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Brochure / Features
The new generation of EVS XT servers,
with its flexible twelve channel SD/HD,
six channel 3D/1080p or three channel
4K configuration can be set in any in/out
combination. It combines EVS’ worldclass speed & reliability with the ultimate
capabilities and performance and offers
full SuperMotion 3D control. With support
of up to 12 XDCAMHD record channels,
there is also a drastic space reduction
compared to VTRs.
XT3 integrates today’s top broadcast and
IT technologies to offer broadcasters and
producers unparalleled motion control
and adaptability.
Based on its unique Loop Recording
technology and its powerful networking
capabilities, XT3 offers operators
complete media control from ingest
to playout, including live editing, slowmotion replays, multi-channels playback,
and transfer to third-party systems such
as craft editors, automation, archiving,
or storage.
The XT3 is the first server to natively
support such a wide range of codecs
without requiring hardware changes,
allowing production teams to easily
choose amongst the various compression
schemes they want to use throughout
the entire edit process. The XT3 now
offers dualmode support, which means it
simultaneously encodes video under two
different high-res codecs while recording.
The dualmode encoding process
combines i-Frame codecs and XDCAM
HD. Designed to boost broadcasters’ live
and near-live production capabilities,
the XT3 provides operators with the
highest level of bandwidth, flexibility and
control available in the industry today.
Live OB/Remote production
Studio ingest
Live studio production
Content control & delay
Fast turnaround production
Scenarized production
VTR replacement
The XT3 supports up to 12 HD channels
with flexible configuration. It provides
secure multi-channel ingest capabilities
for audio/video content from any source,
including cameras, super/ultra/hyper
motion cameras, satellite, craft editors,
graphic tools, video recorders or video
tape recorders. With its DualPower
technology, the XT3 can be configured
to support up to 6 3D/1080p channels
(in single 3G link or dual link) in any
In/Out combination, with SuperMotion
3D control.
The XT3 hardware and software were
designed by highly-skilled EVS engineers
based on customer feedback and has
become the most reliable and fieldproven live production solution on
the market. The XT3 is designed with
advanced reliability features such as RAID
technology, redundant and hot-swappable
power supplies, as well as internal and
external hot swap disk array to guarantee
that there will be no operational failures
during production. Faulty disks are
automatically replaced by pre-installed
hot spare disks, without disrupting
the server or harming the bandwidth.
The XT3, in SpotBox mode, is designed
for playback applications under thirdparty control. The system can be fully
controlled by switchers and controllers,
automation systems or edit controllers,
for channel control and direct access to
the record/play channels. The XT3 accepts
most popular control protocols, such as
VDCP, Odetics, Sony BVW75, and Thomson
XtenDD-35. EVS proposes its own API
for easy integration with third-party
applications: AVSP for RS-422 integration
and LinX API for TCP/IP integration.
Based on EVS’ unique multi-channel loop
recording technology, any audio/video
recorded material can be instantly used
for random access replay - including
4K - or transfered to production or
post production along with the other
associated angles, offering additional
flexibility to your creative teams.
The XT3 platform can be set up to play
or record with up to 12 SD/HD channels
configurable in any type of in/out mode
and up to 192 audio tracks per system.
It supports 4K live replays by ingesting
three 4K channels, configuring them as
either: one in/one out, one in/two out or
two in/one out. Switching between NTSC,
PAL, 3D, 720p, 1080i and 1080p is quick
and easy. The XT3 also fully and natively
supports most popular SD and HD codecs,
including M-JPEG, IMX, DVCPRO50,
MPEG-2 intra for HD, Avid DNxHD®codec,
ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ, DVCPRO
XT3 requires no transcoding to deliver
XDCAMHD (meaning no speed issues
and no loss of quality).
The XT3 production server is
complemented by a set of live and nearlive hardware and software production
tools, providing broadcasters with a
fine-tuned solution for accessing and
managing their media. IPDirector and
LSM Remote give you full control of the
XT3 server for ingest, slow motion replays,
metadata management, production
network control, on-the-fly editing, media
transfer, and playout. EVS also offers
a set of highly flexible archiving and
storage hardware and software tools
that can be adapted to your individual
production needs.
The Spotbox mode is a true VTR
replacement that complements live
studio production requirements. It can
be controlled directly by a production
switcher to playback clips, music, stills
and graphics (with Fill & Key support)
or loop clips as a moving background.
True VTR replacement solution
Operators can pick the right channel
configuration and control protocol
on a job by job basis.
