Good Practices for Equipment GHS Vol 9 (size 60.1 KB)

Good Practices for Equipment GHS Vol 9 (size 60.1 KB)
Issue 9, July 2008
Good Practices for Equipment & Installers
The Installers’ Newsletter
Greener Home Scheme Phase III
Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural
Resources, Eamon Ryan T.D. announced on July 7th
2008 that the Greener Homes Scheme (GHS), having
made over 22,000 grant commitments to
householders towards the installation of new
renewable energy heating systems, would move
immediately to Phase III of the scheme. The
announcement of Phase III is timed to coincide with
the recent coming into force of the revised Building
regulations 2008 which for the first time see a
compulsory requirement for some component of
renewable energy in all new homes.
The scheme has proven very popular and of the
22,000 grant offers in place, already 13,000 of them
have been paid following the successful installation of
the systems. This has resulted in annual reduction of
33,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The applications are
split across the three technologies: Biomass (26%),
Heatpump (26%) and Solar Thermal (48%). Phase III of
the scheme is now open as of the 22nd of July 2008.
There will be a number of changes to the scheme;
1. Existing dwellings only will be supported
2. Wood gasification boilers are introduced
3. Biomass grant levels have been adjusted
Existing Dwellings
Under Phase III of the Greener Homes Scheme only
existing dwellings will be eligible to apply for a grant.
Any dwelling under 1 year old and/or that has not
been occupied for at least a year will not be eligible
for support.
An existing dwelling;
• Has been occupied for a minimum of one
• Has an existing heating system
The installing engineer is required to vouch for the
age of the house at time of commissioning. For
verification purposes SEI’s QA programme involves
site visits at which time the stated age of the house
can be established.
If incorrect information is provided on the
commissioning report regarding the property’s age,
this will be treated as fraudulent activity and your
registration on the Greener Homes Scheme
Registered Installer List will be subject to review.
Wood Gasification Boiler
A wood gasification boiler, which is now eligible
under the scheme, is a central heating boiler which
produces its useful heat through combustion of wood
gas. This “generator” gas is produced by the thermal
transformation of wood fuel i.e. the wood fuel is first
converted to gas then the resulting charcoal is then
also converted to gas.
A wood gasification boiler differs from a standard
wood boiler by way of the combustion process. In a
standard wood boiler, direct combustion of the wood
fuel takes place, whereas in a wood gasification boiler,
combustion of wood-gas takes place following
thermal conversion of the wood fuel to gas.
There will be a separate Wood Gasification Boiler
Registered Installer List and Product List. Each
registered wood gasification boiler will have a
corresponding list of Installers who are deemed
competent by the product supplier in the installation
and commissioning of that product. Installers who
wish to be registered on the Wood Gasification
Registered Installer List must have completed an
accredited biomass training course and must submit
an application for registration containing a
declaration completed by the Irish agent for that
Phase III Grant levels
The following are the grant levels for Phase III of the
Greener Homes Scheme.
Phase III
Biomass - Boiler
Wood Gasification Boiler
Biomass - Stove w/Back boiler
Biomass - Stove
Heat Pump – Vertical ground
Heat Pump – Horizontal ground
Heat Pump - Water to water
Heat Pump - Air Source
Solar - Flat Plate
Solar - Evacuated Tube
Sustainable Energy Ireland, Greener Homes Scheme, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
T: 1850 734 734, F: (01) 808 2013
Email: [email protected]
Scheme Terms and Conditions
Please ensure that your client is compliant with
the following eligibility criteria when filling out
their application form:
Grant eligibility commences with the launch of
Phase III of the Scheme on the 22nd July 2008. If
any product procurement or work was
initiated prior to this date then you are not
eligible to apply for a grant. (Product
Procurement includes any form of ordering,
deposit and/or stage payment as well as
product delivery. Work includes any
installation relating to the Renewable Heating
System being applied for under the Greener
Homes Scheme).
No purchase or work should be initiated
before receiving a formal Letter of Offer from
Once approved and a request for payment is
made, confirmation of the above, including
proof of purchase is a requirement for
payment of the grant.
Phase III Documentation
All documentation for applications and
registrations has changed for Phase III of the
Greener Homes Scheme. Old versions of
documentation will not be accepted and will be
returned to the applicant. Using the incorrect
versions of documentation will lead to a delay in
registrations. Copies of all new documentation are
enclosed with this newsletter for your
convenience. Copies can be downloaded from or by calling 1850 734
GHS Application Form – Ver 3
GHS Application Guide – Ver 3
GHS Installer Registration Form – Ver 3
Biomass Standard Commissioning Report – Ver 5
Solar Standard Commissioning Report – Ver 5
Heatpump Standard Commissioning Report – Ver 5
Commissioning Reports & Registration
The correct version of the commissioning report must
be used for each phase of the Scheme. Version 4 must
be used for all Phase I and Phase II and Version 5 must
be used for all Phase III installations.
Change Requests / Change Technology
Homeowners who wish to change their technology
must submit a new application and it will have to go
through the approval process again subject to the
grant levels and terms/conditions of the Phase under
which they reapply. The homeowner will need to
notify us in writing that they no longer wish to avail of
their current grant.
If the homeowner wishes to change their
product/aperture area which affects their grant
amount approved, the homeowner must contact SEI
in writing to secure approval before they go ahead
with the work. Change Requests cannot be processed
at the same time as requesting payment.
Wood Gasification Boiler – Buffer Storage
A buffer store (accumulator) will be installed in
conjunction with the wood gasification boiler to
ensure the efficient operation of the boiler. Buffer
stores are important heat storage devices, especially
for wood gasification boilers. These boilers can only
be operated efficiently when combined with an
accumulator since controlled operation at part load is
more difficult. This is due to the nature of the fuel
(generally wood logs). Once combustion take place,
the fuel will continue to burn irrespective of whether
the dwellings heat load is met. Consequently the
buffer or accumulator cylinder in a domestic biomass
storage/distribution device, which is heated by the
boiler to a set temperature and can store the resulting
high temperature water for long system standstill
periods, until heating or hot water is required. The
buffer or accumulator capacity should be calculated
recommendations. A rough guideline for establishing
the volume of the buffer is available from EN303-5
and from the REIA training manual and is in the
region of 55 to 65 L/kW of the rated boiler size.
Heat Pump System Requirements
When installing a heat pump into an existing dwelling
it is critical to ensure that the building is sufficiently
insulated and the existing heating system is
surveyed for compatibility. In many cases the
dwelling’s fabric will need to be upgraded to ensure
efficient operation and thus optimal electricity cost. It
is recommended to try and achieve insulation levels
as close to “new build” requirements, where possible
and practical. Recommended values for average
elemental U-value for insulation would be:
• Roofs:
0.16 W/m2K
• Walls:
0.27 W/m2K
• Ground Floors:
0.25 W/m2K
• Exposed Floors:
0.25 W/m2K
• External doors windows/roof-lights: 2.0 W/m2K
For more information in regard to achieving good
insulation levels, please consult the relevant SEI
publications, in particular the following: What is a Uvalue, the Detailed Guide to Insulating Your Home
and Renovating and Older Home .
Sustainable Energy Ireland, Greener Homes Scheme, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
T: 1850 734 734, F: (01) 808 2013
Email: [email protected]
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