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BT Elements Technical information
Important: Only use the mains power adaptors, cables and rechargeable batteries
supplied in this box, or this product may not work. Any replacement rechargeable
batteries must be of the same type. BT accepts no responsibility for damage
caused to your BT Elements 1K by using any other type of batteries.
Belt clip
Li-ion 3.7V
550mAh battery
(already in handset)
Mains power adaptor
(item code 066270)
1 Plug the mains power adaptor into
the base, with the cable clipped in the
groove provided.
Turn the cable when clipping into the
groove so that the narrow part fits
between the clips before turning cable
back to secure.
2 Plug the other end of the power
adaptor into the wall power socket
and switch on. You will hear a
confirmation tone.
3 The telephone line cord is already fitted
but don’t plug the other end into the
wall socket yet.
Long range antenna
To achieve the full 1km range from your handset you’ll need to attach the long range
antenna provided. Simply unscrew the smaller antenna on the handset and replace
with the long range antenna.
4 After 24 hours plug the telephone line cord from the base into the telephone
wall socket.
3 Once set up is complete your handset will display ‘Line cord error. Please check,’
press Hide and leave the handset on the base to charge for 24 hours.
Long range
Your BT Elements 1K is now ready to use.
2 Remove the handset wrap and place the handset on the charger. The red charging
light will come on and the handset will check for a link with the base station.
Once found, follow the set-up wizard.
Screws and plugs
Contents for each additional handset (multipacks only)
Telephone line cord
2x Mains power adaptors
Li-ion 3.7V
(item code 066270)
550mAh battery
(already in handset)
Screws and plugs
Long range
The BT Elements 1K charger can be located wherever you want, provided it’s within
reach of a mains power socket.
The strength of the signal depends on where you site the base. Putting the base
unit as high as possible can help provide the best signal/range.
Place the large base close enough to a mains power and telephone socket so that
the cables will reach. Make sure it is at least 1 metre away from other electrical
appliances to avoid interference.
1 Plug in
Check box contents
1 Plug the remaining mains power adaptor into the back of the charger and plug the
other end into the mains power wall socket and switch the power on.
2 Charge
For information on safety instructions,
cleaning, technical information or
connecting to a switchboard, please
refer to the ‘General Information’
section in the full user guide at
Your BT Elements 1K is guaranteed for a period of 12
months from the date of purchase.
Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee
will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s
discretion the option to replace the BT Elements 1K, or
any component thereof, (other than batteries), which
is identified as faulty or below standard, or as a result
of inferior workmanship or materials. Products over 28
days old from the date of purchase may be replaced
with a refurbished or repaired product.
The conditions of this guarantee are:
• The guarantee shall only apply to defects that
occur within the 12 month guarantee period.
• Proof of purchase is required.
• The equipment is returned to BT or its agent
as instructed.
This guarantee does not cover any faults or defects
caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear,
neglect, tampering with the equipment, or any
attempt at adjustment or repair other than through
approved agents.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
To find out what to do, if your phone is in or outside
of the 12 month guarantee, please look in the full user
guide at
How to recycle your equipment
The symbol shown here and on the product
means that the product is classed as electrical
or electronic equipment, so DO NOT put it in
your normal rubbish bin.
It’s all part of the Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE) Directive to recycle products in
the best way – to be kinder to the planet, get rid of
dangerous things more safely and bury less rubbish
in the ground.
Please contact the supplier for advice on how to
dispose of this product in an environmentally
friendly way.
Battery information
Caution: risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an
incorrect type.
DO NOT put used batteries in your normal rubbish bin.
You can dispose of them at council recycling sites as
well as at some shops and shopping centres.
User Guide
For a Better Future
We’re always looking to make our products last longer
and use less power, so we don’t have such a big impact
on the environment.
1 Plug in
To find out about what we are doing, visit
2 Charge
3 Go!
You won’t be able to call 999 from this phone if
there’s a power cut, so make sure you’ve got
another way to call for help in an emergency.
R&TTE Directive & Declaration of Conformity
This product is intended for use within the UK for
connection to the public telephone network and
compatible switchboards.
