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Community DS8SUB Specifications
Distributed Design Series™
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual
Model Driver Diameter
5.0" 127 mm
8.0" 203.2 mm
8.0" 203.2 mm
Introduction & Product Description
Thank you for your choice of Community's
Distributed Design Series™ Surface Mount
Loudspeakers. This series is comprised of the
following models:
5" 2-way surface-mount*
8" 2-way surface-mount*
8" subwoofer surface-mount*
*All models are available in black or white.
The Surface Mount Series have a unique,
design. Their black or white cabinets are easy
to customize since they accept a wide variety of
paints. For durability and improved sonic quality,
the cabinets have thick-wall, internally-reinforced
ABS plastic construction. This high-impact
strength construction reduces resonances,
and the rounded surfaces further reduce the
resonances that occur in flat-sided cabinets.
Table of Contents
Introduction & Product Description. . . . . 2
Packing List & Feature Identification . . . 3
Important Safety Instructions. . . . . . . . . 4
Infin-A-Ball™ Mounting System. . . . . . . 6
Installation & Wiring. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Optional Wall Box Mounting. . . . . . . . . 10
Painting the Loudspeaker. . . . . . . . . . . 10
Specifications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Warranty and Servicing Notes. . . . . . . 11
Each model is shipped as a matched pair of
completely assembled loudspeakers, including
everything needed for standard installations.
The DS5 and DS8 are full-range models, each
with high and low frequency drivers and builtin crossover networks. The DS8SUB subwoofer
includes a built-in low pass filter and can be
used in conjunction with either of the full-range
models in applications benefitting from extended
low frequency enhancement.
You can use 8-ohm or constant voltage
distribution with the built-in 70/100 volt
autoformer. Power is easy to adjust using a
front-accessible power tap switch.
We urge you to read these instructions carefully
and familiarize yourself with the features and
installation methods before you begin the job.
If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact Community.
Copyright © 2013 by
Community Professional Loudspeakers, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual Page 2
Packing List and Feature Identification
Community Distributed Design Series Surface
Mount Loudspeakers are engineered and
manufactured to be rugged and they are
carefully packed in sturdy cartons. However,
it is wise to thoroughly inspect each unit after
it has been removed from the packaging, as
damage could occur during shipping.
Please note that once the shipment has left
your dealer or the Community factory, the
responsibility for damage is always borne by
the freight company. If damage has occurred
during shipping, you must file a claim directly
with the freight company. It’s very important
to contact the freight company as soon as
possible after receiving your shipment, as most
freight companies have a short time limit within
which they will investigate claims. Make sure to
save the carton and the packing material, as
most claims will be denied if these materials are
not retained.
Although we illustrate a single loudspeaker
below to show the included parts, in fact these
loudspeakers are shipped in pairs. For a given
model, this is what’s included:
Surface Mount Loudspeaker Cabinets (Qty 2)
Grille Assembly (Qty 2)
Infin-A-Ball Mounting Brackets (Qty 2)
Hex Wrench (Qty 1)
Small Flat screwdriver (Qty 1)
(Your wiring-to
4-pole Euroblock in base
of IAB bracket)
Logo // power
power tap
switch access
Grille assembly
Infin-A-Ball (IAB)
Mounting Bracket
Pre-wired Euroblock
male connector with
protective IP56 cover
Loudspeaker Cabinet
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual Page 3
Important Safety Instructions
Always follow these basic safety precautions
when using or installing Distributed Design
Series Surface Mount Loudspeakers and
WARNING: describes an operating
condition or user action that will likely cause
damage to the equipment or injury to the
user or to others in the vicinity.
• Read these instructions.
• Keep these instructions.
• Heed all warnings.
• Follow all instructions, particularly those
pertaining to rigging, mounting, hanging
and electrical connections.
• Do not use this apparatus near water.
• Clean only with dry cloth.
• Do not block any ventilation openings.
Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s
• Do not install near any heat sources such
as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or
other apparatus (including amplifiers) that
produce heat.
• Only use attachments/accessories
that are specified and approved by the
• Refer all servicing to qualified service
personnel. Servicing is required when
the apparatus has been damaged in any
way, such as power-supply cord or plug is
damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects
have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus
has been exposed to rain or moisture, does
not operate normally, or has been dropped.
