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Black Box ServSwitch CATx Specifications
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Video over Ethernet
DVI Switching
Matrix Switching
Video transport for the 21 century
Switch to the digital arena
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Comprehensive networking
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With more than 12,000 products, there’s no need to go anywhere else.
Whether you’re a small office that wants a small cabinet to house your server or a large
enterprise that needs multiple data centres throughout the world, Black Box has the
technology, product selection and know-how to make it happen. We’re your one-company,
complete-solution provider. At Black Box, you’ll find everything you need to deliver end-to-end
solutions. Our selection includes:
- Copper
- Fibre Optic
Distribution Style
Interlocking Fibre
- Audio/Video/Keyboard/Mouse
- Serial & Parallel.
- Patch Panels
- Jacks, Wallplates, Modules
Cabinets & Racks
- Freestanding Cabinets
- Wallmount Cabinets
- Racks & Enclosures
- Cable Management
- Accessories
KVM ServSwitchTM
- Local and Remote Switches
- IP KVM Solutions
- Copper & Fibre Extenders
- KVM Console Trays
- Cables & Accessories
Digital Signage
- Video Extenders
- Video Splitters
- Video Switches
- Media Players
- Plasma & LCD Displays
- Digital Signage Software
Power & Environment
- Power Strips
- UPSs
- Power Management
- Surge Supression
- Environmental Monitoring
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- Media Converters
- Switches
- Routers
- Network Security
- Ethernet Extenders
- Serial and Console Servers
- Print Servers
Testers and Tools
- Copper & Fibre Tools
- Copper & Fibre Testers
- General Tool Kits
Server & Desktop
- Hubs
- Converters
- Extenders
- Switches
- Cables
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›› Video over Ethernet..........................................2-3
Introducing the Black DTX and DTX HD, VGA/DVI-I over 802.3
›› DVI Switching.....................................................4-5
Introducing the new high end DVI-D Digital Matrix Swithing system
Technical Support
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›› Matrix Switching................................................6-7
VGA Matrix switching for large-scale data centres and
broadcast environments
Proven Quality
Black Box is ISO9001:2008
certified and follows the same
proven quality procedures that
we have been practising for 17
years of ISO accreditation.
Educational Resources
As well as our FREE 24/7 Tech
Support, we also have great
technical resources online,
including technology overviews,
Black Box explains, product
datasheets and more.
Custom Solutions
If you can’t find what you are
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›› KVM Extension Solutions..................................8-9
All your extension problems — solved. USB and PS/2, Audio, Serial
and KVM
The Black Box DKM Matrix Switch, supporting
resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080, is the perfect
solution for your digital switching problems. Turn
to page 4 for the complete picture.
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Video over Ethernet
ServSwitch DTX • ServSwitch DTX HD
All you need for Matrix Switching —
Extender Mode
Follow Mode
Point-to-point, dedicated KVM extension is vital to a wide range
of business applications including industrial control, computerfree work spaces and the administration of key systems. With the
DTX5000 you can not only extend a PC to one dedicated
keyboard, monitor and mouse, but using the DTX control station
you can extend to ANY user station connected to a DTX5000
receiver configured to allow this. The administrator can quickly
adjust these settings via a web interface.
This mode is ideal for flexible work places where employees can
work from multiple offices or login at any of a pool of
workstations. The administrator can associate a particular
computer with a particular user login so that regardless of where
the employee is, his or her PC will always be available as soon as
they log into the system.
Matrix Mode
Signage Mode
IT administrators often need the ability to login to many
different computers from many different locations to diagnose
problems. The DTX in matrix mode allows any keyboard, monitor
and mouse connected to a DTX receiver to operate any computer
connected to a transmitter. The system will act as a true Matrix
switch, similar to the most advanced KVM switches but with the
added advantage of limitless numbers of users and computers.
Security is tight and computers can be fully or partially locked
down so users only see what you want them to see.
In this mode a video source from a dedicated PC is sent out to
one or more large screens; making the solution ideal for
information screens and digital signage. This means that one PC
can send updated business information and news to a number of
screens distributed around the building, while a second PC sends
the day’s appointments, calendar and other information to
another screen in reception.