This equipment complies with the essential requirements
for the Radio Equipment and Telecommunications
Terminal Equipment Directive (1999/5/EC). For a
copy of the Declaration of Conformity please refer
Offices worldwide
BT Elements 1K
The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be
modified from time to time. Services and equipment are supplied subject to
British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract.
Nothing in this publication forms any part of a contract.
Digital Cordless Phone with Answer Machine
Setting up is easy. Just follow the simple steps in this guide.
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Registered in England No. 1800000.
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Belt clip
General information
If you’d like further help, or to view the full user guide, please visit our website or call our helpdesk on 0800 145 6789*
* Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free. Mobile and International call costs may vary.
3 Go!
Your phone
Making calls
Right option button
Press to confirm the option
displayed on the screen above the
button, to delete or go back to the
previous screen.
In answer machine mode, deletes
current message playing.
In idle mode, press to enter the
Calls list.
Move up through menu options.
Increase incoming speech volume.
In idle mode, press to adjust the
ringer volume.
Left option button
Press to enter the main menu,
access sub menus and confirm options
shown on the display
above the button.
From the home screen, press to move
right to highlight new events. During
menu navigation, use to change
settings. In text entry mode, use to
move the cursor.
From the home screen, press to move
left to highlight new events. During
menu navigation, use to change
settings. In text entry mode, use to
move the cursor.
End a call.
Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn
handset on/off.
In standby mode
make/receive phone calls.
In talk mode switch handsfree on/off.
Enter Calls list, decrease incoming
speech volume and move down
through menu options.
From the home screen, press
to access a highlighted event
on the display: missed calls,
answer phone or text messages.
When answer machine message
playing, press to delete message.
In standby, press and hold to
dial BT 1571 or your stored
speed dial number.
When answer machine message
playing, press to repeat message
from the beginning.
When answer machine message playing,
press to skip forward to next message.
Press and hold to lock/unlock keypad.
Toggle between upper and lower
case characters.
When answer machine
message playing, press to skip
back to previous message.
Access your stored Contacts.
Recall for use with some BT calling
features and when connected to a
Speed dial buttons
In standby, press and hold to dial
a stored speed dial number.
Press and hold to turn the ringer
on or off.
Press then dial the phone number. Press to end the call.
Answering calls
If you have subscribed to Caller Display, the caller’s details will be displayed before you
answer (see below and also the full user guide online at for details).
Lift the handset from the base or charger to answer incoming calls. If the handset is not
on the base or charger, press .
Select Mute by pressing the right option button during a call if you want to prevent the
caller hearing anything from your end. Select Unmute to return to your caller.
Storing new contacts (up to 200)
From the home screen, press
Select Options. Add contact is highlighted, press Select.
Enter the name using the letters on the keypad. You may need to press the same button
a few times until the letter you want is displayed, for example, press
once for A, or
twice for B.
and enter the home phone number. Press
to enter a mobile number and
then a work number if you want to. Press
again to select a ringtone. Select Save
when you’ve finished. The display will show Contact saved.
Dialling a contact
From the home screen, press
. Scroll
to display the entry you want and
press to dial.
Or, search alphabetically using the keypad to enter the first letter of the name you want
then scroll
to the exact entry and press to dial.
Caller Display and the Calls list
For Block calls, Caller Display and the Calls list, you must subscribe to a Caller Display
service for this feature to work. Your network provider may charge you for this service.
Finding your way around your phone
View and dial from the calls list (up to 50 incoming calls and 30 outgoing calls)
The number of new calls will be shown on the home screen when incoming calls
have been missed e.g. . You can clear the notification by viewing the calls list on
any handset registered to the base. The will show for missed calls, will show for
outgoing calls or
will show for incoming calls so that you can differentiate between
the types of calls in the calls list.
or select Calls, then
to scroll through and view the list.
Your BT Elements 1K has an easy to use menu system. Each menu has a list of options.
To dial an entry, press
When the handset is switched on and at the home screen:
Save a Calls list entry to your contacts
1. Select Menu by pressing the Left option button to open the main menu.
, then scroll
to highlight the entry you want and select Options.
Highlight Save number and press Select. You have two options:
To save as a new contact: highlight New contact and press Select. Highlight the type of
number, press Select. Enter the contact name and select Save. Or,
To add to an existing contact: highlight Add to contact, press Select. Scroll to highlight
the entry you want, press Select. Highlight the number type you want to save the
number under (home, work or mobile) and press Select.
