Canon ScanFront 220 Specification

Canon ScanFront 220 Specification
A flexible, customizable suite of tools for the Canon®
ScanFront® 220/220P network scanner.
It’s a programmable ignition system for your
imaging workflow.
Drivve | Image combines with Canon’s
ultra-compact network scanner for
state-of-the-art document sharing.
Drivve | Image Canon Edition exploits the scanning
innovation of the Canon ScanFront 220/220P to deliver
all the flexible automation tools you need for efficient
network scanning, processing, and distribution in full
With the Canon ScanFront Edition, Drivve | Image brings
its full range of customizable functionality, deep integration capability, and exceptional ease of use right to
the large, 8.5-inch color display of this sleek little scanner.
Create personalized user profiles and with one touch
efficiency, set complex and multiple workflows into
action. Leverage advanced image cleaning for premium
quality scans, email blasting, Bates stamping, fax
broadcasting, file format conversion, etc. And with full
connectivity to your existing information infrastructure,
you’ve got the indexing flexibility to organize information
as you see fit: with intelligent filename generation you
can input and retrieve docs quickly and easily in and out
of Drivve | DM or your DMS of choice. For Canon
ScanFront 220/220P users, Drivve | Image Canon
ScanFront Edition makes managing your document
tasks as simple as it’s supposed to be.
for Canon ScanFront 220/220P
Drivve | Image Canon ScanFront Edition, a flexible,
customizable suite of scanning solutions for managing
your organization’s most vital asset — information —
with unprecedented intelligence.
Brains and Brawn (for your scanner)
The eDocument revolution begins where the paper trail
ends — in the input tray of your scanner. While it’s true
that a significant percentage of the docs that end up in
a DMS are generated in electronic form and imported
directly into a database, offices everywhere still push a
tremendous amount of paper. How to make the jump
from this paper trail into the digital fast lane becomes
the strategic question for anyone wanting to get work
flowing — smoothly and efficiently.
Drivve | Image is turbocharged scanning software
that makes that jump as easy as putting on your blinker.
By bringing together feature-rich, customizable modules
that are highly intelligent and ridiculously user-friendly,
Drivve | Image turns your Canon ScanFront 220/220P
scanner into an exceptionally integrative workflow
engine. In fact, Drivve | Image transforms your entire
network of input devices into a responsive, finely tuned
programmable ignition system for these workflows.
And with its simple installation and easy configuration,
everyone in your organization can accelerate to
full-blown office synchronization — to office
automation that puts the force back in workforce.
The age of automatic transmissions
Getting your business to run faster
shouldn’t wear you out by making things
more hectic than they might already be.
With Drivve | Image, speed is a by-product of incredible
efficiency. So accelerating your workflow isn’t a matter
of grappling with things coming at you faster. It’s about
your operations running faster for you. Processes that
typically take several minutes to complete when done
manually can now be finished in a matter of
microseconds — automatically.
When time consuming and costly manual processes
have to be done by valuable team members, it upsets
the most delicate of balancing acts that your organization
has to perform every minute of every day — the one
that runs along your bottom line. The Drivve | Image
suite comes to the rescue by giving you powerful
modules that, even when used all on their own, bring
the power of automation to bear directly and positively
on your operating costs.
Take blank-page separation, for example: just turn it on
and you’ll never waste precious time waiting at a scanner,
feeding individual documents into the feeder one at a
time, ever again. But the interesting part comes when
you start using all of the modules together as one
dynamic synchronized system: bar coding, eForms,
filename generation, Bates stamping, batch processing,
email blasting, fax broadcasting, OCR, file format
conversion, automated indexing. You can do all this
(and more) at the touch of a single button.
Once your office has dropped Drivve | Image under the
hood, you’ll be running so lean, the competition will be
left in the dust.
Knowledge is power
In the business context, “knowledge”
usually refers to knowledge of how
things work.
At Drivve, we’ve made knowing how today’s best
organizations implement digital document systems
our top priority. Drivve | Image is the result of years
of experience working at the heart of businesses both
large and small, accumulating an intimate understanding
of the crucial role that intelligent input plays in the
larger scheme of digitizing your office.
