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argon audio DA2V2 Owner`s manual
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Owner’s manual
Dear Customer,
Quality has always been our driving force and founding
Argon Audio is a natural extension of this philosophy.
We have 20 years’ experience in creating and specifying
high quality products, manufacturing them and selling them
on to end users with Value-for-Money as the primary aim.
And Argon Audio is a brand fully compliant with these
Design, features and quality standards are all specified in
Denmark and manufacturing takes place in the Far East,
where quality vendors are highly competitive - and as a
result supply outstanding Value-for-Money products
– to the delight of both ourselves and our customers!
Thank you for choosing Argon Audio DA2V2 amplifier, we
hope it will bring you many years of enjoyment.
Please read this manual fully before unpacking and
installing the product.
We have during production and packing carefully checked
and inspected this amplifier.
After unpacking please check for any damage from
We recommend that you keep the original carton box and
packing material for any future shipping.
About DA2V2
The DA2V2 has been designed and engineered to achieve
outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a
product at this price point. Excellent build quality, reliability
and ease of use combine to make a product which if used
correctly will offer you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
Omitting all the usual gimmicks allows us to concentrate the
manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary to
reproduce good sound. The money we save is spent across
the design. Using Cirrus, AKM and Burr Brown D/A
convertors and digital processors. We use solid aluminium
cabinet and having USB audio input are just some of the
quality features we have added that you normally will find
only in products that costs two or three times the price of a
DA2V2. The minimalist design of the Argon DA2V2 and the
use of high quality components ensure that your amplifier
should last for many years. Argon DA2V2 is one of very few
true full digital stereo amplifiers on the market. Besides the
amplification being done by a power full digital 2X50 watt
RMS amplifier, DA2V2 also has future proof digital package
on connections. Actually DA2V2 has only one normal
analogue connection (just in case ). DA2V2 is as “future
proof” as it gets at this time and you can basically connect
any audio source, digitally.
Most audio sources have digital conversion but often of
poor quality. The D/A converters build into this DA2V2,
ensures you top quality D/A conversion of any digital audio
signal..It’s recommended to use digital inputs only – if
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Connecting your DA2V2
We recommend that you read the manual of your other
components carefully before connecting your DA2V2.
Please switch off all equipment when connecting your
The binding posts on the loudspeaker terminal accepts wire
up to Ø 4mm or cables with banana plugs.
Make sure that positive terminal binding posts on the
speakers (marked + and colored red) are connected to the
positive output terminal binding posts on the DA2V2 and
that the negative terminals on the speakers (marked – and
colored black) are connected to the negative output terminal
on the DA2V2. Now you can connect the audio source you
want. (read more about this on page 4 and forward).
Care and cleaning
We don’t recommend use of any solvents or cleaners on
Argon DA2V2 cabinet, the cabinet surface usually only
requires dusting or cleaning with a damp soft cloth
(only use cold clean water).
Environmental information
Argon DA2V2 complies with international directives on the
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in electrical
and electronic equipment and the disposal of Waste.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - the crossed
bin symbol indicates compliance and that the products must
be appropriately recycled or processed in accordance with
these directives.
Safety instructions
Please store this instruction manual for future reference.
Do not use this product near water or moisture. Clean only
with a dry cloth. Unplug this product from the wall outlet
before cleaning. Place the unit on a solid surface. Do not
block any ventilation openings. Do not put it in a closed
bookcase or a cabinet that may keep air from flowing
through its ventilation openings. Do not install near any heat
sources, such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other
appliances that produce heat. Protect the power cord from
being walked on or pinched, particularly at plugs and the
point where they exit from the product. Servicing is required
when the product has been damaged. Do not attempt to
service this product yourself. Opening or removing covers
may expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards.
Please contact the manufacturer to be referred to an
authorized service center near you. To prevent risk of fire or
electric shock, avoid over loading wall outlets, extension
cords, or integral convenience receptacles. Do not let
objects or liquids enter the product. Use proper power
sources. Plug the product into a proper power source, as
described in the operating instructions or as marked on the
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Front panel
MUTE the sound
Infra Red Eye for remote
1) Analogue
Digital input
Digital input
Digital input
Volume control
Notice: The above buttons marked with 1-4 are all input selectors that
each corresponds to a connection on the back side of DA2V2.
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Rear panel and connections
Out put for
active subwoofer
Connections to left and
right Passive speakers
Fuse holder, if fuse needs to be replaced only
use same type and value. IMPORTANT;
remember to unplug the power cable from
mains socket before opening the fuse holder
Input for analogue
player, CD player etc.
using RCA plugs
OPTICAL Digital input
for connecting audio
source with OPTICAL
OPTICAL Digital input
for connecting audio
source with OPTICAL
Digital input for
connecting audio
source with
(type B USB plug)
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Main Power connection
Remote control
DA2 comes with a remote control.
The remote control is a system remote control
that also can control Argon iNet6+ which is an
Internet tuner in same family as DA2.
The section with the white square around is
dedicated to DA2, as well as the Red Power
“ON” button saying “DA2”.
The rest of the controls on the remote are
dedicated iNet6+ (see page 10)
Controlling Bass, Treble and Balance levels
can only be done via the remote.
If DA2 is connected with a Argon iNet6+ they
have to be connected only by Optical digital
If iNet6+ is connected to DA2 via analogue
RCA the volume function on the remote will not
work properly.
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Connecting your speakers
Connect the RED (+) and BLACK (-) terminals from the left speaker to the corresponding terminals on the DA2V2.
Connect the RED (+) and BLACK (-) terminals from the right speaker to the corresponding terminals on the DA2V2.
Use good speaker cable, to enhance sound quality. Expect to pay around 4-6US$ pr meter.
