Professional Sound Corporation DV Promix 3 User manual

Professional Sound Corporation DV Promix 3 User manual
With precision engineering and design, the Neumann BCM104 is a natural sounding large
diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone, specifically tailored for the demands of today’s digital
broadcast studios.
• Cardioid microphone for broadcast & studio
• Internal switchable low-frequency roll-off
• 14dB pad
• Switchable proximity compensation
• Easily switchable color coded head grilles
• Unique shock mount assembly
• 152dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
An affordable choice for today’s modern digital broadcast facilities, the RODE BROADCASTER is a
large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that features a true full-range response especially
suited for voice over use.
• 135dB SPL
• Low noise handling • Power indicator
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Unique “On-Air” LED indicator
• Internally shock mounted capsule with pop filter
• Custom case with microphone holder (included)
The Shure SM7B is a large diaphragm dynamic microphone designed for studio broadcast applications. It has a
smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response, and provides excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum
generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and electrical devices.
• Selectable tone controls • Internal suspension shock mount
• Graphic display of bass and mid-range adjustments
• Improved bracket design
• High sound pressure level handling capabilities
• Rugged steel construction
• 40Hz-16kHz frequency response
A broadcast industry standard, the Electro-Voice RE20 is a cardioid dynamic microphone that delivers
reliable, low noise performance with exceptional clarity and definition. Its internal pop filter reduces
proximity effect, and the internal shock mounting reduces handling noise.
• Response tailored for vocal applications
• Rugged steel construction with low handling
• Bass tilt down Switch
noise • 45Hz-18kHz frequency response
• Capable of extremely high sound pressure levels
• Includes 81715 stand clamp
309A suspension
shock-mount available #EL309A....$9900
The BCM705 is Neuman’s first ever dynamic microphone, and its second in the Neuman broadcast line. Housed in the same
body as the BCM104, it utilizes a Nueman re-designed version of the Sennheiser MD 431 capsule; overhauled to meet the
specific demands of broadcast applications.
• Supercardioid pickup pattern
• Removable integrated wire mesh pop screen
• Capsule’s mechanical suspension reduces sensitivity to stand
movement or handling shocks
• Individual headgrilles available for each user
• Does not require a power supply
• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
• Integrated elastic suspension
The Audio- Technica AT825 is an easy to use, single-point-reference stereo condenser
microphone. Its flat frequency response and “true” stereo imaging make it the right choice for recording
music, on-location audio, or ambient soundscapes onto professional DV cameras, compact flash and DAT recorders.
• Switchable lowfrequency roll-off
• Closely-matched elements provide outstanding imaging
AT822 unbalanced version with 1/8” stereo or
• 5-pin XLR output • 126dB SPL
and excellent channel separation
1/4” dual mono temination #AUAT822 .......$24900
• 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Compact, lightweight design is ideal for camera mounting
• Two externally biased 1/2” matched capsules with gold
sputtered diaphragms • Transformerless circuitry for low noise
• Phantom or 9V battery powered • 143dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency
response • Custom mini
stereo jack and XLR cables
included • Custom case,
shock mount, windshield and
stand mount supplied
The RODE NT4 is a fixed, 90-degree X/Y configuration
stereo microphone designed professional applications. Its
perfectly matched cardioid condenser elements produce
both detailed and accurate stereo recordings. The NT4 can
be powered via phantom or 9V battery, making it well
suited for both studio and location recording.
The Shure VP-88 is a professional singlepoint
reference, stereo condenser microphone. Ideal for location, broadcast
and live performance recordings, the VP-88 features a unique selectable
stereo imaging matrix output and filter adjustments that provide
recording and broadcast engineers with the flexibility necessary to
faithfully capture the realism of live events.
• Mid-Side design for optimal imaging
• Built-in stereo matrix for direct stereo spread control
• Selectable roll-off and output • Internal shock mount for reduced handling
noise • Operates on both phantom or internal 6V battery power
• 129dB SPL • 40Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Cardioid polar pattern • 138dB SPL
• Available in nickel finish or non-reflective black
Consisting of two factory matched KM184 small diaphragm condenser microphones, The KM184
stereo set is ideal for high quality X/Y style stereo recording and precision spot miking applications.
Matched for similarity in sensitivity and frequency response, the KM184’s tranformerless design
provides high output gain with very low noise, and no coloration of the output signal
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response • Includes: (2) WNS 100
*Also available black matte
windscreens, (2) SG/17MT stand mounts, wooden jewel case
finish #NESKM184MT
The NT5 (matched pair) are a set of small-diaphragm
cardioid condenser microphones designed for single or
stereo X/Y miking. Great for live performances, acoustic
instrument, and drum overhead recording, the compact,
low noise NT5 (matched pair) offer a great solution for
stereo recording at a very affordable price
• (2) externally polarized 1/2” pressure gradient condensers • Gold sputtered capsule
• Heavy duty satin-nickel-plated body • 143dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Dual wind screens, stand mounts, and durable road case (included)
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ME66 K6
The ME66 is a short shotgun microphone
capsule designed especially for reporting, film, and
broadcast applications. It is capable of picking up
quiet signals in noisy or acoustically live environments.
It has a highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern,
low self-noise, and high sensitivity for greater gainbefore-feedback.
• Excellent off-axis noise rejection for increased
accuracy in high-noise environments
• Ideal for videography, field recording,
interviews, film and broadcast production
ME67 supercardioid spot shotgun condenser microphone capsule #SEME67 ................$25995
• Supercardioid polar pattern
• Superior RF immunity
• Low colorization of off-axis
• (3) pushbutton-activated
filters with LEDs
• Lightweight, blue anodized all
metal housing
• Includes: SG 20 swivel joint,
W 140 windscreen and wooden
carrying case
• Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
The CMIT 5U is a shotgun microphone that delivers exacting standards,
reliability, and neutral, accurate sound Schoeps microphones are known for.
It is equipped with three pushbutton-activated filters: High-frequency
emphasis (+5 dB at 10 kHz), Steep low-cut filter (18 dB/oct. below 80 Hz)
and Gentle low-frequency rolloff (6 dB/oct. below 300 Hz). This top quality
shotgun microphone is suitable both music recording and dialog recording.
The CS1 is a compact, shotgun microphone that combines a
cardioid pattern and excellent off-axis rejection to produce crisp,
focused sound that is ideal for professional film, video and
broadcast productions. The lightweight CS1 conveniently mounts
onto cameras and can handle high sound pressure levels suitable
for reproducing distortion-free audio at even close proximities.
• Designed for professional videographers,
TV/film and broadcast applications
• Very high SPL handling capability
The AT835B is
designed for
professional recording,
broadcasting and TV/film
video production. It
provides the optimum
acceptance angle for picking up
clean audio at long distances, even in
acoustically noisy environments. Additionally, its
short length is well suited for ENG, outdoor recording
and other specialized uses.
