MP390 Set-Up Sheet
Set-Up Sheet
Thank you for purchasing the Canon MultiPASS MP390. To prepare your machine for
use, please follow the instructions in this Set-Up Sheet before referring to any other
IMPORTANT Do not connect the USB cable until
, "Connect the USB
Setup flow
This side explains the setup procedure for use without connecting to a computer. <Check packed contents, install and adjust machine>
Setup procedures
Unpack and install
the machine
telephone line
power cord
Install print head
Install ink tanks
Load print media
Align print head
You can use the copy, photo print, fax functions.
These steps explain the setup procedure for use by connecting to a computer. <Install MP Drivers and Utility Software>
Setup procedures
Install MP Drivers
Connect USB cable
Install Utility Software
You can use the print, PC fax, scan functions.
Unpack and install the machine.
1 Carefully remove all items from the box.
2 Remove the protective material.
Hold the bottom side.
Do not grasp the
scan unit.
When removing the machine from the
box, handle it with care and do not drop it.
After removing the protective material, do
not lift the machine by grasping the scan
3 Place the machine on a flat surface.
4 Remove all shipping tape from the
exterior of the machine.
Remove the
protective sheet.
• Be sure to hold the machine by the
sides. Do not place anything in front
of the machine.
• After removing the tape, remove the
protective sheet.
Check the contents.
Ink Tanks:
BCI-24 Black
BCI-24 Color
Telephone Line Cord
Power Cord
Set-Up Sheet
User's Guide
Print Head
The Setup CD-ROM contains the MP
Drivers, as well as the electronic manuals
Software Guide and Photo Application
Please read these guides.
A printer cable is not included. You must purchase a USB cable (less than 16 3/8 ft./5 m) to
connect your machine to a computer.
Connect the telephone line and any necessary external
Connect external devices as follows:
= Telephone line jack
= External device jack
Telephone or answering machine
device jack
Telephone or
answering machine
Telephone and answering machine
line jack
You can connect an
external device
(telephone or answering
machine) if necessary.
Built-in computer modem and telephone
Connect the telephone
line cord to the wall jack.
• Before using your machine, you need to make sure it is set for your telephone line type.
For details, see page 83 of the User’s Guide.
• Refer to the receive mode instructions after the unit is powered on.
For details on the receive modes, refer to page 104 of the User’s Guide.
Connect the power cord.
1 Connect the power cord.
q Connect one end of the power cord to the
rear of the machine.
w Connect the other end to the AC outlet.
If the message <PUT IN CARTRIDGE> appears,
go to procedure 4, "Install the print head."
Approx. 15 seconds
Install the print head.
1 Lift the scan unit until it locks into place.
2 Open the inner cover.
If there is a protective sheet, remove the
protective sheet.
w The print head holder moves to the center.
Install the print head here.
Lift the scan unit.
q Open the inner cover.
If the paper output tray does not open, press
the Open button to open the paper output tray.
If you open the scan unit while the machine is turned ON, the paper output tray will open.
3 Raise the lock lever.
4 Prepare the print head.
Touch only the lock lever!
Do not touch!
Raise this securely.
5 Insert the print head.
Remove the protective
cap and discard it.
6 Lower the lock lever.
Slowly lower the lock lever until you hear
a “snap” sound and it locks into place.
Install the ink tanks.
1 Prepare the ink tanks.
2 Insert the ink tanks.
Remove the protective
cap and discard it.
Insert the black ink
tank into the right slot.
Do not touch!
Push it in until it
locks into place.
Insert the color ink
tank into the left slot.
3 Close the inner cover q and
the scan unit w.
q Lift it upward.
w Lower it into place.
Load the paper.
1 Open the multi-purpose tray.
2 Load the paper.
q Load the paper with the print side face up.
q Open the tray.
w Pull up the tray
extension until it stops.
w Pinch and adjust the
paper guide to the
width of the stack.
Ensure the paper stack does
not exceed paper limit mark.
3 Pull out the tray extension of the
paper output tray.
Pull it out until it stops.
Rear side a
Align the print head from the operation panel.
Be sure to align the position of the print head to ensure print quality.
1 Print the print head position pattern.
q This message appears.
w Press
If this message
does not
appear after
closing the
scan unit, see
page 118 of the
User's Guide.
e The machine prints
a print head
position pattern.
2 Enter checkmarks in the printed patterns.
Column A
From column A to column K on the printout,
place a checkmark by the pattern that shows
the most solid box (least number of white
Least solid box
Most solid box
3 Align the print head.
Using the operation panel, enter the value of the pattern you checked in step 2, then
press [Set].
