjust the plow.
How Tiling Pays
Topo View
$99/acre* $40/acre**
*The Ohio State University Bulletin 871-98. **Various university studies.
Based on $3.00/bu corn, $9.00/bu soybeans and $5.00/bu wheat.
| 29
2015 Ag Leader
Visualize variations in
elevations that are
difficult to see with the
naked eye, ensuring tile
is placed in the lowest
areas of the field, where
you’ll get the most out of
your investment.
SMS Water Management Module
Manage the water in your fields with the same precision you manage the rest of your
resources. SMS™ Water Management Module allows you to strategically design field
tile plans based on precise supporting RTK topography layers. Once the tile plan is
designed, SMS will validate plans to ensure the desired drainage level is achievable.
Importing survey and installed tile data from the Ag Leader® Integra display to SMS
Software provides a seamless way to manage and track improvements in crop yield
where tile has been installed.
• Create ideal field tiling plans without the difficulty of manual calculations.
• Easily validate that tile runs are sized appropriately to meet drainage capacities.
• Export premade tile plans to field display for efficient in-field installation.
• Share tile plans with others using mapping programs like Google Earth™ mapping service.
• Edit, move and expand existing tile runs to create an updated tile plan.
• Ensure proper tile sizing using the Drainage Coefficient tool.
• Convert previous tile installations and export to display for reference.
• Create the best field tile plan by comparing multiple installation plans for cost and
drainage efficiency.
• Module checks for and displays minimum tile size needed.
• Velocity failsafe ensures tile is laid on a grade appropriate for the soil texture at the
intended depth.
View multiple reference layers for
tile planning.
2015 Ag Leader
3D View
Soil Type
Existing Tile
Contours Flow Arrows
| 30
Water Management
Tile Plan Editor
with Reference
Special Tools for tile layout.
Profile Settings for proper
grade of each run.
Reference layer legend.
Warning area for size,
flowable solution, and
Soil profile showing soil surface, placement of the tile run and connections.
Stats area showing actual and target capacity.
3-D View
Terrain Analysis
Settings for the desired Drainage Coefficient ensure proper
sizing throughout the plan.
Analyze drainage and tiling needs.
Display slope, identify watersheds, drainage areas,
wetness potential, flow direction and more.
| 31
2015 Ag Leader
User Settings for Drainage Coefficient:
SMS ™ Software
We understand that smart management decisions are a must in your precision
farming operation. And, because you may have data from different systems and
sources, we aim to support as many data types as possible. SMS was developed
with this in mind, so you can make well-informed decisions based on all your
data. Whether the data is from planting, fertilizing, spraying, harvest or guidance,
SMS can house and organize all of it for easy access.
• Organize, plan and manage field operations.
• View and print maps, reports and operation summaries.
• Layer maps of field applications (tillage, planting, spraying, harvest, etc).
• Create reports and maps that can be used to satisfy government reporting and
regulatory compliance for application documentation.
• Track and store multi-year trends in your fields.
• Analyze data to determine areas of improvement and make more profitable decisions.
• Easily track operational expenses and income, which can be included in financial
reports and print layouts.
SMS Software Supports
2015 Ag Leader
Ag Leader
• Case IH
• Hemisphere GPS
• ISO 11783
• John Deere
• New Holland
• Precision Planting
• Shape, Image,
Text Files
• LIDAR Files
| 32
SMS™ Basic
Use information captured from your entire operation
– planting, application, harvest and more – to turn
data into smart management decisions with the
powerful SMS Basic desktop software.
SMS™ Features
Project Management
SMS™ Mobile
Collect in-field information such as crop scouting,
soil sampling, boundaries and more with SMS
Mobile. Once data has been captured, seamless
integration with SMS Basic and Advanced desktop
software makes transferring your data simple.
SMS™ Advanced
Ag Leader's feature-rich SMS Advanced gives
growers and trusted advisors data management
across many acres, fields and operations. SMS
Advanced carries all of the features of SMS Basic,
plus additional tools and features designed for
superior analysis and report generation.
Basic Advanced
File Processing from Most
Precision Ag Displays
Sort Data by Geography
Generate Crop Plans
Create, Manage and Export
Guidance Lines
Print Summary Maps, Charts
and Reports
Write Simple Prescriptions
Aerial/Road Backgrounds
Query Tools to Analyze
Specific Areas
Check for Updates
Soil Survey Import (U.S.
