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LC Plus Series ™
New Generation Video Panels
The LC Plus Series™ from Martin Professional
is a modular system of LED video panels with
new generation technology that closely
integrates light, video and set design for all
new possibilities in indoor and outdoor
Designed for the demanding rental and staging market, yet
equally suitable for fixed installations such as retail environments and outdoor architecture, the LC Plus is an easy-touse, all-in-one video solution.
The LC Plus offers several key advantages
over other types of LED panels:
- Innovative P3 technology platform provides no-hassle video signal processing and distribution
• Simplicity - intuitive setup and use
• Creativity - increased integration with lighting
and scenery
• Reliability - tough and resilient
- Low weight and high degree of transparency expands the field of applications
The LC Plus panels are 60% transparent and allow light and
effects to pass through (audio, smoke and air too), creating
increased possibilities for multi-layered looks. Dim the
panels and they seem to disappear, revealing objects or
performers placed upstage. In architectural applications the
LC Plus panels can be placed behind windows to allow
sunlight into interior spaces.
40 mm pixel pitch
The LC Plus’s 40 mm pixel pitch is small enough for clear
images at a distance and vivid graphics up close, and
allows for a high level of transparency and a low weight.
Image quality is significantly better than typical low resolution LED screens and the LC Plus panels are considerably
less costly than higher resolution screens.
Wide viewing angle
The LC Plus features a very wide 100° horizontal viewing
angle to cover not only the front but also the sides where
viewers tend to miss out.
- Superior color and brightness uniformity ensures out-
standing image quality
- True IP65 protection for outdoor use
The P3 technology platform removes the limitations of video-type protocols for increased creative
freedom, easy wiring and fast set-up. With no external power supplies, each LC Plus unit comes with
everything built in - substantially reducing logistical costs and set-up time. Easy to assemble, up to
50 panels can be daisy chained for virtually unlimited design possibilities.
For set-up ease, the LC Plus uses a familiar display and button
system. In addition, a 3-color LED provides instant panel status,
even from a long distance.
P3 Architecture
The LC Plus is based on Martin’s new and
innovative P3 technology platform (Pixel
Push Protocol) for video signal processing
and distribution.
The LC Plus can be addressed in single pixel increments
and addressing of any panel can be updated in real time.
As a convenient time saver, built-in test patterns can be
checked before use.
Simple and flexible
P3 technology makes setting up an LED wall fast and easy.
It’s like DMX for video. Based on Gigabit Ethernet and
Cat5e wiring, the P3 technology removes the inherent
limitations of video-type protocols for easy connectivity and
speed of set-up.
Rugged and reliable
Based on proven Gigabit Ethernet technology, P3 is tough
and resilient, ideal for touring shows. For fixed installations,
the use of standard Cat5e wiring makes integration a
The Ethernet based system is true plug and play, eliminating the limitations of DVI, fiber optic and coax (SDI) cable
connections. Fast and easy to assemble, any cable can be
up to 100 m in length and up to 50 panels can be daisy
chained (no splitters or buffers needed) for virtually unlimited design possibilities.
The LC Plus uses robust, industrial RJ45 connectors and
the Gigabit Ethernet technology enables 500,000 pixels
with 48 bit data to be updated 60 times per second. No
other system on the market comes close. Signal distribution
uses inexpensive, off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet switches.
And unlike DVI systems, the signal wiring can be plugged
and unplugged during use without risk of damage.
For easy set up, the LC Plus uses a display and button system familiar to any user of MAC luminaires. A convenient
3-color LED provides instant panel status, even from a long
With no external power supplies, each LC Plus unit comes
with everything built in - substantially reducing logistical
costs and set-up time.
Creative and capable
P3 technology opens up a wealth of creative possibilities.
For the first time, panel settings such as brightness, image
mapping and image rotation can be modified in real time via
a lighting console, making true integration with lighting and
scenery possible.
The LC Plus runs 60 frames per second (this is not streaming
video) for broadcast quality, smooth, step-free images. Latency
(delay) is virtually undetectable meaning the image on the LC
Plus screen is in perfect sync with the live performer.
Main stage of system setup using the
P3-100 system controller
P3-100 System Processor
P3 technology is directed via a P3-100 System Processor,
an ultra robust processing unit based on embedded Linux
and solid state storage. Just one processor can handle up
to 500,000 pixels (that’s 800 m2 of LC Plus panels!) scaled
to any size.
Includes built-in scaling and de-interlacing. The scaler
adjusts images to fit the LC screen in real time while
the de-interlacer enables regular video signals to be
Supports multiple video protocols and resolutions
including DVI and most analog formats, eliminating the
need for an expensive external processor.
Allows key parameters including brightness and image
mapping to be manipulated in real-time using
DMX512, expanding the creative scope of LED
Contains a built-in graphical user interface. Just add a
monitor, mouse and keyboard.
Images can be previewed on a local display (in real
Settings can be conveniently stored on a USB stick
LC Plus panels communicate with the P3-100 Processor
to report any problems
Upgrade existing LC Series panels
Owners of existing Martin LC Series panels can upgrade
their inventory with LC Plus electronics, which adds many of
the LC Plus features. The upgraded panels must be used
with the P3-100 System Processor.