Shop Display/Digital Signage
Information Stand
DTX Transmitter
DTX Receiver
DTX Receiver
DTX Receiver
DTX Transmitter
Control Unit
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Video over Ethernet
Extension, Remote Access and Distribution.
With the new generation of DTX5000
systems you can combine your KVM-Switch
system with your KVM extenders and AV
matrix, and design the optimal solution for
workplaces, digital signage, control rooms or
server rooms.
The DTX system’s simple, modular design
combined with innovative feature set and
advanced configuration options allows you to
create a massive range of solutions. Build your
system by placing individual modules together
and the possibilities are almost endless. This
flexible solution can be tailored precisely to
your current requirements and rearranged or
reconfigured as your needs change over time,
future proofing your investment and providing
a convenient and cost effective long term
solution to all your KVM needs.
While your computers are stored safely and
securely in your server room, users can be
granted access from anywhere in the building,
or even the world. And the system is both
secure and user friendly. Users must login to
access the system and their access rights will
determine what they can see and do. The same
system can be used in many different ways
Ideal for...
›› Banking and Finance
›› Film Production
›› Retail
›› Broadcast/Broadcast Control
›› Digital Signage
›› Editing Suites
›› High-end Post Production
›› Production Training
›› Medical Facilities
ServSwitch DTX • ServSwitch DTX HD Bandwidth Requirements
1280 x 1024 1280 x 1024
@ 60Hz
@ 60Hz
1280 x 1024
@ 60Hz
50/50 Office
Full Screen
and Motion
Motion Video
1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200
@ 60Hz
@ 60Hz
1600 x 1200
@ 60Hz
50/50 Office
Full Screen
and Motion
Motion Video
1920 x 1200
@ 60Hz
1920 x 1200
@ 60Hz
1920 x 1200
@ 60Hz
50/50 Office
Full Screen
and Motion
Motion Video
Office or
Office or
Solution Profile
Office or
Solution Profile
Cleaning up.
Getting noticed.
A large medical centre had an urgent need for its surgeons and
practitioners to be able to view high resolution images of x-rays,
photographs and medical charts from its servers — as well as
conforming to patient confidentiality and data protection laws —
whilst still maintaining a completely sterile environment. Power
supply fans inside PCs or Servers suck in air to cool down the
processor, which means they are unsuitable for such an environment
as germs and dust can easily gather. Cleaning them is also not
practical as joints, holes and openings are common.
A well-known advertising agency required a method of moving live
video from a server in a data cupboard, up to a 103” screen in a large
central London train station. The screen resolution was full high
definition (1920 x 1080p) and the videos displayed were
advertisements that needed to be displayed clearly and concisely, and
without interference.
Black Box provided the solution by enabling the servers to be placed
down the corridor in a secure environment, and using a ServSwitch
DTX to extend the keyboard, monitor and mouse into operating
theatres, x-ray and consulting rooms. Cleaning was now not an issue
as the keyboards, displays and mice were of a medical standard
ensuring they could be disinfected directly.
The Black Box DTX was chosen as the reliable method for
transporting high resolution video across the train station, to the
large screen. The DTX introduced no loss and transported the original
video faithfully. Even on the large display, there were no signs of
artefacts or anomolies.
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
DVI Switching
ServSwitch DKM
CATx- or fibre-based DVI-D and USB KVM
• Built-in extension using CATx or fibre.
• Multiple control options for versatile usage
— not just KVM.
• Redundant power supplies for missioncritical environments.
• Modular architecture for flexible
• Supports DVI-D video
resolutions up to
1920 x 1200 at 60Hz
over the full distance.
• Real-time video and
keyboard/mouse operation.
The Black Box DKM Digital KVM Switch is the access solution in dynamic
environments, where picture quality is everything. Utilising a fully
digitised transport system, the DKM does not suffer from attenuation or
skew, and so causes no smearing or fuzzies. Supporting full HD video,
audio and serial over up to 140m on CATx cable, or up to 10km on
single-mode fibre, the DKM provides a reliable and secure transport and
access system.