Data Management
Data Management
Send/Receive Files with
Equation Writing
Calendar View
3-D Plotting and Terrain
Comparison Analysis
Correlation Analysis
Terrain Analysis
NDVI Analysis
Profit/Loss Mapping
Backup Scheduling
Cluster Analysis
Multi-Year Averaging
Display Elevation Surface
Multiple Data Storage
Dataset Playback
Booklet Printing**
Water Management**
Plot Prescription**
| 33
2015 Ag Leader
*Service available for purchase.
**Optional module.
SMS™ Basic
SMS Basic helps you to take data from your field and turn it into smart management decisions using
information gathered from planting through harvest. In a grower/consultant relationship, SMS Basic works in conjunction with
SMS Advanced, providing even more analytical tools and better insight into your precision farming operation.
• Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine yield influences.
• Create and manage soil sample points, grids and regions.
• Automatically download soil survey maps (U.S. only) for your fields.
• Export prescription maps to most precision displays currently on the market.
• Create reports and maps that satisfy government reports.
• Easily track operation expenses and incomes.
• Use AgFiniti to wirelessly send and receive data from your Ag Leader display.
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Guidance Planning
Charts and Graphs
Import, manage, store and transfer guidance patterns
or AB lines.
Create and export simple variable rate prescriptions for
seed, granular and liquid application.
Build and print maps, charts and reports.
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Data Management
SMS™ Advanced
For the Grower
With SMS Advanced, growers gain increased depth of information across
multiple years and variables, allowing for deeper insight into field-by-field trends
and their effect on yield.
For the Trusted Advisor
Crop consultants, insurance providers, custom service providers and seed
dealers benefit from the ability to manage an unlimited number of projects,
allowing for data analysis by individual fields or across an entire client base while
keeping data separate.
• Compare the effect any number of variables have on yield results.
• Combine data to help define management zones.
• Automate analysis functions to reduce time and generate consistent reports.
• Input satellite, photo or crop sensor imagery to view plant health.
Equation Writing
• Track speed, rate, elevation and more with pass-by-pass animated replays.
Build an equation to generate a variable
rate prescription, or other datasets
based on mapped layers, such as soil
sampling and/or grain harvest results.
Run these equations for a specific field
or across an entire project.
• Map out and plan where tile lines should be installed (optional module; see more
information on page 30).
• Create personalized booklets for each client including charts, graphs, maps, etc.
(optional module).
3D View
View your field using 3D maps to help
analyze drainage, tiling and
terracing needs.
• Strategically place and define in-field research plots in the office and use to plant in
the field (optional module).
• Use input cost and other financial information to generate map displays of profit/loss
across fields.
• Create a terrain analysis layer based on a field's topography to display slope, identify
watersheds, drainage areas, wetness potential, flow direction and more.
• Interface seamlessly with AgFiniti for quick upload/download of prescriptions, maps,
guidance lines, topo maps and more.
Comparison Analysis
Accurately view performance trends
across multiple years and crop types.
Easily compare how different field or
operation variables (moisture, soil type,
fertilizer rates, etc.) affect results.
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Multi-Year Averaging
SMS Mobile
SMS Mobile allows you to collect in-field information such as crop scouting, soil sampling, boundaries and
more. It offers flexibility to work with most desktop software solutions, as well as syncing seamlessly with SMS
Basic and Advanced. Information gathered from SMS Mobile can provide the extra detail needed to make
critical management decisions.
• Log and edit points, lines or polygons manually or with GPS for field scouting, tile mapping and other activities.
• Record swath-based coverage activities, including hybrid/varieties, tillage or application.
Scout specific field locations or navigate to previously
scouted locations to log detailed information on field/crop
conditions as well as insects, diseases or weeds observed.
• Quickly and easily collect crop health data in the field with supported sensors.
• Add picture notes while scouting to better document important pest observations.
• Display up to 4 real-time map statistics.
• Download and display satellite images for easy viewing in the field, and view 4 background layers simultaneously.
• Print PDF files, or save and email data directly from your device.
• Transfer all data seamlessly to SMS desktop software.
• Designed for use on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 8 machines.
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Create and navigate to specific soil sample sites. Drawing
tools are available to make and divide sampling zones for
specific area needs.