The terms caution, warning, and danger may
be used in this manual to alert the reader to
important safety considerations. If you have any
questions or do not understand the meaning of
these terms, do not proceed with installation.
Contact your local dealer, distributor, or call
Community directly for assistance. These
terms are defined below:
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
condition or user action that may expose
the equipment or user to potential damage
or danger.
DANGER: describes an operating condition
or user action that will immediately damage
the equipment and/or be extremely
dangerous or life threatening to the user or
to others in the vicinity.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire
or electric shock, do not expose this
apparatus to rain or moisture.
These servicing instructions are for use by
qualified service personnel only. To reduce
the risk of fire or electric shock do not perform
any servicing other than that contained in the
operating instructions unless you are qualified
to do so.
The loudspeakers described in this manual
are designed to be ‘flown’ or suspended for
maximum acoustical performance using
a variety of rigging hardware, means, and
methods in some applications. It is essential
that all installation work involving the suspension
of these loudspeaker products be performed
by competent, knowledgeable persons who
understand safe rigging practices. Severe
injury and/or loss of life may occur if these
products are improperly installed.
read the section on Installation and Wiring for
additional information.
Installation and Operation Manual Page 4
L’information de Sûreté Importante
PRÉCAUTION: Veuillez toujours suivent ces
mesures de sécurité de base lors de l’utilisation
ou lors de l’installation des haut-parleurs
Distributed Design Series Surface Mount et de
ces accessoires :
• Lisez et Gardez les instructions.
• Observez tous les avertissements.
particulièrement ceux concernant le
calage, support, montage et raccordements
• Ne pas utiliser cet appareil près de l’eau.
• Nettoyez seulement avec un tissu sec.
• Ne pas bloquer les ouvertures de
ventilation. Installer conformément aux
instructions du fabricant.
• Ne pas installer près des sources
de chaleur comme les radiateurs, les
cuisinières, foyers ou autres appareils (y
compris les amplificateurs) qui peuvent
produire de la chaleur.
• Utilisez seulement les accessoires qui
sont spécifiés et approuvés par le fabricant.
• Référez tout entretient au personnel qualifié
de service. Ceci est exigé quand l’appareil a
été endommagé de quelque façon, incluant
le fil d’alimentation et ou l’embout du fil a été
endommagé, des liquides ont été renversés
ou des objets sont tombé à l’intérieur de
l’appareil, l’appareil a été exposé à la pluie
ou l’humidité, l’appareil ne fonctionne pas
normalement ou a été échappé.
Les termes attention, avertissement, et danger
peut être utilises dans ce manuel pour alerter
le lecteur aux considérations importantes
de sûreté. Si vous avez des questions ou ne
comprenez pas la signification de ces termes,
ne procédez pas à l’installation. Contactez
votre detaillant, distributeur, ou Community
directement pour assistance. Les termes sont
définies ci-dessous:
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
ATTENTION: décrit une condition de
fonctionnement ou une action d’utilisateur qui
peuvent exposer l’équipement ou l’utilisateur
aux dommages potentiels ou au danger.
AVERTISSEMENT: décrit une condition de
fonctionnement ou une action d’utilisateur qui
peuvent causer des dommages probable à
l’équipement et/ou à l’utilisateur et à ceux se
trouvant à proximité.
fonctionnement ou une action d’utilisateur qui
endommageront immédiatement l’équipement
et/ou seront extrêmement dangereuses et
qui peut représenter un danger pour la vie à
l’utilisateur et à ceux se trouvant à proximité.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour réduire le
risque de feu ou de décharge
électrique, ne pas exposer cet
appareil à la pluie ou l’humidité.
Ces instructions d’entretient sont pour l’usage
d’un personnel de service qualifié seulement.
Pour réduire le risque de feu ou de décharge
autrement que ce qui est contenu dans les
instructions d’opérations à moins que vous êtes
qualifié pour le faire.