We’ve put together what can only be described
as a programmable ignition system for your
document-based office tasks. It’s a complete toolbox
that anyone with basic IT skills can use to create custom
solutions or workflows for each of your scan-related
jobs. By using the Drivve | Image Database Connector
and Exchange | Fax Connector, Drivve | Image basically
hooks a really big brain up to your network, so all of
your document-based management keeps on flowing.
“Pretty please“ will get you nowhere
When considering the security of potential
scanning software there are two salient
concerns to keep top of mind.
The most obvious is access, who’s got it, who doesn’t,
and whether security management is straightforward,
thorough and foolproof. Just how safe is your network
and the vital information stored in it? Less evident, but
just as important, is how confident you are that your
images are being processed correctly. In other words,
how accurate is the index information used to structure
the archive, and what assurance do you have that you’ll
always be able to find what you need when you need it
With Drivve | Image, you get 100% integration with
MS Active Directory. And the powerful Drivve | Image
features also have a powerful simplicity, which assures
accuracy and reduces human error to near zero. For
example, take our Database Connector. It integrates the
data you already work with every day with the images
you are currently entering into your system. Using your
ERP or CRM information as index information for your
scans guarantees that your images are always perfectly
tagged. And the Active Directory allows current-user
information to be automatically and seamlessly used
as index info to make the same guarantees. Just a few
of the ways we’ve got you covered.
Your office ... its own little global village
What makes a company great isn’t just
how well it can accumulate the knowledge
it needs to achieve its goals.
Keeping every team member up to speed through easy
access to vital information is equally paramount.
After all, it’s shared knowledge that is your
organization’s greatest asset (a little thing called
Civilization was built on it). At Drivve, we understand
exactly how knowledge sharing makes a company tick,
how disseminating intelligence as fast and efficiently as
possible is essential to your success. It’s what makes us
such a unique company.
Drivve | Image is designed not only to connect scanners
to networks (something we do exceptionally well), but
also to connect you and your team to each other and to
the knowledge that makes your company run.
Each module of the Drivve | Image suite works to
build an Intelligence Engine™ that networks your vital
company data (customers, products, services, support,
etc.) together with the free flow of your digital
documents, which are formatted and stored in a way
that makes the most sense to you and your team.
Less is more (and more)
Of all the elements built into each and
every Drivve product — Speed, Power,
Security, Connectivity, Usability — it’s
Usability that brings us closest to our
end users.
We take great pains to pull all of our technological
and creative resources together to make your work life
richer. For most people at your company, the unparalleled
usability of Drivve | Image isn’t really an issue. Why?
Because with every scan-related task they won’t even
know they’re using it.
In reality, most of the lifting is done by the
Administrator who configures all the automated
processes that Drivve | Image offers. Notice we didn’t
say heavy lifting. That’s because Drivve | Image is so
easy to use at every level. Three simple steps — Input,
Processing, Output — are all you need to go through
to create automated workflows that will save your team
weeks, months, even years of man-hours. Savings that
are transported directly, as the crow flies, to your
bottom line.
Scanning outside the box
With imaging solutions, you can never have too much
functionality. Then again, a lengthy feature list will get
you only so far — it’s really no replacement for a truly
integrated solution. To achieve that, it’s essential to
consider who will actually be using the middleware that
connects scanners to networks.
With Drivve | Image, the vast majority of end users don’t
even know they are users, period. They’re the beneficiaries
of the seamless intelligence of a system that takes care
of all the busy work for them. In most instances, they
need only tap a single button to execute tasks that are
generally considered half chore, half drudgery (unless
they’re the type that likes hanging out at the scanner).
But for those of you who are responsible for saving
precious time from being squandered, the following
descriptions of the various modules that compose the
Drivve | Image scanning system will be enlightening.
Here you’ll find a toolbox with everything you need to
build a custom, high-performance imaging solution.
It’s the Office Tuner’s ultimate toy chest. So take a close
look at what the Drivve | Image suite has to offer.
We think you’ll be surprised how far the world
of office automation has come.
Scanner Power Tools (SPT)
Database Connector (for SPT)
Exchange | Fax Connector
Barcode Module (for SPT)
OCR Module (for SPT)
SnapForm® Pilot
Coversheet Module (for SPT and Barcode Module)
SharePoint® Connector
Scanner Power Tools
Mega-tweaks for office geeks
Juice up your network scanner’s feature
set with multiple image-processing
powers — and then let it loose!
(It’ll know exactly what to do.)