Based on its open architecture platform, the XT3
can be easily integrated with virtually all third-party
tools and most popular craft editors, including Avid
Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro,
Adobe Premiere, and Quantel, among others.
The XT3 multiple media transfer process fulfills
the most complex post-production requirements
such as feed streaming and the ability to edit while
recording. The server integrates seamlessly into
Media Asset Management systems as well.
Expanding the XT3 production workflow to fit your
production needs is a simple and hassle-free
process. EVS professionals are readily available to
advise you on how to boost your workflow, whether
it involves adding more I/O ports or upgrading from
SD to HD with multiple configurations. Distributed
storage for massive online access and scalable
near-line storage means that you never run out
of capacity. And it is always possible to add new
servers to increase the number of in/out channels,
transfer capacities, bandwidth, etc.
EVS ingest solutions and loop recording guarantee
uninterrupted multi-channel recording and access
to recorded material at any time. Recording starts
as soon as the server is booted, and remains on
until the server is shut down. Recording capacity
can be configured separately for each recording
channel. Selected sequences can be protected
and kept for as long as required without
interrupting the recording process. Material can be
recorded on internal or external disks.
The XT3 can be linked to either one or two separate
networks :
Media available on the XT3 can be made
immediately available on any of the new media
entertainment devices through EVS’ media
repurposing tools or third-party systems, so you
can deliver your production via the Web, tablets,
mobile phones, or any other device.
The EVS high-bandwidth media sharing network
called XNet[2], which allows all video and audio
sources recorded on any server connected to
the network to be instantly accessible to operators
without any interruption of the recording process.
The XNet[2] is used mainly for critical transfers
during live productions.
The XT3 also offers advanced gigabit Ethernet
network capabilities, so that operators can browse
and preview content stored on the server and
transfer media files directly to third-party systems.
XT3 servers can be supplied with EVS’ XTAccess
software, which handles on-the-fly transcoding,
re-wrapping, and media conforming. These steps
are managed automatically and transparently and
are fully compliant with all non native formats.
Up to 12 SD/HD Video Channels
6 Full 3D/1080p Video Channels
Up to 550 Mbps Bitrate per Video Channel
Mix on One Channel Capabilities
2 Chassis Versions 6RU & 4RU for Maximum Flexibility
3D SuperMotion
Present in nearly all
OB production units
in the world, the LSM
controller has become
a reliable standard for
live control. Intuitive,
fast, and complete,
it places the action
at your fingertips,
bringing you a
whole new range of
IPDirector is a
complete suite
of production
applications that allows
users to easily ingest,
log, manage, search,
track, edit, create clips
and highlights, browse,
delay, control, and
ultimately playout any
video or audio content
MPlay is an intuitive
remote control system
that is used for the
playout of clips,
playlists and graphics.
All MPlay functions are
fully configurable with
IPDirector software.
Directly connected
to LSM remote, LSM
Connect gives you
instant access and
control of all clips
and playlists created
during live broadcast
production using the
EVS LSM Controller.
Practical features from clips indexing,
searching to dragging
and dropping in a
playlist - are quicker
and easier to manage.
Ready for 3G SDTI Network
Our clients range from TV stations
and rights owners to video equipment
providers and production houses
worldwide. We listen, analyse existing
workflows, anticipate customer needs,
and implement effective, highly reliable
solutions. Enabling our customers to
provide top-quality TV programming and
enriched content to millions of viewers
across the globe is our top priority.
Our products should function in ways
that meet your specific needs and
expectations - every minute of every
day. That’s why our technical support
is always on, 24/7 from each of our
regional offices. Someone is always
available to answer any question,
large or small.
Interested in learning how to operate
EVS systems and applications or getting
more out of our solutions?
Every person in EVS’ technical support
team is a qualified technician with
a solid background in broadcasting.
They understand your requirements
and will work tirelessly to answer your
question and resolve your support issue
enabling you to focus on your job.
Let us show you how. We offer a wide
range of courses on how to operate
EVS products – from beginner to
expert – taught in-house by industry
professionals. We also carry out
some sessions through a simple web
interface, so you can benefit from
hands-on instruction - even at a
distance. EVS user guides and technical
documents are also available free
of charge at our website (just click
Downloads on our homepage).
Europe, the Middle East & Africa
+32 4 361 7000
North America
+1 973 575 7811
Latin & South America
+52 55 46 31 22 00
Asia & Pacific
+852 2914 2501
Other regional offices
XT.3 0315
To learn more about EVS go to www.evs.com
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