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BWC200 Issue - E12
Breville recommends safety first
Know your Breville Chill Control™
on the purchase of your new
Breville Chill Control™
Operating your Breville
Chill Control™
Care & Cleaning
Breville recommends safety first
Breville recommends safety first
At Breville we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with
the safety of you, our valued customer foremost in mind. In addition we ask that you exercise
a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions.
Important safeguards
Read all instructions
• Carefully read all instructions before
operation and save for future reference.
• Remove and safely discard any
packaging material and promotional
labels before using the Breville
Chill Control™ for the first time.
• To eliminate a choking hazard for
young children, remove and safely
discard the protective cover fitted to the
power plug of this appliance.
• Do not place the Breville Chill Control™
near the edge of a bench or table during
• Do not place the appliance on or near
a hot gas burner, electric element or
where it could touch a heated oven.
• Do not operate the appliance on a sink
or drain board.
• Ensure that the surface is level, clean
and free of water.
• The Breville Chill Control™ is not
intended to be operated by means of
an external timer or separate remote
control system.
• To protect against electric shock, do not
immerse the power base, power cord or
power plug in water or allow moisture
to come in contact with these parts.
• Always switch the Breville Chill
Control™ Off at the power outlet and
unplug if the appliance is not in use,
before cleaning, before attempting to
move the appliance, disassembling,
assembling and when storing the
• The Breville Chill Control™ is not
intended for use by young children or
infirm persons unless they have been
adequately supervised by a responsible
person to ensure they can use the
appliance safely.
• The Breville Chill Control™ has been
designed specifically for the purpose
of filtering and chilling water and must
only be used with municipally treated
water. Do not attempt to filter untreated,
raw water or water of unknown quality.
• Do not place the appliance directly
against the wall. Ensure there is
adequate airflow at the rear and sides
by positioning the appliance 10cm
away from the wall.
• Filter replacement is essential for the
product to perform as represented and
must be replaced every 8 weeks.
• Remove and empty the pre-filter tank
before changing filter.
• This appliance has been designed to be
used continuously.
• Do not operate without a filter in place.
• Keep the appliance and accessories
clean. Follow the Care and Cleaning
instructions provided on Page 14.
• This appliance is for household use only.
• Unwind power cord fully before use.
• Do not let power cord hang over the
edge of a table or counter, or touch
hot surfaces.
• Do not use the appliance for anything
other than its intended purpose as
described in this instruction book.
Do not use outdoors. Do not use in
moving vehicles or boats.
• Close supervision is necessary when any
appliance is used by or near children.
• Regularly inspect the supply cord, plug
and actual appliance for any damage.
Do not operate if damaged in any way
or after the appliance malfunctions.
Immediately cease use of the appliance
and call Breville Customer Service on
ph: 1300 139 798 (Australia) or
ph: 0800 273 845 (New Zealand).
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified person in
order to avoid a hazard.
• Always turn the power Off and remove
the plug before cleaning.
• For any maintenance other than
cleaning, call Breville Customer Service
on ph: 1300 139 798 (Australia) or
ph: 0800 273 845 (New Zealand).
• Consult a qualified electrician if
the grounding instructions are not
completely understood, or if doubt
exists as to whether the appliance is
properly grounded.
The Breville Chill Control™ comes with a
unique Assist™ Plug, conveniently designed
with a finger hole in the power plug for easy
and safe removal from the wall outlet.
For safety reasons it is recommended you
plug your Breville Chill Control™ directly
into its own electrical outlet on a dedicated
circuit separate from other appliances. If the
electrical circuit is overloaded with other
appliances, your appliance may not function
properly. Using in conjunction with a power
strip or extension cord is not recommended.
Never immerse the power base, power
cord or power plug in water or allow
moisture to come into contact with
these parts.
your Breville Chill Control™
2 Litre Pre-Filter Water Tank
4 Litre Filtered Water Tank
Variable Temperature Slider
LED Indicator
Water Dispenser Lever
1 Litre Stainless Steel Cooling
G. BRITA‰ Memo - electronic cartridge
exchange indicator
H. BRITA‰ MAXTRA Water Filter Cartridge
I. Extra Tall Height For Bottles
Removable Plug - For easy cleaning
Breville Assist™ Plug
operating YOUR BREVILLE Chill control™
your Breville Chill Control™
Before first use
Before first use, remove and safely discard
all promotional labels and packing materials
attached to the Breville Chill Control™.
Remove the filter cartridge from the plastic
packaging and keep in a safe place. Do not
re-insert the filter until (a) flushing process
and (b) preparation of filter cartridge has
been completed (refer to page 10).
Remove the lid, plastic plug and pre-filter
tank and wash in warm soapy water. Rinse
and wipe dry using new cloth. Wipe exterior
of appliance with a soft damp cloth and
dry thoroughly.
Place the appliance on a dry, flat level
surface. Plug into 230-240V outlet and
turn power On.