Les haut-parleurs décrits en ce manuel sont
conçus pour être accroché ou suspendus afin
d’atteindre une exécution acoustique maximum
en utilisant une série de différents matériaux,
moyens, et méthodes de calage dans certaines
applications. Il est essentiel que tout le travail
d’installation impliquant la suspension de ces
produits de haut-parleur soit effectué de facon
sécuritaire par des personnes compétentes et
bien formées dans les méthodes de calage.
Des blessures graves et/ou des pertes
humaines peuvent se produire si ces produits
sont incorrectement installés. Veuillez lire la
section sur le câblage et l’installation pour des
informations supplémentaires.
Installation and Operation Manual Page 5
Infin-A-Ball™ Mounting System
Community’s Infin-A-Ball™ (IAB) mounting
system allows low-profile mounting and precise
aiming over a broad tilt–swivel range. The IAB
ball-mount receptacle is factory pre-attached to
a recess in the cabinet, and after placing the
loudspeaker onto the IAB bracket, you need
only to twist the included hex wrench to lock any
position. The IAB bracket has factory-installed
internal wiring with an internal 4-pole Euroblock
connector in its base (for neat loop-through
connections) and a 2-pole male Euroblock plug
near the ball end for connection to the cabinet.
An IP56 wiring cover is also pre-installed,
providing snap-on weather-resistant protection.
Actual clamping screw
pressed against ball end
of IAB bracket.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Loosen clamp using provided hex wrench,
rotate loudspeaker cabinet to desired position,
then tighten clamp to lock
Installation and Operation Manual Page 6
Installation and Wiring
1.Connect incoming input wires (and
optional loop-thru wires) from wall
to 4-pole Euroblock screw terminals
concealed in the base of the Infin-A-Ball
*Note: Check local codes
to determine if a wall box
or metal plate is required
for the integrated wiring.
See page 10.
Input Wires
(not included)
Loop-Thru Wires
Infin-A-Ball bracket
Terminal Block
2.Secure the Infin-A-Ball bracket to the wall
using your screws or other fasteners according
to local building and safety codes.
3.Insert the hex wrench into the socket near
the rear of the loudspeaker cabinet, and turn
counterclockwise to loosen the clamp setscrew.
4.Fit the cabinet onto the IAB bracket’s ballend, then tighten the clamp sufficiently to
hold the loudspeaker in place, but allowing for
positional adjustment.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual Page 7
Vertical mounting
5.Adjust the cabinet position by rotating and
tilting as desired. Then firmly tighten the locking
screw with the provided hex wrench.
Horizontal mounting
6.Using a small slot-blade screwdriver (like the
one provided) you can pry the logo plate out a
few millimeters, then rotate it 90° and press it
back in place so it reads correctly for horizontal
or vertical mounting.
Horizontal Mount Maximum Aiming Angle
7.Once you have connected the wiring (next
page), you can also remove the logo plate for
access to the recessed tap-adjustment screw
which you can use to set the power level for the
individual loudspeaker as shown below.
Vertical Mount Maximum Aiming Angle
Note: This enlarged label shows the
70-volt/100-volt and 8-ohm power tap settings
for the DS8. With 100-volt distribution, do
not use the N.C. setting.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Note: The tap switch can only
be adjusted using a flat-blade
screwdriver such as the one provided
with the loudspeaker.
Installation and Operation Manual Page 8
8.Insert the 2-pole male Euroblock connector
that is pre-wired to the Infin-A-Ball bracket into
the mating female connector on the back of the
loudspeaker cabinet.
9.Then press the IP56 protective cover into
place to weather seal the connection. No tool
is needed for the cover; just snap it in place.
Infin-A-Ball bracket
Male Euroblock
IP56 Cover
10.A safety cable attachment loop is built into
the rear of the loudspeaker cabinet as shown
here. You can use this to attach a suitable safety
cable as may be required by local building
and safety codes or in accordance with best
installation practices.
Safety cable attachment loop
Note: All electrical and mechanical installation connections for loudspeaker lines
are subject to all applicable governmental building and fire codes. The selection of
appropriate electrical and mounting hardware to interface with Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers lies solely with the installation professional. Community
recommends that an appropriately licensed engineer, electrician, or other professional
identify and select the appropriate conduit, fittings, wire, etc. for the installation.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual Page 9
Wall Box Mounting
While Community does not require or
include a wall box or mounting plate with the
loudspeakers, local building and safety codes
may specify these items. If necessary, you can
mount the IAB bracket approximately as shown
here. The DS-WMP wall mount plate shown
may be ordered as an option from Community.