• Designed especially for video and broadcast (boom or handheld use)
• Excellent rear and side sound rejection
• Switchable low-frequency rolloff
• Operates on battery or phantom power
AT8415 low profile shock mount #AUAT8415 .................................$4995
• Compact design for use on short
digital cams
• Supplied with K6 power supply
for phantom or battery use
• Narrow angle, directional pickup
rejects off-axis ambience
• 48V phantom powered
K-SSM K-Tek shock mount for Sanken CS1 #KTKSSM .........................................$11995
Designed to accurately
capture audio from a
distance, the AT897
is considered the
benchmark for lower priced
short shotgun microphones. Its
compact length mounts conveniently on a
DV camcorder without adding much heft or getting
in the frame. It provides a smooth, natural on-axis sound
with excellent rear and side rejection.
• Designed for field audio use in film/TV/video production and
• Short, compact design ensures mic stays out of the shot
• Smooth, natural-sounding on-axis audio
• Low-cut filter
• 48V phantom or battery operation
The MKH416 is a highly sensitive short
shotgun microphone designed to deliver extremely linear
low-noise audio with minimal off-axis sound coloration, a
favorite for high-end film production, TV/video and broadcast
applications. Its rugged RF-design is virtually immune to
weather conditions and mounts easily to fish poles, booms,
and digital cameras.
• High end, low-noise design for
demanding film, ENG and
video production
• Excellent directivity and
compact design
• Transformerless, natural sound
• Highly-sensitive element
effectively rejects feedback
and off-axis sound
• 48V phantom powered
• Rugged build, suitable for
adverse climates
• Excellent directional
characteristics with superior side
and rear rejection
• 48V phantom powered
KMR82i supercardioid long-tube shotgun with enhanced high frequencies
#NEKMR82I ........................................................................................................$179999
The KMR81i is a premium shotgun microphone designed
especially for ENG, film and stage work. Off-axis sounds are left
uncolored and are picked up at low levels, while the outstanding
directivity allows focus on individual sources producing clean,
high output sound with remarkably low self-noise. Attenuation
and filter switches further enable level and noise control.
The MKH60 is a short shotgun microphone designed with a
high degree of directivity ensuring superior audio quality for
distance applications. Ideal for a variety of professional film and
broadcast applications, the low noise, low distortion MKH60
features a light, weather-proof design that maintains a natural,
sensitive response throughout the whole frequency range.
• Renown Neumann engineering
• Low power consumption, lightweight
and wind resistant
• 10dB pad and high-pass filter
The ECM672 is a
lightweight, short
shotgun microphone
with superior
directivity and
ambient noise
rejection at long
distances. Ideal for professional
video use, its compact design features a 2-position low-cut switch
and windscreen for minimal low-end rumble, handling and wind
noise, and easily mounts onto cameras with no frame interference.
• Phantom or battery powered (up to 3000 hours of battery operation)
• Compact, lightweight design is easily mountable
• Supercardioid pickup pattern
• 2-position low-cut filter
• Windscreen provided
• High directivity throughout whole
frequency range
• Excellent side and rear noise rejection
• Natural sounding transformerless design
• Rugged and weather-proof
• Switchable pre-attenuation
• Switchable roll-off filter
• Switchable treble emphasis
Designed for critical longdistance pickup, the AT4073A
sets a new standard for
small, lightweight
shotgun microphones. It
mounts easily to
minicams and fish poles and
features a propriety interference tube
whose narrow acceptance angle provides the
same directivity as mics up to 50 percent longer.
• Ideal for broadcast, film/TV, video and stage sound
• Patented acoustic design provides directivity of mics 50% longer
• Superior off-axis sound rejection
• Switchable 150Hz hi-pass filter
• Wide 11-52V phantom power operation
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The Shure SM11 is a miniature dynamic
lavalier microphone designed for on camera
TV broadcasts, stage and specific radio and
film applications. Its omni-directional
element is enclosed in a ruggedly built
aluminum case that is lightweight and
unobtrusive, with an acoustic response matching
most stand and desk-mounted microphones.
smooth exterior and recessed grille screen reduces clothing
noise and the flexible long-life cable ensures years of reliable use.
• Omni-directional, dynamic (requires no power) lavalier microphone
• Rugged construction for extended reliability
• Smooth exterior and recessed grille screen reduces noise
• XLR connection
RK203TC tie clasp #SHRK203TC ...................$1295
• Extremely small, flat lavalier design with
hard-wired XLR connection
• Moisture resistant and very low rubbing noise
• Wide response, omni-directional pattern
• 130dB SPL • Flat 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
RK200BC belt clip #SHRK200BC .......................$450
Designed to be worn on the clothing of stage and TV
performers, the omni-directional AT803b condenser
microphone offers an excellent unobtrusive sound pickup that
operates on either phantom or battery power. Additionally, a
built-in 80Hz high-pass filter provides easy switching from a
flat frequency response to a low-end rolloff, ideal for reducing
low frequencies caused by clothing noise.
EMWHWBS shelved frequency response version
#COEMWHWBS ......................................................$19250
small in size, the EMW is an
omni-directional electret
condenser microphone that’s
ideal for TV broadcast, theater
production, presentations and
even instrument recording. Capable of handling high
sound pressure levels both direct and indirect of the
capsule, the EMW is also moisture resistance,
provides very low rubbing noise, and is available
with tailored response curves making it a popular
choice for under clothing, normal, and clipped on
instrument use.
• Omni-directional design for clip-on and musical use
• Small, unobtrusive profile
• Operates on both phantom or battery power
• 135dB SPL • 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
AT83B cardioid version #AUAT83B......................................$23995
AT8801 single phantom power supply #AUAT8801 ...............$6295
The Sony ECM-44B is a high quality small omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone.
An industry standard, its simple design and ease
of use make it the affordable choice for a variety
of broadcast and presentation applications.
The SM93 is an omni-directional
electret condenser microphone
designed for use in TV
broadcast, theater, and sound
reinforcement applications.
It operates over a wide
voltage range and provides
a full, clean sound that is
comparable to larger
microphones. The SM93
combines versatile, inconspicuous
mounting with a controlled low-frequency
rolloff and slight presence boost making it
ideal for body worn operation.
