Ether EtherGuardian Guardian
Surge & Lightning Protection
Weather Resistant Case
Non PoE Version Item # 50590
Shireen’s EtherGuardian products offer multilevel protection to Gigabit Ethernet devices.
Offered in an outdoor weather resistant box, the unit can also be used indoors for
protection of your sensitive network equipment for electronic static discharges (ESD),
cable discharge events (CDE), electrical fast transients (EFT) and lightning.
Key Features:
Designed for Non-PoE devices.
Solid-state silicon-avalanche diodes with internal TVS.
Operates at low voltage, clamping voltage and capacitance.
High speed data line ESD protection: IEC 61000-4-2,-4-4,-4-5.
Broadband optimized Thyristors protection.
Trigard Miniature 3-Pole gas discharge tubes.
RoHS compliant.
1000/100/10 BASE-T Shielded RJ45 Ethernet connector.
PC Terminal Block - Spring-cage connector type for easy connect.
Electrical Specifications
ESD IEC 61000-4-2
EFT IEC 61000-4-4
Lightning IEC 61000-4-5
Peak Pulse Power (tp=8/20µs)
Peak Pulse Current (tp=8/20µs)
Reverse Stand-Off Voltage
Reverse Breakdown Voltage
Reverse Leakage Current
Forward Voltage
Low Capacitance TVS Diodes Array
Clamping Voltage
Junction Capacitance
Voltage off State
Voltage Breakover
Voltage On State
Current Hold
Current Peak Pulse
Current Peak Pulse
Protection Thyristors
Capacitance (@1MHz, 2V Bias)
DC Sparkover ±20%@100V/s
Impulse Sparkover
Miniature 3-Pole Gas Discharge Tube
Impulse Transverse Delay
Insulation Resistance
Glow Voltage
Arc Voltage
DC Holdover Voltage
Impulse Discharge Current
Climatic Category (IEC 60068-1)
Mechanical Specification
Plastic case:
Flame rating:
Operating Temperature:
15 kV (Air), 8kV (contact)
40 A (5/50ns)
12 A (8/20µs)
300 Watts
12 A
5 V Max.
6 V Min. (It=1mA)
5 µA (VRWM=5V, T=25ºC)
1.2 V (If=15mA)
12.5 V @ 1A, tp=8/20µs
17.5 V @ 5A, tp=8/20µs
25 V @ 12A, tp=8/20µs
Typical: 3pF; Max. 5pF
58 VDRM @ 5 µs
77 Vs @ 100 V/µs
150 mA
400 A (8/20µs)
100 A (8/1000µs)
85pF max.
55pF min.
150 V
350 V (100 V/µs)
500 V (1000 V/µs)
<75 ns (100 V/µs)
>1010 Ω (100 V)
~70 V (10 mA)
~10 V (1 A)
< 2pF (1 MHz)
< 150 ms (80 V)
>10 Operations (1000A, 8/20µs)
Medium viscosity flame retardant, UV-stabilized grade UL 94V-0
-30 °C ~ +74 °C
Case: 99.7x113x44.5 mm(3.93x4.45x1.75 in); PCB: 38.1x63.5x15.8mm
0.275 Lbs (125g)
Shireen Inc. 12910 Cloverleaf Center Drive, Germantown, MD 20874 USA
Ph: 301-838-4380
Specifications subject to changes without previous notice.
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