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Industrial Technology Solutions
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difficult networking
Communication and infrastructure solutions for
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Industrial controls controls
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Industrial Solutions
Industry Technology Solutions
Industrial environments present much harsher
In this brochure you will find a selection of
conditions than are found in typical office
solutions that are specifically designed for use in
environments. They not only often have extremes of
harsh environments.
temperatures, humidity, dirt, and corrosive materials,
they may also contain devices such as motors and
If you are interested in a customized solution,
mechanical switches, which cause a large amount of
please contact one of our technical specialists at
electromagnetic interference (EMI).
030-241 77 99 or
The challenge with industrial controls as well as
with other electronic devices intended for use in
these environments is to have them function reliably
in spite of adverse conditions.
This may mean using a device that’s built to
withstand harsh conditions, protecting the device
in a specialized cabinet, or both.
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Introduction & Content
Highlights and new products:
High-end KVM switching in a compact 1U design.
T he DKM FXC gives multiple KVM users fast, reliable
access to high-quality, real-time digital video plus a
whole host of peripherals across the enterprise.
See page 7.
What’s Inside
The challenges of industrial
environments______________________ 2-3
Factory Floor_________________________ 4-7
Traffic Signals_________________________ 8-9
Parking Garage_____________________ 10-11
Control Room______________________ 12-13
Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches.
Distribution Center_________________ 14-15
Cafeteria___________________________ 16-17
Tough, multiport switches that provide economical ways to
move data quickly and reliably in harsh environments.
See page 9.
Storing your equipment____________ 18-19
Safeguard your infrastructure and resources.
T he ServSensor monitors your equipment’s environmental variations,
and notifies you through email, SMS or SNMP alerts in your network
management system in advance to prevent any disaster.
See page 12.
DIN Rail______________________________ 4-5
Outdoor____________________________ 20-21
Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers________ 4
Media Conversion______________________ 5
KVM_______________________________ 7, 13
Fiber Ring Topology____________________ 8
Extend Ethernet Links between buildings wirelessly.
Industrial Switches______________________ 9
Managed Ethernet Switches____________ 9
T his kit gives you a quick way to extend an Ethernet link between
buildings, without the hassle and expense of laying cables.
See page 21.
Power over Ethernet___________________ 10
Extenders______________________________ 11
Environmental monitoring____________ 12
Wireless_____________________ 14-15, 20-21
Digital Signage_____________________ 16-17
Cabinets____________________________ 18-19
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CAT6 UTP Stranded
& Content
Industrial environments present much harsher conditions than
are found in typical office environments. They not only often have
extremes of temperatures, humidity, dirt, and corrosive materials,
they may also contain devices such as motors and mechanical switches, which cause a large amount of electromagnetic interference
The challenge with industrial controls as well as with other
electronic devices intended for use in these environments is to have
them function reliably in spite of adverse conditions. This may mean
using a device that’s built to withstand harsh conditions, protecting
the device in a specialized cabinet, or both.
Extended temperature range
Home and office electronics operate in climate-controlled rooms,
but industrial devices are often subject to temperature extremes.
Many industrial devices are installed outdoors in unventilated sealed
enclosures, which freeze in the winter and heat to extremely high
temperatures in the summer — think of a car’s interior after it’s been
sitting in the sun on a hot day.
Industrial devices and their power supplies are expected to
perform over a wide temperature range. Typically they’re rated so
you can select one appropriate to your environment. Temperature
tolerances from -25 to +60° C are common and you can even find
devices rated for extremes to -40 to +75° C.
Because industrial components are sealed against contaminants
and also because they’re often installed inside enclosures, they rely
on air convection rather than fans for cooling.
Where to use industrial components
• Heavy industry
and manufacturing
• Oil and gas industries,
including refineries
• Self-storage facilities
• Utility substations
• Agriculture
• Military bases
• Water treatment plants
• Factory floors
• Distribution centers
Resistance to moisture and contaminants
Moisture is the enemy of electronic components, and industrial
devices are often subject to water in all its forms from high humidity
and condensation to drips and splashes. Industrial devices are also
often subject to dirt, dust, oil, salt spray, and chemicals when they’re
installed outdoors or indoors in an environment such as a factory
For these reasons, industrial components are usually housed in
hardened metal cases that are sealed against contaminants including
particulates such as airborne dust, as well as moisture, and
sometimes chemicals.
Conformal coating is a special film or coating applied to electronic
circuitry to provide additional protection from contaminants such
as chemicals, dust, and moisture. Many Black Box industrial network
components can be ordered with conformal coating. For availability,
call our free Tech Support.
Another way to protect industrial devices from their
environment is with an enclosure designed to seal out
contaminants such as dust and moisture. These enclosures are
usually NEMA rated to describe the amount of protection they
provide. For more information about NEMA ratings, see page 3.
Power supplies
Powering industrial control devices tends to be more complex than
powering network devices intended for home, office, and data center
The power supplied to or used at industrial sites is widely different
and can be 230Vac single-phase, 400Vac triple-phase of AC current
or 24 or 48Vdc of DC current.
Industrial power may be three-phase power, which is used for
power transmission across power grids and is favored for large motors
and heavy loads at industrial sites. It’s also frequently “dirty” power,
subject to noise, voltage fluctuations, and spikes. This inconsistent
power is hard on the electronic components in industrial devices
and can cause equipment damage or data loss.
• Food service
• Municipal services
• Anywhere you need extra
• Research facilities
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/ CAT6
Because of this variability, industrial control devices are either
sold entirely separately from their power supply or are available
with a choice of power supplies. Unlike ordinary networking devices,
industrial controls require you to choose the correct power supply
for both device and application.
Industrial power supplies must be matched to both the type of
power input they’ll be receiving from the power grid and the power
output they’ll be expected to provide to the industrial control device.
Although power input is often ordinary 230VAC standard
European power, but industrial power supplies may be expected to
accept AC power that ranges lower or higher may be single-phase or
three-phase. DC power may also be available and may include
24VDCc and 48VDC.