Use appropriate mounting hardware and
fasteners, and secure per the steps below,
making sure the installation is in accordance
with the applicable codes.
Infin-A-Ball (IAB)
Mounting Bracket
1.Pull the wires though the cutout in the wall
2.Attach the wall plate to the box using the
provided screws.
3.Secure the wires to the connector in the
base of the IAB bracket.
4.Attach the IAB bracket to the wall using an
appropriate mounting method.*
Wall Plate
*Note: The fasteners that
secure the IAB bracket are
to be specified and provided
by the installer.
Wall board
(e.g.., drywall,
paneling, etc.)
Painting the Loudspeaker
Type of Paint
These loudspeakers’ ABS plastic cabinets
accept almost any type of latex or enamel (oil
based) paint. We recommend application of
two coats. Note however that painting the grille
requires spray painting.
Painting Process
Follow this procedure to obtain the best results:
1.Remove the grille.
2.Clean the grille assembly and the loudspeaker
cabinet by rubbing them with a lightly dampened
cloth. Do not use abrasives such as sandpaper
or steel wool.
Caution: NEVER use abrasives,
gasoline, kerosene, acetone, methyl
ethyl ketone (MEK), paint thinner,
harsh detergents or other chemicals.
These chemicals and agents may
permanently damage the finish. Some
are also toxic and highly flammable.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
3.Mask the loudspeakers so that the surrounds,
cones and center areas will not receive any
paint. We advise against using conventional
masking tape and NEVER use duct tape in this
application; these kinds of tape generally leave
adhesive residue that can be difficult to remove
and that may actually cause damage. Painters
tape is best.
4.After cleaning, apply two or more thin coats
of either latex or oil-based paints. Latex paint
will adhere better if an oil-based primer is used
first. Apply the paint with a roller or brush, or
spray it on, except as noted below.
5.Use ONLY spray paint on the grille assembly;
using a roller or brush to paint the grille is apt
to cause its metal perforated holes to become
clogged with paint. The grille should be painted
separately, when it is not in place on the
Installation and Operation Manual Page 10
Loudspeaker Type Full Range Coax
Full Range Coax
5.0" Standard
8.0" Standard
8.0" Subwoofer
Operating Range (±10 dB) 65 Hz - 22 kHz
60 Hz - 22 kHz
42 Hz - 200 Hz
Max Input Power Rating 100W / 250W
2 0 0 W / 5 0 0 W
Sensitivity (1 W/1 meter) 93 dB SPL
95 dB SPL
88 dB SPL
Available 70 V Taps (watts) 60-30-15-7.5
20 0 -10 0 - 50 -25
Available 100 V Taps (watts) 60-30-15
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
8 ohms
8 ohms
Enclosure Finish Matte finish ABS, available in white or black
Input Connections 4-pole Euroblock connector for two pair of 2-wire leads,
uninterrupted whether loudspeaker is connected or not.
Concealed IAB wiring to snap-seal connection on cabinet. 2-pole Euroblock connector for connection directly to enclosure.
H 12.9" (328 mm)
18.5" (470 mm)
(Excluding IAB bracket) W 6.3" (160 mm)
9" (230 mm)
9" (230 mm)
D 7.5" (191 mm)
10.1" (257 mm)
10.1" (257 mm)
Conforms to Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature and UV.
IP55 rated loudspeakers - IP56 rated connector cover.
Note: See specification sheet for further details.
Transferable Warranty "(Limited)"
Distributed Design Series™ Surface Mount Loudspeakers are designed and backed by Community
Professional Loudspeakers. For complete Community warranty information within the USA,
please refer to the Warranty Card enclosed with the product. In other areas of the world please
contact your local Community distributor.
Field Service Station:
Please call (610) 876-3400 for the nearest Authorized Field Service Station.
For Factory Service:
Please call (610) 876-3400 and obtain a Return Authorization (R/A) number before shipping any
product to us.
Distributed Design Series
Surface Mount Loudspeakers
Installation and Operation Manual Page 11
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