RK354SB (2) single bar tie mic clips #SHRK354SB ..$1295
RK355WS set of 4 windscreens #SHRK355WS ........$1700
• Consistent direct and indirect reproduction with
low visibilty
• Omni-directional electret condenser microphone
• Complete with in-line battery unit
• Runs up to 5000 hours on single AA battery
(not for use with phantom power)
• Holder clip, windscreen and case included
ADR44B set of 6 black windscreen kit
#SOADR44B ............................................................$9995
• Subminiature lavalier design
• Small, easy-to-hide mounting hardware
• Low distortion, wide dynamic range
• Omni-directional condenser
• Wide range phantom powering
An industry standard, the ECM-77B is an
omni-directional electret condenser
microphone designed for
professional broadcast, sound
reinforcement and recording
applications. Its slim profile is
easily concealed in performances or
broadcast, and with both phantom
and battery powered operation, the
versatile ECM-77B becomes an ideal choice for delivering a wide range of performances.
• Omni-directional pattern with sensitive response
• Ideal for professional performances and broadcast
• XLR connection with multiple connections available
• Powered by either 48V phantom or single AA battery
ADR77B set of 6 black
metal windscreens
#SOADR77B ..........................$9495
MKE 2 PC 297
• Omni-directional, sub-miniature condenser lavalier
design • Well suited for TV, broadcast, and on-stage
musical performance • Capable of handling high
volumes during instrument recordings
• 48V phantom powered
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
The MKE 2 is a high quality, subminiature clip-on lavalier microphone
ideal for a multitude of applications
where other clip-on microphones prove
too obtrusive because of their larger
size. It fulfills the most stringent sound
quality demands and is extremely
robust. It is suitable for both speech
and instrument miking applications in
all areas of live work.
Intended for film, theater, and stage applications, the
AT899 is a sub-miniature omni-directional condenser
microphone designed to deliver optimum
performance. It offers maximum intelligibility and
accurate reproduction from all sides of the
microphone, while providing additional flexibility of
either battery of phantom power operation.
Its low-profile design is easily concealed in clothing
or hair.
• Omni-directional, sub-miniature lavalier design
• Even pickup around microphone element
• Operates on both phantom and battery power
• Flat, rolloff switch for reduced rubbing noise
• 138dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
AT899A accessory kit including Clothing, Viper and
Magnet Clips, Lanyard, Windscreens, Microphone
Covers and Holders #AUAT899AK ...........................$5350
MZ2 accessory kit #SEMZ2 .............. 37
MZQ222 tie clips #SEMZQ222 ............$1295
MZW2A steel mesh grill
#SEMZW2A ..........................................$995
An industry leader, the TR50
is a professional miniature electret-condenser
microphone that provides superior sound quality
with minimal coloration from its omni capsule. Its
low visibility, wide range of connectors, and multiple
color options make the TR50 an ideal choice film
production, broadcast, and stage performance.
ultra-small design and
superior sonic characteristics
make it the lavalier microphone
of choice for TV news and other
critical broadcast applications.
Available in multiple configurations, the
versatile COS-11 can be powered by either
phantom or battery power and is the ideal upgrade
for many other wireless systems.
• Ultra-linear, omni-directional pattern
• Resistant to cosmetics and moisture
• Available in multiple configurations
• 12-52V phantom or AA battery type power
• 136dB SPL
• 50Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Omni-directional, miniature condenser lavalier
microphone • Superior sound quality with
minimum coloration • Available with a large range
of connectors • Phantom or battery powered
• Tube style power supply with XLR connector
TR50BNCMO same as above without connection
and accessories #TRTR50BNCMO ..........................$17495
TR79MLP TR79 power supply with TA5 connection
and positive bias wiring #TRTR79MLP ..................$16795
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Utilizing the concept of a “mic-within-a-mic”, the
rugged RE-50B is a specially shock-isolated
omnidirectional dynamic microphone. It’s DynaDamp
shockmount and multi-stage integral pop-filter
provides an unprecedented degree of isolation from
handling, mechanical and environmental noise,
making it a top industry choice for clear, noise-free
hand-held interview and news gathering broadcasts.
• Advanced shock-mounting techniques for improved durability and superior low-noise audio reproduction
• Built-in four-stage pop-filter protects from excessive sibilance and wind noise
• Well-isolated transducer seemingly unaffected by environmental extremes
• Omnidirectional pattern for uniform pickup on and off axis • 80Hz-13kHz frequency response
• Neodymium magnet for increased output
and maximized signal-to-noise ratio
• Tailored frequency response with mid-range
presence boost • Internal rubber shockmounting for reduced handling noise
• Omnidirectional pattern for
uniform pickup on and off axis
• Water-resistant grille for
extreme weather conditions
• 50Hz-12kHz frequency response
The VP64A is an omnidirectional handheld dynamic microphone
designed for professional audio and video production. It’s
Neodymium element, internal rubber isolation, and tailored
frequency response, delivers high-level low-noise audio with
greater speech clarity and articulation. Ideal for indoor/outdoor
news gathering and sports broadcast.
Specifically designed to satisfy the demands of
electronic news gathering and electronic field production,
the M58 is an omnidirectional dynamic microphone that features a rugged well
balanced design and sophisticated internal shockmount. It’s ideal for providing a
high degree of comfort during extended interviews, with minimal handling noise
and the ability to withstand the physical punishment of field production.
• Tailored wide frequency response adds intelligibility and high-end presence
• High-output element with uniform omnidirectional pattern
• Durable construction and internal shockmount reduces handling noise and
environmental effect • Comfortable, weight-balanced, slim-profile design
• 40Hz-20kHz frequency response
The SM63 is a high-output, omnidirectional dynamic microphone that
• High-output, wide frequency range tailored for speech • VERAFLEX grille delivers both professional performance and looks. Its elegant but rugged
resist drops, rust, corrosion, and moisture • Humbucking coil virtually
design utilizes a patented Shure shockmount system and VERAFLEX grille,
eliminates strong electromagnetic hum • 80Hz-20kHz frequency response improving resistance to drops, rust, corrosion, and moisture. Internally,
the high-quality SM63’s circuitry is tailored specifically for speech, with a
SM63L same as above with additional 3.5” handle length #SHSM63L
low-frequency rolloff, patented shockmount, and humbucking.
SM63LB same as above with additional 3.5” handle length (black) #SHSM63LB
The Electro-Voice RE16 is a dynamic supercardioid microphone
designed to meet the most exacting demands of professional
broadcast use. Solidly built, the RE16 features a unique blast filter
and exclusive non-metallic diaphragm allowing extensive hand-held
outdoor use without plosives, excessive wind noise, or negative effects
due to weather conditions. With superior rejection of unwanted sound
and little off-axis coloration, focused, noise-free broadcasts and
presentations are now possible both indoors and out.
• Dynamic Supercardioid microphone • Utilizes a “mechanical nesting design”, that is,
one internal transducer part “nests” within another for greater vibration reduction
and durability • Bass-tilt switch corrects frequency balance • Hum-bucking coil and
steel outer casing provides 25dB of hum rejection • 80Hz-15kHz frequency response
The rugged AKG D230 is a dynamic
omnidirectional microphone that easily rejects
hum, plosives, and handling noise while effectively
reproducing information from all angles, making it
ideal for on-location news broadcasts, film
production, and sound effects gathering.