Many industrial power supplies offer a universal input that will
accept power across a wide range, typically 85 – 264 VAC, and
120–370 VDC. This not only makes them adaptable to many different
power sources, but provides them with the resilience to withstand
large fluctuations in power input while still providing stable, reliable
power output.
On the output side, industrial power generally supplies 12 VDC,
24 VDC, or 48 VDC power to the device side. Most industrial control
devices in North America and Europe take 24-VDC power.
Industrial power supplies typically have screw or spring-clamp
terminal blocks for power connections.
EMI protection
Industrial areas are also prone to electromagnetic interference
(EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI). Interference and noise
from EMI/RFI creates unwanted signals that may interfere with
network performance.
Devices for industrial applications are usually built to withstand
higher EMI than those intended for office or data center use. Chassis
are usually shielded, and EMI signals can be absorbed by using
capacitor-based circuits or through special coatings as well.
Components for office or data center use are usually either
freestanding or mounted on 19” rails in a cabinet or rack. Industrial
devices, on the other hand, are usually panel mounted by bolting
them to a flat surface, or they may be DIN rail mounted.
DIN rail is an industry-standard metal rail that is used both
wallmounted or rackmounted. Industrial devices mount directly on
the rail or may come with separate DIN rail brackets. For more about
DIN rail, see page 5.
Enclosures designed to protect components against contaminants
are a way to safeguard industrial devices. These enclosures are usually
NEMA rated to describe the amount of protection they provide.
There are many numerical NEMA designations, but the most
relevant ones are NEMA 3, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X,
and NEMA 12.
NEMA 3 enclosures, designed for both indoor and outdoor use,
provide protection against falling dirt, windblown dust, rain, sleet,
and snow, as well as ice formation.
The NEMA 3R rating is identical to NEMA 3 except that it doesn’t
specify protection against windblown dust.
NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures, also designed for indoor and outdoor
use, protect against windblown dust and rain, splashing and
hose-directed water, and ice formation. NEMA 4X goes further
than NEMA 4, specifying that the enclosure will also protect
against corrosion caused by the elements.
NEMA 12 enclosures are constructed for indoor use only and
are designed to provide protection against falling dirt; circulating
dust, lint, and fibers; and dripping or splashing noncorrosive liquids.
Protection against oil and coolant is also a prerequisite for NEMA
12 designation.
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Industrial Solutions
Making the connection to industrial
Industrial serial interfaces
Industrial control is a designation for the devices that interface with machinery such as welders, mixers, generators,
lathes, and packaging machines. Although most of today’s IT runs on Ethernet, industrial devices often use an RS-232,
RS-485, or RS-422 serial interface.
RS-232 is a group of electrical, functional, and mechanical specifications for serial interfaces. It transmits data at speeds
up to 115 kbps and over distances up to 15 m, although higher distances can be achieved by using special low-capacitance
cable. Both sync and async binary data transmission fall under RS-232. Although the original RS-232 connector is DB25,
DB9 and RJ-45 connectors are now
common. Also, industrial devices often
Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
2 km
use a terminal block instead of a
connector for the RS-232 interface.
RS-232 is somewhat restricted as an
industrial interface because of its
Ethernet Serial
Ethernet Serial
restricted range and because it only
Converter Switch
supports point-to-point links.
The RS-422 supports point-to-point
and multidrop applications at distances
of up to 1200 meters. Up to 32 listening
devices can be connected to and
controlled from a single RS-422 port.
DIN Rail 12-VDC
Power Supply
DIN Rail 12-VDC
Power Supply
RS-232 Cables
RS-485 is similar to RS-422 but supports
multiple commanding devices as well as
multiple listening devices at distances of
up to 1200 meters.
RS-232 Cables
Time Clock
DIN Rail Serial Converter, Repeaters, and Fiber Driver
Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers
Industrial solutions for DIN rail serial connectivity.
Access hard-to-reach remote serial equipment as if it were local.
• Converter optically isolates and converts
unbalanced half- or full-duplex RS-232
signals to optically isolated and balanced
full-duplex RS-422 or 2-wire half- or 4-wire
full-duplex RS-485.
• Repeaters support speeds to 115.2 kbps.
• Fiber Driver enables any two async serial
devices to communicate half- or full-duplex
over two multimode ST ® fibers at distances
up to 4 km.
• Control remote serial equipment
across your Ethernet network.
• Slim-line DIN rail box is IP30 rated for
use in dirty environments.
• Support RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485
serial interfaces.
• 4-screw power connector enables
daisychaining of AC or DC power
to multiple servers.
RS-232↔RS-422/RS-485 DIN Rail Converter with Opto-Isolation
DIN Rail repeaters with Optp-Isolation
DIN Rail RS-232/RS-485↔Fiber Driver
Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers
You may also need…
12-VDC DIN-Mount Power Supply
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Factory Floor
serial devices.
Serial servers
Serial servers enable you to use your network to connect
serial data and also by grouping serial data in both
to serial devices even over very long distances—as far as
directions into Ethernet TCP/IP packets. This enables you
your network stretches. It’s even possible to control serial
to control serial devices across Ethernet without the need
devices across the Internet. Serial servers act as virtual
for software changes.
serial ports by providing the appropriate connectors for
DB9 Serial Interface Cable
Time Clocks
RS-485 DIN Rail
Converter with
Remote Site
Fiber Optic Cable
4 km
Individually Shielded
Low-Capacitance Cable
DIN Rail RS-232/
RS-485↔Fiber Driver
Individually Shielded
Low-Capacitance Cable
DIN Rail 12-VDC
Power Supply
DIN Rail RS-232/
Driver (MED100A)
Individually Shielded
Low-Capacitance Cable
Up to 1200 meter away
Cable (ERN24A),
DIN Rail
Repeater with
DIN Rail 12-VDC
Power Supply
Hardened Media Converter Switch, 10/-100-Mbps
Copper to 100-Mbps Multimode Fiber, 12-VDC, ST
Media conversion for tough environments.
• Operating temperature range of
-25 to +60° C.
• Has one 100-Mbps fiber port and
two 10-/100-Mbps switch ports.