If pushing tons of paper is beginning to cramp your
work style, Scanner Power Tools may soon become one
of the key components in your organization’s quest for
Total Office Integration. The core of the Drivve | Image
suite, SPT is the command center that links your scanner
to your network (and the world) and enables you to
automate an unlimited number of tasks — all at the
touch of a button.
Building complex workflows is a cinch with SPT.
The Administrator can easily create all the sequenced
workflows the rest of the team requires to dramatically
reduce (to just about zero) the amount of time they
spend dealing with the scanner. The cool thing? Team
members don’t need to know diddly about how to run a
scanner (much less a network) to get the full benefit of
this advanced automation. The better part of what
they’ll ever need to accomplish at the machine involves
touching a single button (on rare occasions, they may
be called upon to select an item from a drop-down
list — not exactly rocket science).
And for those of you that need these workflows to plug
directly into your information infrastructure, we’ve got
really good news. When used together with the other
Drivve | Image modules, SPT leverages virtually all
of your existing data to make tasks — automated
indexing, intelligent filename generation, search
function for network folders, Bates stamping, automatic
document separation using bar codes, email blasting or
notification — a total no-brainer. Orchestrating the flow
of your company’s vital information should be as natural
and intuitive as possible, so you and your team can get
on with the business of getting down to business.
Database Connector (for SPT)
Plug in and pull ahead
The greatest benefit, by far, of the
Canon ScanFront 220/220P network
scanner is the connectivity it provides.
Drivve | Image’s Database Connector
plugs you directly into 98% of all
databases in the field today.
As you’ve seen, SPT can work wonders with document
processing all on its own. But nothing compares to what
happens when you plug the Database Connector into
the equation — yet another dimension is discovered. It’s
not just a matter of generating scan packages that are
pushed to your network. Nor is it a question of relying
on end users to input vital information by hand.
Drivve | Image ’s Database Connector enables you to
pull relevant info, decisively, from your already existing
information infrastructure and apply it immediately
(i.e., without mediation) to the task at hand.
What are some of the benefits of this direct integration?
Well, there’s the question of speed — no more hunting
around for that customer number you just saw a split
second ago; it’s already in place. Then there’s the
all-important question of accuracy. By using your
database’s readily available info for indexing, human
error all but disappears. And the thing that just about all
of us can get excited about is the fun of autopopulation:
you provide one piece of information by hand and an
array of additional, directly tapped data appears magically
in the search field interface. From here, you can easily
choose the information you want to insert into a specific
index or eForm field by tapping the touch screen.
Any way you look at it, if you have a database and a
network scanner, and you plan to use the network scanner
to put documents back into a database — Drivve | DM’s
or any other — you’ll need the Drivve | Image Database
Connector to keep your world spinning.
Exchange | Fax Connector
Scan direct — to the entire world
Get perfect integration with
Microsoft® Exchange and selected
fax server products. It’s a big planet,
but you’ve got it covered.
The usual way to send a paper document by email is
to scan it, save it as a file, manually attach it to an email,
and then send the email to one or multiple recipients.
It’s not the quickest process on the block, as we all
know, especially if the document contains multiple
Many a scanner on the market today is capable of
scanning to an email address. You just put the page(s)
you want to send in the feeder, type in the email
address (if you know it), and you’re off! It’s the same
with sending faxes: input fax number, scan, and it’s
done. But what happens when you need to do some
serious emailing or faxing? Like when you need to get
an email blast or a fax broadcast off in a hurry?
Not many scanners can handle such a big job on their
own. That’s because group blasts or broadcasts demand
a machine that’s integrated with your Exchange server
or fax server, because you need access to the email
addresses and fax numbers you have stored on them.
Enter the Exchange | Fax Connector from Drivve | Image.
But the story goes on from here. The thing is, you
probably don’t want to send everything to everyone
you know all the time (there’s a name for this condition),
so you also need access to all those special groups and
lists you’ve created on your server. Email to the sales
team? Just hit the “Sales” button. Fax to all your PR
agencies around the globe announcing your new
release? Select PR from that drop-down list and you’re
done. Just make sure you don’t forget to place the
document in the feeder tray.
Barcode Module (for SPT)
Get your office engine humming
Pushing the envelope — literally. Adding
the Barcode Module to SPT accelerates
and streamlines your document workflow.