• Omnidirectional pattern effectively picks up off-axis ambient sounds at lower levels with no
coloration • Very wide frequency response • All-metal body and humbucking coil, especially
effective against magnetic fields such as interview/film lighting • Internal shockmount and foam
lined mesh grill reduces handling noise and pops • 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Ribbon microphone with cardioid
pattern and lip-positioning bar
• 60Hz-12kHz frequency response
• Low-frequency rolloff helps eliminate ambient noise and proximity effect
• Removable plastic hygiene shield may be cleaned for reuse or replaced
The Coles 4104B is a high-quality ribbon microphone designed to accurately capture
speech and commentary in even the noisiest environments. Often used for sports
broadcasting, the 4104B is a cardioid pattern microphone with special lip-positioning
bar and stainless steel breath shields that provide users an optimum talking distance
and protection for achieving a warm, accurate signal reproduction with little
ambience or proximity effect.
Considered a “Classic” for newsgathering, film production, and
radio/video interviews, the dynamic onmidirectional 635A
microphone is known to be extremely rugged, noise-free, and
capable of withstanding environmental extremes. Practically
indestructible with normal use, the 635A provides consistent reliable
operation in the most demanding broadcast/film applications.
• Very low impedance for better noise rejection • “Classic” news
broadcast/interview and video production microphone • Smooth, natural
response • Effective internal shock absorber and four-stage pop filter for
added reliability and pop-free performance • 80Hz-13kHz frequency response
• Ideal for interviews and sound effects gathering
• Natural, uniform omnidirectional pickup with slight high-end presence “lift”
• Durable die cast case with steel mesh grille • 50Hz-15kHz frequency response
The AT804 is a dynamic omnidirectional microphone designed for use in
broadcast interviews, film ambience, and sound effects gathering. Often used
as the “mono” mic conjunction with a stereo microphone, the AT804 is made
of a rugged die cast case with hardened steel grille and produces a natural,
uniform response with a slight high-end “lift” for additional source clarity,
particularly well suited for field use environments.
MD 46
Capable of isolating a source hidden amongst the noise, the
Sennheiser MD 46 is a professional dynamic unidirectional microphone designed to deliver high-level hand-held field performance. Its well-balanced
design combined with improved sensitivity and cardioid pattern, allow the MD 46 to produce a clean, open sound with slight high-end presence,
without the plosives and proximity effect usually emphasized by unidirectional microphones.
• Outstanding interview tool • Dynamic cardioid pickup pattern improves source isolation while rejecting background noise • Long, durable handle with
excellent balance • Internal pop filter especially effective against plosives and handling noise • 40Hz-18kHz frequency response
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The Samson UHF UM1/77 Micro is a fixed frequency diversity wireless combo system equipped with the
UM1 camera mountable receiver and CT7 bodypack transmitter with MT350 omni-directional lavalier
microphone. This system offers video enthusiast professional quality results from an affordably priced
package suitable for ENG use, interviews and documentaries.
• Compact, low-profile design
• Headphone monitoring and balanced/unbalanced outputs
• Omni-directional miniature lavalier
• 9V battery or AC adapter power operation
• Single fixed frequency offers best possible
system performance under ideal conditions
• UHF Diversity provides clear reception with
minimal RF interference and dropouts
AC250 110V power supply for Samson UHF UM1/77 Micro wireless receivers #SAAC250 ........................$1695
Ruggedly designed for on location broadcast
applications, the camera-mountable Audio-Technica
U100 series is a versatile, reliable true diversity UHF
wireless system. The ATWU101 system is equipped
with the ATW-R100 receiver, ATW-T101 bodypack
transmitter, and MT830cT5 lavalier microphone,
providing up to 100 UHF channels and a functional
feature set accommodating the needs of today’s
video professional.
• 100 Tunable UHF channels • True diversity operation
• Transmitter features Off/Standby/On switch, input level control,
battery condition indicator and channel selector switches
• Receiver provides: balanced output, level controls, headphone
jack, removable antennas • Omni-directional lavalier microphone
ATW-T102 plug-on frequency agile transmitter #AUATWT102 ..$39900
AT831cT5 cardioid condenser lavalier mic #AUAT831CT5 ...........$8450
AT899cT5 subminiature omnidirectional condenser lavalier
Microphone #AUAT899CT5 ........................................................$13995
The Azden 500LTS camera mountable lavalier microphone system provides true diversity operation and up to 63
user-selectable UHF frequencies ideally suited for professional broadcast applications. Combining the lightweight,
durably constructed 51BT belt/bodypack transmitter, ECM-44H lavalier microphone and full featured 500UDR diversity
receiver, this well designed wireless system is an exceptional value for ENG, special events and presentations.
• 63 user-selectable UHF channels • UHF Diversity for RF interference
free operation and minimal dropout • Omni-directional electret
condenser lavalier microphone • 1/8” mini-jack connection for
headphone monitoring • Transmitter requires one 9V battery
• Receiver requires (6) AA batteries or external 12V DC power supply
51XT plug-on transmitter w/phantom power #AZ51XT .........................................$19995
51HT omni-directional handheld transmitter/microphone #AZ51HT ......................$17995
EPS12PC external 12Vbattery power supply #AZEPS12PC .....................................$10995
The Telex ENG100LA is a well built, multi-channel UHF
Wireless Microphone System especially suited for
special presentation events, corporate audio for video,
and electronic news gathering (ENG) applications. The
complete system is equipped with the camera
mountable ENG-100 diversity receiver featuring an
internal headphone amplifier and adjustable audio
output control, LT-100 belt/bodypack transmitter and
ELM-22S lavalier microphone.
• 100 User-selectable UHF channels
• Diversity System with Pilot Tone Squelch
• Omni-directional electret condenser lavalier
microphone • 1/8” Mini-jack connection for
headphone monitoring • Bodypack transmitter and
receiver require two AA batteries each
UT102A plug-in transmitter #TEUT102A ..............$96500
SH1000A handheld transmitter with ElectroVoice
N/D767a dynamic mic element #TESH1000A .......$45000
Ideally suited for video broadcast and special event audio, the fully programmable Sony UWP Series UHF wireless system
provides up to 188 user-selectable frequencies, various input sensitivity settings and RF output power options. The
UWPC162 is an ultra-light-weight camera mountable solution featuring PLL-Synthesized operation for highly stable
transmission, diversity reception that selects the stronger of two RF signals ensuring minimal drop-out, and is comprised
of quality components meeting needs of today’s video professional.