Press [+] to increase the number by one digit.
Columns (A to E)
Press [–] to decrease the number by one digit.
Pattern numbers
q Press [+] or [-] to select
Columns (F to K)
w Press [Set].
the pattern number of
the good sample.
4 Repeat step 3 for columns B through K.
You have completed installation and alignment.
If you are connecting the machine to a computer for use, see
instructions on installing the software.
Install the MP Drivers.
The MP Drivers must be installed on the hard disk of your computer in order to print
from or scan images to the computer. In addition to installing the MP Drivers, install
the MP Toolbox. Use the MP Toolbox to attach scanned images to e-mail, save and
• For detailed system requirements, see page 69 of the User's Guide.
• When installing the software in Windows 2000, you must have Service Pack 1 or
later version installed.
• When installing the software in Windows 2000, you must log on as Administrator
or have Administrator privileges, and when installing the software in Windows XP,
you must log on as Administrator.
• If you have an earlier version of the MultiPASS Suite software installed on your
computer, uninstall this version before installing the new version.
For instructions on uninstallation, see the guides for that version of MultiPASS Suite.
• Close any open software applications, including virus checkers prior to installing
the software.
For details, see the instruction guide for each software application.
If using the machine with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed mode, you must connect it to a computer
standard-equipped with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. For details, see page 70 of the User’s
Prepare the Setup CD-ROM (Installation preparation)
Turn ON your computer,
and start Windows.
Insert the Setup CD-ROM
into the CD-ROM drive.
The setup program should automatically run. If
the setup program does not automatically run,
click [My Computer], then double-click
[setup.exe] or [setup] on the Setup CD-ROM.
If the following screen appears, click Cancel.
If you have connected the USB cable,
disconnect it.
The USB cable is connected.
Perform the following steps.
1. Disconnect the USB cable.
2. Click [Cancel].
1 Install the MP Drivers. (Use when printing from PC applications or scanning images.)
Follow the on-screen
instructions to install
the software.
When the InstallShield Wizard Complete window
appears, click [Finish].
If you are prompted to restart your computer after the
installation, restart your computer.
When restarting your
computer is not
When restarting your
computer is
Select [Yes, I want to restart
my computer now.] and then
click [Finish].
2 Install the MP Toolbox. (Use to attach scanned documents to an e-mail message or save as PDF
Refer to the following on-screen instructions while installing the software.
When the InstallShield Wizard Complete window
appears, click [Finish].
If you are prompted to restart your computer after the
installation, restart your computer.
3 Connect the USB cable
Connect the USB cable.
Connect one end of the USB cable to the computer,
the other (square shaped plug) to the machine.
Make sure both your machine and
computer are turned ON.
When connecting the USB cable, the
computer will automatically detect
and install necessary information.
Please wait a few moments. Click [OK]
if you are prompted to restart your
In Windows 2000, the machine may not be set as [Set As Default Printer]. For details, see the Software Guide.
Install the utility software.
Utility software is also stored on the Setup CD-ROM. You can choose to install the
utility software at this stage or install it later.
● Outline of the utility software
Easy-PhotoPrint /
Easy PhotoPrint Plus
Easy-PhotoPrint allows you to make high-quality borderless (full page) prints easily by simply
selecting the paper type and image taken with your digital camera.
Easy-PhotoPrint Plus allows easy Red-eye reduction and Digital Face Smoothing.
Easy-WebPrint allows you to print a whole web page from Internet Explorer quickly and easily.
ScanSoft OmniPage SE ScanSoft OmniPage SE is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program which can convert the
text in books or newspaper characters into editable text.
ArcSoft PhotoStudio ArcSoft PhotoStudio allows you to import images from your digital camera to enhance them in
various ways, blend them together, convert their data format, or add them to an album.
Adobe Acrobat Reader The Adobe Acrobat Reader displays documents in PDF (Portable Document Format) form.
The Photo Application Guide is contained on the Setup CD-ROM. For details, see page 163 of the User’s Guide.
● Install the utility software.
Click [Install Utility
Select the software
to install.
When the InstallShield Wizard
Complete window appears, click
If you are prompted to restart your computer
after the installation, restart your computer.
This procedure varies depending on the
application software.
To view guides
Click this to read
the guides stored
on the Setup
CD-ROM, such
as the Photo
You now have completed installation of the software.
For details of the operations, see the User's Guide.
When installation of the MP Drivers completes, the icon appears on the desktop. You
can register your machine online by double-clicking this icon.
Canon, MultiPASS, and BCI are trademarks of Canon Inc.
All other products and brand names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
© CANON INC. 2004
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