Digital Optical Audio Switcher - ID# Operation Manual

Digital Optical Audio Switcher - ID# Operation Manual
Digital Optical Audio
Switcher - ID# 617
Operation Manual
Digital Optical Audio Switcher designed for the signal selection from two digital
optical inputs to one input, using Toslink (optical fiber) cables.
The unit has two separate Toslink (optical fiber) Input Ports. This allows you to
connect your devices such as DVD Players, Blu-Ray players and Audio amplifiers to
the unit, and output to your connected audio equipment via Toslink cable. You can
easily switch between the selected Input device by using the Input Selection switch
on the side panel of the unit.
The Toslink optical fiber cables connected to both ends of the unit can run up to 5
meters while still providing reliable and lossless audio signal transmission. The unit
is extremely compact and easy to install. Recommended for either home or
professional audio switching.
Supports S/PDIF standard of digital audio transmission.
Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation)
audio signal.
Supports compressed 2-channel and multi-channel Dolby and DTS audio
Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission.
Easy to install and simple to operate.
Operating Functions
Front Panel
1. TOSLink (Optical Fiber) Input Ports A and B: Connect the TOSLink
input ports to the TOSLink output port of audio equipments such as
audio amplifier, AV receiver or DVD player.
Rear Panel
1. TOSLink (Optical Fiber) Output Port: Connect the TOSLink output port to the
TOSLink input port of audio equipment such as audio amplifier and AV receiver.
Side Panel
1. Input Selection: Use this mini switcher to select from 2 input ports A and B.
2. Plug 5V DC power supply into the unit and connect the adaptor to AC wall
Input: 2 x TOSLink (Optical Fiber)
Output: 1 x TOSLink (Optical Fiber)
Power: 5V/0.36-0.5A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Dimension: 46(W) x 45.5(D) x 23.5(H)
Weight: 22g (adaptor not included)
Chassis Material: Plastic
Silk Skin Color: White
Operating Temperature: Operating from 0°C - 48°C
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