• 188 user-selectable UHF channels
• Variable sensitivity settings
• 32kHz Pilot-Tone Squelch • Omni-directional
Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone
• LCD screen for easy navigation of set-up parameters
• Bodypack transmitter and receiver require (2) AA batteries each
UTXH162 uni-directional dynamic handheld microphone transmitter #SOUTXH162 ............................$34900
BMPMINICABLE locking mini to mini cable for UWP Series wireless receivers #SOLCUWP .................$2495
Providing 1,440 selectable UHF channels, the durable full featured
Sennheiser EW100ENG2 wireless microphone system is ideal for
on location film, broadcast and event videography. Popular among
many professionals for its rugged construction, intuitive
programmable user menu, large backlit displays, and versatile
high-quality audio performance, the EW100 “combo” system is the
perfect compliment completing any field-recordist toolbox.
Combo system includes: SK100G2 Bodypack Transmitter, ME2
lavalier mic, EK100G2 Receiver, and SKP100G2 Plug-On Transmitter.
• 1,440 Tunable UHF frequencies with 4 switchable preset channels
• Up to 490 ft. operating distance • Variable sensitivity and output
power settings • 4 switchable preset channels
POP-1 belt/carry case for SKP100 plug-on transmitter
#SEPOP1 .....................................................................................$2995
ZH100-ANT pin-style, lavalier clothing clip #SEZH100B..................$995
CL-100 1/8"-M to XLR-M cable for EK100 receiver #SECL100 ......$4695
CL-2 1/8"-M to XLR-F transmitter line cable #SECL2 ..................$1795
Designed for on-location situations where reliable performance and operation are of the utmost importance, the Lectrosonics 100 Series Wireless
System provides a superior sound with up to 256 channels of selectable UHF frequencies. The complete system is equipped with the UCR100 camera
mountable receiver, LM digital hybrid bodypack transmitter and M150 lavalier microphone and features dual-band companding (a process that
separates audio signals into high and low frequency bands for better noise reduction, lower distortion, resulting in more accurate sound quality).
• 256 user-selectable UHF channels
• LM transmitter features Digital Wireless
Hybrid Technology which combines a 24bit digital audio chain with an FM radio link
• Series 200 and 400 compatible
MC100XLR 3.5mm mono plug to unbalanced male XLR
with inline attenuator #LEMC100XLR .....................................$2259
MC100TRS 3.5mm TRS (stereo) straight plug to
3.5mm TRS (stereo) right angle plug #LEMC100TRS ...............$595
Tram TR-79 power supply w/XLR output for M150 lavalier microphone #TRTR79MLP .............$16795
The Lectrosonics 400 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System combines digital hybrid technology and
powerful DSP with true diversity reception and nearly indestructible components, to form a great
sounding, virtually noise free RF system. Ideal for broadcast, “reality TV” productions, nature, and
documentary film applications, this frequency-agile lightweight system includes the UCR411 camera
mountable receiver, MM400A water resistant, digital hybrid belt-pack transmitter and the M150 omnidirectional lavalier microphone.
UH400 Digital Hybrid plug-in transmitter
w/phantom power #LEUH40021 ............................Call
• 256 user-selectable UHF channels • MM400A transmitter features Digital Wireless Hybrid Technology
which combines a 24-bit digital audio chain with an FM radio link providing outstanding audio quality and
extended operating range • SmartSquelch, SmartDiversity, SmartNR noise reduction circuitry
• Series 100 and 200 compatible
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The MixPre is a studio-quality, twochannel, portable microphone mixer
designed for radio, television, and film
production. Its comprehensive features
include: pan switches, built-in slate
microphone, 1 kHz tone oscillator, and
flexible headphone monitoring. The
MixPre’s compact size, rugged construction,
and high-quality components make it an ideal
front end for any field production system.
The Sound Devices
302 is a professional, compact 3
channel audio mixer designed to meet the demands
of professional film, ENG / EFP and broadcast
applications. This rugged workhorse provides 3 XLR
inputs and stereo XLR outputs (both switchable
between mic or line-level signal), 48V, 12V and 12VT phantom power, input and output limiting, and a
low-cut filter switch on every input. Channels 1 and
2 are stereo linkable, and a polarity reverse switch is
provided on channel 2 accommodate M-S
• (2) XLR mic inputs w/ 48V & 15V phantom power
• Stereo 1/8” tape out & tape return connections
• Monitoring of program audio or external stereo tape return audio
• Built-in limiter w/dual mono or stereo operation • High pass filters: 80Hz or 160Hz
• Powers via: (2) “AA” batteries or external 5-14VDC
• (3) XLR inputs w/phantom power and (2) XLR
outputs • Individual channel, mono, stereo, M-S to
stereo monitoring • Channels 1 & 2 are stereo
linkable, and channel 2 features a polarity switch
• Input and output limiting
• Powered via: (3) “AA” batteries or external
5-18VDC power source
• Low-cut filter switch available on every input
• 48V phantom, dynamic and 12T power
• 1/4” stereo headphone output
• Stereo LED level indicators • Low-cut Filters: 140HZ,
20HZ and 100HZ at 12dB per octave • Reference
Tone: 0dBVU 400HZ low distortion sine wave
• Low noise slate mic to right and
left outputs
• Mic/Line switchable XLR outputs
• External power (9-18V) or 12
hours of use w/ (6) “AA” batteries
The DV PROMIX 3 is a
three-channel, professional
field mixer designed
specifically for the DV Cam
market. It features three XLR
inputs (switchable between
microphone and line level
signal), switchable 48v phantom power, left/right/ and center position switches on every input
channel, and a dedicated 1/8" mini tape return input. The output section features two XLR
connectors (line level/ microphone level), and a separate 1/8" mini output.
• The inputs and outputs can be switched between
mic and line level signal • Professional, backlit
analog VU meters (multifunctional)
• (2) 9V batteries provide up to 8 hours of use
• Monitor and tape I/O and a either 1/4" TRS
phone or 3.5mm headphone output
• Built-in tone oscillator
• Isolated two-way talk back
The Wendt X3 is a two-channel field
audio mixer designed for ENG/EFP
broadcast and remote audio recording.
This high performance location mixer
features: two XLR inputs, Limiter, PAN
switches, external power (9-18V), a
slate mic, 1/4” phone jack, mic / line
switchable output, switch, and a separate stereo mic out for unbalanced equipment. Its compact,
light-weight design has a footprint not much larger than a Sony DAT Walkman.
The FP33 is a three input/two output, portable
stereo mixer specifically designed for remote
audio recording, electronic field production,
electronic news gathering, and location film
production. It provides three high quality XLR
inputs and stereo XLR output, 48V and 12V
phantom power, flexible signal routing, and
panning /level control. The FP-33 has an
exceptionally low self-noise and a wide dynamic
range, and its rugged plated metal chassis
withstands extreme heat and cold.