User Console
Single-mode Fibre
Office 3
User Console
Multi-mode Fibre
Office 2
User Console
Office 1
ServSwitch DKM
User Stations
8 x 32 ServSwitch
DKM Base Unit (ACX0832)
Supports Eight User
User Consoles
Network Operation Centre
Data Centre B
Data Centre A
USB CPUs with SAMs
USB CPUs with SAMs
Digital KVM Switching — Supporting up to 1920 x 1200 resolution at 60Hz presented on
DVI-D interfaces.
Modular Concept — Expandable through either 8-port CATx modules or 8-Port SFP modules.
Dual Redundant Power Supplies — Designed to keep you running 24/7 with SNMP alerts to
indicate system status.
RS-232/V.24 and Stereo Audio — Available with the option to support stereo audio in both
directions, and RS-232/V.24 protocol for serial devices.
Multi-Head Systems — The DKM supports multi-head systems and will switch all the associated
monitors simultaneously.
Security — Individual profiles per user prevent unauthorised access to attached workstations or
servers. Plus, in high security environments, all the cabling can be fibre to prevent sniffing.
DDC Read Channel — By reading the DDC channel information from the server and the monitor,
the DKM supports true EDID information, guaranteeing the optimum plug-and-play support.
Multiple Control Options — As well as the menu driven interface, the DKM also supports hot
key control, front panel display with active remote, remote control via the RS-232/V.24 interface,
and remote control via the IP interface.
USB HID Support — The DKM features native Human Interface Device support and includes
tablets, touch-screens and joysticks, as well as, keyboards and mice.
Crystal Clear Image Quality — The DKM is a fully digital switch support DVI-D and because it it
fully digital, it does not suffer from skew, attenuation, smearing or fuzzies unlike traditional KVM
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Ideal for...
›› Editing Suites
›› High-end Server Farms
›› Production Facilities
›› Research and Development
›› Broadcast/Broadcast Control
›› Graphically Intensive Work
›› Science/Medical Laboratories
›› Call Centres
›› Classrooms
›› Libraries
DVI Switching
control for up to 16 users and 32 CPUs.
Solution Profile
Solution Profile
Intelligent design
Picture perfect
A London-based graphics design company needed its designers to
access multiple servers, each containging individual client’s
campaigns, including high-resolution artwork. The servers all had
DVI-D video outputs, meaning traditional KVM switches were unable
to cope with either the interface or the resolutions. The graphical
content needed to be displayed accurately and some of the servers
were multi-head systems.
A large studio in London, offering pre and post production to clients,
required a matrix switch offering very high quality video from
multiple servers, and offering the flexibility to support different user
groups. The studios used were changing daily, and their customers
required access to the servers, from whichever suite they were
working in. Security needed to be integrated as to restrict one film
company, from looking at another company’s work.
The Black Box DKM provided the perfect solution by offering lossless
video, transported digitally around the site. The DKM is a digital only
solution and so introduces no smearing or fuzzies, and causes no
attenuation to the signals transmitted and received. Each individual
user only had access to his or her servers and security was maintained
through password protection. Reliability was provided through the
DKM’s dual power supply, and a link to the external SNMP
management platform provided regular updates on the system status.
Not only that, the DKM’s DDC and EDID support ensured that
whatever resolution was set on each server, the monitors would sync
perfectly every time.
Utilising a fully digitised transport system, the DKM Matrix Switch
offers high quality full high-definition, audio and serial, up to 140
metres over CATx cabling, or up to 10Km over single mode fibre. Each
user has an individual profile which provides their access rights and
users can only ever see the servers they are allowed to see. This gave
the customer the flexibility he needed to offer his customers the
ability to use any of the studios available and still access all their data
and film securely.
Solution Profile
Solution Profile
Clear for landing
The Matrix - in high definition
A large International airport required a method for providing a radar
video feed through to the air traffic controllers. Due to the size of the
airport, the distance across the airport from the radar station to the
air traffic controllers was significant. The customer was concerned
about interference from the radar, along with cable attenuation, and
problems they had previously experienced with cable characteristics
changing in different weather conditions.
