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Behringer V-tone GM108 User`s manual
Version 1.0
June 2003
User’s Manual
1) Read these instructions.
2) Keep these instructions.
3) Heed all warnings.
4) Follow all instructions.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove
the top cover (or the rear section). No user
serviceable parts inside; refer servicing to qualified
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not
expose this appliance to rain and moisture.
This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the
presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage inside
the enclosure—voltage that may be sufficient to
constitute a risk of shock.
This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to
important operating and maintenance instructions
in the accompanying literature. Please read the
5) Do not use this device near water.
6) Clean only with a dry cloth.
7) Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
8) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including
amplifiers) that produce heat.
9) Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or
grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades
with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug
has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide
blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If
the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult
an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.
10) Protect the power cord from being walked on or
pinched particularly at plugs, extension cords, and the
point at which they exit the unit.
11) Only use attachments/accessories specified by the
12) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table
specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the device.
When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/
device combination to avoid injury from stumbling over
13) Unplug this device during lightning storms or when
not used for long periods of time.
14) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Servicing is required when the unit has been damaged
in any way, such as power supply cord or plug is
damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen
into the device, the unit has been exposed to rain or
moisture, does not operate normally, or has been
True Analog Modeling 15-Watt Guitar Amp with 8" Speaker
s Extremely versatile practice amplifier with authentic analog amp modeling
s Original 20-Watt vintage-design guitar speaker
s Authentic Analog Modeling for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 speaker simulation models plus 3 gain modes—
providing you with 27 classic sound presets
s Wide-range drive control for super-fat sounds with any pickup types
s Dedicated 3-band EQ and master level control
s CD input allows you to play along with your favorite music
s Powerful headphone output with speaker simulation
s Rugged construction for years of trouble-free use
s Designed in Germany. Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system
Dear musician,
first of all, congratulations on selecting this
BEHRINGER guitar amp.
The V-TONE GM108 is
indeed a truly grown-up
modeling amp. As such,
it will provide you with
loads of pure pleasure.
Had somebody claimed
a couple of years ago
that you could get such
a feature-rich modeling
amp at such an unbelievable price, he would
have been made fun of.
With the GM108 you’ve got your hands on a sizzling-hot guitar
amp that will push your buttons in all the right places!
Simply cool, simply amazing
Our one-of-a-kind “V-TONE Analog Modeling” gives you the
hottest, most “in” guitar amp sounds on earth without placing
unreasonable demands on the amount of background knowledge
you need to have. The V-TONE GM108 has everything you need
to create exactly the sound you want right at your fingertips.
Wanna change the sound of your amp in a second? Simply
use one of the switches to select another amp or another
speaker. And that’s it! Combined with all the other settings that
you can make, you can produce an entire array of different
sounds. And all that without getting yelled at by the neighbors:
just plug in your headphones and start playing! But beware:
But that’s exactly what I
wanted to create, and
we have indeed made it!
With our V-TONE GM108, you get an amp that lets you walk in
the foot steps of many famous guitarists. Get it out of the box,
hook it up, and it’s ready to go. The V-TONE GM108 has it all:
from the classic clean sounds to the bad-boy heavy sounds.
While designing the new V-TONE GM108, it was very important
to us to give you an absolutely top-notch list of features. Because
one thing you can always be sure of: due to our year-long
experience in the music industry, we know exactly what an amp
needs to be able to survive out there in the real world. It doesn’t
matter how often you intend to use your V-TONE GM108 to
practice or to jam with your friends: the quality and the sound
are going to provide nothing but raw fun.
High-volume music can damage your hearing and/
or your headphones. Turn the MASTER control to
zero (all the way to the left) before you power up
your amp. Always try to play at appropriate volume
Absolute power and tube sound
Protecting your hearing aside, if you crank up your V-TONE
GM108, it can cause quite a stirr in your practice room or even
on the stage ;-). How your amp is wired is shown in figures 2.1
and 2.2.
The GM108 with “V-TONE Analog Modeling” gives you a tube
sound full of life that will simply blow you away. From crystalclear all the way to ultra-distorted, anything and everything is
In doing so, you remain in full control over the volume: you can
create the same sound, regardless of whether you play at
bedroom levels or if you play at full blast in your practice room.
If you ask yourself, how do they do it, how can they offer such
a great amp at such an unbelievable price, there is a very simple
answer: you have influenced this price quite a bit! Many satisfied
customers mean large sales volumes, enabling us to get better
purchasing terms for components, etc. We have simply passed
our savings on to you! That’s only fair, isn’t it?
