Phonak and Freedom bte
Microlink MLxS with Cochlear Freedom
You will need:
• A Microlink Freedom receiver
• Three 675 batteries for Microlink Freedom
Transmitting coil fits here
Selector button
Microlink Freedom
What to do:
You need to consult the cochlear implant clinic before using the
MicroLink Freedom. There is a default mixing ratio of 3:1 with the
Freedom processor. However it is usually more practical to have a
ratio of 1:1 so that when the transmitter is turned off there is no
difference in the level of sound from the microphone on the
processor. A program should be set up in this way at the clinic. This
program should be selected when using FM.
1. Remove the battery rack by placing finger nails into the slots at
the base of the controller unit and pulling downwards.
2. Put three 675 batteries into the MicroLink Freedom battery
3. Plug the Microlink Freedom into the controller.
4. Press the selector button to turn on the speech processor.
5. Select the program for use with radio aids.
6. The processor will automatically detect the presence of the
receiver. Sound can now be heard through the headpiece
microphone and FM combined. The letters EA should show
briefly on the screen when this happens.
7. To listen to microphone only press both the increase and
decrease buttons together repeatedly until just an ‘M’ appears
on the screen.
8. To re-engage FM, press both buttons repeatedly until ‘EA’
flashes on the screen and the ‘M’ remains there.
Have you definitely turned on the microphone? Particular care is
needed with the Campus transmitter where there is a switch on the
microphone itself.
Listen through the Freedom
monitoring headphones
(Part number Z60832). Turn
on the processor and plug the
headphones into the socket on
the base of the Microlink
Freedom. Press both the increase and decrease buttons at the same
time for a few seconds to activate the headphones. It is now possible
to listen to signals from the microphone and FM system.
Freedom MLxS tester
This is an adaptor to allow testing of the Freedom MicroLink either
with an accessories tester or with a direct input hearing aid.
Available from Phonak or Connevans aat £20 (March 2008).
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