Add efficiency to high performance. Seat
belts required.
If you’re looking for ways to make work flow smoothly
throughout, whether it be from one desk to another in
the same office or from one retail store to HQ, the
Drivve | Image Barcode Module is one of the more
powerful instruments in the Office Tuner’s toolbox.
Virtually nothing will help you keep it all together,
locally or globally, than a two-dimensional bar code.
And if you want to be able to use them, your input
devices have to be able to read them.
Bar codes are like a document’s DNA — a ton of
information packed into a tiny black-and-white
striped blueprint. Your scanner’s ability to see and
decode them, instantly, is the first step in achieving
those integrated digital ambitions of yours.
One particularly beneficial use of bar coding is their
placement on cover sheets, where they make document
routing happen without a thought. But they can be
even more crucial to saving you money when you
employ them at the center of such sensitive processes
as remote verification or auditing or anything touching
on questions of traceability. Used together with the
other modules in the Drivve | Image suite — especially
SPT or the SnapForm® Pilot — the Barcode Module fills
a key position in your Digital Empire.
OCR Module (for SPT)
Switch on your high beams
Use our visionary OCR engine to create
readable and searchable PDF documents
encrypted to ensure confidentiality.
Optical Character Recognition: the terms “digital office,”
“office automation,” or even “document/content
management” are absolutely meaningless without it.
That’s because OCR doesn’t just make your scanned
documents readable — it makes them intelligible, by
a system that is greater than the sum of its parts:
Your Company Name Here.
But reader beware. Whether you need OCR to convert
your simple TIFF scans to searchable PDFs or to pull a
contract or customer number from a scanned contract
in order to use it as the Master Index that keeps all the
other scans in the transaction together and retrievable,
you’ll want it to perform at a very high level. And Drivve
| Image’s OCR Module is quite exacting in its operation.
Zonal OCR, allows you to define an unlimited number
of zones on a document in order to extract text from
special areas. Each zone creates a unique identifier that
you can use throughout the application: for example, to
export data or to generate document and folder names.
SnapForm® Pilot
You’re cleared for take-off
Drivve has joined forces with SnapForm,
one of the industry’s premiere eForm
platforms. These are fully integrated
eDocs with a serious amount of traction.
As you may already know, Drivve’s mission is to help
you achieve total automation of your digital office. So
it’s not surprising that Drivve | Image’s deep integration
with the SnapForm eForm platform is fast becoming an
integral part of our strategy.
With that in mind, believe us when we tell you that
Drivve | Image’s deep integration with SnapForm and
its implementation into your office’s workflow would
be nothing less than a revolution. Imagine stepping
up to any Canon ScanFront 220/220P scanner, calling
up a SnapForm by name, and having one or several
input fields appear on the scanner display.
As you begin to type in information, the rest of
the fields begin to autopopulate with relevant data
pulled from your database(s). Then, when you send
or print the SnapForm, you’ll see that a lot of
additional important information has been drawn
into the SnapForm itself and is all contained within a
two-dimensional bar code. Now the SnapForm can
be converted into a PDF.
On the other side of the equation, this printable bar
code, together with SnapForm’s dexterous XML capability,
enables automated delivery of your precious data to
ERP or other packages running on your back end.
Coversheet Module
(for SPT and Barcode Module)
Distributed scanning at its most versatile
Generate coversheets that automate your
scanning workflow — and leverage your
information infrastructure.
Using SnapForm® ( eForm technology
to generate attractive coversheets with 2D bar coding,
the Coversheet Module expands the reach of the
already powerful Drivve | Image suite by transforming
any Canon ScanFront 220/220P network scanner into a
fully integrated capture workstation. It’s simple:
adding a 2D bar code to a coversheet lets you “tell” the
Drivve | Image engine, running server-side, exactly what
you want to call your scans, what you want them to do,
what file format they should be in ... even where or to
whom you want them to go.