The V-TONE GM108 is simply an awesome practice amp
because its CD input lets you jam to your favorite CDs—without
upsetting your neighbors! If you want (or are told!) to keep it on
the quiet side, all you need is some headphones. The BEHRINGER
HPS3000, for example, is the perfect choice for exactly that!
But enough talking. We hope that you, as a future great guitarist,
will one day be able to say: my first real amp was a BEHRINGER.
If you get that far, than we have done our job well.
This one is for keeps!
The electronic components of your V-TONE GM108 are well
protected in its robust steel casing. The casing also has highquality, environment-friendly MDF wood that is covered with
high-resistance leatherette. Your GM108 won’t leave you
stranded even during tough stage use.
On that note: we wish you tons of success!
Thank you very much,
Uli Behringer
The purpose of this manual is to familiarize you
with all the functions of your new amp so you put to
good use all that the amp has to offer. After you
have read it through, keep it somewhere where
you can later find it. It’s of no use to you when it’s
lost ;-).
1.1 Before you get started
The GM108 was carefully packed at the factory to assure it
will survive the rigors of the road. If the cardboard packaging
looks like it’s been through a lot, please inspect the contents and
look for indications of damage.
In case your amp is damaged, DO NOT send it
directly to us. Instead, first notify the store where
you bought it as well as the carrier who made the
delivery. Otherwise, you may void your warranty.
Always make sure your V-TONE GM108 gets enough air flow
and never put it near the heating or other heat-emitting equipment
to avoid damage to the amp.
If you own an electronic tuner, you should hook it up pre
effects unit to avoid interference.
The following illustrations show you how to connect your
guitar to the amp.
Your amp’s speaker is automatically muted when
you insert a plug into the headphone connector
If you want to use stomp boxes or an effects pedal to experiment with different new sounds, simply connect the guitar directly
to the input of your effects unit. Of course, you will need an
additional cable for this purpose to connect the output of the
effects unit to the amp input.
Fig. 2.1: V-TONE GM108 setup (example)
Fig. 2.2: Live setup (example)
Fig. 2.2 shows how your GM108 can be connected to a sound
reinforcement system. This way, your amp can hold its turf even
when used for performing live or with a loud band.
3.1 Front panel
Fig. 3.1: Front panel control elements
Use the INST(RUMENT) INPUT connector to hook up your
guitar. Use a standard 1/4" TS cable.
Hook up the output of your CD player, tape deck or walkman
to the CD INPUT connector. An MD player will do too. This
way, you can play music CDs or even CDs accompanying
guitar-playing books and practice at the same time. Of
course, you can do the same using your stereo, but then
you couldn’t hear both signals simultaneously via your
The DRIVE control regulates how much distortion you
produce (depending on what amp, mode and speaker
combination you select). The DRIVE control works in unison
with the MASTER control. To some extent, the DRIVE control
also affects the volume. To achieve the same volume level,
turning DRIVE down means you have to somewhat increase
MASTER. The more you crank up DRIVE, the louder it will
get, so that you can finally adjust the volume using MASTER.
This way, you can greatly vary your sound and still be in
charge of volume.
The CD INPUT comes as a standard 1/4" TRS stereo jack
connector. If your CD player features RCA outputs, then
you’ll need an adapter or an adapter cable. You can get
both at most audio stores. Fig. 5.3 in chapter 5 shows you
what such an adapter looks like. You can also use a mono
cable (fig. 5.4) without damaging the amp or your CD player.
For guitar pros: You can use the volume control of your
guitar as a creative tool as well. The more you turn it up,
the more distortion you end up with!
The AMP switch lets you decide which one of the three
classically inspired guitar amp sounds you wish to recreate.
TWEED: Offers the legendary American clean sound, with
dynamic bass and clear transparence.
Wanna have more bass? Then crank LOW all the way up.
BRITISH: “Aggressive” in the mids, tough and full of punch,
that’s how you can describe this setting. You get the classic
rock sound of the most famous British amps.
Experiment with DRIVE to come up with exactly the sound
you are looking for!
HI GAIN: ranges from “crunchy” to strongly distorted
HOT: heavily distorted sound with endless sustain and an
extra dollop of presence.
UK: 4 x 12" speaker in an enclosed casing.
US: 2 x 12" open-back speaker.
FLAT: specially tailored for the GM108.
Hook up your headphones using the HEADPHONE
connector. Your amp’s loudspeaker is automatically muted
as soon as your headphones are connected.