A large, remote data centre required a solution for its new high end
servers that only came with a DVI-D digital video output. All the
servers were set at different resolutions and they had experienced
issues with previous KVM switches being able to cope with the range
of resolutions output from the large number of servers. They had
several different user groups requiring access to different groups of
servers. Although security was not an issue, giving the users the access
to the correct server groups was.
The Black Box DKM provided the airport with the solution they
required by offering high quality lossless video, over both single
mode and multimode fibre. Fibre is impervious to radar interference,
cable attenuation and varying weather conditions whilst also
providing the required bandwidth to travel the necessary distances.
The DKM provided crystal clear video reliably and securely.
The Black Box DKM Matrix Switch fully supports DDC, so each
individual monitor is provided with the correct EDID information to
sync correctly. This enables each monitor to sync correctly with each
server every time. Each user has their own access list with gives them
the access rights to their particular servers. Wherever they log on in
the building, they always see their list of servers and only their list of
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Matrix Switching
ServSwitch Octet
Cutting-edge server
• Uses CATx technology for simple and spacesaving installation.
• Dual RJ-45 SAMs reduce single point-offailure risk in mission-critical environments.
• Brilliant video quality provides high
resolution over long distances.
• Future-proof hardware layout and flash
memory firmware.
• LDAP integration adds more security and
integrates seamlessly into network security.
• SNMP trapping and control helps automate
monitoring processes.
• Supports switched multi-head systems.
The Octet is available with FREE installation until 30/06/09 see for full details
PC or Sun
User Console
Office 3
PC or Sun
User Console
PC or Sun
User Console
Office 2
Data Centre B
PS/2 and Sun CPUs with SAMs
PC or Sun
User Consoles
8 x 32 ServSwitch
Octet Base Unit (KV1701E);
Supports Eight User Consoles
Office 1
CAT5 Bulk
Network Operation Centre
Data Centre A
PS/2 CPUs with SAMs
Out of Band Solution — Only optionally uses the network for updates and optional control. All
KVM switching is fully out of band.
High Resolution — Supporting up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz refresh rate, ideal for most server
Analgoue VGA Switching — No fiddly adaptors required, just a straight VGA connection
straight through the system, over CATx cable.
SNMP Support — SNMP MiB built-in allowing both monitoring and control of the switch
CATx for Long Distances — Supporting up to 300 metres on CATx cable.
Menu Driven — Allowing ease of use and minimising training requirements for the system. Intuitive and simplistic, the Octet allows users to edit their own configurations, personal preference
and select servers by the simple to use menu system.
Reliability — Designed to provide 24/7 access to your servers, and by using dual port SAMs
(Server Access Modules), the Octet is the perfect product to reliably manage your data centre.
ServSwitch Octet User
Stations (KV1711E)
CAT5 Bulk Cable
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Ideal for...
›› Finance, Banking
›› Industrial Control Rooms
›› Film Production
›› Retail
›› Broadcast/Broadcast Control
›› Digital Signage
›› Industrial hardware and
software testing
›› Medical Laboratories
Matrix Switching
Solution Profile
Listen up
One of the country’s leading radio broadcasters needed to find a way for their disk jockeys to be
able to access their individual show schedules and play list. Each user required individual access to
particular servers but the studios used, could change on a daily basis.
Utilising the existing CATx cabling infrastructure, the Black Box Octet was installed and provided
the solution. Each user could come into any studio and log on to the Octet system using a username
and password. Once logged in, they could only see the servers they had authorisation to use. The
Octet system, as well as providing security through the existing LDAP infrastructure, would report
to the SNMP management platform with all changes and updates. It also provided the SNMP
manager with the option of remotely connecting users to servers, increasing security further still.
Solution Profile
Intensive farming
A data centre that had 32 users spread across campus, required access to just over 600 servers in a
large server farm. The users were members of different management groups and some type of
security was required to ensure tht users only had access to the servers they required. The
customer’s infrastructure already supported LDAP and it was requested that the Octet should be
able to be integrated into this if possible. Some of the servers were mission critical, and in case of
any errors or failures, would automatically send messages to the SNMP management platform. The
customer also requested to know if it was possbile for the Octet to respond to these urgent
The Black Box Octet was chosen over other solutions because it solved all of the requirements.