All the latest technologies that are well on their
way to transforming the world of office machinery
(copiers, scanners, printers) into intelligent document
workstations do essentially one important thing:
they get your scanner to talk to your network, allowing
your information infrastructure to be leveraged at any
moment. Two-way communication with your network
means the Canon ScanFront 220/220P can display, and
use, at the touch of a button or two, vital information
gleaned from the databases (CRM, ERP, Fax, etc.) that
your organization uses every day. Now the scanner
will be able to grab capture tasks from your network
and execute them, or take an already existing paper
document and transform it into an electronic one, clean
it up through image processing, and then index it with
your organization’s already existing data; from here your
scanned doc is placed in your document archive or
network folder, where it can be instantly retrieved by
typing in any number of index values you use all the
time, such as a company name, a customer number,
an invoice number, a key word, etc.
SharePoint® Connector
Speed your docs into SharePoint
Let Drivve | Image process your
optimized docs directly into SharePoint,
right from your Canon ScanFront
220/220P scanner panel.
Organizations using Microsoft Windows® SharePoint
Services will be happy to know they have a powerful
strategic ally to help them get their fi-6010N scanners
integrated with their SharePoint systems.
Drivve’s SharePoint Connector brings the full force
of the Drivve | Image suite to bear on the task of
automating distributed capture in flexible, creative
ways. From the creation of point-of-scan, personalized
profiles through image processing and file format
conversion, to autogenerated file names and filing
structures, the SharePoint Connector makes feeding
your SharePoint installation effortless.
Want the perfect format for collaborating within
SharePoint projects? Leverage the Drivve | Image
OCR Module to store all your documents in SharePoint
as searchable PDF files. Need to link your SharePoint
system with all your existing information resources?
Just tap the deep integration capability of the
Drivve | Image Database Connector.
Drivve | Image Home Directory
The home directory, with different profiles to choose from.
Drivve | Image Scan Profiles
Select a preconfigured profile (such as ‘‘Personal Inbox’’), and with a touch of the keyboard, a whole series
of processes are set in motion, all fully integrated with your organization’s information infrastructure.
Drivve | Image Search Options
Perform searches quickly and easily — databases/filing structures, fax-group profiles for broadcasts, email
lists from Outlook — with this attractive keyboard. Just one way to access the information you need
(our example displays existing inboxes in Drivve | DM, Drivve’s own DMS).
Drivve | Image Inboxes
Choose from among a list of retrieved inboxes.
Manna for maniacs
It’s all well and good that we have a lot to say about
managing documents, creating workflows, scanning,
working with networks, automated indexing, etc. But
the devil is in the details, right? You can’t afford to run
into him only after you’ve installed and started using
something as important as a full-blown scanning
solution ... and the hardware to boot! So here, we do
our very best to spell it all out for you.
Drivve | Image supports two-way communication between Drivve | Image and scanning devices
— based on Canon® technologies
Drivve | Image Autoroute Edition is compatible with all scanning devices that can deliver an image
file to a folder
Easily create customized scanning workflows for each type of document and any type of scanning device
An elegantly intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn, and enjoyable to use guarantees consistent
user experience across all embedded scan devices
Drivve | Image secures vital company information with rights assignment, log-in function, and PDF
Choose between multiple indexing and input options right at the embedded scanning device’s
control panel
Use the full power and newest standards of image processing, correction and cleaning
Extract data from scanned documents, such as bar codes, and use it to index and autoroute document output
Convert to all industry-standard output formats such as PDF, searchable PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF,
Microsoft® Word and more
Scan-to-Email or Scan-to-Fax directly from the MFP, including address list access at the MFP
Scan to FTP, SharePoint®, personal inboxes or databases and route documents to any location on
your server
Deep integration with Drivve | DM, Drivve’s robust yet streamlined browser-based document
management system
Real-time, dynamic integration with document management, collaboration, and other business
Use index information for automatic filename generation and file-folder storage structure creation
on your server or in SharePoint® Services
Easy, centralized installation and configuration with easy-to-use interface, no programming
knowledge needed
Integrated browser-based simulator lets the Administrator preview the interface that will be displayed to end users
Admin email notifications and a processing statistic support system oversight
Easily expand Drivve | Image to meet customized or evolving needs
Scanner Power Tools (SPT)
Optimize scan quality and accelerate workflows
Blank-Page Separators – Separate your documents with a blank page or bar codes and you’ll get
separate files for each at the computer
Blank-Page Deletion – Default your scans to duplex mode (two-sided), even for single-sided documents;
blank sides are deleted from the job
Bates Stamping – Annotate and paginate documents via predefined variables
