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Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
Making VoIP migration simple
and cost-effective for small BLACK BOX
and medium businesses.
ombine traditional telephony
and VoIP into a single device.
nable you to communicate through
analog or SIP lines for lower-cost
long-distance calling and unified
» S upport customized greetings
per user and include e-mail,
fax, and voice mail notifications.
o user license fees.
Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
Simple and affordable communications for SMBs.
Music on Hold
Paging System
USB Device
Hybrid PBX VoIP
Gateway (IPBX424)
Fax Machine
Wireless Access
VoIP Provider
These powerful gateways integrate traditional telephone
and VoIP for more cost-effective voice communications, routing
calls accordingly to desk, home, or cellular phones. They enable
you to save on charges for long-distance calling, voice mail,
and other services right out of the box.
Fully functional PBX appliances, they feature dual FXS connections
for phones or fax machines, 4 or 12 FXO connections for analog
phone lines, and an integrated four-port 10-/100-Mbps Ethernet
What’s more, the gateways feature a high-performance CPU,
hardware-based echo cancellation, and QoS.
Plus, the gateways offer easy setup through a Web-based
configuration interface. They also seamlessly detect and install
SIP phones so every user in your office can be making and receiving
calls in no time at all.
What’s more, users can connect through PBX with SIP phones
even when working remotely.
• Unlimited VoIP phone numbers.
• Voice mail—they store and convert voice mail messages
and send them to e-mail as a WAV or an MP3 file attachment.
• Full PBX feature set, including call hold, call transfer, caller ID,
and call waiting, plus conferencing.
• Long-distance calling from mobile phones.
• Call pickup—answer any call, whether on hold or ringing,
even if it's coming from another line.
• Customizable settings per user.
• VoIP failover—if your Internet connection is lost, calls can
be made through the POTS line.
• Digital receptionist—dial-by-name directory and the ability
to create personalized greetings for every VoIP number.
• Secure remote access capabilities.
• No user license fee.
• Secure integrated firewall.
• Interactive voice response (IVR) allowing unlimited options for
customized greeting messages and call forwarding.
Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
Black Box now offers Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways, which will
change the way businesses communicate. These hybrid units
provide PBX and telephony ports that create a seamless gateway
to the cellular, traditional telephone, and VoIP worlds by combining
them into a single integrated device.
An affordable, scalable solution for single point of contact
communications needs, these hybrid gateways enable customers to
communicate through VoIP or telephone lines, provide a centralized
communications point and route calls accordingly to work, home, or
cellular phones. The gateways also provide customized greetings per
user, lower-cost long distance, and a true “one in-box” solution for
e-mail, fax, and voicemail.
These powerful PBX VoIP gateways combine traditional telephone
and VoIP for more cost-effective voice communications. They are fully
functional PBX appliances with integrated:
• Hardware echo cancellation
• Four-port Ethernet 10-/100-Mbps switch
• Dual USB ports
• Compact Flash
• Dual connections for phones or fax machines (FXS)
• Four- or twelve-port connections for analog telephone lines (FXO)
For help setting up a problem-free VoIP system, talk to
Black Box today or visit to learn more.
Key Features and Benefits:
Find Me
• Ability to set up call forwarding rules on a per-user basis
that will help people stay in touch. For example:
- From Monday to Friday, set the calls to forward to
a mobile phone between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
- If the central number is not answered after four
rings, forward to a mobile phone.
Call Pickup
• Ability to answer any calls, whether on hold or ringing, even
if the call is coming from another line. For example:
- If the phone rings in a different department or in a different room in a house, just dial *99, and the call will be picked up.
For example:
- Purchase a New York DID
(area code 212) to deal with
a contact in New York or a Dublin, Ireland DID (area code 01) to deal with a contact in Dublin. This will allow them
to call you from New York or Dublin using a local number.
Digital Receptionist
• Dial-by-name directory feature.
• Easily create custom greetings.