• Balanced XLR Mic/Line input/output connectors
• 48V Phantom power, switchable on each input • Low Frequency roll off reduces wind noise
• Bright, sunlight readable LED meters • Output limiters for camera overload protection
• Dedicated Microphone level output jack for use with cameras not equipped with XLR
• Reference tone oscillator • Carry case and strap included
The DMX-P01is a professional digital fieldmixer designed for ENG/EFP applications.
This studio-quality portable mixer
provides: four XLR microphone inputs
(switchable between mic and line level
signal), 24-bit/96k A/D and D/A
converters, AES/EBU and coaxial S/PDIF digital
output, and recallable setup memory. Its Flexible analog and
digital I/O and routing, 32-bit internal processing, and professional
metering, make this versatile mixer a top choice for high resolution field recording.
• (4) XLR inputs and (2) XLR outputs • 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit internal processing
• Metering types: VU, BBC-type, DIN-type, NORDIC-type, IEC-type 1 and dBFS
• Supports 48kHz and 96kHz sampling frequencies • Digital limiters on both inputs and
outputs, and digital compressors on outputs • AES/EBU digital and S/PDIF digital outputs
The DV ProMix 6 is versatile, cost effective sixchannel ENG & EFP mixer that provides super
quiet pre-amplifiers, true dual camera support,
sun-light readable peak program meters,
dedicated individual line outputs, ergonomic fader knobs, a reference tone oscillator, slate
microphone and switchable output levels. Each input includes two-position low cut filters, threeway channel assignment switches (pan switches), and handy pre-fade listen switches.
The M367 is a sixinput, portable
microphone mixer
specifically designed
for professional ENG
and EFP applications. Its exceptional low-noise design makes the M367 ideal for use with
digital transmission links and digital video/audio recording media. All input channels and one
of the two outputs are switchable between mic and line level signal. Compact and rugged, the
M367 is built to withstand the most demanding field production conditions.
• (6) Balanced XLR inputs and (2) XLR outputs • Monitor/headphone out
• 1/4" TRS phone headphone output • ALT I/O: 1/4" phone "Monitor In" jack, Link
input/output • Link Input/Output: 1/4" phone "Mix Bus" jack
• Low-cut filter, peak limiter, VU metering
• AC/Battery operation- (2) 9V batteries provide 8 hrs of operation
The AlphaMix 4 is a four-channel portable field mixer
designed for professional ENG/EFP applications. It
powers from a NP-1 style batteries, and is equipped
with 4 XLR inputs, low noise pre-amplifiers, 12T and
48V phantom power, 3-stage LED peak meters, and
12dB / Octave low cut filters. The flexible AlphaMix 4
is capable of sending and receiving signals to 2
cameras simultaneously; and each input channel has
a dedicated balanced line-level output with pre-fader
• (4) XLR inputs capable of both mic or line level
audio operation • Internal NP-1 battery support
• Custom made peak reading LCD meters
• (4) Hirose style power connectors for powering up
to 4 wireless microphone receivers
• Built-in slate mic & tone oscillator
• Retractable gain trims and pan pots
AlphaMix Expansion Module provides an additional
4 input channels #PSAMEM .................................$56525
• (6) XLR inputs w/dedicated individual line outputs
• State of the art, super low noise pre-amplifiers
• Bright, sun-light readable peak program meters
• Ganging input for combining 2 mixers
• Powered via: (8) “AA” Alkaline batteries or external power (10-18VDC)
• Comes complete with a custom-made field bag and padded shoulder strap. • Weight: 3.5 lbs
The 442 is a no compromise, four-channel portable
mixer designed for professional location sound
applications. It combines a compact, functional
design with features like: direct outputs per input,
48V, 12V and 12V-T phantom power, inputs and
output (switchable between mic/line level) , peak
limiting, and low-cut filters. All of the 442’s controls
are easily accessible on its three main surfaces, with
no hidden controls.
• (4) XLR mic/line inputs
• (3) Separate, isolated, line level outputs
• Every input features a dedicated output via
TA3-male connectors
• Two stereo returns: monitor multiple cameras
or camera + IFB in headphones
• Channels 1 & 2 can be linked for stereo monitoring
or M-S stereo decoding
• Unit is powered via: (4) “AA” alkaline batteries
or external 5-18VDC
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The R1 is an ultra-compact portable 24-bit wave recorder and
player designed for field recording and broadcast applications.
Rugged and ready for travel, the battery operated AT1 records
(with or without compression) to compact flash via built-in mic,
external mic, or line inputs, and is easily connected to computer
audio workstation for importing and exporting via USB 2.0.
The MICROTRACK 24/96 is an
ultra-compact 2-channel digital
recorder that utilizes balanced
mic/line inputs and a dedicated
stereo 1/8” mini electret mic
input for recording .WAV and
MP3 files to CompactFlash or
microdrives. Its a cost-effective
mobile recording solution whose
rugged, yet tiny design combines superior audio
quality with professional connectivity making it ideal
for everything from professional field recording to
corporate meetings, training, education and worship.
• 16 or 24-bit linear PCM wave or variable-rate MP3 compression
• (2) built in omni-directional electret microphones with
built-in Limiter
• 1/8” stereo microphone and line inputs
• 1/8” stereo phone jack/Optical S/PDIF outputs
• Pro-quality internal effects processor, tuner, and metronome
• Accessories include: carrying case, AC power supply and 64MB compactflash card
(card capacity up to 2GB)
• 2-channel .WAV and MP3 recording (24-bit/96kHz)
• Immediate drag-and-drop file transfer to PC and
MAC via USB 2.0 connector
• Separate left and right level controls with signal
and peak indicators
• Dual mic preamps with 48V phantom power
• Balanced 1/4” TRS inputs with mic/line switch
• Powers via: USB, lithium-ion battery (included), or
optional power supply
• Audacity editing software included
• About the size and weight of a deck of cards
The MZ-100 is an ultra portable Hi-MD recorder ideal for
journalists, musicians and field recording applications. Three
recording formats are supported including: Linear (PCM)
44.1kHz/16-bit, ATRAC3plus 256kbps (Hi-SP) mode and
ATRAC3plus 64bps (Hi-LP) mode. Audio and data files can be
transferred bi-directionally to either Windows or Mac OS X
• 94 minutes of uncompressed PCM linear audio • 6-line large EL (Organic Electroluminescence)
display • 1/8” stereo mic, line and line (optical) inputs, 1/8” stereo output
• Ability to record from multiple sources (USB, Line In, Mic In)
• Cross-platform USB upload/download file sharing
• Data file storage allows storing data files on Hi-MD (1GB storage capacity)
• Includes: AC adapter, ECM-DS70P stereo mic, rechargeable battery, MDR-EO931 earphones
The R-09 is a
professional digital
recorder with timestamp capability ideal
for broadcast and live
music recording
applications. It can
record stereo audio at
24-bit resolution with
either 44.1 or 48kHz
sample rates, and files
can be exported to a
computer via USB. This
ultra-portable unit is
half the size of the Edirol R-1, and is equipped
with a built-in stereo mic, dedicated input control,
intuitive transport buttons and a low-cut filter.