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Data Management
Enhance your SMS experience by using it in tandem with AgFiniti®, Ag Leader’s
cloud-based platform. With seamless data transfer between AgFiniti and SMS,
you open up added mobility, eliminating the need for USB storage devices
and giving your operation increased connectivity across software platforms
and devices.
Together, AgFiniti and SMS can make transferring, storing and
accessing crucial farm data simple and effective.
AgFiniti Map View
AgFiniti Map View provides easy access to all of your precision ag
(or site-specific) data from the convenience of your favorite web-enabled device.
Working in conjunction with the SMS desktop software, AgFiniti Map View offers
the flexibility of displaying precision data from the majority of today’s precision
farming systems. See important data such as row-by-row planting details,
fertilizer treatment zones, previous yield maps and more. Viewing your field
maps has never been this easy!
• Displays most mappable data available in SMS desktop software.
• Compatible across many web browsers (sizing limitations on some small devices such
as phones).
• Simple design makes seeing what you want easy.
• See values from all your field operations or reference data based on GPS or manual
location on your map.
• Simple query tool provides results for all mapped/available data.
• Multi-item mapping allows you to layer data.
2015 Ag Leader
• Adjustable legends for map data so you can view data the way you want.
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AgFiniti ®
Advanced technology made simple. More control. Easy access and collaboration. That's just the beginning. As information becomes more critical to decision making
and profitability, AgFiniti becomes the hub of your operation. Data from the field becomes information that can be accessed from anywhere and shared with trusted
advisors. Manage and monitor field activities from your home office. Access displays remotely. Connect your technology. Your data. Your partners. Your way.
• Easily connect to an Ag Leader® Integra or Versa™ display via USB Wi-Fi adapter.
• Choose your preferred wireless carrier and hotspot. No long-term wireless provider
contracts or proprietary modems needed.
• Data transfer speeds up to 4G (based on provider availability).
• Upload/download prescriptions, guidance lines, variety reference maps, tiling
data, field boundaries, Smart Reports™ and more, including data layers from
SMS™ Software.
• Securely store and manage your data online with an easy-to-use AgFiniti account.
• Seamlessly share your data with your trusted advisors, for easy collaboration and
decision making.
• Remote display viewing reduces downtime by allowing quick access to dealer support
and troubleshooting.
• You retain all ownership rights to your data, and you choose with whom to share it.
• In conjunction with SMS, view your precision ag data anywhere from your
AgFiniti account.
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Simple Setup, No Restrictions
Data Management
Connect the Ag Leader USB Wi-Fi Adapter to the Ag Leader® Integra or Versa™ display and select the best
wireless carrier for your area and Wi-Fi hotspot that fits your needs. No long-term cellular data contracts
or proprietary modems required.
Easy Access and Collaboration
Store all of your field data in one place and access your data anywhere - in the field, at the office, from your
tablet or even your smartphone. Collaborate with trusted advisors such as dealers, agronomists and farm
managers to share prescriptions, logged data and more.
Your Data is 100% Yours
Rest assured, your data is backed up and securely housed. Your data belongs to you and you control who
can access it. Ag Leader or any other third-party does not have access to your data.
Remote Support
Remote support allows you to give permission to farm managers, dealers and support technicians to view
your display in the field from a remote location. Resolve issues faster and reduce downtime with help just a
click away.
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Who you partner with for your precision farming technologies is
an important decision. Ag Leader has been a pioneer in precision
farming since the very beginning. In fact, Ag Leader has the most
complete lineup of precision farming technology available – both
hardware and software. Ag Leader’s network of precision farming
dealers and its team of dedicated support and training specialists
are behind you, granting you access to the best precision farming
support in the industry.
Ag Leader reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications, and improvements, or discontinue
manufacture at any time without notice or obligation. Ag Leader®, Ag Leader Technology®, SureStop®, OptRx®,
Intellislope®, AutoTile®, AgFiniti®, are registered trademarks of Ag Leader Technology Incorporated. Versa™, Compass™,
SteerCommand™, StableLoc™, AutoSwath™, SeedCommand™, SureVac™, DirectCommand™, Smart Report™, SMS™
Software are trademarks of Ag Leader Technology Incorporated. Copyright © 2014 Ag Leader Technology Incorporated
All other marks and owned by their respective companies represented herein: OnTrac3™ - Novariant, Inc., TerraStar –
NovAtel, Inc., New Leader – Highway Equipment Company, Controller Area Network (CAN) is the intellectual property of
Robert Bosch GmbH.
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