Some headphones can’t handle extremely high
volumes without beginning to distort. Turn the
LEVEL control somewhat down until you notice the
distortion is gone.
The LEVEL control governs the overall volume of your
V-TONE GM108. LEVEL should always be at zero (all the
way to the left) whenever you hit POWER or when you
unplug the cable out of your guitar or your amp. Otherwise,
loud crackling noise can occur, and they are good for
neither your amp nor your ears.
CLEAN: as the name says, clean sound, without distortion.
Use the SPEAKER switch to adjust yet another parameter:
select one of the three outstanding loudspeaker simulations
that best fits the amp you go with.
If you are playing alone, lower these frequencies
relative to bass/highs to get a cool sound. When
you’re playing in a band, increase these frequencies
relative to bass/highs to cut through. Just keep on
tweaking your sound until you get it right!
The HIGH control regulates high frequencies. Use HIGH to
get your guitar to sound “sharper”.
CALIF(ORNIAN): Lead and hot rhythms sounds are what
you get with this setting. This is the amp for that typical Nu
Metal Californian sound.
Use the MODE switch to select one of the three settings
(CLEAN, HI GAIN and HOT) for the basic sound you
selected with the AMP switch. The following description
gives you some rough idea about the many possibilities.
The MID control is used to lower or increase mid
Use POWER to power up your GM108. You should always
make sure that the POWER switch is in the “Off” position
when initially connecting the unit to the mains.
Please take note: Merely switching the unit off does
not mean that it is fully disconnected from the
mains. When not using the unit for prolonged
periods of time, please unplug the unit’s power
cord from the power outlet.
3.2 Rear panel
Fig. 3.2: GM108 rear panel
SERIAL NUMBER. Your V-TONE GM108 is delivered with
a warranty card. Fill it out and send it to us within 14 days
of the date of purchase to assure you are entitled to
extended warranty coverage.
Or go to and register your purchase
The following five illustrations show you how you can setup
your V-TONE GM108.
These settings greatly differ from one another and let you fully
exploit the sound diversity of your amp. That way, you have a
solid foundation for working on developing your own,
recognizable sound and tone.
Fig. 4.1: Basic setting CLEAN 1
This setting creates a clear sound that is ideal for finger picking.
If you want to use stomp boxes, this setting will be very helpful:
The unique sound of your effects will come through more strongly.
Fig. 4.2: Basic setting CLEAN 2
This is a great setting for playing country, jazz or blues. A hint:
Using the pickup closest to the guitar’s neck lets you achieve a
rich, clean sound. Try using two pickups at the same time. You’ll
create an open, bell-like sound.
Fig. 4.3: Basic setting CRUNCH
This setting is optimal for distorted rock guitar parts and power
To get a tighter sound, try using the pickups located farther
away from the guitar neck.
Fig. 4.4: Basic setting LEAD
This hot lead guitar sound rocks!
With the almost endless choice of different sounds you have
at your fingertips, you will soon develop your own playing style
and broaden the limits of your skills.
This goes for all settings: What guitar you use with your
V-TONE GM108 will also influence the overall sound of your
playing. That’s why we can only give you hints that will make
getting started easier. The bulk of the work lies in your hands.
Most guitars sound at their best when volume and
tone controls on the guitar are turned as far up as
they go.
Experiment with all controls to get more experience and to
figure out how to get the sound you like. When they find a setting
they like, many experienced guitarist write down this setting to
remember it for future use. On page 9 you will find amp illustrations
in which you can enter your own favorite settings.
Fig. 5.3: Stereo adapter cable
A hint: Photocopy this page so you can keep on re-using it in
the future!
The guitar input of the BEHRINGER V-TONE GM108 comes as
mono 1/4" TS connector.
Please keep in mind that all equipment has to be
grounded at all times. For your own protection,
never change or disable the grounding on your
equipment or on the cables you use!
Fig. 5.4: Mono adapter cable
Guitar input
CD input
Fig. 5.1: Wiring of an unbalanced 1/4" TS connector for use
1/4" TS mono connector
1/4" TRS stereo connector
Headphone output
1/4" TRS stereo connector
Power amp output
15 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms
Power handling
8" vintage design guitar
4 Ohms
20 Watts
Mains voltage
120 V~, 60 Hz
Europe/U.K./Australia 230 V~, 50 Hz
100 V~, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimmensions (H x W x D)
Fig. 5.2: Wiring of a stereo headphones connector
for use with CD INPUT
approx. 322 mm (13 1/8") x
357 mm (14 1/16") x 162 mm
(6 3/8")
approx. 5.15 kg (11 lbs. 3 oz.)
BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a
result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without
prior notice. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or shown.
To be protected by the extended warranty, the buyer must
complete and return the enclosed warranty card within 14 days
of the date of purchase to BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik
GmbH, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in § 3. Failure
to return the card in due time (date as per postmark) will void any
extended warranty claims. Based on the conditions herein, the
buyer may also choose to use the online registration option via
the Internet ( or
1. BEHRINGER (BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH
including all BEHRINGER subsidiaries listed on the enclosed page,
except BEHRINGER Japan) warrants the mechanical and
electronic components of this product to be free of defects in
material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year* from the
original date of purchase, in accordance with the warranty
regulations described below. If the product shows any defects
within the specified warranty period that are not excluded from
this warranty as described under § 3 and 4, BEHRINGER shall, at
its discretion, either replace or repair the product using suitable
new or reconditioned parts. In the case that other parts are used
which constitute an improvement, BEHRINGER may, at its
discretion, charge the customer for the additional cost of these
2. If the warranty claim proves to be justified, the product will
be returned to the user freight prepaid.
3. Warranty claims other than those indicated above are
expressly excluded.
3. Free inspections and maintenance/repair work are expressly
excluded from this warranty, in particular, if caused by improper
handling of the product by the user. This also applies to defects
caused by normal wear and tear, in particular, of faders,
potentiometers, keys/buttons and similar parts.
4. Damages/defects caused by the following conditions are
not covered by this warranty:
s improper handling, neglect or failure to operate the unit in
compliance with the instructions given in BEHRINGER user
or service manuals.
s connection or operation of the unit in any way that does not
comply with the technical or safety regulations applicable in
the country where the product is used.
s damages/defects caused by force majeure or any other
condition that is beyond the control of BEHRINGER.
5. Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized
personnel (user included) will void the warranty.
6. If an inspection of the product by BEHRINGER shows that
the defect in question is not covered by the warranty, the
inspection costs are payable by the customer.
7. Products which do not meet the terms of this warranty will
be repaired exclusively at the buyer’s expense. BEHRINGER will
inform the buyer of any such circumstance. If the buyer fails to
submit a written repair order within 6 weeks after notification,
BEHRINGER will return the unit C.O.D. with a separate invoice
for freight and packing. Such costs will also be invoiced
separately when the buyer has sent in a written repair order.
1. To obtain warranty service, the buyer (or his authorized
dealer) must call BEHRINGER (see enclosed list) during normal
business hours BEFORE returning the product. All inquiries must
be accompanied by a description of the problem. BEHRINGER
will then issue a return authorization number.
2. Subsequently, the product must be returned in its original
shipping carton, together with the return authorization number to
the address indicated by BEHRINGER.
3. Shipments without freight prepaid will not be accepted.
1. Warranty services will be furnished only if the product is
accompanied by a copy of the original retail dealer’s invoice.
Any product deemed eligible for repair or replacement by
BEHRINGER under the terms of this warranty will be repaired or
replaced within 30 days of receipt of the product at BEHRINGER.
2. If the product needs to be modified or adapted in order to
comply with applicable technical or safety standards on a national
or local level, in any country which is not the country for which
the product was originally developed and manufactured, this
modification/adaptation shall not be considered a defect in
materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover any
such modification/adaptation, irrespective of whether it was
carried out properly or not. Under the terms of this warranty,
BEHRINGER shall not be held responsible for any cost resulting
from such a modification/adaptation.
This warranty is extended exclusively to the original buyer
(customer of retail dealer) and is not transferable to anyone
who may subsequently purchase this product. No other person
(retail dealer, etc.) shall be entitled to give any warranty promise
on behalf of BEHRINGER.
Failure of BEHRINGER to provide proper warranty service shall
not entitle the buyer to claim (consequential) damages. In no
event shall the liability of BEHRINGER exceed the invoiced value
of the product.
1. This warranty does not exclude or limit the buyer’s statutory
rights provided by national law, in particular, any such rights
against the seller that arise from a legally effective purchase
2. The warranty regulations mentioned herein are applicable
unless they constitute an infringement of national warranty law.
* Customers in the European Union please contact BEHRINGER
Germany Support for further details.
The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. No part of this manual may be reproduced or
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording of any kind, for any
purpose, without the express written permission of BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH.
BEHRINGER is a registered trademark. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
© 2003 BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH.
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Tel. +49 2154 9206 0, Fax +49 2154 9206 4903
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