The binding posts on the DA2V2 terminals accepts wire up to Ø 4mm or cables with banana plugs.
Insulation on cable must be stripped on all ends.
Connect your Argon DA2V2 to a subwoofer
Connect the single RCA plug to your Argon DA2V2 SUB OUT.
Your subwoofer need to have input for one RCA plug just like there is only one RCA output plug from the DA2V2.
Connect using this single RCA plug at both ends.
Your Subwoofer might have a Left and Right input. In this case you can choose between two options:
Option 1 is to use one single RCA connection on the subwoofer and you can choose either L or R input and leave the other one
Option 2 is to get a cable with one RCA plug at one end for connection to DA2V2 and two RCA (L and R) at the other end for
connecting to the Subwoofer.
To make things simple, we recommend you to use only one RCA at both ends, even though your subwoofer might have both an
L and R input.
Warning: You should never connect a Subwoofer using the speaker cables from your Argon DA2V2 as output to the
subwoofer. Using this option can seriously damage your Argon DA2V2.
Analogue audio connection
Your Argon DA2V2 is equipped with 1 analogue audio input.
The analogue input is of the left/right RCA type.
You simply connect the left/right RCA plugs to the corresponding plugs on ex. your CD player (if it doesn’t have digital output)
You can also use this connection for analogue sound out from a TV.
Note: that most new TV remotes can control the Argon DA2V2 volume if connected to variable TV audio out.
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Use of digital audio connection
Your Argon DA2V2 has 3 digital inputs
Optical digital 1
Optical digital 2
USB audio digital
The Optical digital connections are typically used for; newer TV’s, hi-fi products such as CD player, DVD players, Digital tuners
(like Argon iNet6+). Take a look at the back side of your audio source product and see what kind of digital output it has.
Notice; when using Optical cables, remember to remove the small plastic protection from each end of the optical cable.
Use of digital audio connection (USB Audio)
Your Argon DA2V2 is uniquely equipped with a USB Audio Digital input
A USB Audio Digital input means that you can connect a PC and directly play digital audio content from the PC.
Conversion of the signal from digital to analogue would normally happen in the PC, but often the D/A conversion quality in PC’s
are of poor standard.
DA2V2 has high quality build in D/A converters that converts the Optical signal in the DA2V2 with up till 16bit/96Khz and USB
digital audio with 16bit/48Khz. Notice: optical is not supported via Bluetooth to an Argon BT2. Instead, use analogue input on
DA2V2, if you intend to connect an Argon Audio BT2 Bluetooth adaptor.
What can you connect to USB AUDIO input?
USB digital audio input is shown on page 5 on the back panel description.
Your Argon DA2V2 is using a USB type B plug (similar to what many Printers use)
USB AUDIO is primarily intended for playback from a PC.
All PC’s have USB AUDIO out.
Connection will in most cases be a standard flat USB plug in the PC end and a USB type B plug for the DA2V2.
Other audio source products might also have USB AUDIO out. Refer to your audio source manual about this issue.
Notice that Apple iPod, iPhone etc, are not supported for USB AUDIO on DA2V2.
If you want to know more about USB and USB AUDIO you can check
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Notice: If DA2V2 is connected with a Argon iNet6+ they have to be connected only by Optical digital out/in.
If iNet6+ is connected to DA2V2 via analogue RCA the volume function on the remote will not work properly
Power Management (Auto Stand-by)
According to the EC regulations implemented January 1st.
2013 Argon Audio DA2V2 will automatically go into auto
standby if it is without a music signal for 20 minutes.
This rule is applied by the EC in order to save power
Basic Troubleshooting
If the LED does not light up, check...
that the AC power cord is firmly plugged into the rear panel
and wall outlet.
to make sure the amplifier rear panel power switch is ON.
that the amplifier is getting power from the wall outlet.
that the rear panel voltage match the operating voltage.
the fuse in the AC IN on the rear panel. If the fuse needs to
be replaced it is extremely important to replace only with
same fuse type and value.
If no sound output, check...
that the amplifier is turned on (blue LED illuminated)
to make sure the speakers are connected correctly
that the volume on the front panel is not all the way down.
the volume level on the iPod or other audio source.
If bass output is low, check...
speaker wire polarity (verify that wires are going to same
terminals on both speakers + to + and – to -)
Using Optical cable… ensure that you have removed the
small plastic covers from the Optical cable connections
Type: Full class D, digital amplifier
Inputs: Digital USB2.0, 2 x Optical digital,
Analogue L/R RCA stereo input
Output: SUB-OUT, 1 set speaker output
Main voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Distortion: @4ohm 20-20Khz 0,3% @8ohm 20-20Khz 0,2%
Input sensitivity: 500mV (RCA) analogue
Frequency Response: (-1db @1Khz): 20Hz-20Khz
Output Power: 2X50W (RMS @4ohm)
Resolution: USB2.0 16bit/48Khz, Optical max.
16 bit/96Khz
Optical processing: Burr Brown 2704 processed via Sp/diff
and then D/A converted by AKM4388A
Notice: optical is not supported via Bluetooth to an Argon
BT2. Instead, use analogue input on DA2V2, if you intend to
connect an Argon Audio BT2 Bluetooth adaptor).
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Argon DA2V2 is part of a small family that also consists of iNet6+.
iNet6+ is like DA2V2 a full digital product. iNet6+ is basically an Internet based tuner. Besides access to thousands of Internet
radio stations, iNet6+ also has digital DAB+ radio and streaming functionality from PC or UpnP drives.
If you are into the digital Internet era of streaming music, and if you want to complete the Argon family we strongly recommend
you to try out iNet6+.
Argon Stream 2,6 Full Digital, Internet and Streaming Midi-size Hi-Fi system
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
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