• Mounts on DIN rails with optional
brackets or you can rackmount up
to 16 units in the optional trays.
• Available in standard, hardened,
and extreme versions with a wide
range of fiber and power options.
See more at
Hardened Media Converter Switch, 10/-100-Mbps Copper to 100-Mbps
Multimode Fiber, 12-VDC, ST
DIN Rail Mounting Bracket
Powered Rackmount Tray
DIN Rail
DIN rail is an industry-standard metal rail, usually installed inside
an electrical enclosure, which serves as a mount for small
electrical devices specially designed for use with DIN rails. These
devices snap right onto the rails, sometimes requiring a set screw,
and are then wired together. Many different devices are available
for mounting on DIN rails: terminal blocks, interface converters,
media converter switches, repeaters, surge protectors, PLCs,
fuses, or power supplies, just to name a few.
A standard DIN rail is 35 mm wide with raised-lip edges, its
dimensions outlined by the Deutsche Institut für Normung, a
German standardization body. Rails may be cut for installation.
Depending on the requirements of the mounted components,
the rail may need to be grounded.
DIN Rail, 1-m
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Industrial Solutions
Keeping it clean at work.
Factories are dirty. Don’t let them affect your CPUs.
Dirt. Dust. Water. Dangerous fluids. And lots of moving parts.
Factory floors are a CPU’s worst nightmare.
But more and more, computers and servers are moving into
the active centers of factories. With automation in factories,
computers are about more than inventory and e-mail. Often
they are running important equipment. Servers need to be
connected and managed, sometimes from the factory floor,
and they also need to be separate from unclean
Industrial centers now isolate CPUs and servers in a clean
room. Usually a keyboard-monitor-mouse setup is in a safer
corner of the factory floor to enable server access. Industrial
technology for factories is focused on extension and server
access, and is moving into secure cables to prevent tripping
and accidental disconnects.
There are many fiber optic solutions that ensure an
interference-free environment.
Clean Room
ServView™ V Widescreen with
8-Port KVM Switch, DVI, USB
Each line represents (1) DVI
and (1) USB cable.
ServSwitch DKM DVI-D
ServSwitch™ DKM DVI-D KVM
ServSwitch DKM DVI-D
ServSwitch DKM DVI-D
Factory Floor
Tech Support: 030-241 77 99
Sales: 030-241 77 77
Factory Floor
ServSwitch DKM FXC
High end KVM switching in a compact 1U design.
High performance switch with instant Switching.
Space saving with up to 48 ports in a 1U compact 19” chassis.
Supports high-quality, full-frame DVI-D video.
Rectangular switching system from 1 user to 15, 31, or 47 CPUs
up to 47 users to 1 CPU.
Connect user and CPUs via the latest DKM CATx Extenders over
distances up to 140m.
Can be used for fiber optic or copper networks.
Redundant power supply.
Optional Software Bundles for external control, Syslog/SNMP,
seamless cascading etc.
ServSwitch DKM FXC, 48 port
Call or visit for more information.
ServSwitch™ DKM KVM Modular Housing and
A modular system of KVM extension and housing that
uses CATx and single- or multimode fiber cabling.
• Pick from housings of 2-, 4-, 6-, or 21-slot chassis for motherand daughtercards.
• A redundant power supply is available in some housings .
• The DKM extender setup provides the widest range of possible
combinations, which makes it easy to customize for your specific
Call or visit for more information.
ServSwitch DKM DVI-D KVM Matrix Switch
Four modes of switching, plus extension over CATx or fiber.
• Virtually instantaneous switching ensures seamless signal delivery.
• Supports high-resolution DVI-D and USB-style keyboard/mouse, plus USB
peripheral and audio options.
• Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz.
• Uses CATx cabling, or single- or multimode fiber cabling
Call or visit for more information.
ServSwitch DKM,
16x32 (ACX1632)
User Station 1
User Station 2
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User Station 3
Fiber ring topology provides
both distance and resilience.
Although Ethernet is usually thought of as having a star topology, it’s also possible to build an Ethernet
network as a ring. This configuration has the advantage of providing a redundant pathway if a link goes
down. A ring topology is often used in applications such as traffic signals and surveillance, where long
distances may make it difficult to run fiber in a star formation from a central switch and where downtime
must be minimized.
The key to the ring topology is spanning tree protocol. One switch—in this case, the switch in the central
office—is the root of the spanning tree. A node on the opposite side of the ring blocks one of the ports
leading back to the root switch, creating a topology that functions like a long line of Ethernet switches.
If a link breaks, the network reorganizes itself to relink all the switches. Although this convergence isn’t
instantaneous, it takes only a few seconds to bring the network back.
In the diagram below, Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches create a ring topology that operates at Gigabit
speed to support traffic cameras at the intersection. Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers make the connection
from the switch to the serial interface on the traffic signals, enabling central management
of the lights across the Ethernet network.
Traffic Light
RS-232 Cable
CAT5e Cable
RS-232 Cable
Industrial Ethernet Serial
Server (LES404A)
Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable
Traffic Light
CAT5e Cable
Hardened Managed Ethernet
Switch (LEH808-2GLXSC10),
facing page
Industrial Ethernet Serial
Server (LES404A), page 4
Traffic Light
Traffic Camera
Traffic Camera
Traffic Camera
RS-232 Cable
Industrial Ethernet Serial
Server (LES404A)
Traffic Camera
Traffic Light
CAT5e Cable
CAT5e Cable
Hardened Managed Ethernet
Switch (LEH808-2GLXSC10),
facing page
RS-232 Cable
Industrial Ethernet Serial
Server (LES404A)
Root switch in Central Office
Hardened Managed Ethernet
Switch (LEH808-2GLXSC10)
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Traffic Signals
INDRy 1000
Power over Ethernet 10/100 switch with Gigabit Uplink
for DIN Rails.
Industrial DIN RAIL Gigabit Switch. • 8x 10/100BaseTX Ports.
• 2 shared 10/100/1000BaseTX
and SFP combi ports.
• Features alarm relay contact.
• Redundant 48 VDC power .
• Optional Management.
• DIN-Rail and wall mount design.