The PMD222 is an industry-standard mono, 3-head
cassette recorder/player designed for the most
demanding field applications. Commonly used by
journalist, law enforcement, and for depositions,
the PMD222 is built to the highest standards of
engineering, and offers all the flexibility and
functionality today’s users require.
• 24-bit/48kHz (or 44.1kHz) uncompressed recording
• Up to 320kbps MP3 playback and recording
• Records to SD card (64MB card included)
• High-grade stereo condenser microphone built in
• Mic and Line audio inputs; USB I/O
• Easy operation, user-friendly graphic display
• Powers via (2) “AA” batteries or (2) NiH batteries
• XLR or 1/8” mini microphone inputs,
telephone jack, and RCA line level I/O
• Built-in microphone and speaker with on/off switch
• Record level control and VU meter
• Rec mode switch: Manual, Limiter, ALC(automatic level control)
• Normal and half-speed recording, Pitch control +/-20% • Powered options: (3) “D” sized
batteries, AC adapter (included), or optional NICD rechargeable battery(RB430)
The PORTADISC MDP-500 is a no-compromise portable MiniDisc
field recorder designed to handle the rigorous demands
of journalist, broadcasters, and sound designers.
Developed in consultation with leading location sound
recordists and ENG professionals, the high-performance
MDP-500 is equipped with a professional MD drive,
high-quality XLR mic preamps, precision DACs, and a USB
connection for transferring audio to and from a computer.
• (2) XLR mic/line inputs, coaxial and optical S/PDIF I/O, stereo RCA outputs
• ATRAC 4.5 recording algorithm and 40 second memory buffer for high quality, glitch-free recording
• 6 second pre-record buffer • Large illuminated LCD display with wide viewing angle
• USB interface compatible with Windows and Mac OS
• Accessories include: soft case, NiMH battery caddy, and AC adapter/charger
The standard Courier is a compact battery powered
digital audio recorder designed for professional in-thefield recording applications and digital news gathering.
This versatile unit records in most broadcast formats,
including linear .wav and mpeg layer 2 (sampling
rates of up to 16-bit/48kHz). It is equipped with XLR
inputs and outputs, AES-EBU output, a RS232 serial
port, easy-access front panel controls and a jog wheel.
• Uses PCMCIA hard disks or Compact Flash cards • Dual XLR Mic/Line inputs with 48V phantom power
• Built-in, sophisticated, easy to use editing functions • Selectable sampling and bit rates
• Connects to a modem or directly to your GSM mobile phone
• Built-in speaker and headphone output with volume control • Anti-shock, shatterproof ABS plastic case
• Power via rechargeable camcorder batteries, or optional “AA” batteries
The PMD670 is a professional 2-track CompactFlash
digital recorder designed for the rugged demands of
field recording and location sound. Its extremely
reliable, has no moving parts, and features two
XLR inputs, over 40 assignable quality settings,
and a USB port. Once linked to a computer audio editing
system via USB, recorded audio files can be transferred from the
PMD670 to the computer, ready for import into audio or video editing/production software.
• (2) XLR microphone inputs with 48V phantom power, Limiter and ALC
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O, RCA stereo I/O, 1/4” stereo headphone output
• Recording Formats: Uncompressed 16-bit linear PCM, Compressed MP2 and MP3
• Auto and manual EDL track marking • Built-in microphone and speaker, Selectable filter for
ambient noise control • Includes 64MB compact flash card, also compatible with microdrive
media • Power options: (8) “AA”batteries, AC adapter, or optional RB 1650 rechargeable battery
The PMD660 is professional
2-track hand-held digital
recorder ideal for
journalist and
working in the
field. This ultracompact unit records to
inexpensive compactflash card
or microdrive media, and features two XLR mic inputs,
a built-in stereo mic and speaker, and a USB port for
interfacing with digital audio editing workstations.
• (2) XLR microphone inputs with 48V phantom
power and 20dB pad • 1/8” stereo mini line input
and output, 1/8” stereo mini headphone output
• Recording Formats: Uncompressed 16-bit linear
PCM, Compressed MP2 and MP3
• Includes 64MB compact flash card
• Full on-board cut-copy-paste digital editing
• EDL-style marking system, 99 Virtual-track playlisting
• Power Options: (4) “AA” batteries or AC adapter
RC-600 remote option- controls record pause,
record, marker set, start new track, multi color
LED indicates pause or record status #MARC600...$7495
PMD671is a professional 24-bit/96 kHz digital
recorder designed for high resolution recording in
the field or the studio. Ideal for location
professionals, the PMD671 is equipped with two
high quality microphone preamps and loaded with
professional features like: "Virtual Third Head" for
confidence monitoring, Time-Shift Playback, a
USB port for easy file transfer to PC and a built-in
condenser microphone.
• 24-bit, 96 kHz PCM capable
• Two XLR mic connections with 48V phantom power
• Stereo analog RCA line I/O
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O • Built-in condenser mic
• "Virtual Third Head" for confidence monitoring
• Read-after-write capability
• Built-in monitor speaker
• Optional RC600 wired remote control & NiCd or
NiMH batteries
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The HHB FlashMic is a professional microphone/digital recorder that combines
a high-quality Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with a broadcastquality, one gigabyte Flash recorder. This durable hand-held recorder is an ideal
solution for press and broadcast journalists working in the field and its built-in
USB port allows “drag and drop” file transfer to Mac or Windows editing
workstations in the studio. The FlashMic has an adjustable pre-record buffer,
and records in linear 32/48kHz, or MPEG 1 Layer 2 encoded formats.
The 744T is a compact four-track hard disc/compactflash
field recorder with time code, capable of writing and
reading uncompressed PCM audio at 16 or 24-bits with
sampling rates between 32kHz and 192kHz. Designed
with the location sound professional in mind, the 744T
features full timecode implementation, flexible metering
and powering, top-quality mic preamps, and is built to
Sound Devices exacting standards; for reliable
performance and exceptional durability.
