NEC Telephone Quick Guide

NEC Telephone Quick Guide
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Telephone Quick Guide
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NEC Telephone Quick Guide
Thursday, March 24, 2011
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To make outside calls
1) Lift handset or press Call 1 to go on speaker.
2) Press 9 or press line key.
Placing calls on hold
1) Press your red hold button and press release. The line key will flash.
2) Press flashing Line key to answer call.
Transferring calls
1) While on an outside call, press TRF soft key on display and dial extension number.
2) You can talk to the called party first and hang up to transfer or just hang up to transfer.
* To get call back, just press flashing line key.
Transferring calls to voicemail
1) While on an outside call, press the TRF button on display and then press VMsg button on
2) Enter Mailbox number to transfer to.
3) Hang up to transfer.
Placing conference calls
1) Make your first call and press Conf. button once. The call will be holding.
2) Place your next call, either outside or an internal party, and press Conf. button twice.
3) Both parties will be joined with you.
4) To add a third call, press Conf. button once.
5) Make your third call and press the Conf. button twice. All calls will be joined to you.
Do Not Disturb
1) To Enable Do Not Disturb- press DND button.
2) Press 3 to block all calls or press 1 to block only outside calls.
3) To Disable Do Not Disturb- press DND button, 0, Cancel on display, and Clear under
Last Number Redial
1) Press LND on volume pad and scroll through last 8 numbers dialed till you find number
on display.
2) Press Line key or Call 1 button to make call.
Menu Button
1) Ring Volume – For adjusting loudness of ring.
2) Off Hook Ring – To enable or disable off hook ring on your phone.
3) Back Light – To enable or disable light on display.
4) Headset – To set up phone for use with a headset.
Accessing Voicemail
From your terminal – Press VMSG button on display.
From another terminal – Press Call 1 and press 700. Enter your extension number.
From remote location – Call office and at main greeting, press # and your mailbox number.
Listen To Messages
Press VMsg and press LSTN in display to play message. Press 72 to save or press Erase
In display
To turn on automatic message sender info, time, and date; press More>, Optns, ATime, and
To Record Mailbox Greeting
In display, press VMsg, Greet, choose Gr1, and press Rec.
To Record Mailbox Name
In display, press VMsg, More>, Name, and Rec.
To Enter Security code (optional)
In display, press VMsg, More>,Optns,Sec. Enter Security code and press OK
To Leave a Message in Someone else’s Mailbox
In Display, press VMsg, Rec, and leave message. Press Done when finished.
Enter mailbox extension to send message to.
Press Cont to send message
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