your smarTphone companion DAtAshEEt JAbRA CLEAR

your smarTphone companion DAtAshEEt JAbRA CLEAR
Jabra Universal Bluetooth® Mono Headset
Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device
The smarter way to use your smartphone
Free up your hands to swipe, browse and play with the
new Jabra Clear, the Bluetooth® headset that lets you get
more from your smartphone. By going Hands Free, you
choose exactly when you want to manage your smartphone hands-on and when you want quick and easy access
to your calls, songs and media without any wires or hassle.
Answer and end calls directly from the Jabra Clear, and
check battery levels and connectivity at a glance with the
built-in status display. When you’re on the phone, DSP
technology automatically adjusts the sound on your calls
to best suit your surroundings, so that every word comes
through in astounding detail.
But it’s not all talk. Multimedia streaming lets you listen to
music, GPS directions and even Internet radio directly
through your Jabra Clear.
Available in Glossy Black or Glossy White, so you can
choose which color fits your style.
You’ll never miss a beat with Jabra Clear.
Reasons to choose the Jabra CLEAR
HD Voice* enhances your sound experience on every
Stream your favorite multimedia including GPS,
music & internet radio
Talk while you type, browse and listen to all your media
* Device & network dependent
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by GN Netcom A/S is under license. (Design and specifications subject to change without notice)
Your smartphone
A Answer/end button
B On/off button
CStatusDisplay™ with battery
indicator and connection indicator
D Charging socket
E Volume up/down
F Jabra Comfort Eargel™
G Jabra Earhook
Quick Start Guide
Using your headset
Charge your headset
While charging the headset, the battery indicator will show solid
red. When the headset is charged, the battery indicator will turn
solid green and turn off after 5 minutes. Charging time is
approximately 2 hours.
Pairing the headset with your phone
First time pairing
Turn the headset on - the headset is in automatic pairing mode when
the Bluetooth® connection indicator is flashing blue.
Later pairing
ƒƒ Turn the headset on. Press and hold the answer/end button
until the Bluetooth connection indicator is flashing blue.
ƒƒ Activate Bluetooth on your phone. Then set your phone to
search for Bluetooth wireless technology enabled devices and
select Jabra Clear.
ƒƒ Press ‘OK’ on the phone and if you are asked for a PIN code,
confirm with PIN code 0000 (4 zeros).
ƒƒ Connection
When your headset has successfully established connection
with your phone and is ready to be used, the Jabra Voice Alert
will say “connected”.
ƒƒ Battery Low Alert
When your headset has battery for less than 30 minutes the
Jabra voice alert will say “low battery”. This message will be
repeated with a ten minute interval.
ƒƒ Redialing Alert
When double tapping the answer/end button on your headset,
the Jabra voice alert will say “redialing”.
Wearing style
Wear the Jabra Clear with or without an earhook.
To wear with earhook, please click on for right or left ear wearing.
Before using your new Jabra Clear headset, you must charge the
headset and pair it with your selected device.
Features and Specifications
Appealing design that fits most smartphones
Clear sound with HD Voice* technology
A2DP Technology for music streaming
Voice Guidance for ease of use
Jabra Status Display shows connection status and battery status
Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Multiuse™
ƒƒ Ultimate Comfort Eargels for an all-day perfect fit
ƒƒ Up to 6 hours of talk time and 8 days standby time
ƒƒ Leightweight – only 0.02 lb
* Device & network dependent
Turning your headset on and off
Slide the “on/off” button to turn the headset on or off. The StatusDiplayTM will light up when the headset is turned on.
ƒƒ Answer a call
Tap the answer/end button on your headset to answer a call.
ƒƒ End a call
Tap the answer/end button to end an active call.
ƒƒ Make a call
The call will automatically transfer to you headset*. If it does
not do so, please tap the answer/end button on your headset
ƒƒ Reject a call*
Press the answer/end button.
ƒƒ Activate voice dialing*
Press the answer/end button to activate the voice-dialing
function in the mobile phone. Please consult your phone user
manual for more info about using this feature.
ƒƒ Redial last number*
Double tap the answer/end button when the headset is
connected to your phone.
ƒƒ Adjust sound and volume*
Tap the volume up or down to adjust the volume.
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