INDRy PoE is your industrial DIN
Rail switch for providing PoE
802.3af to your edge devices. The
switch offers eight RJ45 PoE Ports
with full 802.3af compliance. For
connections to your network
backbone you may use two
Gigabit/SFP Ports.
You can plug in Gigabit Fiber or
100Mbps Fiber SFP modules or use
the 10/100/1000 RJ45 Copper
Ports. LIE612A has additional
SNMP allowing redundant Ethernet
• Offers 8x 10/100/1000BaseTX
+ 2 shared SFP.
• DIN-Rail and wall mount design.
• Multi-Power 24 up to 48 VDC.
• Optional model with SNMP
These switches offer a complete
solution for Industrial Gigabit
Ethernet Networks. Both models are
ready for mounting them to DIN Rail
and work with voltages between
24V and 48V DC.
The switches are 10/100/1000
Auto-MDI/MDIX on all ports. Port 7
and 8 are shared SFP slots meaning
that the switch can easily be
upgraded to fibre optic by inserting
SFP (miniGBIC) modules. LIG612A
has additional SNMP allowing
redundant Ethernet Rings.
INDRy PoE, managed
INDRy PoE, unmanaged
INDRy 1000, SNMP managed
INDRy 1000, unmanaged
Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches
Tough, multiport switches that provide economical ways to move data quickly — and reliably — in harsh environments.
• Operate in very hot and very cold conditions — even outdoors in sheltered locations.
• Offer bandwidth rate control and support IEEE 802.1p
Quality of Service (QoS) for four priority queues.
• Support network redundancy, offering a recovery time
of <15 ms and automatic link failover, as well as redundant
power inputs.
• Manageable through an RS-232 console, Telnet, SNMP,
RMON, a Web browser, or TFTP.
• Per-port programmable MAC address locking, up to 24 static
secure MAC addresses per port, and MAC-based trunking.
These manageable switches are housed in IP30-rated metal cases to
withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +75° C. They’re great for
factory floors and traffic signal applications (the switches comply with the
IEC 61000-6-2 EM sting for vibration resistance and shock, as well as
NEMA TS1 and TS2 environmental requirements for traffic control
Fully manageable through SNMP, a Web browser, Telnet, or a console
port, the switches are designed to integrate mixed-speed copper-only
segments or 10-/100-Mbps copper networks with fiber backbones. You
can control the maximum bandwidth on each port individually, as well as
set up Quality of Service (QoS) priority queuing for critical applications.
Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches
(8) 10-/100-Mbps Copper + (1) 1000-Mbps Fiber
2 km
10 km
20 km
(8) 10-/100-Mbps Copper + (2) 1000-Mbps Fiber
2 km
10 km
20 km
You may also need…
DIN Rail, 1-m Rackmount DIN Rail, 1-m
DIN Mount Power Supply
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Industrial Solutions
Keeping an
Use your network for routine monitoring and surveillance.
Ethernet is turning up in some unexpected places — parking garages, convenience stores, dairy barns, and fire
stations, to name just a few. It’s become a universal connectivity solution, not just for PCs, but for a variety of systems
that have little to do with what we think of as traditional computer applications — systems such as surveillance
cameras, HVAC controls, environmental sensors, door access controls, smoke detectors, intrusion alarms, and more.
Ethernet’s ability to support many different applications on one universal and relatively inexpensive network makes
it possible to install building monitoring and surveillance systems that until recently would have required separate — and expensive — proprietary cabling. Through the use of Ethernet extenders, you can often even install these systems
using voice-grade cable that’s already installed, saving even more on cabling costs.
CAT5e Patch Cable
Heavy-Duty Edge Switch,
Standard, 115 VAC, 60 Hz
CAT5e Patch
Hardened VDSL Ethernet
Extender with PoE+
(LBPS301A), facing page
CAT5e Patch Cable (EVNSL81)
PoE IP Camera
CAT5e Patch Cable
AlertWerks ServSensor Junior
with Dual Temperature and
Humidity Sensor Kit
LinkGain VDSL
Ethernet Extender
facing page
Airfow Sensor (EME1F1-005)
Voice-grade UTP Cable (EYN712A)
AC Power
AC Power
AC Power
AC Power
Multimode Fiber
Optic Cable
Power over Ethernet
The seemingly universal network connection, twisted-pair
Ethernet cable, has another role to play, providing electrical
power to low-wattage electrical devices via Power over
Ethernet (PoE).
The original 802.3af PoE standard provides about 13 watts at
48 VDC over twisted-pair Ethernet cable to PoE-enabled devices
such as IP telephones, wireless access points, and IP cameras. The
newer 802.3at PoE standard supplies up to 25 watts to larger,
more power-hungry devices and is backwards compatible with
The way PoE works is simple. Copper Ethernet cable consists
of four twisted pairs of cable, and PoE sends power over these
pairs to PoE-enabled devices. In one method, two wire pairs are
used to transmit data, and the remaining two pairs are used for
power. Or power and data may be sent over the same pair—
power and data transmissions don’t interfere with each other
because electricity and data function at opposite ends of the
frequency spectrum, they can travel over the same cable.
Electricity has a low frequency of 60 Hz or less, and data
transmissions have frequencies that can range from 10 million
to 100 million Hz.
There are two types of devices involved in PoE configurations:
Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), which provide power over an
Ethernet cable, and Powered Devices (PD), which receive power
over an Ethernet cable.
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Parking Garage
Hardened VDSL Ethernet Extenders with PoE+
Industrial VDSL2 Bridge
Extend Ethernet over voice-grade UTP cable in harsh
VDSL2 single port bridge equipped with our
10/100Mbps Ethernet ports. • Extend 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet
across ordinary voice-grade copper wire.
• Supply power to 802.3at PoE devices.
• Support an extreme temperature range
of -40 to +75° C.
• Support 50 Mbps for distances up to
300 m and 1 Mbps for distances of up to
1900 m.
• Four-port model features a built-in switch
with four 10-/100-Mbps Ethernet ports;
two ports support PoE.
• Long reach mode up to 1.9 km
using 24AWG phone wire.