Supporting up to 32 users, and an almost unlimited number of servers and serial devices, the Octet
allowed up to 300m in distance between the servers and the users, over CATx cabling. By providing
individual access rights on a per user basis and supporting LDAP, the Octet fully integrated into the
existing security infrastructure and provided the security that the customer required. In the unlikely
case that the LDAP server failed, then the Octet could continue to support the users through its
own proprietary security settings, configurable through the on-screen menu system. Finally, by
integrating the Octet into the SNMP management platform, the Octet could be controlled via
SNMP. In the case of the SNMP management station receiving an urgent error message, it could
then automatically connect one of the users to the server that had sent the error. By automatically
connecting a user straight to the offending server, all escalation paths and alerting systems could be
removed. This improved the response time to critical errors and ensured that problems could be
solved as fast as possible.
Solution Profile
Factory fitted
A large manufacturing plant required a solution for its server access problems. Servers were being
moved around to control different manufacturing machines and access was becoming difficult.
Users were moving around the building and working in different areas, depending upon the tasks
they were working on. The customer required a method for accessing and controlling the different
servers from various points in the building, but also required a way to keep track of those servers
within in the building.
The Black Box Octet was selected for its flexibile access and its ability to effortlessly move servers
about the network. All server names or tags are stored on the individual Server Access Modules
(SAMs), so whenever a server was moved, the SAM stayed with the server. For the customer, this
ensured that when a server was removed, it was automatically removed from the server access list
for each user. Once the server was re-installed, even to a different location, as soon as it was
switched on, it would be straight back in the user’s individual access lists. This made it easy for the
customer to maintain and move servers as required, whilst always knowing where that server was.
Users could log into the Octet system from any of the user stations, no matter which area they were
working in, and always had the ability to control any of the servers from any of the servers from
any user station location.
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
KVM Extension Solutions
Introduction to KVM Extenders
Over the past few years, Extenders have become an essential part of KVM solutions. Giving
the ability to move PC’s and Servers from the factory floor / office / open space and to move
them into secure, clean and cool environments has given customers the flexibility to design
their offices to meet the needs of their businesses with the minimal cost.
Using the latest technology available, the Black Box range of KVM Extenders provides a
complete solution to all your extension requirements. With video interfaces of VGA, DVI-I and
DVI-D, and HID (Human Interface Device) interfaces of PS/2 and USB, all extension requirements
are met. Our range also includes the ability to extend serial and stereo audio over the same
cable as the keyboard, video and mouse.
The Black Box range also includes multiport rack mountable extenders, minimising the
amount of installation work required.
Offering solutions from 50 metres up to 10 kilometres, and offering local as well as remote
access, Black Box have the complete KVM solution that you require.
Ideal for...
›› Finance, Banking
›› Film Production
›› Retail
›› Digital Signage
›› Medical Centres/Hospitals
›› Power Stations
›› Chemical Plants
›› Educational Establishments
›› Data Centres
6-Port Dual-Access
Hub with Serial and
Bidirectional Stereo Audio
Keyboard, Monitor
and Mouse
Micro Standalone
Remote Units
Micro Standalone
Remote Units (ACUWREM)
Micro Standalone
Remote Units
CATx Unshielded
Bulk Cable (EYN840A)
Keyboard, Monitor
and Mouse
Keyboard, Monitor
and Mouse
Micro Standalone
Remote Units
Keyboard, Monitor
and Mouse
Tips for Techs: KVM Extension
How to use KVM Extenders
Watch the latest Tips for Techs video from Black
Box, highlighting some of the recent adavncements
and most popular applications of KVM extension.
Offering the ability to move PC’s or servers to a safe
and secure environment, beyond the distances of
traditional extension cabling — up to 300m on
CATx cable or up to 10km on single-mode fibre.