Voicemail to E-mail
• All users can have voicemail directly sent to e-mail as a WAV
or MP3 file (audio attachment). Voicemails can then be
retrieved from the in-box on a computer or mobile phone.
• Messages can be heard through an integrated media player
rather than logging into the system.
• Enables a true “one in-box” solution for e-mails and voicemails.
Analog and Digital Phone Lines
• Ability to transparently support standard phone lines
and VoIP lines. Offers the advantage of having additional
low-cost telephone lines without tying up the main line.
Customized Settings per User
• All settings are configurable for each user. For example:
- Customized extension numbers: 2201 or 2.
- Customizable voicemail for each user.
Low-Cost, Long-Distance VoIP Calls
• Unlimited VoIP phone numbers.
• Customizable greetings and features for multiple telephone lines.
VoIP Failover
• Calls can still be made through the regular phone
line in case of Internet connection failure.
PBX Features
• PBX features include: call hold, call transfer, call forward,
caller ID, call waiting.
• Advanced features such as converting voicemail to e-mail,
conferencing, and Find Me.
Long-Distance Calls from a Mobile Phone
• Ability to make long-distance calls from a mobile phone by
calling the system, entering a password, and hanging up.
The system will call back and prompt for a number to call.
Enter the number on the mobile phone, and the system will
call that number and join the calls together. This provides
the advantage of making a long-distance call at the rate
of an inbound local call.
• No user license fees.
Supervisor Control
• Ability to log, record, and transparently listen to phone calls.
Low-Cost Calls from Around the World
• Purchase an International DID (phone number) from your
VoIP service provider (very low monthly cost). Enables
“termination” of the phone number into the PBX. Our
system allows configuration of unlimited inbound accounts.
Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
VoIP Overview.
Hosted IP PBX. In a hosted system, the service provider, rather than
the end user, deploys a PBX system. The end user needs to purchase IP
phones, but not a PBX.
Managed IP PBX. This is an on-site VoIP solution including the
system, services, and support. It requires a greater capital expenditure,
but it gives the user a flexible call routing platform, management of
PBX functions, and centralized call routing.
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks. A much newer
technology, SIP trunks enable converged IP applications within
and outside the enterprise. SIP trunks offer significant savings,
eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways. They also offer
maximum control of multimedia communication sessions over
an IP network.
The question isn't if you should move to a VoIP system,
but when. Although VoIP systems have been commonplace in
larger organizations, they are now becoming more affordable
and practical for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to
implement. VoIP systems benefit everyone from telecommuters
to the managers and users of large call centers.
More and more companies are migrating from a traditional
private branch exchange (PBX) telephony system to a voice-overIP (VoIP) system. These converged networks take advantage of IP
communications to better manage and transmit voice, data, images,
video, e -mail, faxes, and more.
What is VoIP?
VoIP Considerations.
A cost-saving alternative to traditional telephony service, VoIP
delivers voice calls over a data network that uses packet switching
instead of circuit switching. An IP PBX system combines enterprise IP
(using a corporate Intranet) and a Public Switched Network (PTSN).
VoIP options.
The best VoIP option for you depends on the size of your
organization, the number of users, how many locations you have, etc.
There are two basic types of offerings: hosted services or on-premises
services, also called customer premise equipment (CPE) services.
VoIP offerings include:
VoIP depends on having a fast, reliable network to operate.
A fast connection with guaranteed bandwidth is not a problem
in a corporate intranet. But if you’re using the Internet for VoIP,
you’re using a public network that may be subject to slowdowns.
The quality of your connection may be unacceptable when Web
usage is high.
For help setting up a problem-free VoIP system, talk to
Black Box today.
Converged voice/data. The most basic VoIP systems use software
and existing phone systems. As software-based systems, such as
Skype®, continue to grow and mature, they are becoming more
appealing to the SMB market.
Hybrid PBX VoIP Gateways
with (4) FXO, (2) FXS, and (4) 10/100
with (12) FXO, (2) FXS, and (4) 10/100
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