• Integrated condenser microphone/digital recorder
• High-quality microphone preamplifier w/full manual or automatic gain control
• Maximum record time of over 18 hours
• LCD display with backlight for time, level and status information
• Switchable high-pass filter, 12dB/octave at 100Hz
• Headphone amplifier with volume control
• (2) “AA” batteries provide more than 6 hours continuous power
• Ultra-stable Ambient timecode circuitry, tunable to
<0.2 PPM accuracy • (2) XLR microphone
preamps with phantom, limiters, and high-pass
filters • Channel 3 and 4 line-level inputs on TA3
connectors • AES3(XLR) or AES3id(BNC) digital
inputs and AES3ib outputs
• Records to internal 40GB hard drive or removable
compactflash • FireWire port for high-speed data
transfer to computers
• Powers via: Sony-compatible L-or M-type lithium
Ion camcorder batteries or external DC
• Windows and Mac OS compatible
The PCM-D1 is a high-quality portable recorder designed for a wide
variety of mobile recording applications including: broadcast, live sound,
house of worship and theatrical performance. It features 24 bit/96K
recording capability, 4GB internal flash memory, removable Memory
Stick Pro high-speed storage and a built-in USB 2.0 port for Macintosh
and Windows/PC operating systems.
• (2) XLR microphone preamps with phantom,
limiters, and high-pass filters
• Channel 3 and 4 line-level inputs on TA3 connectors
• AES3(XLR) or AES3id(BNC) digital inputs and
AES3ib outputs
• Records to internal 40GB hard drive or removable
compactflash • FireWire port for high-speed data
transfer to computers
• Aluminum and stainless-steel chassis
• Powers via: Sony-compatible L-or M-type lithium
Ion camcorder batteries or external DC
• Windows and Mac OS compatible
• Lightweight, ultra-portable audio recorder
• Intuitive menu driven user interface
• Switchable PCM Mono or Stereo audio recording
• Sampling Rate: 8-48kHz PCM & MPEG
• Bit Rates: 64-384 kb/s • Built-in microphone or external XLR connection
• Stereo line In/Out & built-in loudspeaker
• Includes: carrying case, plug-on microphone, external mic cable and
USB cable • Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz
The Ares-M is a lightweight hand-held digital recorder equipped with one
gigabyte of internal memory, a built-in stereo microphone and a miniature
USB port. Designed for broadcast applications, it the offers instant startup, voice operated recording, automatic level control and an internal
loudspeaker. This compact, high quality audio recorder is powered by two
“AA” batteries, offering up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
The 722 is a compact two-track hard disc/compactflash
field recorder capable of writing and reading
uncompressed PCM audio at 16 or 24-bits with
sampling rates between 32kHz and 192kHz.
Featuring two top-quality high-bandwidth preamps,
flexible metering and powering options, and digital
I/O, the 722 is a high-resolution alternative to DAT
for today’s location sound professional.
• High-quality, 24bit/96kHz mobile digital recorder
• Built-in condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration
• 4GB internal memory or use any size memory stick
• LCD display with comprehensive recorder status indication and menu
selection • Analog level meters with LED peak overload indicators
• Signal processing functions include: SBM, limiter and 200Hz high
pass filter • Titanium case
• (4) “AA” rechargeable batteries & charger (supplied)
The R-4 is a high-resolution four-channel, portable 40GB
hard disc recorder and wave editor designed for
professional mobile recording. With the ability to
capture 17 hours of 24-bit/96kHz digital audio, and
synchronize to Sony digital video cameras using
the L-terminal (Lanc) protocol, the R-4 is an
ideal solution for both portable music recording
applications and, ENG/video location sound.
• (4) XLR/phone combo lacks with switchable 48V phantom power
• On-board waveform editing, On-the-fly indexing, Jog Dial with 7 speeds
• High-speed USB 2.0 port, CompactFlash port, Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• Built-in microphone, speaker, and high-quality effects processor • Power options: (8) “AA”
batteries or AC adapter (included) • Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
The CDR420 is a professional field recorder that
combines a flexible hard disc recorder with an
onboard CD recorder that burns both standard
Red-Book audio format and CD-ROM data discs.
It features a built-in condenser microphone &
speaker, dual XLR Mic/Line inputs and coaxial
S/PDIF digital I/O. On-board editing permits cut,
copy, paste, insert silence and split track; and a
USB 2.0 port allows users to easily upload files
to a digital audio workstation.
• Record to 20GB hard disc in 44.1kHz mono or stereo as .WAV or .MP3
• (2) XLR Mic/Line inputs w/ +48v phantom power • (2) RCA inputs • 20GB hard drive
• Built-in microphone & speaker • Standard PS/2 keyboard input for naming files
• Includes: AC adapter and dual RCA cable • Optional lead acid battery (RPS420)
The CDR300 is a professional tabletop CD recorder ideal for specialty
applications like spoken word recording, sound effect
acquisition, and boardroom meeting archiving.
The “Minute Track Mode” recording feature marks
each minute of spoken word/audio as a track,
allowing easy navigation in playback via “minute
specific” track markers. Easily transportable, the
CDR300 becomes a truly portable system with the
addition of the optional RPS300 battery system
(allowing up to four hours of record time in the field).
• Record live directly to CDs • (2) XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom power, 2 1/4” line
inputs, RCA I/O • Coaxial S/PDIF I/O • Built-in mic, speaker, 3-band master EQ, and limiter
• Power options: AC or 4-pin DC connection (optional RPS300 battery)
• Adjustable digital and analog record levels
The HD-P2 is a 24-bit/192kHz Compact Flash
recorder designed for broadcast and location sound
applications. It features SMPTE timecode input,
professional connectivity, a large, angled LCD, and
a FireWire port for fast data transfers to computer
editing systems. A video clock input allows frame
edge resolve to a central blackburst source or use
as a lock-and-release timecode slave.
• (2) XLR Mic Inputs w/phantom power & analog
peak limiter • Unbalanced stereo RCA I/O
• FireWire interface for data transfer
• Built-In mono mic, speaker and headphone output
• XLR SMPTE Input & BNC Video Clock Input
• Supports Pull-up and Pull-down sample rates
• S/PDIF digital I/O • PS/2 keyboard input
The FR-2 is
a professional
field memory
designed for
location sound recording, broadcast, and highquality sound effects acquisition. Featuring two XLR
microphone inputs, digital I/O, a built-in Limiter, and
a USB port for interfacing with digital audio
workstations, the flexible FR-2 is a cost-effective
high-resolution alternative to portable timecode DAT.
• (2) top quality high headroom mic preamps with
switchable phantom power • Selectable digital I/O
between S/PDIF and AES/EBU on balanced XLR
connectors • Fostex’s “File Per Take” system with
auto scene and take naming/increment
• Records to both Type II CompactFlash cards and
PCMCIA 1.8” hard drives • 132 x 64 dot matrix LCD
screen for ease of use and high visibility in the field
• USB port for direct connection to PC and Mac, with
additional port for external keyboard
FR-2TC with built-in 8342 timecode card supporting
all standard timecode frame rates #FOFR2TC .....$189800
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