• Direct DC input with redundant
dual 12-48VDC power input.
• Operating temperature from
-20 up to 70°C.
• DIN-rail mountable IP30
metal case.
• Overload current protection.
The Hardened VDSL Ethernet Extender with PoE+ is ideal for last-mile
applications. It extends Ethernet up to 300 meters at speeds of up to 50
Mbps. Plus, this extender is an 802.3at PoE PSE, providing up to 30 watts
of power to a PoE powered device such as a switch or wireless access
The new VDSL2 Bridge provides high speed transmissions using the
telephone wires that are already installed within the facility. The bridge
transmits data at 100 Mbps as well as broadband Multimedia services to
all stations required. To configure for either local Central Office (CO) or
remote customer premise equipment (CPE) operation, just flip a DIP switch.
Hardened VDSL Ethernet Extenders with PoE+
Industrial VDSL2 Bridge
12-VDC Din Mount Power Supply
Etherlink IV
LinkGain VDSL Ethernet Extender
Build up your metro network with tremendous
60Mbps DSL speeds. Point-to-point and plug-and-play —
the simple way to extend your LAN
at up to 50 Mbps.
Also available as rack modules
DSL Modems transmitting Ethernet over simple 2, 4 or 8 copper wires.
Transparent connection.
15 Mbps on 2 wires, 30 Mbps on 4 wires and 60 Mbps on 8 wires.
Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and Multidrop topologies.
SNMP Manageable with or without IP (802.3ah).
Built in Ethernet Switch.
Integrated over voltage protection.
VLAN802.1q support.
Etherlink IV
2 wires 15Mbps
4 wires 30Mbps
8 wires 60Mbps
• S ave wiring costs by using
voice-grade copper wire — even
phone wire you already have installed.
• E xtends 10- or 100-Mbps Ethernet
up to 2 km.
• P erfect for connecting an isolated user
in another building or in another part
of a large building.
• S ymmetrical VDSL supports speeds
of up to 50 Mbps.
• C
ompatible with Hardened VDSL
Ethernet Extenders with PoE+ (above, left).
• R
ackmountable in the LinkGain
Chassis (LB300A-RACK).
LinkGain VDSL Ethernet Extender
LinkGain 16-Slot Chassis, 19"
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Industrial Solutions
Centralize control!
Downtime in a control room means nothing but trouble and
security risks. Snarled communications have no place in the
data center. And when it comes to mission-critical equipment,
there is no level of acceptable risk.
See and sense everything going on
This is why we build control rooms in the first place, to be
in control of the situation, whatever it may be. It’s the one
room designed for monitoring locations and equipment,
and responding to any problems.
ServSwitch™ 4site
ServSwitch Agility
Control Room
ServSwitch™ Agility
AlertWerks™ ServSensor V4E Hub
Security Sensors
Smoke Detector Sensor
Control Area
Water Sensor
Dual Temperature/Humidity
Sensor (EME1TH2-005)
AlertWerks™ ServSensor Hubs
Alertwerks Intelligent Sensors
Safeguard your infrastructure and resources with
affordable monitoring hubs.
• Function as a central hub for AlertWerks Intelligent Sensors.
• Connect them to your network, attach AlertWerks sensors, and
you’re ready to remotely view the status of your data centers and
other facilities.
• Work with a wide range of sensors: temperature, humidity, water,
airflow, smoke, motion, security, dry contact, and AC and DC voltages.
• Java® based Web user interface enables you to access hubs over any
IP network — even the Internet.
• Send alerts through SNMP or e-mail.
• The ServSensor V4E also supports up to four surveillance cameras.
High or low
AC voltage
A small selection:
Temperature sensor
Voltage sensor
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Smoke detector
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Control Room
while having full control of the control room.
Environmental monitoring sensors with instant alerts, network
multicasting and extended video feeds controlled from one
keyboard/monitor/mouse setup, and video processors that
deliver multiple views on one screen are just a few solutions
to consider.
ServSwitch Agility
Control Area
Control Area
ServSwitch Agility Controller Unit (ACR1000A-CTL),
ServSwitch™ 4site (KVP4000A),
ServSwitch Agility (ACR1000A-T)
ServSwitch™ Agility DVI, USB, and Audio Extenders
ServSwitch 4site flex
Go farther, do more with digital KVM extension over IP.
Access up to four CPUs and monitor all simultaneously
in real time.
• New flexible topology for KVM extension.
• Delivers perfect digital video with no loss.
• No-loss compression minimizes bandwidth use while maximizing
the user experience.
• Configure your network to suit your needs: point-to-point extension,
KVM switching, single-target sharing, or multicasting.
• Features keyboard/mouse emulation, and supports other standard
devices, such as touchscreens or flash drives.
• Distance is only limited by your network capabilities.
• Mounting options include rackmounting, desktop, and wallmounting.
• 4-to-1 KVM Switching with smooth real time image processing,
• Four display modes: Quad, Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture and
Win Mode.
• Use the Win mode to freely resize and reposition the windows
anywhere on the display. Use transparency to overlap.
• Switching via hotkey, hotmouse, OSD, external program
or serial control device.
• Excellent video quality up to 1920 x 1200.
• Embedded digital audio.
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Industrial Solutions
Wireless takes industrial applications to new places.
Wireless adds a new dimension to industrial
connectivity, making it possible for operators to use
portable handheld devices instead of being tied to
a terminal.
Wireless in an industrial environment may be as
simple as a wireless industrial modem that provides
a serial link to distant industrial controls or as
complex as wireless mesh Wi-Fi that also operates as
an extension to a corporate network. Newgeneration wireless mesh has the capacity and
flexibility to easily bring your industrial network to
places that would have been impractical just a few
short years ago.
The SmartPath wireless mesh can be used in a
distribution-center environment, providing network
connections to handheld bar code scanners and
digital signage used by working pickers.
Monitor in Display Enclosure
VGA Cable
A distribution center can be a difficult wireless
environment because it’s always changing.
SmartPath™ wireless mesh works reliably even if a
forklift blocks an access point—workers always get a
strong signal.
