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Network Configuration in HP LaserJets
In HP laser printers, the network configuration is stored on the
network card (also known as the JetDirect card or EIO card), not
on the Formatter board. Therefore, you need to reconfigure whenever a network card is installed or replaced. There are numerous
ways to configure the network. Here’s what we recommend:
First, before attaching the printer to the network, install the
card into the printer, power up, and then go into the printer’s “EIO
x” menu (“x” represents the slot number that the EIO card is in).
Menu structures are different in different printer models, so printing out the menu map may help you find this menu. Setup details
also differ from one model to another, but in general, assuming
that you have an Ethernet network (10Base-T or 100Base-TX)
using a TCP/IP protocol (by far the most common), the basic
steps are similar:
1. Tell the printer that you want to configure the network
(“Configure Network = YES*” or something similar).
2. Select “TCP/IP” as the network type (you may also have to
set “Configure TCP/IP = YES*”).
3. Select “manual” as the configuration method (other choices
are “BOOTP” or “DHCP” – in some printers, you may have to set
“BOOTP = NO*” and/or “DHCP = NO*”).
4. Enter 3 groups of numbers: IP Address, Subnet Mask, and
Default Gateway. Each of these is configured as 4 bytes. For example, if the IP address is, “Byte 1 = 10”, “Byte 2 = 1”,
“Byte 3 = 1”, and “Byte 4 = 24”, and these are the numbers you
would enter.
Ideally, you will have a record of the previous configuration, so
that you can put in the same numbers. If not (or if this is a new
installation), you can always assign new numbers.
However, you can’t just put in any old numbers (in particular, if
there are multiple devices on the network, you can’t use the same
numbers as any of the other devices!), so it is best to consult the
customer’s IT personnel at this point.
Now power down, connect to the network, power back up, and
print a configuration page to verify the network configuration. In
most cases, you’re done at this point, but some operating systems
will have trouble finding a printer even after the address has been
defined. So we recommend running HP’s “Install Network Printer Wizard”, which can be downloaded for free from HP’s website
( – just type “Install Network Printer Wizard” into
the search window and you’ll find it. This program will step you
through the installation of a new printer, and will also help the
network find an existing printer.
(NOTE: You can also do all of this with HP’s “Web Jetadmin”
software (also available as a free download), but this is much more
complicated, so stick with the software described above unless you
are an IT professional.)
­—Dennis Kosterman
©2007 Liberty Parts Team
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