Unlike traditional cabling extension, KVM
extenders introduce virtually no video distortion. So
whether you are moving from a harsh or
electrically noisy environment, or whether you wish
to extend access to your existing KVM switches,
Black Box has the solution.
Our KVM extender range covers everything from
the most basic 50m extension of keyboard and
mouse over CAT5, to full KVM, Audio and Serial
extension over IP, enabling you to take control of
your servers from as near, or far away as you need.
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
KVM Extension Solutions
Rackmount CATx KVM
Extender Hubs with Serial and
Bidirectional Stereo Audio
KVM Serial and audio extensions
up to 300 metres — plus dualaccess and rackmount options!
ServSwitch USB CATx KVM
Extend your VGA and most HID
devices to up to 300 metres on
CATx cable.
CATx KVM Extender Kit with
Built-in DeSkew and Multivideo Support
Cutting-edge KVM extension over
twisted pair.
• Combines six entenders in one box.
• Send keyboard, monitor, mouse, serial and
bidirectional stereo audio signals up to
300 metres from a CPU or ServSwitch.
• Dual-access capability enables the
connection of two KVM consoles to each
• Fully adjustable video equalisation for the
best possible video quality.
• Hub and remote units feature built-in
surge protection on the CATx link side.
• True DDC support either emulates or
transfers DDC from attached monitors.
• Supports USB hubs at remote end.
• Dual-head video models available, too.
• Optional RS-232/V.24 and bidirectional
stereo audio versions also available.
• Flash-upgradable for future compatibility
and enhancements.
• 19” rackmountable.
• Easy keyboard adjustable video
• Intelligent keyboard/mouse emulation
provides keep-alive functionality.
• Colour skew compensation supports CAT5,
CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7 cables.
• Surge protection on the CAT5 link and
flash upgrade safeguards investments.
Black Box Explains
CAT5: When more isn’t always better.
In data communications applications, using products that exceed
required capacities is usually not a problem. For example, if a 28.8K
modem is required, a 33.6K or 56K model will work just fine.
But sometimes, more isn’t better. Take KVM extenders designed to
expect CAT5 and only CAT5 cable. You’d expect that Category 3 cable
wouldn’t be effective with these products, an you would be right. But
you may also assume that if Category 5 cable works fine, Category 5e,
Category 6 and other higher capacity cables would work even better.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and here’s why:.
KVM extenders from many manufacturers, including ServSwitch
CAT5 KVM Extenders, have been historically designed for the Category
5 specs defined by the TIA/EIA standard. Higher-level cables, such as
Category 5e, have different characteristics and specifications.
Differences - specifically twist ratios - might seem small, but they can
have a negative impact on these extenders, especially over longer
distances and at higher resolutions. This effect is called DeSkew. Black Box
offers DeSkew components to compensate for these negative impacts.
Shielding might have negative impact on analogue video transmission
over structured cable. Based on practical experience, Black Box
recommends not to use PiMF cable (Pair in Metal Foil) such as higher
rated CAT6 and all CAT7 cables, because it causes smearing that can’t be
compensated on longer distances (>40km).
Solution Profile
Get your house in order
A government organisation was experiencing several problems in an open office of around a
hundred people, including heat, noise and occasional security issues. They wanted a way to reduce
the temperature — without having to install expensive air conditioning across the whole office
floor — , decrease the ambient noise and secure the servers without having any effect on the
productivity of the office.
The Black Box KVM extender range was employed to solve all the problems at once. The servers
were moved into a single air-conditioned room which meant that the ambient temperature on the
main offfice floor dropped by as much as 3 degrees! The ambient noise level also dropped as a
direct result of removing one hundred power supply fans, hard drives and CD drives from the main
office space. Lastly, security was improved as servers were now stored securely and access to them
was far easier to manage and monitor.
w w w. b l a c k b o x . e u
Why choose Black Box?
Over thirty years experience
The industry’s experts for more than three decades.
Expert Tech Support
Free 24/7/365 Tech Support by phone and on-line.
Multiple locations
Global coverage with a local focus.
Wide product range
More than 12,000 off-the-shelf products, plus custom products.
The Best warranties
Guarantees for complete satisfaction on products and services.
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