Note that the iCOMPEL appliance and monitor in this
diagram have no connection to a wired network but
are connected wirelessly through the iCOMPEL Wi-Fi
iCOMPEL HD Digital Signage Appliance
(ICOMP02-H) with iCOMPEL Wi-Fi Module
(ICOMP-WIFI) in Wireless Cabinet (RM100A)
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Distribution Center
SmartPath Enterprise Wireless System
Fast, reliable, highly manageable wireless mesh
for industrial and general use.
Hardend version
• Fast 802.11n throughput rivals that of wired networks.
• Supports video and VoIP communications.
• Advanced controller-less architecture.
• Access points (APs) work together to improve throughput
and provide redundancy.
• Secure. Access enforced by per-user policies and SLAs.
• System supports legacy 802.11b/g wireless devices with
no degradation in 802.11n performance.
• Easy to manage via cloud-based service or appliance.
• Resilient. No bottlenecks or single points of failure.
• PoE-powered APs reduce power infrastructure needs.
• Indoor and hardened AP models available.
• Hardened version: antennas not included.
The SmartPath Enterprise Wireless System from Black Box combines
the stability, security, and speed of a wired network with the versatility
and adaptability of a wireless network. It enables you to set up fast,
802.11n standard Wi-Fi communications in a logical way.
The technology differs greatly from most wireless technology available
today because it’s based on wireless mesh access points that intelligently
route packets and make policy decisions at the network’s edge.
With SmartPath, you get enterprise-class access points (APs) plus
cloud-based management and security functions that provide all the
benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN (WLAN) solution — without
requiring a controller or an overlay network.
SmartPath access points work together to improve throughput and
provide redundancy for all your 802.11n wireless devices, making a very
cost-effective solution for either new WLAN networks or for upgrading
enterprise wireless.
No expensive
Why SmartPath is an ideal wireless
choice for industrial environments
1. SmartPath can route data between access points. Wireless
mesh enables you to place access points in areas that are
difficult or impossible to wire.
2. Because it uses speedy 802.11n, SmartPath can support even
relatively high-bandwidth applications such as digital signage.
3. 802.11n provides far better coverage and performance than
older 802.11g wireless—even in areas with many surfaces.
5. SmartPath compensates for disabled access points, so it
works well in industrial settings where access points may
be periodically blocked by machinery or vehicles.
6. The SmartPath Hardened Access Point is sealed against
moisture and contaminants and supports a temperature
range of -20 to +55° C.
7. SmartPath supports seamless roaming between subnets.
Users with portable devices such as handheld scanners and
smartphones can transparently travel from access point to
access point and from subnet to subnet without losing their
session or needing to log on again.
Altitude 4532 Access Point
High-performance, Dual Radio, Independent 2x3
MIMO 802.11 abgn (2.4/5GHz) Access Point
The Altitude™ 4532 supports three modes of operation.
First, the device can operate as a traditional access point (AP), controlled with
a Summit® WM controller. The Altitude 4532 continues to operate if
connectivity to the controller is lost, for robust data forwarding.
Second, the AP can act as a standalone access point without a controller.
Finally, it can operate as a virtual controller allowing it to control up to 24
other similar devices.
• 2x3 MIMO
• 802.11 abgn (2.4/5GHz)
• 24 dBm Max Output
• GigE Uplink
Form Factor
• Dual Radio
• Independent AP
• Wall or Ceiling Mount
• Multiple Modes of Operation
• Layer 2-7 Stateful Packet Filtering
• Wireless IPS
• VPN Gateway
• Internal and External Antenna Options
• Hotspot
• Guest Access
and external
Call for more information.
Altitude AP4532i dual-radio Independent indoor Access Point,
includes internal omni-directional antennas
Altitude AP4532e dual-radio Independent indoor Access Point,
external antennas not included
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AP4532i EU
AP4532e EU
Industrial Solutions
Advertise, Inform, Alert,
Improve Your Processes
Improve communication, motivate employees and customers, and drive more business.
Digital signage. No other medium makes it possible to
deliver important info at the right location at the right
time for maximum impact — even in often messy
cafeteria environments.
With it, you have a dynamic platform to accurately relay
orders in real time from touchscreens to kitchen staff
(see diagram below). Worried about splashing liquids?
Add a PC Shelter to keep electronics safe.
Digital signage benefits industrial processes, too. For
a case study on a factory application of ours, see the
facing page.
To place order, customer touches menu
item displayed through the
LCD Touchscreen.
Orders display on a remote screen for kitchen
staff to fill. To keep screen protected from
moisture and debris, the display is housed in
a PC Shelter (RMT885A-R2).
Touchscreen Feature Key (ICOMP-TOUCH)
installed, running Flash and HTML content,
showing it in single or multiple zones on the
connected screen.
iCOMPEL (ICOMP-VID) displays an
active Web page and refreshes the
page every 20 seconds to display
the latest orders. Web page content
originates from the Web server
running Apache/MySQL.
Web server running
PC Shelter
iCOMPEL™ Integrated Hardware/Software Platform
Set up vibrant, real-time digital displays easily and affordably!
• An all-in-one, plug-and-display solution — sets up FAST.
• Works right out of the box with all software preinstalled and tested, plus FREE updates
and no ongoing SaaS or licensing fees — resulting in a low cost of ownership.
• Scalable. Can be used with one screen or networked to multiple screens.
• Easy to control via a standard Web browser connection.
• Includes FREE professionally designed screen layouts.
• Supports touchscreens and motion detection devices.
• Enables you to customize screens with a mix of zones showing video, logos, text, HTML,
RSS, and XML feeds. Supports multiple video zones — show video side by side!
• Also available: subscriber players for 802.11n wireless communications.
Visit for more information.
Tech Support: 030-241 77 99
Sales: 030-241 77 77
Black Box Case Study
Joy Mining Machinery
Project: New digital signage network
Major benefit: Improved productivity and morale
Major challenge: Centralizing control of the company’s branding and messaging
The background.
