LCR AIM Left-Center-Right Pivoting In-Wall Home ... SPECIFICATIONS

LCR AIM  Left-Center-Right  Pivoting  In-Wall  Home ... SPECIFICATIONS
A I M L e f t - C e n t e r- R i g h t P i v o t i n g I n - Wa l l H o m e T h e a t e r S p e a k e r
Tweeters can
be angled
of the woofers
up to 30˚ in any
Gold Plated
5-Way Binding
EQ Circuit
Easy Six Screw
Mounting System
A pivoting baffle
allows the speaker
to be angled up to
17˚ horizontally or
vertically depending on application
Professional Grade
Crossover Components include
capacitors and low
DCR coils
Solid Aluminum Phase
Plugs increase midrange
Chrome Plated High
Power Shielded Magnets
Patent Pending
Patent Pending
Speaker Type: 2-Way In-Wall
2-Way In-Wall
Pivoting 1" Silk Dome
Pivoting 1" Aluminum/Magnesium Dome
Two Magnetically Shielded 51⁄4" Injection Two Magnetically Shielded 51⁄4" Aluminum/
Molded Graphite Cones with Phasing Plugs
Magnesium Cones with Phasing Plugs
8 ohms
6/8 ohms depending on switch settings
Sensitivity: 89dB 1w/1m
90dB 1w/1m
Frequency Adjustments: None
Front-Mounted 2-Position Bass
and Treble Adjustment Switches
Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB
50Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB
Power Handling:
80 watts (undistorted)
100 watts (undistorted)
Cut Out Dimensions (L x H):
141⁄4" x 71⁄2"
141⁄4" x 71⁄2"
Dimensions (L x H x D):
161⁄16" x 91⁄2" x 4"
161⁄16" x 91⁄2" x 4"
(Horizontally Mounts into a Standard Stud Bay)
(Horizontally Mounts into a Standard Stud Bay)
In our attempt to constantly improve our products, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
T h e D i re c t i o n O f
Home Theater
940 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507
(800) 448-0976 Fax (951) 787-8747
The Only Speaker System
A I M T h e D i re c t i o n O f H o m e T h e a t e r
Sound Aimin g
That Fits Any Room
We know you want to get the most out of each area in your home.
That’s why the AIM performs so well in tidy guest rooms, master
suites, living rooms and even patios. Whether it’s background music,
talk radio or a major sports event, you’ll never have to miss out.
From kitchen to pool side, SpeakerCraft brings concert sound to your
private oasis.
A home theater audio system boosts the excitement and dynamics of
Independently Pivoting Woofer
and Tweeter: The woofers and
movies and concerts. To make it work you need channel separation,
tweeters in the AIM models pivot
spatial imaging and dynamic response. The AIM models let you aim
independently, meaning you can direct
the midrange drivers and/or tweeters, meaning the sound from the
the low and high frequencies for a
front speakers can come together for better “imaging.”
precise acoustical fit. It’s a feature you won’t find in ordinary
speakers. The AIM Series is your assurance of proper phase,
It’s the beauty of the AIM speakers that they can do so much while
accurate frequency response and enhanced stereo imaging. And
remaining hidden. Recessed behind flush-mount grilles, they deliver
when placed overhead at the rear in a home theater configuration,
incredible sound without the need for bulky speaker cabinets.
they can be directed away from the listener. This gives background
sound the critical degree of diffusion it needs.
It’s a different story with rear-channel speakers. Most movie
soundtracks direct background sounds such as rain, echoes,
explosions and distant events to the rear speakers. This requires crisp
and accurate sound up front and diffusion at the rear of the space.
Frequency Equalization Switches:
The AIM models, with their pivoting tweeters, answer the call.
Separate front-mounted EQ switches for bass
The SpeakerCraft line also includes multi-room amplifiers, digital
and treble on the AIM Three model lets you tailor frequency
touch-screen/touch-pad control systems, volume controls and in-
response plus or minus 3dB to suit your room’s acoustics.
wall personal stereos. We offer the best powered in-wall, in-ceiling
You won’t find yourself wishing for more or less sound from
and freestanding subwoofers, plus the controls and relays that make
the left or right speaker just because you don’t happen to sit
everything work seamlessly.
SpeakerCraft has manufactured millions of in-wall and in-ceiling
loudspeakers, and you have our pledge that each product we build
provides the highest level of workmanship and performance. It’s a
commitment to quality matched only by our warranty . . . LIFETIME.
F i n a l l y A n I n - Wa l l S p e a k e r T h a t I m a g e s
The architectural loudspeaker has had a gigantic influence on the evolution of today’s home. Not surprisingly, it was SpeakerCraft that invented it. We knew the modern lifestyle would alter the way that sound
was experienced. And thanks to speaker designs like the new AIM LCR, music and movies sound better
than ever.
between them.
The Perfect C e n t e r C h a n n e l
The center channel
is the single most
AIM speakers are marvels of technology, with aluminum/magnesium cone woofers and liquid-cooled aluminum/magnesium tweeters. In addition, the low-frequency driver and tweeter are fully aimable, directing
their output toward you for better perspective. Fingertip control means the AIM speakers can be re-aimed
whenever and wherever you want.
important element
Superior response across the frequency spectrum, greater clarity and richer, tighter bass define AIM making it the perfect design for use with flat panel video monitors. Whether in a room-to-room stereo setup or
a home theater design, these models deliver unrivaled imaging for movies and music.
making it the perfect center channel speaker for a high-performance
in a surround-sound
system. As part of our
integrated speaker
philosophy, the AIM will mount horizontally into a standard stud bay
home theater. It is critical to match the center channel with the other
four, five or six channels in the system. This is why we match the
voicing by model level throughout the line. This simply means you
are free to choose corresponding in-ceiling, in-wall or free-standing
loudspeakers from the SpeakerCraft catalog to compliment the
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