Bates Stamping – To annotate and paginate documents, enter or choose Bates profile right at the
scanner panel
Image Cleaning – De-skew, de-speckle, and remove lines, punch-hole marks and borders
Scan to network or web folders, or FTP
Create fixed and dynamic scan targets at your network in seconds
Autogenerate the folder structure on your FTP server (just like you can with your network folders)
Active Directory access control with group capability
Define mandatory input fields to ensure required information is entered before starting any process
Search function for network folders - Search for folders by initial letter or letter combination (such as
“in” for “invoices”)
Browse to Folder – Open folder tree, including root folder and subdirectories, at the scanner panel and
limit access to secure directory lists
User authentication integrated in MS Active Directory
Filename Generation – Define your file-naming convention in advance, including using variables
Filename Generation – Use any input field that the user can fill out on the scanner panel side as part
of the file name, for example «department-company-document #-date & time.pdf»
File Format Conversion – Convert your image files to any standard industry format
Add metadata to any scanned document (ASCII, Text, CSV, XML, HP Digital Sender)
Run an application after all processing is completed, and pass a variety of parameters to the application
to initiate a third-party workflow or document-processing system
Database Connector (for SPT)
Connect your scanner with your database
Display data from existing database and browse your CRM Software on the scanner panel
Populate a scan’s index fields with information pulled from database
Initiate an automatic search of database after defining the number of characters to be entered
by the user
Database Connector uses SQL (Standard Query Language) as a base
Database Connector supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and LDAP (Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol)
Send emails using any standard email server
Emailing supports multiple To, Cc and Bcc addresses
Email Notification feature lets you know when a new document is scanned to a specific destination
Pull email addresses from your database (i.e., CRM/ERP software), then send messages
Exchange | Fax Connector
Seamless, deep integration with Microsoft® Exchange and
selected fax server software
Can be configured to require user authentication
Email, fax and archive a document in one step
Supports multiple To, Cc and Bcc addresses
Places sent emails in MS Outlook “Sent” box for confirmation
Connect to email and fax address book via LDAP
Access global and personal address books, or limit access to secure recipient lists
Combine the Database Connector with the Exchange | Fax Connector and pull email addresses
from your database to send messages
Email Notification feature lets you know when a new document is scanned to a specific destination
Email-to-fax integration – Type in a customer’s fax number and an email is sent to your fax server
to initiate faxing
Barcode Module (for SPT)
Reads more than 20 industry-standard 1D & 2D bar codes
Uses bar code content to index documents
Uses content of 2D bar codes to enable/disable image processing
Reports the type, position and recognition confidence level for all bar codes
Get a notification if bar code is below confidence level
Configure minimum confidence level
Reads almost all bar code orientations: horizontal, vertical, skewed 45º
Corrects basic scanning errors
Detects bar codes anywhere in an image or specify a bar code location
Indicate a default orientation
Configure maximum number of bar codes to be read
Use more than one bar code on a document page, extract parts of a bar code or split bar code data
based on separator characters
OCR Module (for SPT)
Create readable and searchable PDF documents encrypted to
ensure confidentiality
Generate a variety of searchable output formats (PDF, RTF, Text, Microsoft Word and Excel) and
edit your scanned document with your preferred MS Office application
Generate PDF/A output format for the long-term archiving of electronic documents
Autorotation of imperfectly scanned documents
PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private
Store secured and password-protected PDF documents
OCR text export for third-party applications (Text, CSV or XML)
Scan documents containing different languages all at once with multiple-language support
(reads up to 9)
Enable OCR right at the scanner panel, or disable it for unreadable documents such as drawings or photos
Define an unlimited number of zones on a document in order to extract text from specific areas
SnapForm® Pilot
Automate workflow with a variety of standardized electronic
forms, from invoices and purchase orders to expense reports
and vacation requests
Complete eForm fields right at the scanner panel and ensure consistency of data through automatic
calculation of those fields
Use Drivve | Image output connectors to automatically distribute eForm by email, either as an
eForm or as a converted PDF file
Free eForm viewer for every customer and associate of your company without software purchase
Autogenerate 1D and 2D bar codes containing all eForm data
Combine the SnapForm Pilot with the Database Connector to automate the population of your
eForm fields. Enter just one input field — and automatically draw all other required information
from a database
Coversheet Module
(for SPT and Barcode Module)
Automatically store scanned documents according to bar code data
Add image-processing instructions to coversheet
Control routing of documents based on coversheet processing instructions
Enable pagination of documents
Multiple input controls: text input, check box, drop-down lists, etc.