Active on five continents and with a network of 55 facilities spanning
China, Russia, India, Poland, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa,
and the United States, Joy Mining Machinery, a subsidiary of Joy Global,
Inc., is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of underground mining
equipment. Wherever coal, iron ore, copper, and other embedded
materials are mined, chances are good that Joy Mining loaders,
conveyors, and other products are hard at work.
Because Joy Mining customers and employees are spread from Tychy,
Poland to Tianjin, China, the Joy Mining Machinery marketing team
proposed a network of digital video displays in facility lobbies to convey
both local and company-wide information, all with a consistent look.
“We knew that to control the branding and messaging, we would
have to manage the network from our graphics and video production
unit,” recalled Chuck Fickter, Marketing Information Manager for Joy
Mining. “The only way to do that is with a powerful, easy-to-operate
content management system.”
The solution.
The Joy Mining team discovered iCOMPEL™ from Black Box. “Many
of the units we looked at were complicated to use. Others didn’t have
all the functions we wanted,” Fickter said. “But iCOMPEL is very easy
to hook up, with software that’s easy to learn.”
Nearly all the company’s 55 facilities eventually received a digital
display in their lobbies, all controlled by iCOMPEL devices. But little
did anyone know at that point how far the project would go. First, the
company’s engineering staff came to Fickter with an idea. “We were
presented with the notion of using the digital screens to provide
engineering metrics — performance data and the like. We saw the
potential and immediately began rolling out the information to 19
screens around the network,” says Fickter.
Possibly the most innovative idea, however, came from a company
task force working to optimize manufacturing quality and efficiency. Its
proposal: Use digital screens on the factory floor to display “Kanban”
inventory information in real time. Kanban, a Just-in-Time manufacturing
discipline, tells workers which parts are in inventory, which are in transit,
and in what bins particular parts are found. It also feeds information back
to off-site fabricators, ensuring that appropriate parts are being produced
only as needed, and just in time for use.
“To execute the Kanban idea, we needed to pull information from
our SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system. All we had to do was
create a Web service by pointing our iCOMPEL units to the correct IP
address,” says Fickter.
Joy Mining has installed a number of Kanban displays at its Franklin,
PA manufacturing plant with impressive results. Its next move is to link
the Franklin facility to other Pennsylvania plants as well as its South
African operations.
Display Enclosures
Protect your expensive displays indoors and out!
• A fully sealed and tamper-resistant, key-locked enclosure for protecting expensive LCD
screens in digital signage applications.
• Anti-reflective window on the front enables clear viewing when the cover is closed.
• Integrated fan cooling, exhaust ports, and air movement features. Display depth allows
air to circulate at the front of the window. (AC cooling also available as option.)
• Cable entry from behind.
• Durable aluminum body with silver finish. Custom colors also available
to match your organization’s color scheme.
Call us for more information.
For more information and our online store, visit
Industrial Solutions
Black Box provides the best
storage for your equipment.
A shelter for every application.
Cabinets and racks are not just for data centers—
they can provide support and protection for your
equipment in any setting. Choose racks for easy
access to equipment. Enclosed cabinets provide
varying degrees of protection ranging from a simple
locked door up to a complete climate-controlled,
sealed environment.
Elite Cabinets
Choose Elite™ Cabinets for top-of-the line custom cabinets.
• More features, more choices, more cable management, more sizes,
more versatility than any other Black Box cabinet.
• Heavy-duty, welded steel construction.
• Come with the protection of a lifetime Black Box® Double Diamond™
For example, 45U Elite Cabinet
600 W x 900 D, mesh front
and rear doors, mesh top panel
Visit for different
sizes and options.
Tech Support: 030-241 77 99
Sales: 030-241 77 77
Tough enclosures built to keep
components safe!
Secure equipment housing.
NEMA 12 Wallmount Cabinets
NEMA 4X Equipment Cabinet
Storing your equipment
• Independently tested and
certified to NEMA-250-1997
Type 12 standard. Meets
guidelines for protection against
dirt, dust, and noncorrosive
• Choose from three heights:
12U, 19U, and 26U.
• Feature a maximum weight
capacity of 68, 113 or 136 kg to
mount heavy servers and other
• For security, front and rear
sections lock independently.
• Constructed of molded fiberglass
polyester that doesn’t interfere with
wireless signals.
• Includes 3⁄4" plywood mounting panel.
• Integral DIN boss plus a molded
boss on the door.
• Seamless door gasket.
• Cabinet can be rotated 180 degrees
for left or right door opening.
• Door opens 180 degrees.
• Molded-in drip shields.
• Replaceable breakaway hinges.
• Plenum rated.
• Measures 62.5H x 61,2W x 32D cm.
No cooling available? No problem.
Just use a self-contained ClimateCab.
Read about
NEMA ratings
on page 3.
Wireless Cabinet
Shelter equipment without shuttering
the signals of wireless devices. • NEMA 12 rated for protection
against falling dirt, circulating
dust, lint debris, and splashing
liquids in indoor environments.
• Includes 19” rails with M6
mounting holes.
• Scratch resistant safety glass
window provides easy viewing.
• Fully welded body and door
• Robust 12-gauge frame and 14 or 16 gauge sides and doors.
• Seamless door gaskets keep out dust and contaminants.
• GO GREEN – save energy and money by cooling only the cabinet rather
than the whole room or IT centre.
Wallmount ClimateCab, Fan/Ambient Air
Wallmount ClimateCab, 800BTU (235W)
Visit for different sizes and options.
Visit for different sizes.
Wallmount ClimateCab
NEMA 4X Equipment Cabinet
• Fiberglass construction enables
wireless signals to pass through.
• NEMA 4X rated, so it can be used
indoors and out.
• Protects against windblown
dust and rain, splashing water,
corrosion, and ice formation.
• Seamless gasket provides a
watertight and dust-tight seal.
• Fiberglass polyester resists
chemicals and withstands
temperature changes.
• Removable, plenum-rated solid
front door.
• Measures 45,7H x 40W x 25D cm.
Wireless Cabinet
ClimateCab goes to school—and gets an A+.