The answer machine handset controls on buttons
work when a message is being played on the handset.
2. Use the
will only
button to scroll through the available menu options.
3. When the menu you want is displayed, select by pressing the Left option button
or press .
4. Use the
button to scroll through the available sub menu options.
When the sub menu you want is highlighted, select by pressing the Left option
button or press .
Select the Back option if you want to return to the previous screen.
To exit a menu and return to the home screen, press
If no buttons are pressed for 30 seconds, the handset returns to the home
screen automatically.
Answer machine
Set the answer delay
For compatibility with BT 1571 or another voicemail service make sure the answer
delay is set for your answer machine to answer before the voicemail service, e.g.
for BT 1571 do not set to more than 4 rings.
Select Menu, Answer Phone is displayed, press Select.
until Settings is highlighted, press Select.
to highlight either Ans. & record or Answer only and press Select.
Answer delay is displayed, use and to display the number of rings you want (0-10
or Time saver) and select Save.
When a new message is left you’ll hear a beep from the base. To change the alert
settings, enter the Menu and select Settings, Sound, then Alert tones.
4 Block calls
The BT Elements 1K blocks numbers in two separate ways to help you
avoid nuisance calls, firstly by type e.g withheld or international and also by
your choice of specific numbers (you can store up to 10 numbers of your own choice).
Select Menu, scroll
to Call Control and press Select.
Follow the instructions to set your PIN for the first time and select OK.
Incoming calls is displayed, press Select.
to highlight Block calls and press Select. You now have 2 choices:
i) To block calls by type, when By call type is highlighted, press Select. Select Blocked
or Allowed for each of the call types by highlighting each one: International,
Withheld number, No Caller ID and Payphone using and , then select Save.
ii) To block calls by a specific number, press
to highlight By number and
press Select. You will enter the block calls list, highlight an Empty slot and select
Add. Enter the number you want to block (or you can select Options and select
a number from your contacts or calls list) then select Save.
Calls from numbers stored in your blocked calls list cannot leave a message on your
answer machine but calls blocked by call type can.
Please note, other products connected to the line are not compatible with this
feature and will still ring.
Help Most problems can be fixed with a few simple checks.
No dial tone or line cord error
message displayed on-screen
Poor speech quality
when the entry is highlighted.
Your answer machine is on and ready to record messages. The features can be accessed
via the handset Answer Phone menu.
Recording your own outgoing message
Select Menu, Answer Phone is displayed, press Select.
Outgoing msg is highlighted, press Select.
to highlight the outgoing message mode you want: Ans. & record or
Answer only and press Select.
Record message is highlighted, press Select. Follow the voice prompt to record your
message and select Save when you’ve finished. Your message will be played back to you.
Select OK if you’re happy with it (or delete it by selecting Delete).
Battery icon flashing
and Battery low
displayed on screen
Using broadband on the same
phone line?
Can’t achieve full 1km range
Find out more
Only use the cables and batteries supplied.
Make sure both the mains power adaptor cable and
telephone line cord are plugged into the correct sockets.
Make sure the product is not located too close to other
electrical appliances. This can also help improve the
handset range from the base.
The battery charge is very low. Make sure you charge the
batteries for 24 hours before use to ensure maximum
battery performance.
Make sure you plug the phone into the wall
socket via an ADSL microfilter (not supplied),
otherwise you may have problems with
this product and your broadband service.
If you use BT Infinity, you will not need to use an ADSL microfilter.
For other types of broadband, please check with your
provider if a microfilter is required.
1km range is achieved in ideal conditions. Obstacles
between the handset and the location base, such as
buildings, will affect the range performance.
• Frequently Asked Questions are available at
• If you’d like more detailed instructions, a full user guide is available to
download from
• If you cannot find the answer to your problem in the full online user guide, then
please call our free Helpline on 0800 145 6789*. Our dedicated advisors are more
likely to be able to help you than the retailer where you made your purchase.
• This document is also available in other formats, such as Large print, Braille
and Audio CD. If you would like a copy, please call 0800 145 6789*.
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