Video screen
layout showing
of LC panels
Video content
shown as
from external
LC panels layout
onto video content
Final view of video
content shown
only on LC panels
A Perfect Match – consistency
in color and brightness
To the viewer, it’s the image that counts,
and with the LC Plus, image quality and
consistency is exceptional. With 14 bits
per color the image is extraordinary, even
at greatly reduced screen brightness
Each LC Plus panel is pixel-level calibrated at our state-ofthe-art calibration facility to ensure perfect color consistency from panel to panel. This superior uniformity in color
and brightness not only makes for an improved image quality but also means that no more “bins” or “batches” need to
be considered when adding more panels to inventory.
The Great Outdoors…or Indoors
The LC Plus features a true IP65 protection rating for use in
all types of environments, indoors or out. Combine that with
a wide operating temperature range of -20º to +40º C and
the LC Plus is suitable for most types of outdoor entertainment including permanent installations such as theme
parks, cruise ships or other outdoor areas.
The LC Plus’s high level of brightness - 3000 nits (cd/m²) is more than sufficient for any indoor use and bright enough
for most outdoor applications.
Essentially maintenance free, the LC Plus panels are completely convection cooled and use no fans which means no
noise, fewer parts to fail, less cleaning, and greater reliability. A robust cast aluminum housing for the electronics not
only provides complete protection but gives the panels a
contemporary, streamlined look.
Height: Width: Depth: Weight: LCP 2140 2000 mm (78.7 in.)
1000 mm (39.4 in.)
172 mm (6.8 in.)
LCP 2140 22.4 kg (49.4 lbs.)
Control and Programming
Addressing and status: Setup testing: Four-button panel, LED display and status LEDs
Local test patterns
Video Processing
Video signal processor: Processor capacity: Output resolution: Total system latency: DVI video input: Analog video input: Video input signal frequency: Genlock: Image rotation: Scaling: De-interlacing: Gamma curve selection and adjustment: Overall brightness control by DMX512: Real-time panel content remapping: P3 Signal Protocol
Signal type: Protocol: Hot pluggable: Cable type: Cable length: Max. number of panels per line: Latency between first and last panel: External P3 processor (one per system)
500 000 pixels (400 LCP 2140 panels) with P3-100 Processor
Any within 500k pixel limit
Less than 3 frames
Up to 1600 x 1200
(all VESA standards supported)
Composite, component and S-video
50 - 75 Hz
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Yes, integrated in P3 processor
Gigabit Ethernet
Proprietary Martin P3
Yes, electrically isolated at all
Cat 5e
Up to 100 m (328.1 ft.) between any panels or controller
Photometric Data
Light source: Brightness (calibrated): Pitch (pixel center-to-center): Red dominant wavelength: Green dominant wavelength: Blue dominant wavelength: Color resolution: Viewing angle: 5 mm (0.2 in.) oval LED
3000 Nit (candela per square meter)
40 mm (1.6 in.)
621 nm
527 nm
470 nm
16 bits per color
>100° horizontal,
>40° vertical at 50% intensity
Panel frames: LED tubes: Transparency through panel (unmasked area): Color: Protection rating: Aluminum
UV-resistant acrylic
Matt black
IP65, NEMA 4
Orientation: Max. suspended in one chain: Max. stacked: Panel interlocking: Individually mounted panel any angle; stack or suspended chain horizontal
or vertical only
Max. six 2140 panels hung vertically per single chain
Max. seven 2140 panels standing vertically per single stack
Prolyte CCS6 conical coupler system
Power in/out: P3 data in/out: Ruggedized IP67-rated power connectors
Ruggedized IP67-rated RJ45 connectors
AC power: Power supply unit: Standby power: Main fuse: 200-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Integrated, auto-sensing multi-voltage
<35 W
LCP 2140 EU models 10 AT; LCP 2140 US models 2 x 10 AT
Cooling: Convection
Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 40° C (104° F)
-20° C (-4° F)
1160 BTU/hr.
EU safety: EU EMC: US safety (pending): Canadian safety (pending): EN 60825-1, EN 60950
EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
ANSI/UL 60950-1
CAN/CSA 60950-1-03
Included Items
Prolyte CCS6 conical couplers and threaded spigots
Power and data cables
Conical couplers (Prolyte CCS6 system) Four-unit flightcase for 4 x LCP 2140 video panels: P/N 91510120
Martin™ P3-100” System Processor Installation
and Safety Manual: P/N 35000226
Martin™ P3-100” System Processor
User Documentation CD: P/N 35005008
All LC Plus and P3 system controller user documentation is also available for download free of charge
from the Product Support area at www.martin.com
Ordering Information
LCP 2140 US model (FLC): LCP 2140 US model (CBB): LCP 2140 EU model (FLC): LCP 2140 EU model (CBB): Martin™ P3-100” System Processor: FLC = Flightcase, CBB = Cardboard box
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