Tight on space, a school district was housing IT equipment in a
storage room at an elementary school. Not only was the room dusty,
it also got very hot in the summer. The school district needed a
comprehensive solution for housing its equipment that would be
cost-effective and protect electronics from dirt and heat.
The school chose a 42U NEMA 12 ClimateCab from Black Box with
an 8500-BTU air-conditioning unit for its storage room. The district
Case Study
moved IT equipment from two other manufacturers’ cabinets into
the Black Box ClimateCab. The equipment now stays at a cool 26°
regardless of the ambient temperature of the room.
The school district saves money by not having to cool the entire
room or replace costly equipment. In fact, it plans to implement
the ClimateCab solution in all the other schools in the district — multiplying its savings for each school.
For more information and our online store, visit
Industrial Solutions
A few years ago Akzo Nobel in Belgium used the Black Box
LaserLink solution to connect several offices. Visit
to read the case study.
Wireless in an industrial setting
Industrial and manufacturing enterprises are also discovering wireless technology. Used in industrial settings, wireless offers
many of the same advantages: lowering costs by eliminating the need for cabling and bringing the flexibility of wire-free
networking. In an industrial setting, wireless can help lower energy and material consumption, lower production costs and
increase productivity.
Wireless products intended for industrial settings differ from ordinary wireless products in important ways: they emphasize
reliability over speed, they’re housed in heavy-duty enclosures and they’re not standardized.
Slow and steady
In industrial applications, reliability is more important than
speed. The data being transmitted is usually simple sensor or
control data, which requires very minimal bandwidth.
Reliability in industrial applications is, however, of utmost
importance. When you’re communicating with the sensors
and controls to devices that are often very large and
expensive—and often dangerous—you want to be sure the
data goes through. Plus, industrial environments are often
difficult for wireless transmission because of long distances,
and interference from large motors and reflective metal
surfaces. For these reasons, wireless devices built for
industrial use tend to be very slow but quite reliable.
Tough as nails
Industrial environments can be tough, exposing electronics to
vibration, dust, moisture and extreme temperatures. For this
reason, industrial wireless devices are usually housed in far
more robust enclosures than devices intended for office
environments. Standard features to look for are heavy-duty
steel cases, water resistance, dust resistance and extended
temperature ranges.
Why go wireless?
•It’s great for communicating in harsh climates or in areas where it’s expensive to run cable. Wireless solutions are well suited for use in military applications, farming, refineries, mining,
construction, and field research.
•Because sometimes you just can’t run wire, like in historic
buildings or hazmat areas.
•When it’s physically or legally impossible to support
conventional hard-wired RS-232 communications, wireless
networking may be your only answer.
• It gives you quick, temporary connections at trade shows, and fast reconfigurations—even troubleshooting or remote field testing.
•It provides reliable disaster relief when all else fails! Count on wireless networks to maintain mission-critical links when
disaster strikes.
• It’s more affordable, more reliable, and faster than ever before.
Tech Support: 030-241 77 99
Sales: 030-241 77 77
Gigabit Laserlink Autofocus PoE 500
Fast, reliable and secure point-to-point Fast Ethernet
Full duplex Gigabit wire-speed up to 500 meters.
Built-in Management with SNMP.
Easy power able with Power over Ethernet.
Automatic beam divergence setting and beam calibration.
Movement compensation.
Industry standard fibre optic interfaces.
Secure data transmission.
License free operation.
The Gigabit LaserLink PoE Autofocus system provides an increased
reliability through an advanced technology improvement, which dynamically
changes the shape to the transmitting laser beam. If the weather gets bad
the transmitting beam size will decrease to concentrate the optical power
distributed. This way the Gigabit LaserLink Autofocus series will have a
higher reliability figure.
1000 Mbps over 100 to 500
meters without wires.
Gigabit LaserLink Autofocus PoE 500, 100-500 m
With heater
Wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet Extender Kit
enclosure for
outdoor use
Extend Ethernet links between buildings wirelessly and with
ease. No cables needed!
• Affordable, point-to-point wireless Ethernet extension up to 10 km.
• Simple to install and configure—extenders are pre-synchronized to
work with each other.
• Features 802.11n wireless for fast throughput—40 Mbps at up to 5 km.
• LED indicator simplifies configuration and alignment.
• Easily managed through a Web-based interface.
• Features an 8-dBi internal antenna or can used with an external antenna.
• Powered through the Ethernet cable—no outdoor power outlet needed.
• 10/100Mbps Ethernet port with MDI/MDI-X.
Kit includes PoE injectors
and pole-mounting rings.
The Wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet Extender Kit gives you a quick way
to extend an Ethernet link between buildings. Because it’s wireless, you
avoid the hassle and expense of laying cable.
Wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet Extender Kit
TerraWave Fiberglass Omnidirectional Antenna 2.4 Ghz
TerraWave 2.4-GHz Directional Panel Antenna, 19 dBi
for cabinetsm
Line ofratings
Sight for cabinetsm
Antenna selection will depend on your communications needs,
RF signals travel in curved elliptical paths, rather than in straight
with system array and range being the biggest factors.
lines as light does, resulting in a signal path that resembles a
Two Types of Antennas
Sends and receives the signal in a single direction. A directional
antenna gives you the longest range. Examples: Yagi, Dish, and
Sends and receives the signal in a radius. This antenna allows
the largest number of nodes. Examples: Vertical Omnis, Ceiling
Domes, and Rubber Ducks.
football in shape, so called Fresnel-zones. Interference can occur
at any point within this area.
A sight-survey is usually needed to estimate risks now and in the
future. For example, trees may not be a problem now, but they
may grow ‘into’ the Fresnel-zone.
For maximum communications, the fewer barriers along the line
of sight between receiver and transmitter, the better. Frequency
and transmit power levels have the most impact on how well the
signal can negotiate physical and EMI line of sight barriers.
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Learn more about industrial solutions
during one of our hands-on sessions.
Sign up for our next workshop.
We regularly hold workshops to inform you of the latest
technology developments. These sessions are organized for
small groups, encouraging discussion and providing a personal
demonstration of our solutions.
Are you interested in attending a workshop on industrial
environments? Contact us at for
upcoming workshop dates.
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