Database connection to generate drop-down lists
Use business logic within the coversheet to control data input
Mandatory fields
Colored fields let the user see which ones require mandatory input
Multilanguage support within one coversheet
Use integrated functions such as adding, subtracting, string manipulation
Enable/disable and hide/display input fields based on entered data
Use data input validation based on entered data
Version control for coversheet
Define when a coversheet expires
Freely designable coversheet templates let you include corporate identity (requires SnapForm
SharePoint® Connector
Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint Services
Scan documents into SharePoint from the scanner
Index scanned documents at the scanner then store them in SharePoint
Automatically create a new folder in SharePoint when filing a scanned doc
Fill in customized fields in SharePoint at the scanner
Automated filename generation: Define your file-naming convention in advance using preferred
Autogenerate the filing structure within SharePoint
Browse your filing structure in SharePoint at the scanner display
File a document in your inbox and in a SharePoint folder or project simultaneously
File a document in SharePoint and email it at the same time
Choose between flexible scan profiles with customized indexing and processing and fully
automated scan profiles with predefined document filing at the touch of a button
Connects SharePoint with your other information systems, such as CRM, ERP or commodities
Documents scanned via Drivve | Image can be accessed over SharePoint Services from anywhere
in the world
Use email alerts to notify team members when new project-related documents are scanned into
Documents are scanned as searchable PDF files, facilitating collaboration within SharePoint projects
Connects automatically with SharePoint and recognizes existing structures without entering the system
Connects your scanner with an unlimited number of SharePoint Servers
Rights assignment defines which SharePoint folders and projects can be viewed by which users
at the scanner display
let . work . flow
Pushing paper is one of the more inefficient, costly, and
downright boring aspects of running any organization.
All too often a significant percentage of valuable human
resources is completely wasted when people have to
perform tasks (often poorly) that could have been done
automatically (and with virtually no human error).
Lost time, lost docs, lost info. Welcome to the land
of lost revenue.
Did you know that you can amplify the wealth of
intelligence your best people bring to the job simply
by implementing the cutting-edge technologies that
Drivve puts into play in today’s office? Don’t diminish
the superior skills that make your organization excel by
letting them get bogged down in pushing paper
(or fishing for it). No more lost talent. That certainly
translates as lost revenue (and the most objectionable kind).
With less than a miniscule $.10 per-man-hour
investment, virtually every person in your organization
can be significantly more productive by simply being
allowed to work at the top of their game. Think about it.
In a paper-based office, it takes an average of 10 minutes
to even find a filed document, much less process it. Now
imagine having that same doc available in a few
keystrokes. You don’t need to have been a math major
to run these numbers. From our perspective, that’s
using your (collective) brain.
Drivve was created with one thing in mind: to make
dealing with paper-based information exchange a
minor part of your organization’s day-to-day operations.
From now on paper-pushing can be isolated to a single
place in the office. Just place your docs in the input tray
of your Scanner: the “push“ comes the moment you hit
that one button that magically transforms every paper
document into a perfectly formed, intelligence-enabled
“package“ of info that your team, partners, suppliers or
customers can share and, most important, act on.
We’re on one
At Drivve, we’re dedicated to steering companies of
every size into the Digital Age of tomorrow — smoothly
and comprehensively. To do that, we’ve created a
powerful, fully integrated turnkey information
management system that is so simple and intuitively
designed, the average end user really can learn to use it
within minutes. But our mission wouldn’t be complete
without providing you with a support network every bit
as intelligent and dedicated as the development
process that created our best-in-class products in
the first place.
Usability: amazingly powerful yet simple to operate.
This sums up the winning strategy of Team Drivve.
We want to be the company renowned for its high
dedication to user experience at every level of your DM
operations, front to back, from clean interface design
principles all the way to rock-solid, cutting-edge
technology. And we’ve got the experience, smarts,
creativity, patience, and team spirit to achieve it.
These are just some of the distinguishing attributes of
the people who develop the Drivve line of products and
those who are always ready to serve our customers. And
perhaps nothing can quite convey the depth of the
Drivve drive than this: We’re way into what we do.
(We really are.)
let . work . flow
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