Do not place the appliance directly
against the wall. Ensure there is
adequate airflow both at the rear and
sides by positioning the appliance
10cm away from the wall.
Flushing the Breville
Chill Control
It is important that you flush and rinse out
the dispensing system before using the
appliance for the first time.
Please note you should carry out these steps
without the BRITA‰ MAXTRA cartridge in
place. Plug the appliance into an appropriate
electrical outlet and switch On.
1. Remove filter cartridge from the
pre-filter tank and the removable plug
from filter tank.
3. Position the variable temperature slider
to the centre.
4. Place a large container or jug under
the spout.
5. Press the dispenser lever until water
reaches the MIN level, then discard
remaining water.
6. Repeat this process with cold tap water
twice and discard.
7. Do not fill above the maximum level
If the plastic plug is inserted while
the cooling tank is empty, it will take
approximately 7 minutes for the air to
release from the cooling tank.
During this time chilled water cannot
be dispensed.
The Brita‰ Maxtra carbon
filtration process
Activated carbon reduces chlorine, metals
such as lead, copper and limescale for
cleaner, clearer better tasting water.
Leaves in flouride.
Preparing the Brita‰ Maxtra
Filter Cartridge
1. Remove the filter cartridge from its
It is normal for the cartridge to
appear moist when removed from its
wrapping, this is simply condensation.
2. Fill the pre-filter tank to the maximum
level with water.
operating YOUR BREVILLE Chill control™
2. Immerse the filter cartridge in cold
water and agitate gently to remove
any air bubbles.
LED Indicator
The WHITE light will turn On first to
indicate the appliance is in cooling mode.
When the water inside the cooling reservoir
has chilled (approximately 75 minutes )
the LED indicator will change to BLUE.
In warmer climates the time to chill will
take longer.
Adjusting the Water
3. Insert the cartridge into the cartridge
housing of the pre-filter tank and push
firmly into place until it clicks into
4. Take the pre-filter tank out of the water
tank, fill it under the tap with cold tap
water and allow it to filter through.
Discard the first two fillings. They are
used to flush the filter cartridge.
The variable temperature slider allows you
to adjust the temperature of filtered water
to suit your taste.
The temperature of the water will vary
depending on the selection made.
Slide the lever to the far left for the coldest
setting or to the right for room temperature
filtered water.
A selection in the middle will give you
filtered water somewhere between chilled
and room temperature.
5. Place the pre-filter tank back into the
unit and refill with water. Ensure the
water is always above the minimum
level for optimum flow rate.
Repeat the above process every time
you insert a new cartridge.
7. Once the water has been filtered, the
pre-filter tank can be refilled. Water will
filter through as it dispensed into the
filter tank water.
It will take 6 minutes on average to
filter 1 litre of water through the
BRITA‰ MAXTRA cartridge.
Setting the BRita® Memo
We recommend you change the
BRITA‰ MAXTRA filter every 8 weeks.
Once you have fitted and prepared your
filter cartridge, start the BRITA‰ Memo
as follows:
Replacement filters can be purchased
through major retail outlets or via
For additional questions on the
BRITA replacement filters, please
contact BRITA Consumer Service on
1300 557 762.
The LED indicator does not change
colour when adjusting the variable
temperature control slider.
If dispensing more than 1 litre of
chilled water at one time, it will
take approximately 75 minutes for
another litre of water to be chilled to
minimum temp.
1. Press and hold the START button until
4 bars appear on the display and flash
twice. The filter replacement reminder
is now set.
2. The flashing dot in the corner of the
display indicates the filter replacement
reminder is working.
AUTO PRotection MODE
If there is an error with internal electronics
or the fan is externally obstructed, the LED
will start to flash, alternating between BLUE
and WHITE and the appliance will enter
into auto protection mode.
To reset the appliance, unplug the unit from
the power outlet, wait for a few minutes until
the LED stops flashing, and plug back into
power outlet.
If the LED continues to flash once reset,
contact Breville Customer Service
1300 139 798 for further assistance.
Using the BRita® Memo
6. The Breville Chill Control™ is now
ready for use.
operating YOUR BREVILLE Chill control™
It is important to change your filter
cartridge regularly to enjoy the benefits
of filtered water.
3. At the end of every 2 weeks, 1 bar will
disappear indicating the remaining
cartridge life. Ensure you have a new
replacement BRITA‰ MAXTRA water
filter cartridge available when only
1 bar is showing.
The BRITA‰ Memo (electronic exchange
indicator) reminds you when your filter
cartridge needs to be changed. It is
automatically calibrated according to
average use of 1 litre of water per day
and will remind you to change your filter
every 8 weeks.
operating YOUR BREVILLE Chill control™
4. All 4 bars will disappear and a flashing
arrow will appear to indicate the
cartridge should be replaced after
8 weeks.
Removing the Filter Cartridge
When it is time to replace the cartridge after
8 weeks use, simply lift the ring pull handle
on top of the cartridge to remove.
The cartridge may be disposed of in
household waste or you can contact the
BRITA‰ consumer service for advice on
Ph: 1300 557 762 for advice on recycling.
More information on the use of BRITA‰ filter
cartridge and the BRITA‰ Memo can be
found in the BRITA‰ information Guide.
5. Wash and dry the pre-filter tank, and
insert a new cartridge (see Preparing
the Filter Cartridge on page 10).
6. To set the BRITA‰ Memo, see
instructions on page 11.
The BRITA‰ Memo is intended to
be used only with BRITA‰ filter
Care & Cleaning for YOUR BREVILLE Chill control™
for your Breville Chill Control™
Care & cleaning
Removable plastic plug
1. Switch the appliance Off and unplug
the power cord from the power outlet
before cleaning.
The Breville Chill Control™ includes a
removable plastic plug that separates
filtered from chilled water. As well as
making the cleaning of the cooling
reservoir easy, it assists in the cooling
process to keep the water cool.
2. Remove the lid, pre-filter tank and
water from the filter tank.
3. To empty the stainless steel cooling
reservoir, remove the plastic plug that
separates the filtered water from the
cooling reservoir.
The plastic plug can be dismantled for
cleaning. Simply squeeze the sides to
release as shown below and wash with
warm soapy water.
4. Turn the appliance upside down to
drain any remaining water from the
cooling reservoir.
5. Wipe the inside of the filter tank
and cooling reservoir with a clean,
damp cloth.
6. Wash the lid, pre-filter tank and plastic
plug in warm soapy water using a mild
detergent and dry thoroughly.
7. Wipe exterior of appliance with a soft,
damp cloth.
8. Do not immerse the base in water or
any other liquid
Ensure the Breville Chill Control™ is
switched Off, all internal tanks are
emptied of water and it is clean and dry
before storing.
Stand the Breville Chill Control™ upright
on the power base. Do not store anything
on top.
Flush the appliance again before using
again (see instructions on page 9)
Do not use alkaline or abrasive
cleaning agents, steel wool or
scouring pads as these can damage
the surface of the appliance.
Do not place any part of this appliance
in a dishwasher.
PAge header.....
Filtered water not cold
• Water chiller positioned
in direct sunlight
Move water chiller away
from direct sunlight.
• High ambient
conditions (30˚C +)
In warmer conditions,
the time to chill will
take longer.
• Water Chiller too close
to wall
Position water chiller
min 10cm clearance away
from walls.
• Water Chiller has not
been switched ON long
Wait approximately
75 minutes after filling
with tap water.
After filling-up 1 litre
water bottle, water is not
cold anymore
• Chilling tank capacity
is approximately 1 litre.
It takes approximately
75 minutes to chill
1 litre water from
room temperature.
Wait approximately
75 minutes after
dispensing large
amount of chilled water.
Fan too noisy/does not
switch off
• High ambient
conditions (30˚C +)
In warmer conditions,
the time to chill will
take longer.
• Unit is running in
high power mode
How do I know the water
has chilled?
LED not switching from
The LED light will switch
from WHITE to BLUE.
• Initial water
temperature in chill
tank is too high
Move water chiller away
from direct sunlight.
• High ambient
conditions (30˚C +)
In warmer conditions,
the time to chill will
take longer.
• Water Chiller too close
to wall
Position water chiller
min 10cm clearance away
from walls.
• Water Chiller has not
been switched ON
long enough
Wait approximately
75 minutes after filling
with tap water.
LED indicator flashing
& alternating between
• Water Chiller is in Auto
Protection Mode
Fan externally obstructed
or an error with the internal
Unplug the unit & wait a
few minutes to reset the
If problem persists call
Breville Customer Service
1300 139 798
Water does not flow
during initial flushing
• Air lock in internal
With the chilling chamber
full, move slider to the
middle position and
use the plug like a sink
plunger while holding the
dispensing paddle open to
clear the air lock.
Flow rate of water slow
• Not enough water in
water tank
Ensure the water level is
always above the MIN level
for optimum flow rate.
Water tank has small
dark particles
• Brita filter cartridge
& unit have not been
Immerse the filter cartridge
in cold water and agitate to
remove air bubbles.
Flush the unit twice before
each new cartridge.
How can I clean the
chilling chamber
There is a flashing arrow
& no bars appearing on
the Brita Memo indicator
Remove the plastic plug in
the filter tank to clean the
chilling chamber.
• The Brita Filter
cartridge may need
to be replaced
Brita Filter Cartridge
should be replaced every
8 weeks.
What does the Brita Filter
cartridge remove from
the water?
The Brita Filter reduces
chlorine, metals such as
lead, copper, & limescale.
Leaves in flouride.
Where can I purchase the
Brita Filter cartridges
Brita filter cartidges are
available at all leading
retailers or contact Brita
Consumer Service
Ph: 1300 557 762
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